Covered California Phone Number: The Complete Guide to Covered California

Are you looking for the Covered California phone number? This article is about everything you need to know about Covered California before you phone them

Buying health insurance can be very beneficial in life. It is an investment for living a good life full of health and happiness. Insurance is happiness because your health is checked again and again.

People who do not get health checkups usually feel lazy and depressed all the time. Despite having a healthy lifestyle, you still need a physician’s opinion when the need arises. Your health should be your priority because if you fall ill, you will not be able to do normal things that other people do or feel miserable all the time.

The first thing you do as soon as you get your first salary is to buy health insurance for yourself.

Covered California is a name well-known in the insurance industry for proving the best health benefits to its customers. You need to know the Covered California phone number to apply for health insurance.

But before knowing the Covered California phone number, you should know all the details about the health insurance offered by the insurance company so that you can apply quickly instead of wasting time.

Here is a complete guide to Covered California insurance:

What is Covered California?

Covered California is a California-based government protection association that gives health care coverage to its citizens for medical facilities. This association is a singular organization that is overseen under the government authority of California.

Covered California was launched for the residents of California under the federal state’s law of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Any individual, family, or private company can purchase Covered California medical coverage as long as they are citizens of California and have a permanent visa in the USA.

They are a big agency that manages many health insurance customers so they have a Covered California phone number where you can ask for help and know more about Covered California. They are one of the top health insurance public organizations as they offer insurance to every citizen if they are able to afford it.

Why is health insurance important?

Health insurance is very important in our lives because it facilitates the medical treatments of a person without causing any financial loss to them.

Health insurance consists of policies that are agreed upon by the insurer and insured to gain medical benefits for a premium. You have to pay the premium to be able to benefit from the medical facilities.

Health insurance is helpful when you have a sudden accident and have no funds to afford the medical bill. Furthermore, if you develop some kind of short-time or long-term disease, the insurance helps in paying the medical cost of the checkups, diagnosis, lab tests, and prescription drugs.

You need to buy health insurance for yourself or your family because you need all of the medical benefits in life to live a happy life.

Covered California coverage and plans

Covered California offers three main plans under four coverage plans. These coverage plans are divided based on the income range that an average Californian would have to be able to afford the insurance.

These plans are made with detailed research and data collected from citizens to ensure that they fulfill all the requirements for medical services. You can call on the Covered California phone number to know more details about these plans.

Covered California plans

Covered California provides plans that you can choose from. All three plans have different conditions that one must follow in order to benefit from the insurance plan. The policies written on the contract need to be careful before you sign to ensure that you are signing the one you want.

Here are three plans offered by Covered California:

PPO plan

PPO plan is a kind of plan that takes care of the expense of clinical benefits of a specialist inside the organization of insurance plans with no reference doctor. PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization.

You are allowed to pick any specialist as long as they are in the network of specified organizations. You need to copay depending on a deductible yet it is less expensive compared to a person paying without any insurance. To add more, you can ask for coverage in the out-of-network organizations but that is based on a certain high cost.

HMO plan

HMO plan is an insurance plan of Covered California that takes care of the cost of the specialist’s visit depending on the prerequisite that you need a reference from your main doctor. Once your main doctor writes a reference, you can get the insurance to take care of the specialist’s medical bill. You have to copay with the insurance. In case you go without a reference, then, you need to take care of the entire bill. This is why HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization.

To be specific, unless there is a medical emergency and you end up in a hospital that is not under the organization, then the insurance will cover your medical bill. Otherwise, you need a reference to go to another doctor within the organization.

EPO plan

If you pick an EPO insurance plan, they are only allowed to see doctors and medical staff that are mentioned in the policy. Compared to the PPO plan that requires you to have a reference from the main doctor, you do not require any reference in the EPO plan.

As long as you go to hospitals that are within the organization, you can get the coverage you are paying for. EPO plan for an Exclusive Provider Organization plan. So, all the medical providers should be in an organization except in an emergency situation.

Covered California coverage

Covered California coverage has levels that are categorized. They are categorized through metallic levels for health insurance. These metallic levels are specifically made for individuals or families that can pay a certain amount of premium to be able to enjoy the coverage.

Covered California offers four metallic coverage levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum


You can buy bronze if you make minimum wage. This plan is made for people who cannot afford any insurance plan because of their low income. Standard bronze offers you a cheap premium for low coverage, but just enough to be economical. HDH

Bronze coverage is 60%, so you have to pay the remaining cost from your own pocket. The medical benefits include free preventive care, no deductibles for the first three visits to the doctor but only the non-preventive ones, and free eye dental checkups for kids. This coverage also includes costs for the treatment of pre-existing conditions like asthma.

