Best Life Insurance: How To Pick The Best Life Insurance

Are you looking for the best life insurance? You can pick out one from many offered by life insurance companies.

In today’s economy, achieving the best life with luxury and comfort is increasingly challenging due to inflation. Many families struggle financially, making it crucial to consider securing their future with the best life insurance.

Having emergency funds is really important in today’s times; you never know what will happen to you in the next minute.  As a responsible individual, it is important to prevent your family from suffering from any financial struggles. So, to ensure that your family is safe, you need to buy life insurance. To buy the best life insurance, you need to have some information.

There are hundreds of insurance companies, so it becomes harder to pick out one for yourself. You have to be clever about the best life insurance companies that pay out.

To know the best life insurance for adults and families, you can look into the following guide:

Define insurance

Insurance is a contract signed between an individual and a company or policy owner based on agreed policies. The agreement contains benefits for the signee in return for a fixed monthly payment; this contract can last up to a year or a lifetime. The company designs the contract by writing down government terms and their own conditions, which the insured person has to follow to get benefits.

Buying insurance is a smart way of saving up money because it prevents financial loss. The premium is sufficient enough to take out from your budget and pay it on a monthly basis. Insurance is for you if you like living an organized and planned life.

What is life insurance?

Death is inevitable, no matter how hard anyone tries to stay alive. It is the truth of this world and the reality of every human being. Death is also unpredictable; no one knows when it will come and how it will come. When you are the sole earner of a family, death sounds scary because you get worried about your family members who are unable to earn.

Life insurance is a contract signed between an individual and policy owner. The person has to pay a large amount of money in return for benefits to their family after the insured person dies. The policy owner or insurance company promises to pay back the non-taxable amount to the beneficiaries after the insured person has passed away.

The insured person has to pay a premium every month during their lifetime. The best life insurance gives more benefits to the beneficiaries, making the premium worth every penny.

Life insurance conditions

Life insurance has a few conditions that you have to follow in order to sign the contract and enjoy the benefits. The policy conditions are almost the same for every insurance company.

Even if you pick the best life insurance, these conditions need to be fulfilled; else, you are not eligible to apply or buy one.

Life insurance conditions include:

  • The insured person must have a sufficient source of income to pay a premium on a monthly basis
  • Mental and physical health records
  • Does not have a terminal illness or serious mental condition

Other conditions are specific to each country or life insurance company. The best life insurance for adults is the one that provides benefits to both parties and beneficiaries. So, you have to pick the best life insurance companies that pay out.

Types of life insurance

Life insurance has a few types that are specific to facilitate individuals and to help them pick out the ones that suit them. The best life insurance is the one that provides the most benefits to you. Since every person has different priorities, insurance experts have designed types of life insurance.

You can pick either of them to enjoy the benefits. Here are types of life insurance:

Term life insurance

Term life insurance is a type of insurance that only lasts for a specific number of years, and then you can draw the sum out. The term ranges from 10 years, 20 years, and 30 years.

This type of life insurance is also known as pure life insurance. If a person dies within the term agreed upon the contract, then their beneficiaries are paid the full amount. However, if they don’t die within the term, then they can either renew by extending the term or buy another insurance type.

The term life insurance policy works differently from other types. The term policy first looks into your age, gender, and income to ensure that you can pay the premium until the term. If a person dies after the term expiration, then they will not be paid out. It is the least expensive and convenient insurance policy that is affordable for any layman.

There are three types of term life insurance policies that you can choose for as an insurance plan:

Level-premium policy

This policy is limited to a certain term, from 10 to 30 years. The death benefit is fixed, and you have to pay a specific agreed amount for a premium during the term. Furthermore, the coverage increases with time, but the premium remains the same.

Yearly renewable policy

As the name suggests, this policy is signed on a yearly basis. There is no certain term for the policy; instead, you have to renew it every year. The premium amount increases every year as the person ages with time.

Decreasing term policy

For this policy, the death benefit decreases every year. You have to pay a fixed level premium until the contract expires.

This is one of the best life insurance for young parents. The children are dependent on their parents, so in case of sudden death, they leave behind a sufficient amount through life insurance for them.

