Cheap Car Insurance with DUI

This article offers an overview of how you can get cheap car insurance with DUI: what is DUI car insurance, how can you get DUI insurance, how much does DUI affect your insurance, how can you lower your DUI insurance, and what companies offer cheapest DUI insurance.

The very first question that comes into the mind of a person with DUI conviction is “can I get car insurance if I have DUI?” The answer is yes. Car insurance policy for drivers that have DUI conviction is referred to as DUI insurance. The problem with DUI is that it affects insurance rates, and it stays on your record for 10 years. Moreover, different companies have different DUI insurance policies that are different in other states.

It is not easy to obtain car insurance after DUI conviction because many insurance companies do not offer DUI insurance. However, you can not only find car insurance after DUI, but you can also find companies that offer the cheapest DUI insurance in your state.

What is DUI car insurance?

DUI car insurance is basically a personalized car insurance policy for people who have been convicted for DUI. Unlike other car insurance, it is difficult to obtain a DUI car insurance. Fortunately, there are companies that offer DUI insurance. However, there are some factors that determine how much money you will be paying to the insurance company. The most important factor is the risk of accident because being convicted of DUI makes your situation complex and risky. The dui insurance rates also depend on the circumstances of the individual person. The amount of premium in an average case is a few hundred dollars.


Some people believe that DWI and DUI are two different terms. DWI stands for driving while intoxicated while DUI stands for driving under the influence. In most US states, both DUI and DWI are used interchangeably. In some states, another term is used which is OUI, and it stands for operating under the influence.

Can I get car insurance if I have dui?

You can find a car insurance after you have been caught drinking and driving. However, the car insurance rates can go up to 75% depending on your situation and the state where you reside. It means that each year you will pay hundreds of dollars more than other drivers. For example, you are a 45 year old man with no previous DUI violations. Now you have been convicted for DUI, and your new car insurance for full coverage can be $2500 with an increase of $1100. The minimum required coverage can be around $1000 with an increase of $450.

How much does dui affect insurance?

The amount you will pay for car insurance after DUI is not easy to predict because It depends on several factors such as your driving history, the policy of your insurance company, and the type of coverage you choose. However, the most important factor is the state where you live.

If you live in states like Oregon, Nebraska, and Louisiana, then the average increase in car insurance after DUI is less than 50%.

If you live in states like North Carolina, Michigan, Hawaii, and California, then the average increase in car insurance after DUI is more than 100%.

In other words, if you are a resident of Oregon with minimum coverage, then you will pay about $200 a year more for car insurance after DUI conviction. However, if you live in California with full coverage, then you will have to pay about $3000 a year more for car insurance after DUI conviction. There is no way you can escape the hike in insurance rates after DUI!

How can I lower my car insurance after DUI?

Car insurance is a complex business. A cheap car insurance company becomes an expensive insurance company for the same driver after DUI conviction. Moreover, a car insurance company might be cheap in one area and the same company might be expensive in another area. In most US states, the majority of cheap car insurance companies for drivers with a clean record become the most expensive insurance companies after DUI. In some states, the price increases six times than the original price.

Now you must be thinking “how can I lower my car insurance after DUI?”

There are five ways to lower your car insurance after DUI conviction. In other words, you will need to qualify for all the possible insurance discounts. Following are the ways that can lower your car insurance after DUI:

  • Drive better
  • Take a driving course
  • Increase your deductible
  • Choose a safer vehicle
  • Maintain good credit

Drive better

When you drive better, you are no longer considered a high risk driver, and it will help you lower your car insurance. The best way to show insurance companies that you are not a risky driver is to avoid traffic violations. You should try to avoid parking violations, car accidents, and speeding tickets. You have higher chances of reduction in car insurance if you keep your driving record clean for a longer period.

Take a driving course

Take a defensive driving course and increase your chances of reduction in car insurance. A typical defensive driving course consists of six hours of class that can reduce your car insurance or reduce points on your driver’s license. It can reduce up to 15% of your car insurance after DUI. However, the exact amount is different for different states. After the completion of the defensive driving course, you can ask your insurance provider for a discount that will be valid for three years. If you want the discounts again, then you will have to take a defensive driving test again after three years.

Increase your deductible

You can reduce your DUI car insurance if you agree for a higher deductible. It is the amount you pay before your insurance begins. For example, the deductible for your car insurance is $400, and the repair estimates of your car after the accident during the past year is $300. The insurance company would not pay for it because the repair cost is below $400. However, if the repair cost was $600, then you would still pay $400 and the insurance company will pay for the difference of $200. Increasing your deductible up to $500 can save you coverage up to 25%. If you increase your deductible up to $1000, then you can save your coverage up to 45%.

Choose a safer vehicle

Drive a safer vehicle, and lower your dui insurance rates. Insurance companies are willing to reduce your DUI insurance if your vehicle has certain safety features. It is because those safety features reduce the chances of car accidents that cost them thousands of dollars. Most insurance providers look for safety features such as airbags, ignition device lock, steering wheel lock, car alarm, automated seatbelts, and anti-lock brakes.

Maintain a good credit

Maintaining a good credit can lower your payments for car insurance if you are still wondering how can I lower my car insurance after DUI. Insurance companies use the credit information of their clients to determine the price of their auto policies. Some of the best ways to keep a good credit score is to keep credit balance low, pay bills on time, and avoid multiple credit lines.

Who has the cheapest DUI insurance?

Finding cheap car insurance after DUI is a challenge for most drivers. You will be surprised to know that some large companies offer cheap DUI insurance to most customers in many states. The names of the insurance companies are:

The rates of Allstate are $121 for minimum coverage and $276 for full coverage.

The rates of Geico are $91 for minimum coverage and $230 for full coverage.

The rates of State Farm are $92 for minimum coverage and $211 for full coverage.

The rates of Progressive are $80 for minimum coverage and $190 for full coverage.

There are many regional auto insurance companies that offer the cheapest DUI insurance. Therefore, if you are convicted of DUI, then you should search for the smaller and regional car insurance companies in your state for the cheapest DUI insurance.

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