Best Loan Apps – Apps That Loan You Money When You Need It Most

It can be worthwhile to look into lending applications if you find yourself short on cash before your next payday. So follow this article to learn about the best loan apps that lend you money instantly

A lending app may be a practical method to get cash immediately until your next paycheck. Several options are available, and the majority are simple for borrowers from different financial backgrounds to acquire. Even better, you’ll receive the necessary dollars reasonably promptly. However, there are drawbacks, such as the price of borrowing and the danger of relying too much on this source of quick money to deal with a more severe financial problem.

You can borrow a modest sum from your upcoming paycheck before you get it using cash advance applications like Earnin, Dave, and Brigit. If you suddenly need money, this quick fix might be helpful, but try not to go overboard and explore your options by following this article on the best loan apps.

There are plenty of cash advance applications available for debtors who require immediate access to funds or automated overdraft protection. However, while many applications for cash advances and loans do not charge fees, others collect monthly fees and tips that can result in extraordinarily high APRs (APRs). If you want to know all about the best loan apps and also want to learn how to get a loan from cash app, then read on to have your queries answered.

What are loan apps?

You can apply for a loan online using a personal loan app or a mobile tool and avoid visiting a conventional bank. Some apps speed up the loan application process, allowing you to do everything from start to finish inside the mobile app. To apply for a loan using certain other apps, you might have to use a desktop computer to access the lender’s website.

Typically, an internet lender, a conventional bank, or a credit union will offer an app to apply through, and these apps may have some limitations. For instance, even if the lender has an app, you won’t be able to apply if they don’t offer loans in your state.

You can get personal loan apps from online lenders and loan markets in addition to those provided by banks. Typically, these apps function in a similar manner to their internet equivalents. After reviewing your selections and downloading the loan application, you will apply for a loan. You can use your mobile loan app to monitor your account and make payments once your loan has been approved.

Typically, submitting a loan application entails filling out a form with some basic personal and financial data. Your name, address, phone number, Social Security number, annual salary, and the amount of credit you want to apply for must be included. Your credit score will be considered when determining your interest rate and repayment terms, with higher credit scores often resulting in cheaper interest rate offers.

If you are authorized for a personal loan, you will have an installment loan with fixed monthly payments until the debt is paid off. Few lenders give the option to apply through a downloadable mobile app, even though many lenders do allow you to see or manage existing loans and payments through a mobile app — and some even let you do so through their mobile sites.

Why should I apply for a cash advance using a mobile app?

Suppose you have the option to apply online or using a mobile app. In that case, you could find it to be a quicker and simpler process than completing a standard application with paper and a pen, especially if you’re accustomed to using computers and managing your funds online.

Though some lenders let you manage your entire loan through a mobile app, many banks and internet lenders still won’t let you do so. Keep this in mind. If you download the mobile app but are unable to apply there, simply go to the website to do so on a computer.

Unless you are positive that this is the type of loan you want, be sure the mobile app is not for a payday loan. Comparing these loans to conventional personal loans, payday loans often have incredibly high-interest rates.

Where can you find a loan app?

Personal loans are available through most internet lenders, traditional banks, and credit unions’ mobile apps. These loan apps are available for download from the App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play store for Android phones.

It’s helpful to know what you’re looking for when using these platforms. Many payday loans or cash advance apps are available, which are not the same as personal loan applications. Search for the app through your bank or chosen lender.

How do lone apps work?

Although submitting an application using a mobile app might feel less official than submitting it through a traditional bank, the process is essentially the same. You must specify how much you wish to borrow and supply personal information to apply. Pay particular attention to the terms of your loan, such as the interest rates, fees, and any penalties for paying off your loan early.

You’ll need to download the loan app to your phone in order to get started. Usually, you have to create an account after installation before you can begin your application. Your name, contact information, Social Security number, annual income, and the loan amount you want to apply for are often some of the information you must provide in your loan application.

One of the numerous variables that may impact the interest rate you receive on most loans is your credit score. Strong credit ratings often show lesser risk and a higher likelihood of you paying back the loan. Those with good credit are typically eligible for a cheaper interest rate from lenders. If you’re approved, some lenders will deposit the money directly into your bank account, sometimes within a few business days.

Who is a good candidate for these loan apps?

Apps that lend money can be helpful for persons who have a minor financial emergency. For example, you may be unable to wait until your next payday to meet an emergency bill, but you have the regular cash flow to recover fast and avoid having to borrow more.

