Decisions For Business Majors

If you’re headed to college soon or are currently in the first two years of a degree program in business, it’s imperative to make an informed decision about your major field of study. In addition to arranging to pay for tuition and related fees, picking an appropriate major is one of the essential parts of the entire college experience. The subject you choose will determine the main course of your career. Keep in mind that not all majors are of equal value in the eyes of employers. For instance, a bachelor’s diploma in business administration, with a concentration in accounting or insurance studies, is usually a fast-track to securing excellent jobs after graduation.

Likewise, other valuable sub-categories within the field include marketing, commercial IT studies, entrepreneurship, non-profit management, finance, and human resources. Schools have their own timelines for making you commit to a particular major, so be sure to research your selections and not be in a hurry to choose. From the time you decide to attend college until you choose your main subject area within the degree program, here are the most critical decisions you’ll be making.

Paying for College

You won’t be able to attend any college unless you’re able to pay tuition and other fees. Fortunately, prospective candidates for admission can take out private student loans to cover some or all of the expenses related to earning a diploma. Many people opt to work with private lenders to get the amount of funding they need and have the chance for low rates, reasonable terms, and generous borrowing limits.

Choosing a Major

Expect to declare a major sometime during your sophomore year. All schools have their own policies about the process, so double-check with an academic counselor to find out the requirement. Before making a choice, speak with a guidance professional, a favorite instructor, and anyone you know who recently graduated from the school you attend. Also do not put additional stress on yourself to make this choice in haste. One of the best self-care tips for college students is to carefully think through decisions since they will impact your future so greatly.


For decades, accounting has been the money degree category within schools of business administration. That’s changing somewhat, but grads who go on to earn CPA (certified public accountant) licenses typically top the earnings graph among all graduates in business-related degree programs. CPAs can work for major insurance firms, banks, investment companies, hedge funds, law firms, and dozens of other organizations.


Some schools now offer majors in insurance, but most fold the subject into either finance or accounting curricula. However, most of the nation’s top educational institutions offer concentrations in insurance studies. Many students who choose this field earn actuarial certification during their careers. Some of the world’s largest corporations are insurance providers, which means there are plenty of attractive, well-paying jobs for people who opt for the career path.


If you are a people person, like the idea of creating promotional campaigns, and view marketing as the central piece of the profit puzzle, then the subject is probably your most suitable match. Consider majoring in marketing by speaking with at least two instructors who teach the subject, checking online job-search sites for potential opportunities, and asking fourth-year students majoring in the subject what they plan to do after graduating.

John Otero

John Otero

John Otero is an industry practitioner with more than 15 years of experience in the insurance industry. He has held various senior management roles both in the insurance companies and insurance brokers during this span of time. He began his insurance career in 2004 as an office assistant at an agency in her hometown of Duluth, MN. He got licensed as a producer while working at that agency and progressed to serve as an office manager. Working in the agency is how he fell in love with the industry. He saw firsthand the good that insurance consumers experienced by having the proper protection. John has diverse experience in corporate & consumer insurance services, across a range of vocations. His specialties include Major Corporate risk management and insurance programs, and Financial Lines He has been instrumental in making his firm as one of the leading organizations in the country in generating sustainable rapid growth of the company while maintaining service excellence to clients.

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