Exploring Best Banks In Virginia

Virginia is home to a diverse yet successful financial sector. Several banks stand out as the best in the state. On the verge of a significant financial decision, choose among the best banks in Virginia

Choose the bank offering a broad range of services. Seek for exceptional customer satisfaction. Find the financial institutions with cutting-edge technology to cater to clients and businesses. 

The banks in Virginia have established themselves as pillars of trust and innovation. These banks work effectively, whether about personal banking, mortgages, or business solutions. Moreover, they contribute well to economic growth and financial well-being. 


In the competitive landscape of Virginia’s banking sector, few banks emerged as top performers. They have earned the trust of customers through transparent customers. Who is following a commitment to excellence as the best bank in Virginia? Let’s delve into the essential aspects. 

The best banks in the state play a crucial role in supporting financial aspirations. To evolve economically as an individual or business, local Virginia banks play a vital role. Let’s dive into the various factors to find the best banks in Virginia. These factors may include size, community focus, services, and workplace satisfaction. 

Largest banks in Virginia

Regarding size, various giant banks in Virginia dominate the landscape. To identify the largest banks in Virginia, one may consider factors like assets, deposits, and overall market share.

These banks work as huge financial figures. They ensure stability while offering go-to choices for residents. Moreover, they have a significant market presence to work as a pillar of the state’s economic infrastructure. 

Bank of America 

Bank of America has a significant presence in Virginia. Besides being among the largest banks in the state, it offers a wide range of banking and financial services. Bank of America has more than 100 branches in Virginia alone. 

It is easy to access your money while taking the services of this bank. It offers fee-free ATMs and connections with customer service representatives in need. 

Bank of America offers any financial product you may think of. You may find checking, savings, and money market accounts. In addition, one may find various investment products providing financial services. 

For instance, one may open an individual retirement (IRA) or college savings account. It would benefit any individual to ascend from separate checking accounts to retirement savings accounts. Bank of America put forward some valuable offers. 

Checking account 

Any student younger than 24 years old can open a Core Checking account with no monthly service fee. The bank would waive this fee regardless of age. But it needs a direct deposit of at least $250 per statement cycle. 

The offer will remain open if you keep a daily balance of $1,500. With a checking account, one may access thousands of fee-free ATMs nationwide. 

IRA account 

If someone is looking to open more complex accounts, like an IRA or 529 plan, they need help. These accounts will work as tax-advantaged savings vehicles. They offer distinct benefits to appeal to different people. 

But people must follow some rules to make the most out of these accounts. For instance, the money in a 529 plan grows tax-free. However, if you seek tax-free withdrawals, you must use funds according to 529 plan-qualified expenses. 

SunTrust bank 

SunTrust Bank merged with a regional bank (BB&T) and created Tuist. Then, they position it as the seventh-largest bank in the United States. By the end of 2022, it contained around $413 billion in deposits and $321 billion in loans. 

SunTrust offers many banking products, which makes it significant in Virginia’s banking industry. Although it offers low-interest rates, it provides persistent inclusion with digital payment applications. SunTrust Bank is best for customers looking for basic checking and saving options. A wide range of banking products may include: 

  • Checking accounts 
  • Saving accounts 
  • Money Market accounts 
  • Certificates of Deposit (CDs) 
  • Credit cards 
  • Banking experience 
  • Customer services

Seamless integration with digital payment applications 

The bank allows customers to link SunTrust credit and debit Mastercard. In addition, SunTrust Visa credit cards are available to Apply Pay, Fitbit Pay, Samsung Pay, or Click to Pay. All available digital applications will allow contactless payments with an effortless process. 

Many ways to earn cash back and other perks

The SunTrust Deals offer personalised offers to earn cash back. One may get many perks by making purchases with their debit or credit card at participating retailers. If banking customers have any reward card with SunTrust, it may increase cashback in a deposit account. 

Online banking 

It allows customers to handle their banking tasks with an online banking portal. Customers have the option to download the mobile app. Online banking offers a wide range of services, including mobile alerts. Customers can handle banking services via text messages. 

Small banks in Virginia 


With the merits of giant banks, consider the importance of small banks. Keep the charm of community-oriented banks. Local Virginia banks usually provide a personal touch. 

