Best Car Insurance In Florida 2023

Finding the best car insurance in Florida, we will provide you with a proper analysis of the rates of large insurers for affordable auto insurance. We will give you details to get the right and cheap car insurance that will help you evaluate all the options in Florida with the most reasonable rates.

Florida has more uninsured drivers than any other state in the United States. Many motorists are on the road; one must focus on having the best car insurance. If you get any good and affordable deal, there will be no need to pay for the damages in any road accident.

Finding the right insurer is not a piece of cake; one needs to assemble a list of the best insurance companies in Florida. We will guide you on how to find the best auto insurance company in Florida while keeping an eye on all the discounts, easy usage, and customer complaints.

Keep on reading to find the best pricing, discounts, and complaint data from authentic resources to determine the best car insurance in Florida. We tried to evaluate the insurance providers with website transparency, simple claim filing, new market data, and the best auto insurance companies.

How much does car insurance cost in Florida?

Car insurance costs average around $2,393, according to data from top-rated car insurance companies in Florida, an almost $1,000 increase from the United States’s average annual of $1,442.

For a personalised quote, one must focus on demographics, ZIP code, and driving record and can seek help from any insurance agent or company. One must dig deeper to find the right and best cheap car insurance in Florida, as drivers can expect to pay nearly 40 percent or more annually if we compare it with the national average.

Best cheap car insurance in Florida

Florida has a high population density, which creates more drivers on the road, resulting in more accidents. In this state, there are more chances of property damage with hurricanes, so the drivers pay so much for auto insurance.

Such uncertain circumstances in Florida make higher rates, however; still, one can get the best auto insurance rates in Florida. Geico could be the cheapest car insurance in Florida, with an annual average of $1,414, $979 less than the state average. Another option is State Farm as well which can offer the lowest average premiums for a variety of drivers.

In comparison, Allstate has the highest insurance rate, and the average auto policy costs $3,169 annually. Nonetheless, Geico and State Farm offer the cheapest average car insurance rates for minimum coverage.

A minimum car insurance coverage will allow individuals to meet state insurance requirements. We recommend purchasing higher limits in insurance policies if you can afford them easily. A policy with minimum coverage provides no financial protection for the vehicle with a higher risk of out-of-pocket expenses during accidents.

Geico and State Farm got the top value for the cheapest full coverage in Florida. Having a full range of car insurance means having higher liability limits, collision, and comprehensive coverage. However, this higher coverage package could be expensive, but it is worth it as it provides valuable financial protection for any vehicle damage.

Check out the following carriers for the best cheap car insurance in Florida:

Insurance Company Average minimum coverage premium (Monthly) Average minimum coverage premium (Annually) Annual saving vs. State average
Geico $64 $766 -$362
State Farm $70 $842 -$286
Allstate $97 $1,159 +$31
Progressive $115 $1,383 +$255

Auto Insurance rating Florida

Insurance companies usually have no problem raising your rates; however, some increase these rates slowly. In the end, it will make it harder to pay your bills. Some insurance companies will suddenly raise the rates due to one ticket or accident only.

At certain times for no reason without bothering whether you are a loyal customer with an excellent record of years. One must compare their plans and expenditures with their peers as they may be paying less than you.

One must refrain from overpaying by focusing on a few factors; the first and foremost step is to shop around. Car insurance policy rates constantly fluctuate as various factors affect the prices, such as there may be far fewer accidents in your zip code, some innovative available discounts, or an improvement in credit score due to a good driving record.

Insurers usually do not lower their insurance prices when the rates fall. It also depends on the type of driver as the insurer will focus on certain things to balance their books and focus on the specialty:

  • Find a certain age among young vs. old
  • A specific ZIP code that will distinguish urban and rural, and
  • Particular record whether a perfect or high-risk driver

Moreover, a particular timing could create a difference between overpaying and saving big. Focus on the surroundings, and one can end up quickly with an insurer overcharging you for nothing.

How can one drop their insurance rate?

This contemporary world is the world of technology and relationships, which can help drivers save big. One must conduct proper research while using technology and searching for the right insurer with the best available offers at the right time. Choose the insurers who currently offer the lowest rates for the drivers.

Whether someone is seeking state minimum or full coverage or unsure about how much insurance they need, technology, board carrier access, and many other things from large national to small regional ones work together to save.

One can start by entering the Zip code and putting information about the car and your demands regarding car insurance. The insurer will generate the quotes, and you can choose the best to save you in the long run. Take time to compare quotes and focus on keeping.

We will guide you about lowering prices and getting Florida’s best auto insurance rates. One must consider the following factors while purchasing car insurance in Florida.

