Embrace Pet Insurance: All You Need To Know About Embrace

Looking for details about Embrace Pet Insurance? Embrace is an insurance company that provides health insurance to pets.

Pets are the most precious beings on this planet who deserve so much love because they are the source of your happiness. You buy the best things to take care of them as they are like family to you. They require the same care as any kid would need.

As a pet owner, buying pet insurance should also be on your list to ensure that they are safe and you have no financial struggles when taking care of them. Many people think that pet insurance is not necessary because it is a waste of money, but in reality, it is as important as buying health insurance for yourself.

Pet insurance is made by insurance companies to facilitate you in giving the best treatment to your pet. They have the right plan for meeting the needs of your pet and maintaining your budget for the treatment of your pet. You can manage your finances better when you buy an insurance plan.

There are many famous pet insurance companies that people opt for. One of the most popular ones is Embrace Pet Insurance that pet owners choose to buy. You might have heard other pet owners mentioning this insurance because it offers the best facilities and benefits that fulfill the needs of the pet. If you are looking for insurance, you should consider buying Embrace Pet Insurance.

Here is a complete guide to Embrace Pet Insurance:

What is insurance?

Insurance is a policy-based contract signed between an insurance company and a person. The policies are approved by the government to facilitate people who sign the contract and prevent financial loss. There are different insurance for different things like car insurance, commercial insurance, pet insurance, health insurance, property insurance, and many more.

There are two sectors in insurance: public and private. The public insurance organizations are managed by the government and citizens can buy the insurance plan for a cheaper price. Private insurance companies offer better facilities and benefits. A person can prefer to buy either of two of them.

To be short, insurance is the best way of living a financially calculated life. It gives you financial stability and the ability to make decisions with confidence without any financial worry. Insurance is to live a happy life, full of benefits and facilities.

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is insurance that is specific to pets. The insurance contract is signed between the pet owner and the insurance company on agreed terms. This insurance is like health insurance for pets as it covers the cost of medical treatment. The policies are carefully made to meet the requirements of the pet owner.

There are various types of pet insurance plans that range from coverage of long-term illnesses to basic veterinary checkups. Pet insurance gives the owner the opportunity to afford the best vet in the city for their vet at an affordable price.

It causes no financial loss to the pet owner, so the pet stays healthy and happy without any health complications. Pet insurance is a must for every pet owner. Pet insurance is very important for your pet because once you have insurance you can be relieved that you have a financial backup in case an emergency arises for your pet. A perfect life for you and your pet is to have insurance for both.

Best pet insurance

There are many pet insurance companies that offer different facilities and benefits for pet owners. Some pet insurance companies are known as famous among others because of their unique and convenient plans.

If you are looking for the best pet insurance, then you should pick  Embrace Pet Insurance. Embrace is a famous pet insurance company that provides the best plans for pet owners.

Embrace Pet Insurance is an insurance company that is based in Cleveland under American Modern Insurance. It has won many awards for being the best pet insurance approved by pet owners. Embrace was awarded at Wharton Business Plan Competition for its exceptional concept of business.

For pet owners, Embrace Pet Insurance is one of the top pet insurance because of its affordable price for dogs and cats. The company also gives a special discount to owners who have multiple pets that need pet insurance. The plans are made well by their experts that suit the requirements of the pet owners.

What does Embrace Pet Insurance cover?

Embrace Pet Insurance covers a very exclusive policy that many pet owners prefer over other insurance companies. They have designed different plans that you can buy from, but there are some policies that are common in all insurance plans.

Here is what Embrace Pet Insurance covers:

Medical checkups

Embrace Pet Insurance covers the cost of regular medical checkups that are needed for the pets. There are times when pets get sick or have an upset stomach so you need to get them checked to a vet before it worsens.

The insurance covers the cost of medical checkups from the expensive vet so that your pet gets the best treatment.


There are times when your pet might meet an accident and is injured. The medical cost of emergency service is also covered by Embrace Pet Insurance. Insurance takes away the stress of affording the treatment because you are already vulnerable because of your pet.

The insurance takes care of the treatment well for you.

Third-party liability

If your pet injures a stranger or damages someone’s property, you are responsible to pay for the harm caused by your pet. Embrace Pet Insurance covers the cost of paying the medical or recovery bills for the pet owner.

You are able to afford the expensive bills because you know insurance has got you covered.

Other costs

There are other coverage costs that Embrace Pet Insurance covers for pet owners. These costs depend on the insurance plan they have bought for their pet which includes: long-term illness treatments, cancer treatment, breed-specific medical treatment, lab tests, X-rays, and surgeries.