However, the benefit of these applications is only temporary, so if you’re in financial trouble and don’t think you’ll be able to repay the loan without worsening your situation, it’s best to avoid money lending apps.

If you require one of these applications, it means your finances are in disarray. You literally cannot make ends meet. While these tools can help you get by, you should use that time to make your income match your outflow. To avoid these rapid loan apps, create a budget and look for ways to improve your income.

Creating a budget that works for your personal goals is easier than you think. A budget is a good idea, but it will only help you in the short term, but your potential to earn is unlimited so just keep on working on ways to increase your bank balance by many folds to secure your future.

How much does a cash app loan cost?

We need to talk about costs before we discuss how to obtain them. Loans will be exceedingly expensive, especially short-term loans. The businesses that issue them know how difficult things are for their clients.

You will be charged 5% of the loan total initially with a loan app and then 1.25% every week following the loan and grace period. Before the 1.25% interest rate takes effect, you have four weeks to repay your loan. There is also a one-week grace period. This interest increases the amount you must provide them each week.

It’s less expensive in terms of fees and charges than a title or payday loan, but you can only borrow $200. (more importantly, you cannot apply for a loan if you already have one.). It is also less expensive when compared to some well-known cash advance applications because many of them demand a monthly membership fee but don’t charge you for the loan.

For minor crises that arise before your next salary, the loan app is only meant to be used as a temporary solution. Going with a personal loan is frequently preferable if you need more money or need it for a more extended period because you can borrow more money and, occasionally, at lower rates.

What to look for when choosing a personal loan app?

Numerous applications offering personal loans will ask detailed questions about how much money you want to borrow and how you intend to utilize it. The app will suggest loans based on your answers once you plug in your information, and you can then decide whether or not you want to work with a lender going forward. You should compare the characteristics of the various lending apps. Consider the following when deciding which personal loan application is best for you

Interest and fees

The ability to fund your loan is one thing, but how much will the interest and fees on loan cost you? Lenders could provide you with competitive interest rates if your credit is good.

On the other hand, if your credit is less than stellar, you may have to deal with hefty rates and fees.

Some lenders charge origination fees for completing a loan, while others may impose prepayment penalties if you pay off your loan early. Before submitting your loan application, make sure you are aware of any expenses.

Time for funding

Depending on the lender and how quickly your bank executes the transaction, the time it takes to finance your loan varies. Some lenders directly deposit your funds into your bank account by the following working day.

While some loan apps can take up to three business days to fund your loan, some lenders even claim they can do it as fast as the same business day. Make sure your lender can fund your loan in a time frame that works for you before you apply for a loan through a mobile app, the internet, or even in person.

Your borrowing capacity

When selecting a personal loan app, loan amounts are a crucial factor to take into account. A few standalone applications, for instance, offer personal loans in the range of $2,000 and $50,000, while others can give loans up to $100,000. To avoid paying interest on a greater sum of money, it’s crucial just to borrow what you actually need.

Eligibility criteria

Lenders may have different eligibility standards for personal loans. For instance, lenders can demand a credit check or minimal direct deposit payments from your work to your bank account. Before using a personal loan app, think about the data you feel comfortable disclosing.

Is the loan app compatible with your bank?

For the loan to be funded, personal loan apps must be linked to your bank account. However, not all banks and credit unions accept certain lending apps. Avoid providing personal or financial information on any app that isn’t compatible with your bank. If you’re not sure if an app is compatible with your financial institution, ask a customer service agent at your bank if they have a partnership with the app.

Best loan apps

Using a loan app may be a convenient option to get cash quickly until your next paycheck. There are a lot of options, and most are simple for borrowers of all financial levels to access. Better yet, you’ll receive the money you require reasonably quickly.

However, there are drawbacks, such as the potential costs of borrowing money and the danger of depending too much on this source of quick cash to deal with a more pressing financial problem. To determine if loan apps are the best option for you, consider your options and the benefits and drawbacks of each.


By linking to a bank account and keeping track of work hours, the rapid cash advance app Earnin enables users to receive payment as soon as they leave the office. After putting in enough hours, customers can use the platform’s Cash Out function to ask for a cash advance of $100 to $500 per pay period. Users of the app can choose Lightning Speed for $1.99 to $3.99 and receive cash instantaneously or within minutes.

Earnin is free, but it has a tip feature with options from $0 to $14 for the majority of services. The program may also automatically issue Cash Outs when necessary and warns users if their bank account balance drops below a predetermined level. Earnin is only offered in the United States and its territories.