  • Shop around
  • Higher deductibles
  • Reduction in coverage on older cars
  • Maintaining a good credit record
  • Consider group insurance
  • Avail low mileage discounts.
  • Seek out some additional discounts

Shop around

Car insurance prices vary from company to company, so the driver must shop around before making any purchase decision. Get at least a minimum of three quotes from different insurers. There are many options to get quotes, as you can directly call any insurance provider or get the information by internet surfing.

Simultaneously, one can contact the state insurance department to compare the prices of some major insurers. Buying auto insurance ensures financial protection and peace of mind; therefore, always select a financially stable insurance company.

Some insurance companies sell through their agents with the same name as the insurance company. At the same time, some companies hire independent agents who offer various policies from several car insurance companies.

Seek recommendations from friends and relatives; also, contact your state insurance department to find information on consumer complaints by the company. Pick any insurance company representative to find the answers to your queries and compare quotes.

Compare insurance costs before buying the vehicle.

Before buying any new or used vehicle, check its insurance costs. Car insurance premiums depend on the car’s price, repair cost, safety record, and theft. Many insurers offer discounts to reduce the risk of injuries or theft, so stay informed about the problem before you buy any car.

Higher deductibles

Deductibles are the amount one pays before the insurance policy kicks in. One must request higher deductibles to lower your costs, as increasing your deductible from $200 to $500 will reduce collision and comprehensive coverage costs by 15 to 30 percent.

Simultaneously, if the deductibles get higher to $1,000, it can make you save about 40 percent or even more. Before you choose any higher deductible, make sure you have enough money to pay it if you have a claim.

Reduction in coverage on older cars

There is a significant drop in a collision or comprehensive coverage on older cars. If the vehicle is less than ten times the premium, purchasing the coverage may not be cost-effective.

Contact auto dealers or banks to determine the worth of cars or check online. Review the insurance coverage at renewal time and stay particular about your needs.

Buy auto coverage and home insurance from the same insurer.

Usually, insurers give discounts and privileges for buying two or more types of insurance. There is also a reduction in costs if you avail of insurance on more than two vehicles from the same insurance provider. Some insurers value their customers and cut costs if they benefit from offers for a long time. Still, one should never forget to shop around to save money and compare other multi policy discounts.

Maintaining a good credit record

A driver must establish a solid credit history to help cut insurance costs. Insurers usually consider credit information to price insurance policies for any particular individual. The people who effectively manage their credit undergo fewer claims.

Pay your bills on time, only obtain what you need, and keep your credit balances possibly low. Monitor your credit records regularly to keep the narrative clear and accurate.

Consider group insurance

Some companies offer reduced costs if the driver applies through a group plan, usually from their employers. Many employees become part of group insurance plans through professional, business, and alum groups and associations. Seek the group insurance plans and ask your employer or the company to get the benefits out of it.

Avail low mileage discounts

Some companies offer discounts if the driver drives fewer miles per year. Some low mileage discounts exist for drivers who carpool to work.

Seek out some additional discounts

Various companies offer discounts to drivers with an excellent history of no accidents or violations for several years. Any policyholder can also get a deal to take a defensive driving course.

If a young policyholder is a good student while taking a driver’s education course or away at college without any car, that can qualify for a lower discount rate.

Cheapest cities for car insurance in Florida

Car insurance companies analyse various factors to determine how much to charge for auto insurance. These factors may include your age, credit history, gender, type of vehicle, and ZIP code.

Mostly populated areas have higher rates of accidents and theft and higher average premiums. Coastal areas tend to have higher exposure to hurricanes; therefore, we can see higher insurance rates in Florida. If you live in one of the following cities, you can find the cheapest rates in the state.

City Average annual minimum coverage premium Cheapest car insurance company Company average minimum coverage premium (Annual)
Sun City $947 State Farm $775
Saint Leo $965 Geico $716
Trilby $965 Geico $716
Dade City $973 Geico $716
Spring Hill $973 Geico $716
Plant City $974 State Farm $646

Factors that affect the cheapest insurance in Florida

Some specific needs make the insurer thoroughly search for the most affordable Florida insurance, as some companies offer lower premiums for particular reasons, such as discounts for teen drivers or checking at-fault accidents.

  • Teen drivers insurance
  • Speeding ticket
  • Getting any at-fault accidents
  • Getting into any high-risk incident

Teen drivers insurance

If you plan to add any teen driver to your insurance policy, remember that it can significantly impact your car insurance rates in Florida. Teen drivers usually have the highest crash rate compared to any age group.