They cover most of the expenses that a pet owner might need which is why it is one of the most preferred pet insurance plans.

What Embrace Pet Insurance does not cover?

There are some specific policies that Embrace Pet Insurance does not cover which you need to know about before you sign with the company. Sometimes pet owners do not pay attention to the uncovered part, so they remain unaware of it.

Here are situations in which Embrace Pet Insurance does not cover the cost:

Pre-existing conditions: if your pet has a medical condition that needs to be treated before you sign the insurance plan, the insurance will not cover the medical bill for the treatment.

Intentional injuries: If you or anyone who lives with you causes harm to your pet intentionally, the insurance will not cover the cost of the treatment.

Prefered cosmetic surgery: If you get your pet cosmetic surgery because of your preference and not any medical reason, then the insurance plan will not cover it.

Pregnancy or breeding: If your pet is breeding, the insurance will not be responsible for the cost.

Avian flu or nuclear war: The insurance has it mentioned in their policy that they will not cover the cost in case your pet catches Avian flu, the treatment is completely on your wallet.

DNA cloning or testing: If you take your pet for DNA testing, they cost a lot of money. The insurance plan does not cover the cost of cloning procedures if the owner chooses to get it for their pet.

Embrace Pet Insurance plans

Embrace Pet Insurance is known to offer the best insurance plans that cover all the needs of pet owners. The first pet insurance policy they sold was in 2006, and since then they have been constantly updating their policies based on the feedback given by the pet owners.

Many pet owners prefer this insurance plan because of its good customer service and planned approach to deal with clients. They are fast enough to respond to the customers and members on time without any complications. Furthermore, they have the best insurance plans at an affordable price.

There are mainly two Embrace Pet Insurance plans:

Comprehensive insurance policy

The most popular and the most bought insurance plan of Embrace Pet Insurance is the comprehensive insurance policy. Just like the name suggests, this insurance plan is made comprehensive for every kind of pet. It is also known as the accident and illness policy because it covers the cost of any accident and illness medical condition that your pet might face in its lifetime.

The insurance plans give the option of adjusting the percentage for deductibles, yearly maximums, and reimbursement. It is more personalized than any other insurance plan can ever offer because it gives multiple policy benefits that a normal insurance company will never offer at an affordable price. It is simple yet convenient.

You can choose to buy this policy if your pet has a complicated medical condition as well. It can cover the cost of cancer treatments, diagnosis report costs, surgeries, behavior therapies, specialist care, prosthetic limbs and devices, and many other medical conditions that can be covered by this policy.

Accident-only policy

If you have a very healthy pet, you can choose to buy the accident-only policy that covers the cost of the medical bill of your injured pet. Embrace Pet Insurance accident-only policy helps you in paying for the expensive treatment for your pet in case of an accident only.

Note that this insurance policy is very specific because it will only cover the cost of an accident. So, if your pet is sick and needs medical attention, the insurance will not pay for the cost of it. You will have to pay it out of your own pocket. There are times when pets get into accidents while playing, and they need immediate medical attention and you are short on money. Then, the insurance plan gets you covered so you do not have any financial problems with the treatment of your pet.

The accident-only policy is really cheap so you can buy it if you think that your pet only needs coverage for accident injuries. Furthermore, it is the most basic insurance plan and simple as well.

The annual deductible for this insurance plan is $100. After which, it can cover the bill for veterinary treatment for up to $5000 per year.

Wellness program

This is not a plan but a program that you can buy for routine care of your pet with the. The two insurance plans mentioned above do not cover the cost of daily routine wellness. However, you can buy this policy at a certain reimbursement level for your pet to enjoy the wellness preventive services

This program is solely made to protect your pet, and prevent any medical complications. The wellness preventive reimburses the cost of vaccinations, wellness exams, grooming, training, microchipping, supplements for nutrition, diet control, massage therapy, gastropexy, OFA testing, and burial. The wellness policy is really helpful for pets because they need to live a better and healthy life.

You should know that this policy is different from the insurance plan, so even if you have an insurance plan you can buy this separately for the well-being of your pet. It is based on the reimbursement you pay, the higher you pay, the more services you can enjoy in the period of 12-months.

The wellness policy depends on your pet’s preferences as well. Whether they need frequent grooming, training, or vaccinations for their well-being, so you have to decide if you want to buy it or not.

Affordable pet insurance

The aim of a pet owner should be to buy affordable pet insurance for their pets. If you have many pets, you need to buy pet insurance for all of them. This can be costly for you, therefore, you have to look for pet insurance plans that are economical for you to manage every month on annually.

