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Cancelling your insurance policy with progressive is not that difficult. Continue reading to find out how you can do it

One of the largest providers of car, home and renters insurance is Progressive Insurance. Situations can arise where life may seem tough, and you may need to cancel Progressive insurance, one of the carrier’s other policies or switch providers. It is important to understand how to cancel Progressive insurance the right way to make sure you do not pay a cancellation fee or experience a coverage lapse — or you end up paying for coverage longer than you require it. If you are not happy with your Progressive car insurance policy and want to cancel it, there is nothing to worry about — the process is quite easy. Nevertheless, your timing may have an impact whether you owe any extra fees when you cancel Progressive. Let us head straight into the article to learn more.

How to cancel Progressive Insurance?

Step 1: Look up your renewal date.

The simplest opportunity to cancel an insurance strategy is just before it renews. Check your arrangement reports or login to your record on the Progressive site to see when your insurance strategy will terminate. On the off chance that the renewal date is very far away, you would prefer not to wait for that long, feel free to begin the cancellation interaction at any rate — the worst scenario, would be that you will owe extra in cancellation charges. Progressive for the most part does not charge a cancellation expense, however this can change in specific states and with particular sorts of insurance arrangements.

Step 2: Compare quotes for a replacement auto insurance policy.

Except if you have disposed of your vehicle completely, you will need to get a replacement auto insurance strategy from another insurance organization. What’s more, is that you will need to begin looking for this arrangement quickly so you have a lot of time to analyze your alternatives.

At the point when you analyze insurance quotes, you will typically be asked when you need the new inclusion to begin. Pick a date which is a few days before the end of your Progressive arrangement — that way, you can be certain you will not wind up with any coverage gaps. Losing what back up plans call “continuous coverage” can soar your rates on the new strategy, and relying upon where you live, your state may likewise punish you for going without auto insurance coverage (regardless of whether it is only for one day).

You may think the following step is simply to get vehicle insurance from whatever the charming mascots on TV advise you to do. Yet, before you head over to GEICO’s site or call up someone from State Farm, consider seeing practically each one of the alternatives accessible to you in one convenient spot.

There are different online sources to help you begin your car insurance quotes comparison venture. You can simply enter a couple of points of individual data, details of your driving record, and the approach lapse of your Progressive strategy. Very quickly, you will see a statement list from up to 20 collision protection suppliers. Look at rates, switch between inclusion alternatives, change deductible sums, and investigate the subtleties of every genuine, bindable statement. You can even decide to pay online  or via telephone.

Make certain to set approach boundaries that are like the highlights and segments of your present strategy. That is the way you know the vehicle insurance organizations you are comparing offer you comparative inclusion with what you have now. For instance, if your Progressive approach incorporates emergency aides, affirm that the quotes you are getting likewise have emergency aides packaged in, if that is an inclusion choice you need to keep.

Step 3: Think about your reasons for leaving Progressive.

Is it true that you are looking for another policy since you can get an improved deal somewhere else, or on the grounds that you disapprove of Progressive itself? In the event that it is the previous, contact Progressive’s client support office (the telephone number is 1 (800) 776-4737) and share a portion of those lower quotes you got. Insurance suppliers will regularly cut rates to hold a client back from leaving, and relying upon what Progressive proposes by then, it could be worth simply keeping your old policy. You may likewise call your insurance specialist for this reason on the off chance that you joined through a specialist instead of directly online at

Huge life changes will regularly influence your insurance rates, so on the off chance that you have not yet told Progressive about your new vehicle or a job change, that could clarify why its rates are higher than those of other insurance organizations. In that scenario, you can save yourself a lot of cash with a direct call. The same could be said, nonetheless, for a change of your FICO assessment or driving history. Inquire whether any adverse components have added to a new rate climb. Policyholder reliability has likewise been known to prompt higher rates. Truth be told — an insurance supplier can charge you all the more only for not surrendering it throughout the long term!

Step 4: Sign up for a replacement auto insurance policy.

As a result of the issues that coverage gaps can cause, you will need to join with another car insurance organization before you cancel the old policy. Settle on a decision that works with your requirements and your wallet! Observe your new policy length (six months or a year) and the amount you will owe today a down payment to allow your policy to kick in.