The cost for an individual with medical and pharmacy deductible is $6300 and $500 respectively. The out-of-pocket maximum limit is $8,200. For the family, the deductibles are $12,600 for medical and $1000 for pharmacy. The limit is $16,500.


For a moderate standard of living, you can buy a moderate insurance plan. This metallic coverage level is also known as the middle ground because it has a moderate premium cost and gives moderate coverage.

This coverage insurance plan covers 70% – 94% of the medical bill for you. The medical facilities you get if you buy this plan is free preventive care, no limit to covered services your plan takes, and free dental & eye checkups for kids. If you have a pre-existing medical condition before you signed with the insurance company, the insurance plan will cover the cost for you as well.

For a family, the medical deductible is $150 to $7,400 and the pharmacy deductible is $0 to $20. The out-of-pocket limit is $1,600 to $16,400. If you buy for only one person, the deductibles are $75 to $3,700 and $0 to $10 for medical and pharmacy while the limit is $800 to $8,200.


This metallic coverage level comes on top because its coverage is 80%. This coverage plan is expensive but not too expensive. If you make a good income, you can afford gold coverage quite easily. You should always buy the most covered insurance plan for yourself or your family because there are more benefits given.

Gold coverage offers various health facilities like free preventive care, a $0 deductible, and free dental & eye checkups for kids. Other than that, if you go to a doctor and have to pay bills for diagnosis and laboratory tests the gold coverage plan covers 80% of the cost for you.

For each individual, the benefits for buying this coverage is $0 deductible for medical and pharmacy. The maximum limit is $8,200 for one person. If you are buying for your family, Covered California offers $ deductibles and a maximum out-of-pocket limit of $16,400.


Platinum is the highest and most expensive coverage plan that offers 90% coverage to the person who buys. 90% coverage is like paying only the minimum amount from your pocket because it covers a huge chunk of the medical cost. The high premium is worth every penny because of its benefits.

Platinum is the highest coverage plan that offers health facilities like free preventive care, and dental & eye checkups. Since platinum covers 90% of the cost, you do not have to pay much so it becomes convenient to go for medical checkups whenever you want to, and your finances are also balanced well.

Platinum can be either bought for one person or for the whole family. The out-of-pocket maximum for platinum costs around $4,500 for an individual and $9,000 for a family. There are $0 charges for deductibles and pharmacy deductibles for both

This coverage is the most convenient plan of all. Even though it is expensive, it is worth every penny. You should buy this insurance coverage if you earn a good income. To add more, many individuals buy this because they only have to cover one person’s cost.

Covered California dental

Covered California offers a separate insurance add-in for dental checkups. You can add dental benefits to your insurance plan by paying a little more for a perfect health insurance plan.

Covered California plans only offer dental checkups to kids. As an adult, you need to pay the full cost of a dental checkup from your own pocket. Dental treatment can be quite expensive; it can mess up the monthly budget you keep. To ensure that you do not have to pay more, buy dental coverage in your insurance plan.

Covered California offers three dental coverage that can be added to the plans:

DPPO plan

DPPO plan is part of the PPO plan in insurance. If you choose to buy a DPPO plan, there are different deductibles for an adult and a kid. For a kid, the deductible is $75 and for an adult, it is $50. There will be no deductibles if you for a preventive or diagnostic checkup. But there is no out-of-pocket maximum for adults. You do not have to copay as well.,

If you go to a hospital outside of the network, the insurance plan can cover some of the cost for you. The DPPO plan gives a good choice for dental treatment.

DHMO plan

DHMO plan is part of the Covered California plan for dental treatment and checkups. For a DHMO plan, you have to go to your main physician, ask for a referral and then visit the dentist you wish to see within the network of medical professionals provided by the insurance company.

In the DHMO plan, the insurance company offers no deductibles, no out-of-pocket maximum, and no annual limit. There is no waiting period for children, and you get the most out of the plan with free x-rays, cleaning of teeth, and sealants.

You can choose to buy additional dental coverage for children based on their needs. DHMO plan is cheaper than the PPO plan because it benefits the adults with no deductibles. As long as you get treatment in the network of hospitals, you do not have to worry about coverage. In contrast to that, the HPPO plan does not require any referral and covers some costs outside of the network, which is not offered by the HMO plan.

There are different requirements for both plans, you need to read them from the website before you apply for one plan.

Covered California Vision

There are many people who need vision checkups and treatments often. The insurance plan covers the basic vision check-up for kids only. Children who are under the age of 19 get free checkups and eyeglasses once per year, the cost is covered in the parents’ insurance plan. For adults, you need proper coverage for vision.

