Epremium Insurance – Types Of Insurance Policies And Their Manifold Benefits

This article explains the renters insurance policies Epremium provides and their benefits and coverage limits to educate insurance seekers.

A comfortable space, free of worries, is essential for a peaceful life for everyone. A cozy place gives a feeling of ease and alleviation. People can leave all their tensions, concerns, and fears outside and be who they are. This place is usually home. Home is the ultimate cocoon of happiness in which a person finds solace. Thus, it is not wrong to say that the place he stays, lives his unforgettable moments, makes memories, and grows is undoubtedly essential in any person’s life. A comfortable space makes people happy, and happiness is the ultimate driving force that pushes a person to show his full potential in anything he gets involved in. Happiness also serves as motivation so that a person can be highly productive in his work.

Every person cannot afford a comfortable space or own the luxuries he wants in life. People have to get to this comfort level by working hard enough to afford the wishes one holds. Till then, they rent places and try to progress every day to reach their ultimate goals. The journey towards one’s own home is full of obstacles, sleepless nights, hard work, and difficulties. Staying on someone else’s property comes with its own risks. Paying for rent is already too expensive, and if, due to some reason, you lose your belongings, how are you going to afford it all? What happens if your building or your apartment catches fire? How are you going to cope with the expensive bills?

The answer is quite simple; with the help of a renters insurance program. Renters insurance policies and programs are available in all states of the United States. These policies and plans are for the convenience of the tenants in times of need. Your landlord’s insurance will probably cover the damage repair cost of the building, but it will not pay for your loss. Moreover, some landlords require their tenants to have renters insurance policies. This demand makes it a mandatory thing to carry.

A renters insurance policy can help with the repair or replacement of your belongings and property after loss due to many types of damage or theft. It can also provide coverage for an accident that took place at your residence. Policies usually have very affordable annual premiums. It is safe to say that anyone can easily afford to purchase this insurance program according to their budget and benefit from its coverage limits.

Several companies in the market provide renters insurance programs at different rates depending upon the coverage limits. Some companies operate in all states. However, some work in specific states. Among these companies is a worth-mentioning name called ePremium. ePremium insurance company has made a good market name in a brief period. This is why many clients consider its policy packages and benefit from them.

What is ePremium insurance?

ePremium is a renters insurance company that provides renters insurance programs and policies across all 50 states of the USA and Washington DC. This insurance agency is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has been operating since 2015. Today, the ePremium insurance agency has gained enough popularity in the insurance world. The insurance world is already highly competitive. All existing agencies and companies are improving their policy programs to attract more potential buyers. This fact provides enough choices for policy finders but makes it hard for companies to maintain a dominant market presence.

There is a wide range of benefits that the renter’s insurance programs provide to their holders. From damage coverage to all other types of financial coverage, these insurance programs have become the ultimate support system for tenants. Even if a person thinks he does not need an insurance program, he must consider possible hazards that he can face. If nothing happens, a person can save his monthly premium installations and collect a handsome amount. So there are no apparent drawbacks or disadvantages of purchasing renters insurance programs.

ePremium insurance is a company that mainly focuses on renters insurance and covers all essential aspects for any policyholder. Although in comparison to other companies, this insurance company has a premium pricing that is higher than many others. But, its plans provide extensive coverage to its purchases. For instance, the average pricing for an ePremium company ranges from $11 to $22. Several factors also affect the price rates. These factors include state of residence and other additional factors.

Without a renters’ insurance policy, a person is always at risk of bankruptcy. Sudden troubles can leave any person helpless. A renters insurance program can work as a blessing in distress. By covering all financial costs and damage related to a person’s belongings and possessions, this insurance program facilitates a person in dealing with the aftermath of every trouble. With the help of epremium insurance programs, tenants can stay on the safer side and be prepared for the unforeseen emergencies they are bound to face.

ePremium Renters Insurance Customer Reviews

Renter’s insurance is one of the most important things you can have to protect yourself, your belongings, and your home. That’s why we’ve collected customer reviews from some of the most popular renters insurance companies out there. Whether you’re looking for the best coverage or the best price, these reviews will help you make an informed decision about which company is right for you.

Insurer Complaint Index
Kemper 3.8
Spinnaker 0.61
Cypress Property and Casualty 27.33
Great American Insurance Group 0.14
QBE Insurance 1.06
Trisura Specialty Insurance Company 0

Pros And Cons of ePremium Renters Insurance

Here are pros and cons different below:

Pros Cons
  • Quick online application with no need to enter your personal info
  • Prorated refunds and no cancellation fees
  • Enhanced coverage for the policyholder ’s damage to the property
  • Guaranteed approval
  • Costlier than other policies
  • No bundling discounts
  • Not customizable

Why is renters insurance necessary?