Additionally, you can pay for quick funding or obtain free cash advances within three working days. On the other hand, the app ought to be accessible in all states, and your initial quick deposit is free.

The only drawback is that you must give Earnin permission to examine your work emails, timesheets, pay stubs, and GPS locations in order to authenticate your income and place of employment. Therefore, even if you might or might not agree with the scrutiny, it might be necessary to get approval.


  • No imposed fees
  • Credit checks are not necessary
  • Available on the same day


  • Low borrowing thresholds
  • Low tips might equate to high APRs.
  • Demands sharing of personal banking data


Chime is a mobile banking service that offers a SpotMe Secured credit card, savings account, and checking account. Chime, with SpotMe, allows you to overspend on debit card transactions and cash withdrawals up to $200 without incurring a fee. Users can give a tip, although this is not needed, and failure to leave a tip does not affect app functionality.

You cannot, however, link an outside bank account. But if you’re already a Chime subscriber, it’s one of the finest applications for getting a quick loan. Also, keep in mind that you can’t use the service to send money to friends, and you might need to develop a relationship with Chime before you are eligible for the total $200.


  • Overdraft protection up to $200 for qualifying members
  • Tipping is not required.
  • Banking instruments are simple to use.


  • Chime account required, with monthly direct installments of at least $200
  • It only serves as an overdraft safeguard
  • Chime Checking account required, with a minimum monthly direct deposit of $200


A provider of financial technology, Current provides Savings Pods and checking services through mobile apps. Current gives overdrive protection to users who overdraw their accounts, despite the fact that it is not strictly a cash advance app. A $25 fee-free overdraft limit that can be raised to $200 over time is the starting point for current clients who receive at least $500 in qualified, monthly direct deposits.


  • There are no monthly costs.
  • No overdraft charges
  • Up to $200 in overdraft protection


  • You must open a current account.
  • Minimum monthly direct contributions are required
  • Not a genuine cash advance


Users are eligible for cash advances up to $250, and before debiting the repayment amount, the company checks the funds that are accessible. This avoids banking overdraft costs and raises the service’s overall value. Users of Dave can also open Dave Spending accounts, which don’t charge for overdrafts or low-balance transactions.

Although there is a $1 monthly fee for the site, tips are optional and can amount to up to 20% of the advance. Users have the option of paying $1.99 to $5.99 per transaction to receive their money in eight hours as opposed to numerous.

You can get money from Dave for free within three business days, and you can alternatively pay a fee for same-day funding. Dave is a reliable and secure way to do this. Additionally, the Dave app ought to be accessible in every state, and you can add an outside bank account.

Does Dave, however, work for Capital One? Yes. If you bank with Capital One, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, or other financial organizations, opening an account with Dave shouldn’t be a problem. The option to repay the advance manually or to have the money automatically withdrawn from your upcoming paycheck is an added bonus.


  • The minimum advance is a mere $5.
  • Comprised of automatic overdraft defense
  • Possibly more affordable than an overdraft fee charged by a bank


  • One dollar a month
  • Compared to certain apps, funding times are slower.
  • Compared to some suppliers, the website is less transparent.


Unlike other apps, Brigit offers free access to financial professionals who may assist users in setting up budgets and keeping track of their expenditures. Users who wish to use the cash advance feature of the app must pay $9.99 per month, which comes to about $120 annually. For qualifying members, immediate funding cash advances between $50 and $250 are available.

Additionally, Brigit assists app users in finding gigs. Plus, subscribers receive $1 million in identity theft protection, automated advances to avoid account overdrafts, and access to credit-building resources also provided by Bridgit.

Please be aware that you must have a checking account with a balance of at least $100 and at least 60 days of activity. Brigit also emphasizes maintaining a financial surplus every two weeks after receiving your paycheck.


  • No credit check is necessary; however, there are limitations to qualifying.
  • No interest or service charges
  • Financial guidance and access to tools for budgeting are available


  • Monthly fees for cash advances are $9.99.
  • $250 maximum for withdrawals
  • No possibility of immediate deposits


You can get up to $250 from MoneyLion Insta Cash without paying interest or having your credit checked, and you have till payday to pay back the money. MoneyLion limits new accounts to $25 or a little more when you sign up, so unless you establish a trustworthy rapport, think of it as a $50 loan fast app. Additionally, after establishing your creditworthiness, you can borrow $50 and then up to $250.

Additionally, MoneyLion is an authorized and safe way to get your money within five business days for free, or you can pay a charge for quick funding. Overall, we discovered that MoneyLion is one of the top apps for rapid cash loans and that it needs to be accessible in all states.