Among the huge number of clients who detailed having a Progressive insurance policy and wound up exchanging, many changed from Progressive to Liberty Mutual, Elephant, Mercury, Dairyland, GAINSCO, SafeAuto, Bristol West, and Clearcover. You may discover a better policy with one of these other vehicle insurance choices.

Whenever you have gotten that new auto policy, you should associate with an agent at your new insurance supplier. Some insurance organizations will deal with the cancellation interaction with your old organization, which can save you some time and hassle. Inquire whether your new insurance organization offers this assistance or not. Likewise, the new insurance organization might take care of the expense of any cancellation charges to urge you to switch. It definitely does not hurt to inquire.

Step 5: Cancel your Progressive auto insurance policy.

Whenever you have set up with your new insurance policy, it is an ideal opportunity to call Progressive at 1 (800) 776-4737 and tell the delegate that you need to cancel your policy. The Progressive agent will most likely attempt to convince you to keep your current policy. Progressive may significantly offer you an awesome deal to keep you as a client (which is the reason it is important to try things out by calling Progressive before you do the switch if expenses are the reason why you are changing organizations). Politely tell the client support specialist that you have effectively joined with another insurance organization, and you are focused on changing policies. The Progressive specialist will most likely ask you a few questions about your new policy, like the name of the new insurer, the policy number, and the date when the policy is planned to begin. Ensure you have this data at hand when you place the call.

Step 6: Confirm your refund amount.

On the off chance that you change from Progressive to another insurance supplier before your policy is expected to cancel, you ought to get a refund. The refund sum ought to mirror any unused insurance premiums discounted to you. This can be a serious critical measure of cash in the event that you paid ahead of time your policy for a year and are exchanging insurance organizations reasonably right off the bat. The customer service agent ought to be able to tell you the amount you will get back when you call to cancel; additionally, ensure they have updated contact information for you. Progressive will send you a check via the post office, and you will get it in a matter of 15 days. On the off chance that you do not get that check quickly, call Progressive customer service again and see whether and when Progressive gave it. You will likewise get a proper notification of cancellation from Progressive, generally in a similar envelope as your refund check. Keep this letter simply on the off chance that there are any issues with your change. For instance, if Progressive restores your policy in spite of your canceling it, you will have the option to send Progressive a copy of that letter to demonstrate that the organization should reverse the charges.

How to cancel Progressive Insurance online?

Progressive makes it hard to cancel your auto policy without addressing somebody on the telephone, as we have discussed previously. It is extremely unlikely to cancel through your Progressive app or on their website. On the off chance that you wish to email your cancellation request to Progressive, you can. Remember that this is not advertised and not their favored way. Notwithstanding, below is an email address that can be utilized to send your cancellation request. Since you are not talking with somebody live and cannot affirm that they have cancelled the policy, it is essential to send them all they require to guarantee your auto policy gets cancelled. Make certain to include the following for your cancellation request.

Cancel Progressive Insurance Online:

  • Explicitly state you with to cancel
  • Include your desired cancellation date
  • Include your Name
  • Include your Policy Number
  • Needs to be an actual document
  • Sign your name

Email to send Progressive auto policy cancellation:

Reasons to cancel Progressive insurance

There are times you might need to cancel auto coverage; you may discover better rates from an alternate car insurance organization and choose to switch carriers or pack your auto with your home supplier. You may likewise choose to cancel your policy since you have sold your vehicle, or it was destroyed in an accident or was stolen. You are not “stuck” with insurance until the policy ends. Simply recollect that canceling your car insurance coverage without a substitution policy arranged is certifiably not a smart thought on the off chance that you actually plan on driving the vehicle — regardless of whether you can not bear the expense of car insurance anymore. A superior alternative in the event that you cannot manage the cost of more comprehensive coverage is to select the minimum legally required. Most insurers will report a pass in inclusion to the DMV, which could influence your vehicle registration or even trigger a suspension of your driver’s license.