Small banks in Virginia create a personal banking experience. It fosters a sense of trust, which one may find nowhere. 


The bank has headquarters in McLean, Virginia. Sonabank stands out as one of the prominent community banks in Virginia. It comes with a commitment to provide personalised financial solutions to individuals and businesses.

The bank has a particular focus on building solid relationships within the communities. Sonabank offers a range of services with personal and business checking accounts. Moreover, some savings accounts, loans, and mortgages.  

Although a small bank, Sonabank emphasises technological innovation. Such tech-friendly offers will enhance customer experience while offering online bank services. The bank has a community-centric approach while reflecting support for local initiatives. 

The bank offers three types of free checking accounts: 

  • Kasasa cash 
  • Kasasa cash bank 
  • Kasasa tunes 

To qualify for a Sonabank account, you must enrol in online banking and e-statements. Make at least 15 debit card purchases monthly with one direct deposit. One may need a minimum of $25 warranty to open an account. 

The bank put efforts into charitable activities and making trusted financial partners. They collaborate and seek more personalised banking experiences in Virginia. 

Eastern Virginia Bankshares (part of Sonabank now)

Formerly, EVB operated as a regional bank to serve the financial needs of communities. A few years back, Sonabank acquired EVB, leading to the expansion of the bank in the region. 

The merger of these banks strengthened both institutions. Additionally, it combined EVB’s local presence and Sona Bank’s financial expertise. Customers gained access to an extended range of banking products and services. 

To attain the dynamics within the banking industry, these two banks joined to create a competitive presence. Offering more robust services and retaining a commitment to community-oriented banking services. 

Best Banks in Virginia 2022

Determining the best bank in Virginia depends on the person’s preferences, needs, and priorities. The banks that serve their customers well prioritise the workforce’s well-being. 

Several banks in Virginia are famous for their customer services, reliability, and range of offers. The state has hundreds of banks, from national institutions to local Virginia banks. Even community banks in Virginia have committed to serving their communities for years. 

Figure out what is best for your financial needs and the versatility of products. Find which one overshines the competitors with superior customer service. Here is a list of banks in Virginia, among you find one:

  • Ally bank 
  • Capital One 
  • United bank
  • Burke and Herbert bank 

Ally bank 

The bank comes with the best savings account rates in Virginia. People prefer declining interest rates in the banking sphere; thus, the bank offers flexible rates. Ally is the most prominent in the growing market due to its online savings accounts. 

They add no fees or minimums, and transfers are free. Ally has no branches and keeps the quality of the mobile app the best. All of the current Ally account holders seem satisfied with its services. 

Through the app, you may even deposit checks remotely. You may search for fee-free Allpoint ATMs. In addition, you may view your account statement and even transfer money. 

Checking accounts is integral to anyone’s savings accounts. The spending account has a variable rate structure as follows: 

  • Accounts with a minimum daily balance below $15,000 have an APY of 0.10%.
  • Accounts with a minimum daily balance at or above $15,000 with an APY of 0.25%. 

Finally, there are no fees or minimums for this account. All call holders get a free debit card on joining the bank. Ally has an agreement with the Allpoint ATM network so that clients can use ATMs free of charge. 

Capital One 


Capital One offers no-fee checking and savings accounts. They are famous for being high-yield savings accounts in Virginia. The Capital One 360 Checking account has no fees for online accounts. It offers the following free services. 

  • Online banking and bill payment
  • No minimum opening deposit 
  • Overdraft protection 
  • Mobile deposits 
  • Access to all Capital One and Allpoint ATMs. 

The Capital One 360 savings account structure is the same as the 360 Checking account. They are the same online account with the exact pricing and requirements. Beyond saving and checking accounts, Capital One offers auto loans, investment services, and credit cards. 

United bank 

United Bank offers several services. It includes auto loans, mortgage loans, investment services, insurance, and credit cards. United Bank is one of the largest banks, with 144 branches with over $14.5 billion in assets. 

