How to File an AT&T Insurance Claim

In this article, you will find all the answers related to what is AT&T insurance claim? How does it Work?

Are you having trouble with your phone? Is this a new phone, and you suddenly experience software issues/glitches or unexpected crashes? Your phone’s exterior has been damaged, or the screen has been broken. Whatever the issue, damage can be reimbursed or compensated, and repairs can be made through insurance plans.

But how do you file an AT&T insurance claim? We will explain each detail step by step to take an AT&T insurance claim.

What is AT&T?

AT&T Corporation, known as the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, located in Dallas, TX, provides long-distance telephone and other telecommunications services. It is a descendant of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

AT&T built many of the local and long-distance telephone network links in the United States, becoming the world’s largest company and a standard for the telecommunications industry. This company was voluntarily divided into three smaller companies in 1996, one of which retained the AT&T name.

For almost a century, AT&T Inc. has been considered one of the largest companies in telecommunications and the market as a whole in the general prospectus. AT&T was as influential as Apple today at its peak.

Today, AT&T makes money through four different segments: communications, Warner Media, including television networks, premium paid services, film and television production, and Latin America, which includes services offered to customers throughout Latin America. And Xandr (Known for providing advertising services).

AT&T insurance claim

AT&T insurance claim
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What Is Phone Insurance?

First thing first, have you ever speculated what phone insurance is and if you need it or not? What if the cell phone insurance is different from the manufacturer’s warranty? And is it better to buy phone protection from your service provider, insurance company, or phone manufacturer?

These are all good questions. But, first, ask yourself this. Folks buy new expensive new phones and spend hundreds and thousands of dollars, but some face an awful experience as their phone dies right after the warranty of the phone ends.

Insurance vs. Warranty

Insurance vs. Warranty
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The manufacturer’s warranty covers problems such as the phone not working correctly. But you generally don’t get paid for lost, stolen, or physically damaged phones. That being said, some warranties cover accidental damage due to handling, so review your phone warranty carefully.

Extended warranties allow you to continue this coverage beyond the first year. Smartphone insurance generally covers lost, stolen, and damaged phones. Some, like AT&T’s insurance claim, use Asurion, which covers liquid damage. Many people ask, “How much is an insurance claim for AT&T.” Be sure to read your specific policy to learn more about your coverage before you need it.

Also, consider that you may have to pay AT&T Insurance deductible tiers if you make an AT&T warranty claim. Some policies have deductibles that decrease if you don’t file a claim for the first six or twelve months.

Where Can You Buy Insurance For a Phone?

Where Can You Buy Insurance For a Phone
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You will have many options if you decide to purchase insurance within 14 days of buying your phone. The manufacturer, your mobile service provider, and independent insurance companies offer phone insurance.

Buying insurance from an independent insurer gives you more flexibility. You can register anytime if your phone is working and in good condition. You can negotiate a discount if you insure other things like appliances, cars, or your home through the same company. Moreover, it never hurts to ask at all.

How Phone Insurance Works?

How Phone Insurance Works
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Phone insurance promises to repair or replace your device when the chips run out. There are two basic methods of obtaining coverage: through your mobile operator as a supplement to your monthly bill or through a third-party monthly subscription service. AT&T and Sprint depend on Asurion for their smartphone insurance business, while T-Mobile and Verizon use Assurant.

If you have an AT&T warranty, you can file a claim through your credit card. Many credit cards offer extended warranties on eligible purchases, covering repairs or replacements beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. To file a claim, you must typically provide your credit card statement, proof of purchase, and a detailed problem description. You can file a claim online or by phone.

How does AT & T’s insurance claim Works?

How does AT&Ts insurance claim Works
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When you file an AT&T insurance claim for a phone, you first enter the model number of the affected device. The process is quick and relatively easy. Click the button to file or track a complaint online, and you can do it 24/7.

You may receive a replacement phone if your complaint is approved within 24 hours. A one-year warranty also covers all replacement phones. They give unlimited support for new device setup, troubleshooting, and training. If you purchased your policy with AT&T, you can log into your account or visit the AT&T home page to file a claim with at&t mobile insurance directly with Asurion.

You will need to provide the make and model and all the details of what happened and when it happened. The more information, documents, or evidence you can provide, the faster your application can be approved.

Depending on your insurance program, there are different deductibles and service charges for failures, device replacements, broken screen repairs, and other damages, the amount of which varies by the tier of insurance coverage you have.

You can also pay for expedited shipping and receive your replacement within 1 to 2 days. Pay a fee on your next bill if your phone is determined to be ineligible for warranty. If your old phone was under warranty and suffered no other damage, you will not have to pay anything.

