Best Term Life Insurance Companies Consumer Reports

Read this article and find out all about the best term life insurance companies.

Having term life coverage since early on is significant, yet it is not continually finding the best supplier. To assist you with looking for life insurance, we set up a guide with the best term life coverage organizations. These organizations were looked into and scored dependent on five primary models—client experience, money related quality, strategy contributions, riders and site openness. Keep on reading this article to learn more about the best term life insurance companies consumer reports.

Who Is The Best Term Life Insurance Company?

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual is our top pick for the best life insurance company by and large. The organization has amazing budgetary quality, extraordinary client support and not many client objections.

Best For: Financial strength and reputation

Not For: Flexible term lengths

AM Best: A++

J.D. Power: 5/5

NAIC: .02 (below average complaints)


  • Excellent customer service reviews.
  • Great financial rating.
  • Choice of term conversion with guaranteed acceptance.
  • Renewal guidelines are present until the age of 80.
  • No-exam regulations for people who are healthy.


  • Length of the term is restricted to 10, 20 or 80 years.
  • Not enough information present on the website about what term policies include.

State Farm

In case you are looking for extra security for your family, State Farm’s Instant Answer Term Insurance offers quick and moderate inclusion. The organization likewise offers Family Life protection with explicit riders that secures parents and children.

Best For: Young families

Not For: Flexible term lengths

AM Best: A++

J.D. Power: 5/5

NAIC: .24 (below average complaints)


  • It has two guidelines that are particularly for young families.
  • No-exam policies are present.
  • The website offers cheap premiums and sample rates.
  • Excellent financial strength rating.
  • Online quote tool.
  • Present in 47 states.


  • Term restrictions are only present in 10-, 20- and 30-year limits.
  • No accidental death benefit rider.
  • No guaranteed premium for term life insurance policies.


Nationwide offers various supportive online apparatuses and assets, which settles on it an incredible decision for individuals who are purchasing life insurance unexpectedly. You can utilize the disaster protection number cruncher to decide how much inclusion you need, and look at the asset area for FAQs, articles and pamphlets.

Best For: Online tools and digital resources

Not For: Customer service

AM Best: A+

J.D. Power: 4/5

NAIC: .05 (below average complaints)


  • Excellent online tools and resources.
  • Term lengths offered in 10-, 15-, 20- and 30-year limits.
  • Term policies are renewable per year until the age of 95.
  • Online quote tool.
  • Large variety of riders and add-on coverages.


  • Most rules require a medical exam.
  • More than average premiums.
  • Customer service is not exactly ideal.

Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha stands apart for its remarkable client support notoriety, which can be hard to track down in the protection business. At the point when you apply for an arrangement with Mutual of Omaha, you will be allotted a local specialist who can respond to questions and assist you with finding the correct approach for your requirements.

Best For: Customer service

Not For: Customizable policies

AM Best: A+

J.D. Power: 4/5

NAIC: .65 (below average complaints)


  • Customer service is rated high.
  • Excellent financial ratings.
  • Flexible guidelines with 10-, 15-, 20- and 30-year limits.
  • Information about buying life insurance is present on the website which can be helpful.
  • You have the choice to convert your policy to permanent at any point.
  • Online quote tool.


  • Lesser riders and add-on regulations compared to other companies.
  • It is not present nationwide.
  • Customer complaints about unexpected rate increases.

New York Life

New York Life is an extraordinary decision for any individual who is searching for adjustable disaster protection inclusion. The organization offers a few riders and extra approaches that can give you additional assurance for the things that issue most.

Best For: Customizable policies and riders

Not For: Flexible term lengths

AM Best: A++

J.D. Power: 4/5

NAIC: .21 (below average complaints)


  • Annual convertible and level premium convertible policies available.
  • Pick your option from various different riders to customize your policy.
  • 12,000 agents present around the country.
  • State of the art financial strength rating.
  • Few customer complaints.


  • No online quote tool.
  • Term limits only present in 10 or 20 year increments.
  • Not many online resources or support options.