Progressive Quotes vs. Competitors

This list shows what Progressive’s competitors charge on an average per month. It can help you compare costs and make an informed decision:

Insurer : 21st Century

Average Monthly Cost: $165.00

Insurer : National General

Average Monthly Cost: $186.00

Insurer : SafeAuto

Average Monthly Cost: $206.00

Insurer : Infinity

Average Monthly Cost: $346.00

Insurer : Nationwide

Average Monthly Cost: $227.00

Insurer : Safeco

Average Monthly Cost: $200.00

Insurer : Travelers

Average Monthly Cost: $174.00

Insurer : The General

Average Monthly Cost: $307.00

Insurer : Liberty Mutual

Average Monthly Cost: $244.00

Insurer : Mercury

Average Monthly Cost: $244.00

Before you cancel Progressive Car Insurance

The significant reasons for which you may have to cancel your Progressive car insurance inclusion include that you will donate your car, you do not plan to drive anymore, your car is being rebuilt and will not be on the streets, or you are disposing of your vehicle completely. Assuming any of these situations concern you, you should cancel inclusion for your vehicle, so you are not paying for insurance that you need not bother with anymore.

Then again, on the off chance that you are essentially canceling your accident protection inclusion since you need to go to another insurance organization, at that point there are some significant considerations for you before you at last cancel your policy. The main one is that you need your vehicle insurance to be dynamic to be lawfully covered to drive. You will have a slip by in your inclusion in the event that you cancel before another policy is set up, so the circumstance of the cancellation is vital.

Additionally, make a point to request a refund of any measures of your top-notch that have not yet been utilized. This ought not be an issue to get, yet you ought to request it for good measure. You do not need to stick around until your insurance terminates to cancel it, however you will need to make sure that you get your cash back if there is any left for your policy. Moreover, ensure that the new insurance organization deals with telling the express that you have the necessary inclusion again for vehicle insurance. There is no compelling reason to get any costly fines since this progression was not dealt with on schedule.

Is there a fee to cancel progressive insurance?

There is no Progressive cancellation charge as per the provider’s site (albeit a few clients have announced an expense was applied), however you may not really get a full discount back, by the same token. Here is the means by which Progressive charges you when you cancel your inclusion:

  • Pro-rate: Calculating your leftover coverage owed dependent on days remaining. Progressive may discount you 90% of the unused long periods of inclusion, keeping 10%.
  • Short rate: The older your policy is, the less you will get as a refund since it is expected you utilized a greater amount of the premium toward the start of your policy than towards the end.

Precisely the amount Progressive will charge you, relies upon the state you live in and what the guidelines are for cancellations. Ask in advance on the off chance that you will get a full discount for the unused bit of your policy. It very well might be ideal to factor the possible expense into your cancellation or trust that your policy will end (if it is nearby), for good measure.

Does progressive refund if you cancel?

With most car insurance organizations you are continually paying for the month ahead of time. For instance, on May first you make a payment for $175. This $175 pays your vehicle insurance for the hour of May first to June first, so you are paying ahead of time. On the off chance that you cancel your Progressive vehicle insurance on May fifteenth, Progressive would owe you for a large portion of the month. On the off chance that for reasons unknown you had not covered your May first bill, and you cancelled as of May fifth, at that point you would owe Progressive for those 5 days of insurance. By and large, however, you will get a refund from Progressive when you cancel your policy.

Can you cancel your insurance policy at any time?

Luckily, car insurance organizations for the most part give you the option to cancel your policy at any time as long as you give legitimate notification. While most insurance organizations will probably refund your unused premium, some may charge an expense in the event that you decide to cancel in your policy term. Prior to cancelling your policy, you might need to talk to your organization’s customer service office or inquire whether the organization has a particular cancellation specifications. On the off chance that you discover that you will be charged a penalty for canceling in your term, you might need to rethink exchanging approaches. On the off chance that you can track down another policy with a premium that compensates for any cancellation expenses charged by your old carrier, it might in any case bode well to change organizations.

Progressive cancelled my policy

What happens when your insurance gets cancelled? You can either fight a cancellation if the organization committed an error, or you can get new car insurance. You will as a rule have somewhere in the range of 10 and 30 days to get new insurance before your present inclusion terminates. On the off chance that your car insurance has been cancelled, and you do not get new insurance, you could have your license and registration suspended for driving without insurance. Contingent upon the justification for the cancellation, you may need to pay more for high-hazard inclusion for the following three years. There are a couple of various reasons why your vehicle insurance policy may have been cancelled. Now and then, it is for reasons beyond your ability to do anything about. Yet, in different occasions, your insurance organization can choose to cancel your inclusion due to something you have done.