There are two companies under Covered California that offer vision coverage to adults: EyeMed and VSP. EyeMed


EyeMed consists of a network of expert medical professionals that are recognized by the government and have a good reputation in the field. This insurance company for vision offers adults the option to choose their frames and contact lenses without any extra charges outside the plan. There are plans offered by EyeMed that you can choose from.


VSP or Vision Care is an insurance company that offers the best insurance plans for Covered California members. The annual premium is quite affordable and you can pick between plans based on your requirements.

It is an ideal insurance plan for individuals because of its low out-of-pocket cost and the best network of medical professionals.

How much does Covered California cost?

Covered California cost is determined by the coverage and insurance plan you wish to choose for yourself. If you are buying for an individual it will cost less compared to buying for a family.

The cheapest Covered California insurance coverage is bronze while the most expensive is Platinum. The benefits for all coverages are almost the same with few variations. Furthermore, the cost of the dental plan is also added.

Every plan has been made by the experts in Covered California to ensure that they cover all the requirements of medical and dental treatment under the insurance. They offer the best plans which make them one of the most popular insurance organizations in the state.

So, the cost of a Covered California insurance plan varies from person to person. Furthermore, the number of members in a family can also influence the cost of insurance. You can call the Covered California phone number and confirm the exact cost of the plan.

How to apply for Covered California

Once you have read all the details about the benefits and cost of the insurance plans. You can apply for a Covered California. The insurance company provides the best services to people.

First, you have to pick the best insurance plan that is good for you. The insurance should cover all the requirements and give you benefits enough to live a comfortable life. Many people make the mistake of applying for the wrong insurance plans that might be too much or too little for them. So, you need to be well aware of what insurance plan you need.

You should keep in mind your medical history, income, members of a family, and age. All of these are checked by Covered California before they give you the application process. Furthermore, you need the following documents to apply for Covered California:

Social Security number

– Federal tax information for tax filers

– Immigration documents for non-citizens

– Employer and income information

You need to keep them ready so that the process is faster and you get the insurance on time.

There are two ways to apply for Covered California:

Enrollment center

There are many enrollment centers across California for people to go and apply to the insurance company. These enrollment centers have expert helpers who can help you pick the right plan and coverage for yourself.

For the enrollment center, you need to take out time from your busy hours to visit because the application process can get longer.


If you are the type of person who cannot take out time to go to an enrollment center, you can always apply online through their website. The covered California website has all the details you need to apply.

Online application is easier to fill because you just need scanned copies of your documents to upload and half an hour to fill out the form.

Phone number

You can also apply by Covered California phone number. This one is, even more, easier because you do not need to visit easily, and have an agent to help you pick out the best insurance plan and coverage.

You just need to make an appointment on the website. Fill out an online form and then the agent will call you to ask for all the details. Make sure to keep all the documents close to you because they ask for all the details before enrolling you in an insurance plan.

Covered California phone number

You can contact the Covered California phone number for other queries and appointments. They always have call operators active at any time of the day to answer your questions and help you in choosing the right insurance plan for yourself.

The Covered California phone number is (800) 300-1506. You can contact them during regular business hours and they will pick up your call instantly. These operators have all the information you might need about Covered California.

You can also contact other organizations that are connected with Covered California like The Anthem Blue Cross Covered California phone number is (833) 932-1034, if you want to contact Bright Health Care their phone number is (844) 926-4524. These insurance companies are based on your plan and location in California. There are separate companies for dental, vision, and medical insurance under Covered California. You can either contact them or directly to Covered California.

How to cancel Covered California?

There are many situations where you might need to cancel the insurance plan to save up money. The cancellation process for Covered California is really convenient and it takes only a few minutes of your time.

If you want to cancel Covered California, you will need to inform the insurance company 14 days prior to notice. This means that if you wish to cancel your plan before next month, you will have to inform them 14 days before. Covered California recommends not to cancel the plan in between the month because you will not receive any refund for the prorated premiums from your dental or medical insurance company.

If you want to cancel, you have to do it before the month ends so that you can benefit from the plan for the whole month. You can call on to contact the Covered California phone number service center at (800) 300-1506 to cancel Covered California.

Final words

Covered California is one of the best insurance organizations in California. Many citizens opt for this insurance company because of its various benefits and easy enrollment. If you are looking for insurance, you should consider applying for Covered California.

Health insurance is an important plan that you should apply to stay healthy and live a happy life without any medical complications. People who have health insurance tend to live a stable life because of occasional medical check-ups and early diagnosis of a disease. So, call on the Covered California phone number and buy your insurance plan today!

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