Principal Financial

Principal Financial stands apart for its adaptable service time boundaries. The organization offers term extra security approaches in 10-, 15-, 20- and 30- year term lengths, just as a one of a kind one year term for momentary inclusion needs.

Best For: Flexible term lengths

Not For: Customizable policies

AM Best: A+

J.D. Power: 4/5

NAIC: .19 (below average complaints)


  • Flexible term restrictions, with a special one-year term limit option.
  • Fast online application.
  • Convertible policy choices available.
  • Offers survivorship insurance.
  • High coverage limit of up to $50 million.


  • Less than average riders and add-on policies present.
  • No accidental death advantage coverage.
  • No option for online support.

Liberty Mutual

In case you are a healthy individual and lead a generally good way of life, you can fit the bill for a no-test strategy with Liberty Mutual. Policyholders can change over their term strategy into lasting inclusion at whatever point they need, paying little mind to their wellbeing status.

Best For: No-exam term policies

Not For: Customer service

AM Best: A

J.D. Power: 4/5

NAIC: 1.79 (above average complaints)


  • Provides no-exam coverage to healthy people.
  • Policy terms are present in 10-, 15-, 20- and 30-year limits.
  • Option to add riders to customize your guidelines.
  • Guaranteed rate over the course of your policy term.
  • Option to convert your policy to permanent at any point.


  • There is not a lot of information about life insurance on the website.
  • Few online tools and resources.
  • Customer service reviews are just okay.
  • Customer complaints are more than average.

General Overview

  • Northwestern Mutual: Best Overall
  • State Farm: Best for Young Families
  • Nationwide: Best for Online Tools and Resources
  • Mutual of Omaha: Best for Customer Service
  • New York Life: Best for Customizable Coverage
  • Principal Financial: Best for Flexible Term Limits
  • Liberty Mutual: Best No-Exam Policies

Who Has The Best Rates For Life Insurance?


The premium costs were cited on a $250,000 term life insurance strategy that endures 20 years. These statements are for a person in incredible wellbeing with no extra riders added to the strategy.

State Farm

We got the accompanying statements for people in astounding wellbeing for every one of these age and gender groups. All statements are for a $250,000 term extra security strategy that endures 20 years.


Fortunately, their charges for term inclusion will in general be a superb worth. We got the accompanying statements for a person in fantastic wellbeing from each age and gender group. The strategy subtleties for this statement were for a $250,000 term strategy that goes on for a very long time.

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual offers term disaster protection inclusion, entire extra security inclusion, and general disaster protection inclusion. Nonetheless, because of the reality they utilize money related consultants who regulate your full budgetary picture, you should experience a total monetary survey to get a statement.

This implies you will have to work with one of their budgetary consultants and give more data on your accounts and your life. This can be a significant advantage on the off chance that you need some assistance with exhaustive monetary arranging and need to make for what seems like whole life insurance a piece of your general budgetary picture.

New York Life

Sadly, New York Life does not offer free statements on the web. All things being equal, they request that you enter your data in a structure, after which a budgetary expert will talk with you to go over your full money related picture.

Mutual Of Omaha

Strategies cited were for $250,000 in term inclusion that goes on for a very long time.


Costs for arrangements fluctuate, yet we got the accompanying statements for a $250,000 term disaster protection strategy for different sexual orientation and age gatherings. These approach quotes were predicated on the way that the candidate has phenomenal wellbeing and is an individual from the Reserves.

Worst Life Insurance Companies


Allstate earns the dubious distinction of claiming the number one spot for prioritizing profits over policyholders’ interests. Its morally questionable strategies notably involved enlisting the consulting prowess of McKinsey and Company in the 1990s. McKinsey and Co. played a pivotal role in coercing consumers into accepting undervalued claims. Those who resisted faced Allstate’s aggressive stance, aptly dubbed the “boxing gloves” approach, aimed at outright denial of insurance claims, regardless of merit. According to findings from the AAJ, an Allstate employee’s testimony highlighted the company’s systematic encouragement of deceit and scapegoating, particularly in cases of fires attributed to arson. Employees who complied with these directives were rewarded with portable refrigerators as incentives for their compliance.