For this reason, car insurers typically charge higher premiums for teen drivers due to higher risk and lack the experience. However, there are still some cheaper vehicle insurance options in Florida, and one must dig deeper to find one and can add any teen easily to their parent’s policy.

Speeding ticket

In Florida, drivers usually receive a speeding ticket conviction that will make them pay more for insurance rates. The insurance companies see overrunning as an unsafe habit, which can most likely put you in dangerous situations.

In Florida, a speeding ticket can increase your insurance premiums for almost three to five years, depending on your career. Maintaining a clean driving record after a speeding ticket can eventually decrease your insurance rates.

Getting any at-fault accidents

Car accidents are stressful, especially if you are an at-fault driver. If there is any at-fault accident in the recorded history, you can witness a significant increase in premium at the time of policy renewal.

For cheap Florida car insurance, one must get quotes from various insurers following a car accident. After getting into an at-fault accident, check out excerpts from the following car insurers.

Care insurance company Average annual minimum coverage premium Average annual total coverage premium
Geico $1,008 $3,108
State Farm $1,259 $3,012
Allstate $1,762 $4,528
National General $2,213 $6,726
Progressive $2,216 $5,076

Getting into any high-risk incident

It is challenging for a high-risk driver to find cheap insurance in Florida. High-risk drivers include multiple speeding tickets and at-fault accidents on your record. Still, it is not impossible to find cheap auto insurance in Florida, even following a high-risk incident.

Getting the right and affordable car insurance requires a careful and persistent effort to get adequate coverage with affordable premiums. Try to search for some significant insurers with affordable plans, and get detailed information from the company directly.

Car insurance discounts by the best car insurance companies in Florida

It is clear now that almost every major car insurance company offers discounts to help the policyholders. Individuals who want to insure their vehicle can take advantage of Florida and gain insurance savings. The person must explore the following opportunities that will help them in the long run:

  • Telematic discount
  • Bundling discount
  • Defensive driver discount
  • Military discounts

Telematic discount

Many insurers offer a telematic discount, which can make the policyholder achieve considerable savings on car insurance premiums. To enrol in a telematics program, one must install a small device in the vehicle or download any mobile app.

The installed device or mobile app will record the driving habits, and your insurance company will collect that data. According to the app’s device data, the insurance company will analyses driving habits and mileage and grant discounts accordingly.

Bundling discount

One can earn a discount on bundling Florida car and homeowners insurance from the same company. Some companies offer bundling discounts for other types of coverage, including renters or motorcycle policies.

Defensive driver discount

Florida’s best auto insurance will offer discounts on online defensive driving course completion. Although each insurance company sets eligibility guidelines that depend on various factors, one must learn the specifications to qualify.

Military discounts

Individuals attached to the military may be eligible for additional savings with some companies. Furthermore, joint saving opportunities exist, including pay-in-full deals, paperless discounts, and good student discounts. Always have a full policy review before buying it so you can avail all the available discounts.

Best insurance companies in Florida

The average cost for car insurance in Florida for any full coverage policy is $3,183 annually, whereas minimum coverage costs around $1,128 annually. According to the national average cost of car insurance, it could be $2,014 for full coverage and $622 for minimum coverage. However, Florida drivers pay more than the average amount.

If we talk about Georgia, it is 35 percent cheaper than in Florida. Typically, higher-than-average premiums are all over Florida due to its geographic location and extensive coastline.

Many drivers want coverage under the best car insurance in Florida, so they always look for the best insurance companies in Florida. Every driver’s needs differ depending on various factors, including vehicle type, coverage requirements, and finding the best carrier.

Finding the right insurer is challenging, so we compiled a list of Florida’s best auto insurance companies. We gathered the list, which depends on various factors like discounts and ease to use.

We tried to collect the best insurance companies by getting complaint data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioner to help determine the best for you. With the ease of use, these insurers must follow various factors, including website transparency with new market data, to file a claim.

  • State Farm
  • Progressive
  • Travellers
  • Geico
  • Allstate
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Farmers

State Farm

These insurance providers have higher customer satisfaction ratings with affordable coverage that will make it stand out with diligence among Florida drivers. Let’s talk about the average rates of the cheapest full coverage insurance in the state for both good drivers with good credit with poor credit.

According to the U.S. Auto Insurance Study, it ranked highest in Florida for its excellent customer satisfaction. However, it has fewer complaints to state regulators than one may not expect from a company of this size.


Due to many discount deals, Progressive is one of Florida’s most prominent and top-rated auto insurance companies. In addition, with some attractive perks, including free pet injury coverage and collision insurance.