The United Free Checking account requires no minimum balance but needs a $50 opening deposit. They offer the following for free: 

  • United Visa check card 
  • E-statements 
  • Mobile banking 
  • Online check deposit 
  • Online banking with bill payment 
  • No minimum balance requirement 

Burke and Herbert bank 

One of the oldest banks in Virginia offers free checking accounts. In addition, convenience checking is free with nationwide ATM access. The bank charges customers for using other banks’ ATMs. 

If another ATM accesses a surcharge, the bank will reimburse the fees. Being among the best banks in Virginia, the checking account offers additional free services: 

  • No monthly or transaction fees 
  • No minimum balance 
  • Burke and Herbert bank visa debit card 
  • Free ATMs nationwide 

Moreover, the bank provides auto and home loans and other investment services. The bank’s statement savings account pays 0.05% APY. It also requires a $50 opening deposit. It will be fee-free if you sign up for direct deposit or keep the balance of $100 in the account. 

How to find high-yield savings accounts in Virginia?

High-yielding savings accounts in Virginia offer attractive solutions. Such arrangements provide competitive interest rates to help customers deal with money. We can explore many available options, considering not just rates but other conditions as well. 

When selecting the best bank in Virginia, consider a few factors, such as the range of offered services and fees. Focus on customer service, branch accessibility, fund management, and online banking capabilities. 

The high yield advantage: Growing your savings

The people who want to grow their savings remain searching for such accounts. High-yield saving accounts in Virginia offer many attractive solutions. One may explore the attached conditions. Nonetheless, ensuring informed decisions that align with their financial goals. 

Ensure you make an informed decision. Check for the most recent reviews and ratings. Ensure the bank aligns with specific needs and preferences. To choose the right bank for you, keep the following factors in mind: 


Look for those who partner with FDIC-member banks. It means each depositor is ensured up to $250,000 per depositor. This amount is for each account ownership category. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) provides insurance as an independent agency of the U.S. government. 

Account services 

Most banks offer savings, checking, money market accounts, and certificates of deposits. Furthermore, banks offer loans, retirement accounts, credit cards, and investments. 


Know the banks that charge monthly maintenance fees. Or know prices for performing transactions like ATM withdrawals. Check for any costs for wire transfers, overdrafts, late payments, and touching the minimum balance. 

Interest rates 

According to FDIC, traditional banks offer the national average savings rate (0.35%). Credit unions and online banks provide better rates to maximise savings efforts. 


A regional bank or credit union is best for in-person support. Make sure that mobile banking apps and online accounts provide 24/7 access to your money. You have direct access to your funds through your smartphone. 

Customer service 

Some of the banks are best for personalised wealth management. It may be helpful for loans, investments, and retirement accounts. On the other hand, some banks provide user-friendly platforms with phones. They may also offer chat support through private messages and virtual assistance. 

Best banks to work for in Virginia 

Determining the best banks to work for in Virginia depends on many factors. It includes employee benefits, culture, opportunities for career growth, and overall job satisfaction. The best bank to work for depends on personal preferences. Additionally, people choose according to their career goals and values. 

Job seekers may consider company culture, benefit packages, and career development opportunities. Employees focus on work-life balance while evaluating potential employers. Alongside this, check the late employee reviews and industry rankings. It provides insights into the current workplace environment of any particular bank. 

Job satisfaction matters 

Behind the scenes, workplace satisfaction is essential. The best bank to work for in Virginia is about understanding their dynamics. Analyse well the employee reviews and benefits. Find the banks which provide the best services to their customers. And it should prioritise a healthy work environment for its employees as well. 

Best banks in Northern Virginia 

Northern Virginia is home to a variety of banks and financial institutions. They strive to cater to the diverse needs of residents and businesses in that region. Here are some of the best banks in Northern Virginia. 

Bank of America in Northern Virginia 

Bank of America maintains a significant position in the industry. With many branches and ATMs, it caters well to the financial needs of people in this region. The bank may offer any financial product you can think of. 

As the largest bank in the United States, it offers a proud range of services. The bank offers savings, checking, and money market accounts. In addition, you may find investment products through other financial services. 

The bank offers personal and business accounts, loans, mortgages, and investment products. It has a clear commitment to technology and is user friendly. The special offers include online and mobile banking platforms. Finally, it provides convenient access to financial services for the intelligent people of northern Virginia. 