However, if your device was damaged or did not meet warranty requirements, you will see a bill on your next statement for the cost of your new phone. Make the additional payment on your bill immediately to avoid further charges.

How does AT&T insurance claim Within 12 months?

You may be able to negotiate with AT&T to split the charges into smaller payments on multiple bills if you cannot pay the costs upfront. Please allow one to three days for your replacement phone to arrive in the mail. If you filed your complaint on a business day, you should receive your replacement phone the next day.

If you filed your claim over the weekend, receiving your replacement might take two to three days. Once you have received your new phone, you can start using it immediately. If your new phone doesn’t work, you may need to take it to an AT&T location; they will activate it.

You have two claims in 12 consecutive months with a maximum value of $2,500 per event. Suppose you were previously enrolled in AT&T Protect Insurance for four or AT&T Protect Insurance for 1. In that case, claims from those programs that are less than 12 months old will carry over and apply to the limits of the claims of a new certificate of coverage from AT&T mobile insurance. Monthly charges are $8.99 per mobile number enrolled.

AT&T Mobile Insurance

Asurion’s mobile insurance covers lost, stolen, or damaged phones and malfunctions not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty—a maximum of two claims in 12 months. The monthly cost is $8.99 per device, with a deductible of $150 to $299 for most smartphones. It depends on the device and could drop 25-50% with the company’s decreasing franchise program.

Mobile Protection Package

Includes all Mobile insurance features, ProTech support (complete online tutorials and technical support), and, on eligible devices, the AT&T Protect Plus app. It offers photo, video, and contact support and the ability to locate and lock your phone, among other things. Monthly cost 11.99 dollars per device.

Multi-Device Protection Package

Multi Device Protection Package
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It includes all the features of the Mobile Protection Pack but covers three devices and up to six claims for 12 months on those devices. The monthly cost is $34.99 per account.

AT&T Insurance Deductible Tiers

Pay your device deductible on your wireless bill. The amount you pay for your deductible depends on your phone type; the cost of deductibles differs in the following ways

  • The cheapest folding phones or non-smart devices can cost between $25 and $75 per franchise.
  • The newer smartphones will cost between $225 and $299 when you replace them.

Pay the deductible in full on your next billing cycle to avoid additional charges. You can only make two insurance claims with device coverage of $1,500 per year. You can break the deductible into smaller payments spread over several months. Talk to AT&T Customer Service to learn about your options.

Some deductible details:

Replace Deductible

A non-refundable deductible will be charged for each approved claim. Deductible amounts are based on device levels.

Equipment Standard Deductibles
Tier A $25
Tier B $50
Tier C $125
Tier D $200
Tier E $250
Tier F $299

Screen Repair Deductibles

Equipment Standard deductible
Tier A N/A
Tier B N/A
Tier C $49
Tier D $49
Tier E $49
Tier F $49

 Here’s what your plan includes

Drops, spills, and breaks happen to everyone. We’re here to make it less stressful when it does:

  • Screen Repair
  • Loss and theft protection
  • Water damage coverage

Protect Advantage plans also include additional benefits:

  • Unlimited battery replacements
  • Tech support
  • Unlimited photo and video cloud storage

AT&T Warranty Claim

See the warranty terms and conditions to determine eligibility for your phone. A warranty covers only devices you purchased from AT&T or an official reseller. The devices may also have no physical or liquid damage, or they will be deemed ineligible. If you bought your phone new, the warranty lasts one year from the date you purchased it.

If you purchased the device as certified new or certified restored, the warranty covers it for 90 days after purchase. Apple products such as iPhones and iPads can only be shipped to an Apple Store or use the AppleCare warranty. AT&T-certified used phones are not covered under AT&T Warranty Claim.

If you have bought the phone from somewhere other than AT&T, use the warranty provided by the manufacturer with your phone. Please allow 4 to 6 days for the replacement phone to arrive in the mail.

Once AT&T Warranty Claim receives your warranty claim, they will send you a replacement phone that is the same or similar to the model you already own. The phone you get may be refurbished or your old property, but it will have another 90-day warranty if it is also defective.

AT&T Lost Phone Replacement

Once your application is approved, you will receive your replacement device the next day. Claims can be satisfied with new or refurbished AT&T-certified equipment previously opened and/or used, which can be reconditioned or remanufactured and may contain original or non-original parts of the same model or other models of similar type and quality. (See restored for details on these devices. Colors, functionality, and compatibility of accessories are not guaranteed.)

Note: Claims approved by 5:00 p.m. CT will be dispatched and, in most cases, delivered the next day. Deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and The US Virgin Islands cannot be shipped for next-day delivery. Complaints can be refilled with new equipment or AT&T certified as new. The same or other models of the same type and quality colors, features, and compatibility of accessories are not guaranteed.