Although it received few complaints from state regulators, it is evident for a company of this size. It is best among tech-savvy customers who appreciate it as an easy-to-use website. Moreover, it comes with a feature, a name-your-price tool, that will help to seek a policy within a specific budget.

Progressive offers usage-based insurance, allowing drivers to lower their bills with safe driving behaviour. Carelessness or bad driving habits can lead to an increase in insurance premiums.


It offers a fantastic range of coverage options, with fewer complaints to state regulators, which makes it the best insurance carrier in this state. The company provides coverage beyond the basics, including accident forgiveness and gap insurance.

Travellers provide several ways for Florida residents to save while applying for auto insurance, availing various discounts on owning any home, leasing any electric vehicle, or ensuring the insurance is on more than one car from the same insurance company.


Indeed, a giant insurer in the state, offers the average cheapest minimum car insurance rates to Floridian drivers. The only insurance company that ranked above average for overall customer satisfaction according to J.D Power’s U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study 2021.

It offers enormous discounts for particular things, including multiple policies or on the installation of airbags and anti-theft systems. Moreover, there are specific discounts on several university alums, members of professional organisations, and federal and military employees.


There are various ways to deal with the coverage options and save on it. Allstate is the best option for casual coverage, offering accident forgiveness and custom forgiveness insurance.

Additionally, Allstate pays to replace or recover after-market parts or equipment for the vehicle. Policyholders can get many gift cards and other prizes for good driving behaviour. This worthy insurance company has various free reward programs.

Furthermore, drivers can earn bonuses every six months as extra costs, but only those drivers get benefits that do not involve car crashes or severe hits. A deductible reward program for Floridians will reduce their collision deductibles by $100 yearly, and the maximum can go to $500 if they are accident-free. These facilities can cost you extra and help you to save money in the future.

Liberty Mutual

It also offers a wide range of coverage options and discounts for Florida residents. Liberty Mutual provides gap, rental car reimbursement, and new car replacement insurance.

With multiple offers to make savings, it lowers the deductibles for collision insurance by $100 annually, and the policyholder contributes $30 annually. There are some considerable discounts on buying policies online with claims-free driving history.


It is one of the best Florida auto insurance companies due to claiming high customer satisfaction and many discounts. However, this company ranked above average for overall customer satisfaction with fewer complaints.

Florida’s best auto insurance company has the most auto insurance discounts. Policy insurers can have deals for getting good grades or pay it in full at the start of the policy term. In addition, drivers can earn a discount for good driving behavior by joining the carrier’s telematics program.

Best auto insurance for seniors in Florida

In any company offering you the best in your older years, the way they were offering previously, one must keep this in mind. There are specific rates from the large insurers for insurers 65 and older.

Senior car insurance costs significantly, with a difference of $1,188 between the least and most expensive companies. However, Geico has the cheapest car insurance for old drivers, with an average of $1,197 annually. Farmers are the most costly insurance company, which could be $2,385 annually.

The average senior’s car insurance rate for an eighty years old female could be around $1,766 annually, which is 13 percent higher than the average rate. Between the ages of 65 to 85, one can find auto insurance rates that turn upward around age 65.

We have noticed an increase of around 6 to 12 percent every five years as someone reaches age 65, as there is a slight increase of 6 percent for car insurance from age 65 to 70. However, costs gradually increase until age 85, so eventually, the insurance amount increases for senior drivers. Check as follows:

Age Average annual rate Increase in annual rates
65 $1,405
70 $1,492 6%
75 $1,643 17%
80 $1,838 31%
85 $2,008 43%

Car insurance companies consider age while calculating rates, as they could have more ratios to have accidents and file claims than younger ones. Typically, teenagers and seniors pay more for car insurance than average auto rates.


To search for the best car insurance in Florida, the driver has certain circumstances for car insurance. Numerous situations may affect the insurance company, various coverage types and levels, and discount plans you choose. As a driver, one can contact several companies for quotes and compare them according to some discount offers.

Geico and State Farm offer significantly less for minimum and full coverage best auto insurance for Florida in terms of their premium data. The cheapest insurance in Florida will depend on individual rating factors, as you may consider one best for you, which is not suitable for the others.

While seeking the best auto insurance for seniors in Florida, one should know that auto insurance rates increase as someone reaches a certain age of 65 because there is more risk of claims and accidents. Although senior drivers are more experienced on the road, they might undergo physical and mental changes that make driving more challenging.

Remember that price should not be the only factor while choosing the best insurance company for you; in fact, find something that covers all your needs and helps you to obtain proper financial protection. The best insurance company will depend on various factors, including the coverage one needs, type of vehicle, driving history, and discount options.

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