Does Warby Parker Take Insurance?

Are you wondering if Warby Parker takes insurance? If yes, which insurance agencies is it affiliated with? Read this article and find out.

In case you wear glasses, you have likely known about reasonable designer eyewear organization Warby Parker. On the off chance that you have not evaluated their glasses yet are as yet picking from the little determination at your optometrist’s office, you are presumably overpaying and you are unquestionably passing up some pretty cool edges.

Warby Parker was established in 2010 by Wharton School understudies who saw that the vast majority of the “designer” glasses are essentially authorized to a couple of goliath eyewear organizations and sold in mass to optical shops. They understood that on the off chance that they cut out the broker by planning their own glasses and selling them on the web, they could give enormous reserve funds to the client.

That was very nearly 10 years back and Warby Parker is as yet satisfying its guarantee to give high-caliber, reasonable eyewear to its clients. Glasses start at $95 (counting frames and focal points) and if focal points are scratched inside a year, Warby Parker will swap them for nothing. You can even take a stab at up to five sets at home before you get them, so you have the experience of giving them a shot and perceiving how they feel. So does Warby Parker take insurance?

Warby Parker is additionally solidly dedicated to social greatness, joining the positions of other socially-cognizant brands like TOMS, Thrive Market, and Bombas socks. With each pair of Warby Parker glasses sold, a couple is disseminated to somebody out of luck. Warby Parker additionally works with philanthropies that train volunteers to oversee eye tests in underserved networks. As one of the solitary carbon-unbiased eyewear organizations on the planet, they care about the climate too.

In order to find out more about Warby Parker and whether it accepts insurance or not, you need to continue reading the article. So let us head right into it!

How does Warby Parker work?

If you are ready to bring your eyewear to the next level, here is a step-by-step guide on how to order glasses with Warby Parker.

Step One: Pick out your frames

You can go through Warby Parker’s collection of frames in men’s and women’s styles to figure out their aesthetic. There is a very decent blend of basic works of art and more stylish statement pieces. In case you are truly doubtful, you can take their test to get a few proposals dependent on your inclinations. On the off chance that you discover a few that you realize you need, jump directly to requesting them at stage three. Else you will get the opportunity to evaluate your top choices.

Step Two: Home Try-On

This is the pleasant part. Choose five frames that you are keen on and Warby Parker will dispatch them to you for nothing. We strongly suggest the Laurel in Tea Rose Fade. Truly, these glasses look great on everybody. When you get your edges, you can test them out for five days to sort out which ones are for you. Whenever you have discovered the frames you love, simply send your home try-on box back with the included prepaid mark.

Step Three: Ordering your frames

As soon you realize which glasses you need, you can feel free to arrange them on Warby Parker. Frames start at $95 for standard single-vision focal points. Obviously you will have to pay more on the off chance that you need transition or progressive lenses.

Step Four: Filling out your prescription

When confirming your order and checking out, you will need to fill in your glasses prescription. On the off chance that you have a prescription as of now, the most direct approach is to put up a picture of your prescription. On the off chance that you do not have your prescription promptly accessible, Warby Parker can call your eye specialist for you, however it may take more time to get your frames. If in case you do not have a prescription or your present one has lapsed, you can go get a quick testing done from an eye specialist (accessible at Warby Parker’s storefronts in a couple of significant urban areas), or download this application that checks your eyes for you ($40 in the event that you get a refreshed prescription.)

Step Five: Dealing with insurance

Warby Parker is only in-network with a few specific insurance companies

, and is an out-of-network supplier for most insurance agencies, so you will have to present your receipt for repayment in the event that you need to utilize your insurance to pay for your frames. Warby Parker has guidelines and structures for most organizations’ repayment on their site. On the off chance that you have a Flexible Spending Account or Health Spending Account, at that point you are in luck: you can utilize that for your Warby Parker outlines too. Simply enter your FSA/HSA card number at checkout.

Step Six: Wait for your frames to arrive

That is it! Presently you simply need to kick back and trust that your new glasses will show up close to home. Prepare to be overflowed with praises on how extraordinary you look in your new frames.

What Kind Of Insurance Does Warby Parker Take?

Yes, Warby Parker takes insurance for glasses. Warby Parker is in-network with the following insurance agencies:

  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Spectera
  • VSP
  • EyeMed Vision Care
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • DavisVision
  • Anthem BlueCross BlueShield
  • Aetna
  • NVA

Since Medicaid is a federal and state program in the United States, most people end up asking the question: Does warby parker take medicaid? Unfortunately, it does not, however it is an out-of-network supplier for most other insurance agencies. In such cases you will have to present your receipt for repayment in the event that you need to utilize your protection to pay for your frames, as mentioned above. However, you can utilize your FSA and HSA.

How Does FSA And HSA Work In Warby Parker?

Warby Parker acknowledges FSA and HSA dollars for solution eyewear buys, which incorporate prescription eyeglasses, prescription shades, progressives, contact lenses and readers. You can likewise utilize them for eye tests (counting contact lens fittings), as long as your FSA or HSA card is a subsidiary with a significant Mastercard. In the event that you need lenses that filter out blue light added to any solution glasses, your FSA or HSA should work for that, as well!

You likewise might have the option to have the expense of the Warby Parker Prescription Check administrations covered. Get in touch with your carrier to check whether you are qualified. On the off chance that you might want to utilize your FSA or HSA card to pay for a bit of your purchase and apply the excess equilibrium to an alternate card, you can call Warby Parker at 888-492-7297, from 9 a.m.– 10 p.m. ET every day. However, make sure that you check the balance on your FSA account first.