Renters insurance policies and programs are mandatory for various reasons. This insurance program firstly provides financial stability and offers many other benefits as well. One always has to be extra careful when living on someone else’s property. Personal property and liability coverage are two of the significant benefits of a renters’ insurance plan. However, many other reasons for investing in such insurance policies include the following factors:

A means of backup plan

Insurance policies are dependable saviors that support a person in times of need. Similar is the case with renters insurance. This plan saves you in hours of need because when a building catches fire, or if a person has to deal with theft and loss, it is all a big bummer financially. Landlords do not provide coverage for damage or loss and require tenants to have renters insurance already so that if in the future, an emergency happens, the renter can deal with things himself.

The landlords or property owners can deal with building damage using their insurance policies, but they are not responsible for anything regarding their belongings. There is a common misconception that if a landlord holds an insurance policy, he will cover all the costly bills for damage repair and pay for damaged or lost items of the tenants. The insurance programs that landlords hold cover for damage to the building structure. If any of your electronic devices are lost, your property owner will not take responsibility for it. Hence, investing in renters insurance programs can alleviate financial problems.

A standard renters insurance policy includes liability coverage starting at $100,000, which can pay damages and legal expenses if you end up the cause behind damage to someone else’s property or if you injure someone at your property.

Your belongings may be worth more than you think

Whatever possessions people have, they have their importance in the everyday lives of people. If a person loses everything he once had in an unfortunate situation, only then can he understand the worth of it all. Staying without your belongings is a challenging task, and people usually only have to do it when they are forcefully compelled to do it. Living as a tenant is in itself very expensive. In addition to monthly rents, a person has to take care of electricity bills and whatnot. It all adds up to make a handsome amount that anyone pays for their comfortable space.

Damages to the building cannot only take your comfort away, but they can also leave you empty-handed. If need be, buying everything from scratch and finding a new place is nothing but a financial burden that many have to face. In such situations, people with renters insurance can seek the financial aid they need to cope with costly bills. Moreover, some insurance programs also cover temporary living expenses if a person’s home is under repair.

Similarly, buying dishes, electronic devices, clothes, and everything essential can cost many dollars. A renters insurance policy is the perfect solution to these issues as it allows people to relieve some stress and plan things for the future. Making a list of all your valuables should be the initial step people need to take before buying renters insurance. ePremium insurance company helps you find the most suitable insurance policy with appropriate coverage limits.

Manage after-disaster living

Most insurance companies also offer a service of “additional living expense.”  This coverage helps a policyholder with temporary living expenses after his building surfers extreme damage that it stays unlivable. When a building is repaired, insurance companies help their policyholders temporarily find a place to live with financial aid. These situations include fire or water drainage or any other situation that forces people to move out of their homes. This service also pays for meals or other mandatory expenses that are associated with living away from your own home.

But the question that appears here is how long does this coverage last? The duration for this financial aid varies from one insurance company to the other. ePremium insurance company provides its clients with suitable policies and additional living expense services. The average time to cover “use of loss” or “additional living expenses” is around 12 months. However, some companies have extended this duration up to 24 months.

But it all depends on your policy type and the coverage limits it carries. Regardless of which insurance company a person chooses for himself, looking at details such as premium rates and coverage along with the duration for “use of loss” can help find suitable programs.

Protect your financial status

One of the most beneficial key points of using renters insurance policies is financial stability. A person can rely on these plans to secure all his money and possessions. Paying for sudden and costly bills can prove highly burdensome. Renters insurance policies alleviate this pressure and provide all necessary aid to people. On top of finding a place to live, a person must deal with other cost-demanding situations if the existing home becomes unlivable. Renters insurance helps its holder stay safe and plan things ahead of time.

ePremium insurance is the ultimate solution to all your current problems as its renters’ insurance programs will protect you against all unexpected catastrophes and troubles, all through affordable monthly installments. Moreover, other situations where these programs can prove helpful include accidentally damaging someone else’s property. People can sue you and get lawful claims if you end up damaging anything that belongs to them. But if you have a renters insurance policy, you can easily deal with all legal costs and expensive court trips.

Belongings lost or damaged away from home

Another essential aspect with which this insurance plan helps its holder is covering the cost for damaged or stolen belongings that you add to your coverage list. For instance, suppose you feel like going to a nearby cafe to work on your laptop and enjoy a cup of coffee. But you end up losing your laptop because someone steals it. Who can cover your loss?