It’s also worth noting that MoneyLion offers loans to consumers with poor credit through its Credit-Builder account. Access to personal loans with APRs ranging from 5.99% to 29.99% is available for $19.99 each month. Additionally, the business discovered that over half of its clients improved their credit scores by 42 points or more in less than 60 days.

Members have access to their credit scores as well as other valuable resources and advice on how to raise their scores. MoneyLion doesn’t impose any fees, and tipping is optional, just like other popular loan apps.


  • Provides up to $300 in cash advances.
  • There is no monthly cost, and tips are not required.
  • No credit check is necessary.


  • It may take up to five business days to fund.
  • A Turbo Fee is required for instant delivery.
  • Need access to a bank account

Online loan applications: positives and negatives

Obtaining a loan, especially from a bank, can be a time-consuming process. With the quantity of paperwork necessary, particular criteria, and processing delays, getting a loan is difficult for almost anyone. So, if you’re in desperate need of money, you have other options, such as looking for the best loan app. Before getting cash transferred, go through these benefits and drawbacks of taking out an online loan.

Comparatively inexpensive

Some apps do not charge interest or fees on advances, but you may have to pay if you need the money immediately. While some of the applications have monthly subscriptions, they are either very modest or give additional perks that may make the fee worthwhile for you.

Simple to use

You can apply online without visiting a store that offers payday loans or going through a drawn-out application process. To utilize these apps, you must swipe your finger across the phone’s screen without lifting a finger. There isn’t a more convenient situation than that.

Credit history doesn’t matter

You won’t be considered for a loan based on your credit history. Contrarily, even if your credit history is poor, you may still be able to get a loan. These loans are made available to those who find it challenging to borrow money from a bank since they can predict your repayment likelihood and meet deadlines based on your credit history. On the other hand, online lenders are more understanding and ready to overlook your credit history; however, they do so at the expense of higher interest rates.

Online loans are much faster to obtain

When an emergency occurs, you must have enough money to meet certain costs as soon as possible. Banks require far lengthier processing times since they must verify all of the paperwork you present, which can take a while. However, one of the benefits of online loans is the speed of the entire procedure and how quickly you’ll get a response, and the cash you need to deal with the issue at hand.

Loan comparisons are simple

One of the benefits of online loans is the ability to compare several loan types and offers all at once. In this way, you may evaluate the various possibilities each lender offers, compare them, select the option that best meets your needs and ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal in terms of interest rates and repayment options.

You have access to the entire internet, where you may look for several lenders and select the one you believe offers the best conditions because it is also online. Online interest loans provide a lot of advantages and are much simpler to obtain, but they also have some drawbacks. So, before you apply for an online loan, be sure to educate yourself on these cons.

Short-term repayment plans

Short repayment terms are another term that the majority of internet lenders provide. This implies that even while you will receive your loan more rapidly than you would from a bank, you will also have to pay it back over a shorter period of time. To be able to pursue this option, you must have a detailed plan for repaying the loan and ensure that you will be able to adhere to it in light of the high-interest rates.

High rates of interest

Lenders’ interest rate is relatively high since they provide almost anyone the chance to obtain a loan, even if they have poor credit. This indicates that if you have a solid credit history and aren’t in haste, it would be far less expensive to obtain a loan from the bank. If, however, that is not the case, you can do some research to get a fair offer on an online loan that will meet your requirements.

Fees could result in high APRs

If you need money quickly, the expedited costs charged by some of these applications may equal a relatively high APR. For example, if you borrow $250 and pay a $5 charge to receive the funds early, the APR for a two-week repayment term is 52.14%.

Secret costs

While interest rates are obvious in the terms and circumstances of getting a loan, there may also be other hidden expenses that you need to consider that you may not have been aware of in the first place. These charges include underwriting charges, application charges, opening charges, closure charges, and a few others.

Compared to the amount you are borrowing, these fees can be substantial, increasing the cost of taking out a loan. To determine whether the loan terms will still be good for you, it is crucial to take all of these factors into account and perform a thorough calculation.

It is not a long-term fix

If you rely on money lending applications on a regular basis, the negative impact on your budget and financial health may worsen with time. If you are really in a challenging situation where you can’t get from any other source, then going for loan apps is something you can do; these apps are recommended for infrequent use.

How safe are loan apps to use?