Is AT&T Mobile Insurance Is Worth It?

1- Replacements Are Expensive

Deductibles are lower than the cost of a new phone. People with smartphone insurance are sometimes surprised that they must pay a deductible when filing an att protection plan claim.

But just because you have to pay a deductible when filing a claim doesn’t mean insurance is unnecessary. With confidence, you will always be one step ahead. The average deductible is lower, even after considering the monthly costs of insurance.

2- Filing A Complaint Is Very Easy

Contrary to popular belief, filing a mobile insurance claim is not a headache, and you won’t have to wait for hours. You can file a complaint with Asurion 24 hours a day, seven days a week, online or by phone.

Additionally, Asurion ships approximately 96% of its replacement phones for next-business-day delivery. It’s worth making an appointment with your neighborhood cell phone company to pay full price for a replacement.

3- Exterior Repairs Are Risky

You may not always be able to repair your phone if it breaks down. You have a few options if your phone is serviceable, but device repairs often void your smartphone’s manufacturer’s warranty. This generally does not apply to lost, stolen, or waterlogged devices. Also, if something happens to you, the manufacturer is released, and you are left with an invoice.

4- The Toughest Protective Cover Does Not Cover Everything

While investing in a protective phone case is a smart move, as it’s everything between your smartphone and a ruthless sidewalk, it doesn’t prevent your smartphone from being lost, stolen, or suffered—irreparable water damage. Approximately 80 million phones are lost, stolen, or damaged each year, at a rate of 2 phones per second. AT&T, with Asurion, unlike most other companies, covers loss, theft, accidental damage, malfunction, and in some cases, normal wear and tear. You can benefit from AT&T’s lost phone replacement.

5- Do Not Take Risk

Phone insurance, such as medical or vehicle coverage, is worth it and is not a scam. But don’t just take any word for it; read reviews from real customers; insurance helped recover from broken screens, water damage, and even lost or stolen smartphones within 24 to 48 hours with the help of AT&T protection plan claim.

6- Having Phone Insurance Can Save Your Day

Mobile insurance can usually only be added a few days after activating a new phone. If you are not replacing your device now, you may want to check with your mobile operator to see if you can add it. There may be an open registration period ahead.

7- Peace of Mind

Some think insurance is not a good value because you probably never need it. You take a chance without phone insurance. Insurance offers the protection you need, along with a host of valuable features such as virus protection, phone tracking applications, automatic data backup, and live technical support.

Coverage for AT&T

In Life, sometimes, certain damage can happen to your phone. To protect your investment with AT&T insurance and get comprehensive coverage for

  • Physical damage (including cracked screens)
  • Water damage
  • Theft or loss
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Mechanical or electrical failure

Shipping schedule of AT&T insurance

Shipping schedule of ATT insurance
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If you have an eligible device, a replacement device will be shipped within 2-3 business days from your claim’s approval. AT&T will send you an email when your replacement device has shipped.

What methods of payment does AT&T accept for phone insurance?

different payment methods at&t insurance
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AT&T accepts the following payment methods for phone insurance:

  1. Credit cards
  2. Debit cards
  3. AT&T Universal Cards
  4. AT&T Billing Accounts
  5. MyAT&T app payments
  6. Paperless billing credits/debits
  7. AutoPay with a credit or debit card


faqs frequently asked questions
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What kinds of phones are covered by AT&T Protect Advantage?

Numerous popular smartphones, including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, and Google Pixel phones, are covered by AT&T. Always ensure your device and model are eligible for the Protect Advantage plan first, though.

What else does AT&T Protect Advantage cover besides phones?

Laptops, tablets, and watches are also eligible for coverage.

Does AT&T offer free phone replacements?

Depending on your circumstance, AT&T may replace your phone when you submit a claim through AT&T Protect Advantage. You would have to cover a deductible.

How can I get in touch with AT&T Insurance?

You can get in touch with AT&T Protect Advantage insurance by calling 888-562-8662, opening a chat online, or using the ProTech app.

Do shattered phones get covered by AT&T insurance?

AT&T insurance covers cracked phones. If your screen has a crack, you can get it repaired after paying the $29 deductible. The deductible for cracked casings or shells may vary.


Insurance is a good thing for sure, as it provides you with a level of satisfaction and peace of mind. Phones are getting smarter but expensive as well at the same time. Having your cell phone insured gives you the relief that in case of any mishap, your insurance company will cover you all the way down the road. You can use the facility of AT&T insurance claim anytime, and you will get a new phone.

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