Permanent life insurance

Permanent life insurance is a type of life insurance that facilitates an individual by signing a contract for a lifetime. Unlike term life insurance that requires you to renew your policy again and again, permanent life only signs with you once for the whole lifetime. It consists of the death benefit and savings portion to facilitate the beneficiaries after the death of an insured person.

The insurance asks for a premium on a monthly basis, and if you don’t pay, then the policy lapses. The insured person also has the facility to collect cash value. However, it is important to pay the interest of the value to benefit from the policy. The cash value also is non-taxable, so the individual does not have to pay taxes for his earnings as long as they are in contract with permanent life.

This type of insurance saves the effort of signing a contract again. Since you never know when death arrives on the doorstep, it is better to sign for a lifetime.

Generally, there are four types of permanent life that you can pick out the best life insurance from:

Universal life

This type of permanent life insurance facilitates investment value purposes. They give you the option for flexible premiums, and they are low in cost compared to other types as well. In short, you can pick your premium amount and death benefits based on your preference.

Whole life

whole life permanent insurance gathers an increasing cash value through interest. This type is also known as the Cash value permanent insurance because it provides the benefit of taking a loan or paying a premium for a policy. The insured person has to pay more than the agreed premium to increase the cash value. However, if a loan from cash value remains unpaid, then it can affect the death benefits.

The best life insurance also includes permanent life insurance as it provides cash value to the insured person. So, it can be beneficial for investment or loan purposes as well. Furthermore, the interest value is non-taxable, so you save a lot of money.

Variable life

Variable life insurance consists of all death benefits and cash value components like other permanent life insurance types, but in this type, you can choose how to spend the cash value based on your needs. As soon as you sign with the insurance policy owner, you can choose where to invest the cash value, either on stocks or market money.

There are mainly two main types of life insurance which are sub-divided into categories. You can pick out the best life insurance from these types that suit your requirement.

Which is better term or whole life insurance?

When picking out the best life insurance, you should be aware of your or your beneficiaries’ needs.

Term life insurance and whole life insurance are two of the oldest insurance types that are offered by a wide range of insurance companies. Many people choose to buy either of the two because they are considered to be the best life insurance for adults.

Since you have read the types of life insurance that are mentioned above, you know the basic meaning behind both insurance policies. One is signed for a certain term, while the other is signed for a lifetime.

Term life insurance has lower premium costs while whole life insurance offers cash value interest, which means you can borrow money for your own financial needs during your lifetime. The policies mentioned in permanent life insurance can be quite complex to understand compared to simple policies in term life, which are only two. The term life requires you to sign after the term ends, but you only have to sign once for permanent whole life insurance.

Each policy has its own pros and cons, which can only be measured based on your needs. The best life insurance among the two can be hard to pick because it depends on the income, age, and gender of the individual.

If you want flexible cash value, then whole life is the best life insurance, but if you want to save up and invest somewhere else, then buy term life insurance.

Top 10 life insurance companies

Now that you have read about the types of life insurance, you should be aware of the basic stuff. Every insurance company offers these types for its members. You can pick out the best life insurance for adults from these insurance companies based on your needs and preferences.

Here are the top 10 life insurance companies in 2022 that sell the best life insurance:


Prudential is an insurance company that was established in 1875. Currently, it is the fifth most significant insurance company in the world. The company offers a wide range of insurance, including life insurance.

You can buy universal & variable permanent life and term life insurance as a Prudential member; this company is rated as the top best company for the policies. It offers eight universal policies for members to choose from based on their preferences. You have nothing to worry about because the insurance company will pay your family or other beneficiaries well after you die.

Keeping up with modern-day technology, Prudential is highly digitalized, so you can access plans online and utilize provided tools by the company on the website. You can compare plans and narrow down your research and comparisons with the tools very easily.

If you are thinking of buying life insurance from Prudential, then you must know that they require the insured person’s medical history. Some plans also require the person to undergo a medical exam to ensure that they are fit for the quote.

With exceptional customer service, Prudential provides a total of 12 plans in life insurance. It is truly one of the best life insurance companies that are worth mentioning. The plans offered by Prudential include:

  1. Simply Term:

    Simple Term is a type of term life insurance offered by Prudential that is the most basic coverage plan. It covers $100,000 to $1,000,000 of money for 10, 15, 20, and 30 years. It depends on the individual how long they want to sign with the insurance company. However, you cannot convert this plan into permanent coverage because of the policy.