You can submit a request web based, utilizing your FSA or HSA card as you would some other credit card, or by giving a ring on the number mentioned above. Ensure you have an exceptional and updated prescription and a pupillary distance, which can be estimated here. Reaching specialists is precarious this season in light of the fact that a large number of their workplaces are shut, so it is ideal to have your prescription prepared at checkout. The company will incorporate an electronic receipt with your transportation affirmation email, and an actual duplicate with your buy. On the off chance that you need another duplicate, you can get to your receipts through your record or by emailing at


Warby Parker has a 30-day, return or exchange strategy which is absolutely hassle free. This policy is applicable on the entirety of their eyewear. So frames will be happily traded for an alternate pair in the event that you are not satisfied. Nonetheless, we suggest checking with your insurance supplier prior to mentioning a discount to a FSA card. Not at all like HSA, FSA reserves should be utilized during a characterized time-frame. For some protection designs, your assets will be relinquished in the event that you demand a discount.

How Much Does A Warby Parker Eye Exam Cost?

When it comes to the Eye Exam Costs at Warby Parker, they are $75 for 20 minutes, that is in the street for market valuing. Truth be told, it is somewhat high given that they do not offer a contact lens prescription. For $75, you may get a more thorough eye test from your local eye specialist. Additionally in the event that you are more than 40 years old and have a more perplexing prescription, it may not be the right way to go about for you all things considered.


Another key thing that they would not have the option to give is admittance to new advances in lens technology, for example, Essilor’s Varalux item, Carl Zeiss lenses or even Hoyas setup. It is tantamount to getting a prescription for a medication by your primary care physician and requesting the less expensive and nonexclusive option. It could be close, yet it needs a considerable lot of the licensed highlights these set up and demonstrated lenses offer.

Some Drawbacks You Could Face

A considerable lot of people have discovered that purchasing eyewear from an online retailer to be more troublesome than anticipated. For a model like Warby Parker, a large portion of their casings are not marked. You would not have the option to discover mainstream brands like Jimmy Choo, Oakley, Ray Ban and more. Also since huge numbers of their frames are “house brands”, you truly need to take a stab at many pairs to discover one that suits you. They have “frame on face” innovation on their site that shows what you will resemble in a specific pair of frames.

They will likewise send you a few sets of frames to test out. The two methodologies have their own issues. Their latest move of opening physical stores should assist purchasers with gaining admittance to their administrations. Yet, the truth will surface eventually on the off chance that they are only a craze or in it for the long term.

How Much Does Warby Parker Cost With Prescription?

This is one question that gets asked a lot. Everybody is searching for a reasonable and incredible looking pair of glasses. After looking at various reviews, we can easily come to the conclusion that the normal shopper can spare at any rate $100 over buying a pair from most optical shops. For instance, at any local optometrist, typically the least expensive choice you could discover for a good pair of glasses starts at $300. What’s more is that it is only for the frames themselves! Most Warby Parker eyeglasses are between $95 to $145 each including prescription lenses (single-vision), so it is going to cost you way less than getting a pair from any other eye specialist or optician.

What Is Available At Warby Parker?

With regards to outline styles, there’s no deficiency of determination at Warby Parker. You’ll discover many alternatives for people. Edges are accessible in up to 13 distinct shadings and five unique widths. You can look over five general shapes including feline eye, square, round, square shape and pilot. To the extent materials, you can look over acetic acid derivation, metal or a blend of the two. You can likewise tweak the focal points to accommodate your individual remedy and inclinations. The accompanying focal point types are accessible at Warby Parker:

  • Prescription glasses:
  • Polycarbonate lenses,
  • 67 high-index lenses,
  • 74 high-index lenses,
  • blue-light-filtering lenses or
  • light-responsive lenses.
  • Prescription sunglasses:
  • Polarized polycarbonate lenses or
  • 67 high-index sun lenses.
  • Non-prescription sunglasses:
  • Polarized CR-39 lenses.

Notwithstanding single-vision lenses, Warby Parker offers progressive glasses beginning at $295 and progressive shades beginning at $375. You can likewise get lenses with prism correction. Sadly, Warby Parker does not presently offer bifocal lenses.

You can likewise purchase contacts from Warby Parker. The retailer conveys a wide scope of well known brands including Acuvue Oasys, Biofinity, Dailies and Air Optix. With a proposal from your primary care physician, you can likewise attempt Scout by Warby Parker day by day contacts.

How Long Does Warby Parker Take To Ship?

On the off chance that you pick free standard transportation, you can by and large hope to get your request inside 5-10 business days. As indicated by the table in Warby Parker’s assistance area, prescription orders make some turnaround memories of 7-10 business days, while home attempt ons and non-solution arrangements as a rule show up in around five business days. Frill and gift vouchers likewise make some turnaround memories of five business days. E-gift vouchers show up inside an hour of requesting. Contact lenses will show up inside 5-7 business days except if you have requested a certain claim to fame focal points. Facilitated dispatching (accessible for $20 during checkout) ordinarily slices the turnaround time down the middle. For more data on transportation and turnaround times, visit Warby Parker’s FAQ page.



As a whole, Warby Parker is an incredible spot to shop online for prescription glasses that are within your budget and also prescription shades. In case you are purchasing customary frames and focal points, you can hope to pay somewhere in the range of $95 and $145. You can look over progressives and different alternatives for an extra expense. Make certain to exploit Warby Parker’s “try on five frames at home for absolutely free” offer or download the application (for iPhones only) to virtually try on glasses to see whether or not they look good on you. These are incredible approaches to ensure you will adore the glasses you request. What’s more is that on the off chance that you do not like something, you will have 30 days to return or trade them once they show up. Before you prepare to put in your request, ensure that you have a substantial remedy close by and know your pupillary distance.

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