Unum, which sells handicap protection, has a story that embodies its conduct and negligence for the debilitated: for a very long time it prevented the case from getting a lady with multiple sclerosis and administered her conditions were “self-revealed,” regardless of specialists assessments that expressed something else. In 2005, Unum consented to a settlement with protection magistrates from 48 states over their practices.


AIG is the world’s greatest insurer. Presently named “The New Enron” due to billions of dollars in corporate misrepresentation, AIG’s practices incorporate expanding costs during significant calamities and a $68 million dollar payout to its ex-CEO. In 2008, the organization consented to pay a few states $12.5 million after examinations found that the organization schemed with other protection merchants to counterfeit offers that made the hallucination of a “serious” market.


Long term strategy back up plan Conseco’s primary customer base is the older. Its practices incorporate deferring judgment on cases to the degree that “individuals either kicked the bucket or quit any pretense of,” as per declaration from a previous Conseco specialist. 39 states and the District of Columbia arrived at a settlement with Conseco for its rehashed maltreatments of protection law in the drawn out consideration business. A few million dollars in fines and compensation to customers were paid out, and Conseco faces an extra $10 million in fines on the off chance that it neglects to improve its administration and practices.


WellPoint’s CEO Angela Braly procured more than $9 million out of 2007. The organization’s set of experiences continually places the reality and benefits above assistance and payouts to policyholders. WellPoint was fined by the territory of California’s Department of Managed Health Care in 2007 for $1 million for regularly dropping the strategies of pregnant ladies and persistently sick patients. Los Angeles city lawyer has as of late sued Wellpoint for $1 billion, referring to unlawful advertising and strategy crossing out practices.


Two individuals and U.S. organizations were defrauded by the Swiss-claimed Farmers Insurance Group. Ranchers contrived with other insurance agencies to fix evaluating and trick organizations who thought they were getting a serious cost on approaches. Ranchers have paid out almost a large portion of a billion dollars to settle instances of value fixing and offer gear. One case, specifically, uncovers the idea of Farmers’ demeanor toward paying out cases: 60-year-old Ethel Adams, of Washington State, was associated with a various vehicle mishap that put her in a trance-like state and at last bound her to a wheelchair. Declining to pay Adams’ case, Farmers expressed that the driver to blame acted with “street anger”, and consequently the accident was not a mishap. Adams’ case, and the subsequent public clamor, has prompted an adjustment in protection law in the province of Washington.


While UnitedHealth’s previous CEO William McGuire got $800 million in investment opportunities and $530 million in remuneration, UnitedHealth’s strategy holders endured. McGuire cut back medicines, and dealt with specialists to lessen installments to the impairment of patients’ wellbeing as indicated by doctor declaration. The organization’s set of experiences is defaced by fines and cases in various states, remembering demands for the province of Texas of $4 million for UnitedHealth’s constant acts of late installment on claims.


Bigotry denotes the narrative of Torchmark insurance agency, which was established, by its own confirmation, as a trick. Its set of experiences incorporates charging blacks and different minorities more than whites for entombment strategies. The organization targets low-pay Southerners and among its offenses is its refusal to guarantee non-English-speaking Americans and offering fake Medicare approaches to senior residents.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual, as recently referenced back up plans Allstate and State Farm, recruited counseling goliath McKinsey to assist it with executing forceful strategies. Infamous for nonrenewal of arrangements held by individuals living in storm vulnerable states and northern states including Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and the majority of New York, Liberty Mutual has left in excess of 3 million mortgage holders abandoned without inclusion.

What Is The Best Life Insurance Policy?

Following are four companies that offer the best life insurance policies.


Bestow took the process of purchasing life coverage, something that can take weeks, and trimmed it down to a cycle that can be finished online in only minutes. At the point when you apply, you will be asked to answer inquiries concerning your wellbeing and propensities. Bestow uses that data, other information, and calculations to endorse or deny inclusion and to decide the premium for your approach.

Type of Policies: Term life insurance with 10 and 20 year terms.