Since the New York Department of Financial Services began an investigation into payroll advance providers’ compliance with state rules in 2019, loan applications are mostly safe. Lenders are prohibited from charging an APR that exceeds the regional ceiling in some states. Alternative lenders are therefore restricted to a few states and have APRs of 35.99% to 100% or higher.

The goal of the study, however, is to assess whether cash advance applications misrepresent monthly membership fees, tips, and other costs as costs that raise your APR above the permitted level. As already stated, the majority of all-in APRs fall between 6% and 60%.

As a result, some apps may subtly break various regulations with specific loans. The businesses on our list are still in business, and several of their affiliated banks are FDIC-insured. As a result, although we can’t say for sure, American regulators probably think these businesses follow state regulations.

Loan app scams

When looking for a loan or deciding on an offer, the fundamental rule to follow when it comes to borrowing is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Red flags include unrealistically cheap interest rates, no lender due diligence, additional offers to sweeten the deal, etc. You should carefully analyze these issues before selecting a loan choice.

Furthermore, choosing a lender after conducting your research and confirming that they follow regulatory requirements and best practices is a surefire approach to maintaining your loan journey’s transparency and hassle-freeness.

Can I apply for a loan from several loan apps?

Yes. It is feasible to obtain loans from several different lenders. You will nevertheless need to register for accounts with multiple companies and include this information in the application material that you are providing. A personal loan might also be more advantageous if you require more money than $300 than numerous cash advances.

Please keep in mind that although personal loans involve interest charges, they offer more flexible terms and you can spread out your payments over a number of years to make sure that the payback duration matches your budget. On the other hand, repeated cash advances could not generate interest, but you’ll still need to pay them off entirely with your subsequent salary. The tactic may therefore be ineffective over time.

Are loan apps and payday loans different from one another?

Scammers frequently disguise their items as cash advances. However, it is a simple trick to prevent it. That’s why we only recommend safe and legitimate cash advance applications, and the majority of the businesses on our list don’t charge interest.

On the other hand, payday loans have an average APR of 400%, which you’ll discover when unscrupulous lenders divulge the loan’s pricey stipulations. Please avoid these companies because they frequently trap customers in a terrible cycle of debt. In contrast, if a cash advance app boasts a 0% APR and little or no costs, you may be confident that it is from a reliable lender.

Furthermore, because payday loans are frequently due in 15 days and the amount you may borrow is usually only a few hundred dollars, it’s easy to confuse the product with a lending app. The main distinction is that most cash advances are interest-free, whereas payday loans have an average APR of 400%.

Furthermore, even when monthly membership costs are considered, the all-in APRs for cash advance applications range from 6% to 60%. As a result, a two-week advance through a loan app is less expensive than a payday loan.

Similarly, penalty fees on payday loans are frequently significantly more significant than cash advances. As a result, the cumulative effect of payday lenders’ tactics often wreaks havoc on borrowers’ financial health. And before they realize it, the interest, fees, and penalties on a $300 payday loan have cost them more than $300. As a result, even in an emergency, we urge that you avoid payday loans because there are far better alternatives accessible in the market.

Some tips on personal loans

Before applying via an app for a personal loan, like with any other type of loan, be sure you actually need one. Even if money is tight, taking out a loan with hefty interest and fees could put you in a worse financial position than you were before.

Be sure to check out browsing around if you’re interested in getting a personal loan to make sure you obtain the greatest interest rates based on your credit. The percentage of the principal that a lender charges you as a fee for borrowing money is known as interest.

For instance, if you borrowed $5,000 at 12% interest, the first month’s interest would cost you $50. Also, remember that the annual percentage rate, or APR, is the cost of borrowing money annually, including all fees. Origination fees, prepayment penalties, late payment fees, and returned payment fees are possible additional expenses to be aware of.


When you need immediate cash, loan apps are among the most practical ways to get it. Applying for them is easy, and they are open to borrowers with different credit histories. Compare available options and do some research on alternatives first, though, to get the loan that will work best for your financial position.

To reduce the likelihood that you will ever need to rely on loan applications to get you over a financial hurdle, you should also change your spending plan and begin saving for emergencies.

While there are many benefits and drawbacks to cash advance apps, the good frequently exceeds the negative. For instance, interest-free advances are less expensive than payday loans, and memberships frequently come with additional benefits that assist to offset the costs.

Mobile platforms also improve our digital lives by making it simple to transfer money. Therefore, if you need to get a quick loan until your next payday, a cash advance app is an affordable choice so refer to our guide for the best loan apps and make a good decision for yourself.

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