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is another vital participant in Northern Virginia’s banking landscape. It has a vast network of branches and ATMs across the region. Wells Fargo is famous for its diverse financial services. 

The bank caters to the banking needs of people, small businesses, and large corporations. Its presence in northern Virginia assures accessibility to a wide range of products. These products may include checking and saving accounts. Additionally, some investment services and mortgages. 

Wells Fargo commits to community engagement. Most of the benefits reflect local initiatives. It also supports several charitable causes in the region. 

Northwest Federal Credit Union 


Northwest Federal Credit Union is a valuable financial institution in Northern Virginia. It offers a member-focused approach to banking. The bank provides checking and saving accounts, credit cards, and loans. 

The credit union’s commitment to its members is evident in the competitive rates. It offers various financial products that meet the community’s diverse needs. 

These are a few examples of banks in Northern Virginia. Many other regional and community banks, online banking options, and credit unions exist.

Community banks in Virginia 

Community banks in Virginia play a pivotal role in fostering economic growth. It may provide personalised financial services. Henceforth, it may build strong relationships within the respective communities. 

These banks are smaller in size in comparison to national institutions. They focus on serving the specific needs of people and small businesses, especially local organisations. Typically, these banks contribute to the overall economic health of the state. Channel back funds into the community through loans and investments. 

Community banks in Virginia differentiate themselves through accessibility. Alongside a deep understanding of the local economic structure, it dramatically affects. Community banks play a pivotal role in supporting small businesses. 

These banks offer a set of financial solutions. Community banks build relationships that extend beyond transactions while creating a sense of prosperity. 

Burke and Herbert bank

An example of a community bank in Virginia is Burke and Herbert Bank. The bank has deep historical roots with a commitment to the Northern Virginia community. It offers a range of banking products, including personal and business accounts, loans, and funds management. 

The banks hold a community-centric approach. It offers many initiatives and sponsorships to support local events, organisations, and charities. As the bank focuses on local staff, it understands customers’ needs. Certain acts will foster a sense of loyalty and purpose of trust. 

Atlantic Union bank


The bank has a strong presence in the state. It provides a range of financial solutions for people and businesses. The bank works with a commitment to community engagement. 

Atlantic Union Bank supports local initiatives, events, and charities. It works with enthusiasm for the well-being of the communities. The bank focuses on personalised services and local decision-making processes. Altogether, these efforts may contribute to its reputation as a trusted financial partner. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To find some concise and targeted information, let’s find answers to some crucial questions. 

Best banks in VA

Some of the best banks in Virginia include Bank of America and Capital One. These banks offer many services, strong community engagement, and technological innovations. Such services make these banks a popular choice for residents and businesses in the state. Check the latest reviews and ranking for the most up-to-date information. 

Best saving account rates in Virginia 

Saving account interest rates are vital, which change due to economic conditions. It also depends on bank policies. To find the best saving account rates in Virginia, determine the annual percentage yield (APY), fees, and account terms. Always check the most recent rates of financial institutions. 

Free checking accounts in Virginia 

Several banks and credit unions offer free checking accounts. It is an everyday convenience, which makes it valuable. They provide customers a cost-effective and convenient way to manage their finances without monthly charges. 

Free checking accounts in Virginia include features like online banking, bill payment, and access to an extensive network of ATMs. 


Financial success starts with choosing the right bank. While making financial decisions, remember that the best bank goes beyond numbers. Finding a bank as a financial partner that aligns with your values and goals is essential. 

The best banks in Virginia are about more than just transactions. Build a relationship that withstands and navigates the economic journey together. 

While choosing a bank, people consider branch accessibility, fees, service offers, and customer services. While considering free checking accounts in Virginia, evaluate features like online banking capabilities, customer facilities, and ATM access. 

Virginia’s Community banks contribute to the state’s economic zest and social fabric. They focus on local well-being, commitment to community development, and personalised services. Such services make the community players for the financial welfare of people and businesses across Virginia. 

Review the terms and conditions of each account. It will help customers to select among the best banks in Virginia. You may find the right one that aligns with your banking preferences and economic needs. 

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