On the off chance that you have gotten a notification of non-renewal, your car insurance organization has chosen not to recharge your policy toward the end of your term. That may be on the grounds that the organization needs to diminish the quantity of insured individuals in your state, or it does not offer your specific arrangement any longer. It could likewise be a result of random things that are occurring to the business. Non-recharging sees for outer reasons normally give you at any rate 30 days’ notification. Notwithstanding, an organization can likewise give non-renewals for non-payment. Around there, the supplier may just be needed to give 10 or 20 days’ notification. Non-renewals do not convey the very outcomes that different kinds of cancellations do. You ought to have the option to track down another standard vehicle insurance plan without any problem. At the point when your policy is up, it basically does not recharge. At that point, you ought to have begun one more policy at another organization to keep up consistent inclusion.


Cancellations are an alternate story. Cancellation can occur anytime during your inclusion term, or it could even occur before your inclusion begins. Here are a couple of reasons why car insurance organizations cancel arrangements:

  • You misrepresented yourself or your circumstance while getting vehicle insurance quotes (did not reveal driving history, did not add drivers in the family, and so forth)
  • You did not cover your bill.
  • Your driver’s license was suspended or renounced.
  • You have an excessive number of recent at-fault accidents or infringement.

Normally, something critical needs to occur for a vehicle insurance organization to cancel your policy. All things considered, a cancellation could in any case come as a shock. This may be the situation when an organization cancels your policy toward the start of the term in light of distortion. At the point when you round out a car insurance quote form, you must speak the truth about your driving history, other family individuals who drive, and your vehicles. Insurance organizations have a set endorsing period after you purchase the policy to examine your experience and circumstance. On the off chance that anything significant was forgotten about, the organization can cancel your policy. You will see that non-installment is on this rundown as well. On the off chance that the circumstance is sufficiently terrible, the insurance organization can simply cancel your policy as opposed to sending a non-reestablishment notice. Cancellations normally expect 10 to 30 days’ notification for the driver to get new insurance inclusion.

If your policy gets canceled, you should:

Try To Fight The Cancellation

You should fight the cancellation or non-renewal on the off chance that you think the car insurance organization has committed an error. State guidelines for insurance cancellations are exacting, so if the organization committed an error, it should take you back as a client. At the point when you get a notification of cancellation or non-renewal, summon your insurance specialist right. See what the explanation is, and check whether there is anything you need to explain. In the event that you have remarkable obligations for criminal traffic offenses, taking care of those might turn around the cancellation. Possibly your ticket was shipped off to some unacceptable location, so you did not know you owed anything. In the event that you got a cancellation notice due to non-payment, a few organizations will allow you to pay the remainder of your premium inside a concurred time period to reestablish your policy. At long last, if your vehicle insurance was cancelled for a genuine explanation like a permit suspension or a DUI conviction, you will not have the option to battle it.

Get New Insurance (And Fast)

Now, you know that the car insurance organization has a real motivation to cancel or not renew your policy, and you cannot get it restored. The following thing to do is to get another insurance policy. Sometimes, you can discover vehicle insurance from another standard supplier without any problem. This would be the situation if your insurance organization sent a non-renewal rather than a cancellation, or if your insurance was cancelled in light of the fact that you did not unveil another driver in your family when rounding out a statement. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have a DUI or a permit suspension in your new history, you probably will not discover insurance from standard suppliers. The following alternative is to check suppliers that have practical experience in high-hazard accident coverage.


You can cancel your present Progressive insurance policy in a lot of various ways. Making a call or going online to cancel your insurance policy is the simple part. The step that takes somewhat more idea is the way you will get the insurance you need on the off chance that you actually have reason to be driving. Additionally, despite the fact that the way toward exchanging car insurance organizations is simple, you need to give cautious idea with respect to the nature of inclusion you are getting, and the history of the new insurance organization in handling and settling claims. In most occasions with car insurance, you at last get what you pay for.

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