  2. Term Essential:

    If you are looking for coverage that ranges from $100,000 to $1 million+, the Term Essential life insurance is just the right term life insurance plan for you. The cost of the premium remains fixed for this plan, for 10, 15, 20, or 30 years, based on the term you sign. Just like Simply Term, you are not given the option of permanent coverage.

  3. PruTerm One:

    If you are a businessperson desperate for money or loan payback, you can buy this life insurance. It is only offered on a yearly basis but provides the best life insurance benefits to the members. This comes under term life insurance plans offered by Prudential only.

  4. Term Elite:

    Term Elite plan also comes under term life insurance that gives the same benefits but with more than Term Essential. You can also change your insurance to permanent coverage within the first five years of signing with the insurance company.

  5. PruLife SUL Protector:

    Prudential provides PruLife SUL Protector universal life insurance plan to its members. This plan features coverage for two people. So, if both of them die, the beneficiary gets the money paid by the insurance company.

  6. PruLife Essential UL:

    This universal life insurance plan gives you access to cash value and death benefits. The beneficiaries will receive free death benefits from salary taxes when the insured person dies. Furthermore, the property tax also decreases for beneficiaries.

  7. PruLife Founders Plus UL:

    This plan comes under the category of Index Universal life insurance. It offers the buyer the benefit of growing cash value based on the fixed interest rate; it is also dependent on the stock index.

  8. PruLife Survivorship Index UL:

    You can build cash value for your children as this Index Universal plan covers two people. The plan is only effective for death benefits when both people die. With its minimum interest rate, it protects the heritage of the younger generation or your loved ones.

  9. PruLife Index Advantage UL:

    This index universal life plan gives four options to build cash value; one is through interest rate, other three are based on the stock index of the S&P 500.

  10. PruLife SVUL Protector:

    This variable universal plan is for people looking for a moderate premium with moderate payback for the family.

  11. VUL Protector:

    This plan comes under variable universal and gives the option to invest based on the insured person’s preferences. It covers benefits for two people and only pays back after both are dead. This plan is ideal for charity cases.

  12. PruLife Custom Premier II:

    The VU plan is designed for long-term investment for young people. It has high risk, but the returns are also high. It gives you lapse protection in the initial years for investment options to build cash value.

Explore State Farm Life Insurance Plans

State Farm focuses on providing comprehensive life insurance options, including whole, term, and universal policies. Unlike Prudential, State Farm allows policyholders to convert their term life plans to permanent coverage.

One key advantage of choosing State Farm is the streamlined application process, which excludes mandatory medical exams for individuals aged 16 to 45, ensuring easy and hassle-free enrollment.

However, State Farm does not offer online quotes for some states, necessitating direct contact with an agent for pricing information. The company also limits its final expense coverage to $10,000.

Here are key plans offered by State Farm:

  1. Limited Pay Whole Life: This plan allows premiums to be paid for 10, 20, or 30 years, after which coverage continues without further payments.
  2. Final Expense: Designed to cover burial and related costs, this plan provides a $10,000 benefit for final expenses.
  3. Universal Life: Starting from $25,000 in coverage, this plan is available from infancy to age 85 and offers flexibility to adjust premiums and coverage based on financial needs.
  4. Joint Universal Life: Ideal for couples, this plan covers both individuals under one policy, providing benefits to beneficiaries upon the first policyholder’s death.

State Farm’s life insurance options cater to a wide range of needs with flexibility in coverage and premium adjustments, making it a versatile choice for securing your family’s financial future.

Haven Life

The modern world has brought many facilities for users. Instead of doing things physically, you can now get them done within minutes through the online web. Haven Life is an insurance company that operates digitally, which means that you are offered insurance plans online. This insurance company is managed by a big parent business called MassMutual.

You can apply for only term life insurance in Haven Life through their online website and enjoy the benefits without any complications. It is one of the fastest ways to buy insurance that does not require any medical exam.

Haven Life features insurance plans that are designed by experts from the parent company. However, the company does not offer coverage for every state. So, the rider options are also limited.