Coverage Amounts: $50,000 to $1,000,000

Why We Like It: Bestow will give you a statement in a matter of seconds and sell you an approach in minutes. The whole cycle is done on the web, which implies no obtrusive clinical test or blood work.

Cost: Plans start at $8 a month.


At the point when you purchase life insurance through Fabric, you would not need to manage a specialist or dealer attempting to upsell you on items or more inclusion than you need. Apply online in minutes for candidates between the ages of 25-60. Fabric offers term life coverage in all states separated from Montana, California, and New York. A clinical test might be required however is not essential for all candidates.

Type of Policies: Term life insurance with terms of 10, 15, and 20 years.

Coverage Amounts: $100,000 to $5,000,000 for term life.

Why We Like It: Policyholders can make a free online record and will approach the Fabric Vault, a record that holds the entirety of your money related data in one secure spot so it very well may be gotten to by your closest relative in case of your passing.


Ladder arrangements are accessible in every one of the 50 states to candidates between the ages of 20 and 60. The cycle can be finished online in minutes, yet sometimes, a clinical test will be needed before an endorsement choice is made.

Type of Policies: Term life insurance with 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 year terms.

Coverage Amounts: $100,000 to $8,000,000.

Why We Like It: Ladder has no approach charges and a value lock guarantee. It permits you to drop whenever and has an unconditional promise. It has no merchants, no upselling.

Cost: Policies start at $12 a month.


Ethos permits candidates between the ages of 20-60 to apply for life coverage strategies online in minutes, and a clinical test is not constantly needed.

Type of Policies: Term life insurance with terms of 10, 15, 20, and 30 years; whole life insurance for those from the age of 60 and 85.

Coverage Amounts: $100,000 to $1,500,000.

Why We Like It: Every Ethos strategy incorporates a quickened passing advantage rider at no extra expense. This implies that on the off chance that you become extremely sick while the policy is in effect, you can get a payout of a piece of the passing advantage while you are as yet alive to help with clinical costs or other money related requirements you may have. At the point when you kick the bucket, your recipient will get the assumed worth of your strategy less the measure of the quickened passing advantage you got to.

Cost: $1 million in coverage starts as low as $1 a day.

Best Whole Life Insurance Companies

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual offers two whole life insurance policies:

Traditional whole life insurance: Company manages investments

Variable whole life insurance: Client and company manage investments


MassMutual offers the following whole life insurance policies:

Whole life 100: Standard policy, guaranteed rate

Whole life 65: Pay premiums until age 65

Whole life 20: Pay premiums for 20 years

Whole life 15: Pay premiums for 15 years

Whole life 10: Pay premiums for 10 years

Single premium life insurance: Pay for the policy upfront with one premium

New York Life

New York Life offers three types of whole life insurance policies:

Whole life insurance: Combine cash value accumulation with guaranteed coverage

Value whole life insurance: Guaranteed coverage with affordable premiums for folks closer to retirement

Custom whole life insurance: Maximize the cash value and pay premiums for as few as five years

State Farm

State Farm offers these whole life insurance options:

Whole life: Guaranteed lifetime coverage and level premiums

Single premium life insurance: Pay for the policy upfront with one premium

Limited pay life insurance: Pay off your policy in 10, 15, or 20 years

Final expense: $10,000 to pay for your final expenses (ages 50 to 80)

Which Is Better: Term Life or Whole Life Insurance?

In case you are passing on a huge legacy, whole life insurance may take care of the expense of bequest charges. It might likewise be a solid match in case you are searching for long lasting insurance or you need to give cash to your last costs. However, whole life insurance can be costly. In case you are searching for reasonable expenses for a set number of years, term life insurance might be a superior decision.


When selecting between numerous options for term life insurance and whole life insurance, it’s essential to consider several factors. We prioritized companies with extensive histories and high ratings, evaluating their coverage and available riders. While we didn’t factor in fee costs due to the variability in online life insurance quotes, it’s crucial to conduct research before finalizing your decision. It’s worth noting that insurance agents earn commissions from selling whole life coverage, potentially influencing their financial recommendations.

Sandra Johnson

Sandra Johnson

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