Furthermore, when you do not make enough money it is hard to manage an expensive insurance plan. You should look for affordable pet insurance that offers your pet the best treatment they might need.

In these conditions, Embrace Pet Insurance is the most affordable pet insurance policy that you can buy. It fits your financials well because the company gives you the option to adjust your percentage of reimbursement, deductibles, and annual maximums based on your salary and budget.

Embrace pet insurance waiting period

Every pet insurance company has waiting periods that pet owners have to follow. By waiting period, it means the restricted time period within which you can get the insurance coverage for the expenses of your pet at the beginning of your policy. When the designated waiting period is over, you have to pay all the bills in your own pocket.

It is important for the insuree to know about the waiting period before you sign the insurance contract because sometimes pet owners forget about the waiting period when getting treatment for their pets.

The waiting period for Embrace Pet Insurance is two days for the accident, and for illness, it is 14-days. The dogs can get a 6 month-long waiting period for orthopedic conditions, however, you have the option to reduce it to 14 days once you have completed the waiver process and orthopedic exam. If you do not complete the orthopedic exam on time, then your day of the waiting period will be reduced to the day your dog’s exam is.

How much does Embrace Pet Insurance cost?

The cost of buying Embrace Pet Insurance is based on the insurance plan you choose. Furthermore, there are certain criteria set by the insurance company that determines the cost of the insurance plan.

If you have a mixed breed dog who is a female and is one year old, then it will cost you a $24.16 premium, if you have a domestic shorthair breed cat who is a male and younger than a year then you have to pay around $11.65 premium. If you have a ragdoll cat who is three years old you have to pay $23.28. You have to pay more for older pets because they need frequent medical attention.

To add more, the cost of pet insurance may differ based on your geographical location. You cannot buy Embrace Pet Insurance for a lifetime because they do not offer such plans. You have to pay on a yearly basis so the cost may differ with time because of your pet’s medical condition.

Why you should choose Embrace Pet Insurance?

Embrace Pet Insurance is the third most popular pet insurance in the country, this gives you more reason to choose Embrace rather than other pet insurance companies. There are so many reasons to choose this insurance over any other.

Here are some reasons why you should choose Embrace Pet Insurance:

Economical price plans

The Embrace Pet Insurance plans are cheaper when compared to Healthy Paws or Trupanion. They have made plans that are economical for pet owners so that they can manage their budget well.

Furthermore, Embrace gives more benefits in the economical plan compared to other insurance companies that increase the facilities if you buy an expensive plan.

Annual limits

Every insurance plan has set a fixed annual limit that pet owners have to follow if they sign to them but not Embrace Pet Insurance. Embrace gives the option to the pet owner to pick a certain annual limit based on percentages of deductibles and coverage.

So if you choose a lower annual limit, then you will have to pay less premium, and if you want a higher annual limit, you can pay a premium based on it.

Waiting period

All insurance plans have the same waiting periods as Embrace Pet Insurance. So there is no need to compare because Embrace gives far more facilities compared to other insurance companies with the same waiting period.


If you have many pets who need pet insurance or serve in the military, then the pet owners get a special discount. This is only offered by Embrace and it benefits multiple pet owners a lot because they need to manage all the premium costs by themselves.


If you are looking for more benefits, Embrace Pet Insurance is the one for you. There are pet insurance companies that might not provide certain facilities if you buy a cheap premium insurance plan.

This insurance gives you benefits with choices regarding prices. They have set certain deductibles and limits for each benefit, but they still offer it, unlike others that entirely do not offer them. For example, Healthy Paws does not have dental expenses included in their plan except if the pet gets dental injury by accident, while Embrace has put a limit of $1000 per year to cover dental illness.

How to apply for Embrace Pet Insurance?

If you are interested in buying Embrace Pet Insurance, there are many options to apply for pet insurance. You can call their customer service or you can visit their website MyEmbrace to apply online.

There are agents who can help you in applying for pet insurance. They can elaborate on all the details about deductibles and coverage percentages. Furthermore, they will help you in deciding your own customized insurance plan that you can afford to pay on premium.


Buying insurance can be quite challenging when you have so many companies that provide options differently. One might provide you good benefits but is out of your budget, while another might give fewer benefits and is economical for you. Both of these conditions are not right because you should provide the best treatment at the price you can afford.

Embrace Pet Insurance gives all these options which makes it a perfect insurance company for any pet owner. They have made plans more personalized for each pet owner which makes them top picks for Best Pet Insurance in 2021.

If you are looking for pet insurance, you should consider buying Embrace Pet Insurance because it gives you the right facility and coverage cost that you would need for your pet. So, go apply for Embrace Pet Insurance today!

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