The insurance company has been considered to be one of the best life insurance for being convenient to people. The plans offered by Haven Life are as follows:

  1. Haven Simple: Haven Simple is a type of term life insurance that facilitates insured individuals in applying quickly. It gives all basic benefits in term life and requires no medical exam. The people eligible for this plan should fall under the age group of 20 and 55. You have the option to choose for 5, 10, or 15 years with coverage of $25,000 to $500,000.
  2. Haven Term: This term life insurance by Haven Life requires a medical exam to get coverage ranging from $100,000 to $3 million. The company asks for medical and personal information to decide eligibility.


Bestow is an insurance startup that was established in 2016 to facilitate U.S citizens by making the process of insurance buying faster and easier. The company adopts the newest technology and tools to help people buy insurance plans. The startup is designed to give the best life insurance to the members.

If you are looking for a quick subscription to a life insurance plan, Bestow is the best option for you. It only takes minutes for coverage to be effective after paying and fulfilling all procedures to buy the policy. The coverage has a limit, and there are no riders’ policies for the insured person.

Bestow provides an online facility. If a person wants a personalized service, they should choose another company. However, an individual can try a 10-day trial period to see if it is convenient for them as the company offers a full refund within 30 days.

Term Life

Bestow offers a Term Life insurance plan to its members; it is the most popular among the buyers. You can buy it for 10,15, 20, 25, or 30 years. The policy offers death benefit coverage based on the premium you pay; $50,000 to $1.5 million.

Mutual of Omaha

Are you looking for dozens of plans and coverage options? Mutual of Omaha offers a wide range of the best life insurance from which you can pick the ones you like. People who don’t get the chance to buy from other insurance companies can try applying here for life insurance. This insurance policy is eligible for tobacco users or health complications.

Mutual of Omaha is ready to give you the best plans without any medical exams. You can choose to buy life insurance online or physically; they provide services for both cases. Most seniors buy from Mutual of Omaha because of its long-term rider benefits. However, the process of purchasing life insurance can be slow.

If you have decided to buy Mutual of Omaha, you should know some of the best life insurance offered by the company:

  1. Living Promise Graded Benefit Plan: one of the three whole life insurance plans that people can buy. This plan is ideal for middle-aged and senior citizens since the age eligibility is 45 to 80 for coverage of $2,000 to $20,000. No policy is affected by age factor or if someone has a tobacco history, which makes it a perfect plan.
  2. Income Advantage℠: This indexed universal life insurance plan that profits you through index market growth. You don’t need to invest in stocks; instead, the account grows based on the index rate. Furthermore, in case the index rates drop in negative figures, it will not affect your cash value at all.
  3. Accidental Death: the most reassuring life insurance policy that gives protection in case of death by accident. Many people buy this life insurance for their families to have financial support.


Transamerica is a top insurance company with the best life insurance plans for U.S citizens. You can buy whole, term, or universal life insurance through this company. It is considered to be one of the most successful companies for providing the best life insurance for adults.

This insurance company includes smokers for the policy. Transamerica gives the insurance facility but for a higher premium, unlike other companies who consider smokers as physically unfit for the insurance. You can get $50,000 coverage without giving an exam.

The plan included by the company does not provide quotes online for all options, so you have to pick out plans in which they have specified; for some policies, you don’t need to meet an agent to discuss the rates or pay a commission.

Some of the plans best life insurance offered by Transamerica include:

  1. Trendsetter LB: This term life insurance plan is for people who have a terminal illness. It offers living benefits to individuals and covers about $2 million for death benefits.
  2. Whole Life: The whole life insurance provides all benefits same as the basic type for coverage of $25,000 to $2 million. However, if you take out a loan from the cash value, then the coverage amount for death benefits lessens.
  3. Transamerica Financial Foundation Index Universal Life Policy: other than whole, term, and universal life plans, Transamerica also offers another policy that gives tax benefits. The interest rate offered by the policy is minimum, so you can earn cash value better.
  4. Final Expense Insurance: As the name suggests, this insurance is responsible for burial expenses after the insured person’s death. There is no waiting period or medical exam, and your final expenses can be covered up to $50,000. Within this plan, you can choose either of three options: Immediate Solution, Easy Solution, and 10-Pay.

New York Life

New York Life is a famous life insurance company that is known for its best term policies. It offers the best life insurance for its members. You are connected with a financial professional who works with you to buy the best insurance plans at affordable premium rates; New York Life provides these professionals with a personalized experience. So, if you need honest advice about life insurance, this company is best for you.

This company offers some of the unique insurance plans that many people prefer to buy. People who want personalized plans can opt for their plans. To add more, you can customize riders to get living benefits coverage from the death benefits coverage. However, there are no quotes available online to buy.

Some of the plans offered by New York Life insurance are:

  1. Term Life: Term Life is further divided into three sub-categories that you can choose from, namely, Yearly Convertible, Level Premium Convertible, and Million Plus Level Term 10. This insurance plan offers coverage for 10 to 20 years; it is cheaper than other insurance policies.
  2. Whole Life: This policy gives the insured person cash value components and lifetime protection. You can choose to either pay for a specific month premium or grow a cash value account with time. This insurance plan provides death benefits to the insured person and coverage to beneficiaries after death. You can choose either Whole Life Insurance or Custom Whole life insurance.
  3. Universal Life: New York Life insurance provides lifetime protection to the insured person. If you want coverage for a long time, this policy is for you.


The USAA or United Services Automobile Association is a military-focused insurance company. They provide life insurance to people who serve the army and their families. As military service officers require different benefits from an ordinary person, the insurance companies have designed insurance plans based on those recruitments. The eligibility criteria are to be an official member or office of the U.S Military.

USAA is an affordable insurance plan for military individuals because it offers more services than a basic insurance plan. You can buy quotes online without wasting any time and enjoy the benefits. In short, USAA is the best life insurance for army officers.

The insurance company requires you to get a medical exam to be considered for life insurance. It provides maximum benefits for the beneficiaries to have no financial worries; the company gives the Survivor Relations Team access to survivor benefits.

Just like other insurance companies, USAA also gives military members the option to pick the best plan for themselves: Term Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, and Universal Life Insurance. The details of each plan are the same as mentioned above in the types of life insurance section with few modifications.

Lincoln Financial

Lincoln Financial is an insurance company that provides death benefits to insured people by offering the best life insurance plans. There is no medical examination required, and you have the choice to pick out an insurance plan that best suits you.

This insurance company is considered one of the best because it gives flexibility and high coverage to people who need it.

You can choose either Term Life Insurance or Universal Life Insurance; they provide the same benefits as basic ones with few personalized services based on the premium the insured person pays.

Best life insurance companies that pay out

The top 10 life insurance companies that provide the best life insurance plans are mentioned above; each company has a specific payout that can benefit the beneficiaries. The more premium you pay, the more payout you will receive based on the plan you have chosen.

According to statistics, in the United States, the average payout by companies to life insurance beneficiaries ranges from $150,000 to $185,000. As every person has different requirements, it is essential to buy insurance from companies rated A+ or A++ by the public and insurance experts. To add more, the type of insurance also plays a great role in the payout. If you buy an insurance plan that gives cash value, then you will receive more benefits, only if you have no borrowed money for savings benefit and are unable to pay it back.

The payout for insurance can be affected by various factors like gender, age, medical condition, number of beneficiaries, and other conditions. Furthermore, every insured person buys the best life insurance based on the premium they can afford to pay for a lifetime or a specific term. So, altogether the payout is determined case by case.


Now that you’ve explored life insurance and learned about the top 10 companies, you’re equipped to secure the ideal plan for yourself and your family.

Some may argue that insurance is a waste or not worth the investment, but they’re mistaken. Choosing the right life insurance plan can help you save money while ensuring your family reaps the benefits provided by the insurer.

Don’t hesitate any longer—take action today and purchase the best life insurance available!

Sandra Johnson

Sandra Johnson

Sandra Johnson was a few years out of school and took a job as a life insurance agent in California, selling coverage door-to-door for Prudential. The experience taught her about the technical components of insurance and its benefits for individuals and society, as well as the misunderstandings people often have about insurance. She has over ten years’ experience in the insurance industry, having worked as both a Broker and Underwriter, assisting clients across a broad range of industries. At Insurance Noon, Sarah diligently gathers all the required information and curates up pieces to provide meaningful insurance solutions. Her personal value proposition is to demonstrate a genuine interest in always adding value for clients.Her determined approach to guiding clients has turned her into a platinum adviser to multiple insurers.