Your insurance company will cover all the belongings that you add up on your claim list even if it gets damaged off the property. The coverage can be partial or full depending upon your company’s policy settings. But the main thing is financial aid, even if it is partial. Your mobile phone is also a device for which you can ask for a claim, and the company has to pay according to coverage limits. ePremium insurance company provides a wide range of coverage to its policyholders and offers additional coverage that pays for a person’s belongings.

Affordable rates and packages

One of the biggest misconceptions people usually have is that renters insurance is costly. There are several affordable options for people to avail. A person can find multiple choices and gain benefits and necessary coverage limits he wants. The average cost of renters insurance programs and policies is $168 annually, and on a monthly basis, a person has to pay around $14. Another feature that can make a person eligible for discounts is the inclusion of more than one insurance program.

If a person carries more than one insurance policy, he can ask for a discount from his insurer. You may also be competent for discounts if your apartment has smoke detectors, burglar alarms, or other safety and security devices. This showcases the possibility of fewer claims, and insurance companies like to provide insurance programs to clients living in rather safe places. ePremium Insurance offers special discounts to its policyholders to renew their insurance programs after completion.


Personal property coverage
State Farm
$20,000 $192$ 188$ 206$ 101
$30,000$ 237$ 230$ 249$ 140
$10,000$ 171$ 137 N/A $60
$50,000$ 327$ 01$ 3335$ 177

What are the features that ePremium insurance offers to people?

Many factors make ePremium a client-deserving insurance agency. The need for insurance coverage is evident and strong. A person cannot save himself or his belongings when a fire appears, or someone breaks in and steals a person’s possession. This is why an insurance program is mandatory for future financial protection and stability. Certain features can increase premium rates or decrease them. These aspects, in the case of ePremium insurance, are as follows:

  • Claims and credit history of a person
  • Type of insurance coverage
  • Your policy deductibles
  • Your valuable possession and belongings

Which Endorsements are Available with ePremium Renters Insurance?

Coverage details
Bed bug remediation Covers the cost of treating a bed bug infestation. Included in many ePremium policies. $500 to $1,000
Water backup protection Covers damage due to malfunctioning pipes and drains. $5,000
Pet damage liability Covers the cost of damage done by your pet to your apartment unit, up to coverage limits. Included in many, but not all, ePremium policies. $500
Earthquake Only available in California, this add-on costs $99 and carries a $750 deductible. $5,000
Identity theft For about $12 per year, it pays for expenses incurred as a result of identity fraud. $5,000

Claims and credit history

Your insurance program history and claims utilization significantly influence the premiums you pay monthly and annually. Insurers scrutinize your track record with other insurance providers, taking into account both claims and credit scores. Individuals with a propensity for future claims are more likely to receive higher quotes and tailored programs, based on their credit history. Consider, for instance, a prospective renter seeking insurance coverage with a track record of multiple claims within a single year.

Such a history signals a higher likelihood of future claims, leading insurance companies to adjust premiums accordingly. Conversely, those with minimal claims history or new to insurance programs often enjoy more affordable rates. Records of claims for renters insurance typically remain on file for five to seven years. Should you transition to a different insurance program or provider, your history undergoes careful scrutiny, influencing premium rates and costs.

ePremium Insurance Company offers premium rates ranging from $11 to $22 per month, slightly pricier than competitors like State Farm and Lemonade. However, this disparity in cost does not imply inferior coverage or service quality. ePremium’s coverage limits align with their premium rates, ensuring policyholders receive adequate protection. Insurance companies evaluate claims history differently, with significant or costly claims leading to higher premiums. Conversely, a track record of less costly claims may result in more favorable premium rates.

Notably, lacking credit scores or a claims record can be disadvantageous. Even individuals with minimal or no claims history may exhibit a propensity for multiple claims. Consequently, insurers exercise caution and tailor rates accordingly to reflect each client’s unique circumstances and history.

Coverage choices and claims

A person can never foresee disturbing situations, nor can he evaluate the coverage he may require when in need. This is why the right thing to do before buying an insurance program is to make a list of everything essential that you possess. This factor can further help a person get an idea about which coverage suits his needs. The coverage amount you want basically affects the rate of your premium price. The two major components that every insurance policy covers are:

  • Personal property coverage.
  • Personal liability coverage.

Both these factors are mandatory in every insurance plan. The average insurance coverage for personal property coverage is $25,000, and for personal liability insurance, the policies cover up to $100,000. It all depends on the nature of coverage a person requires. Moreover, many companies also offer customization of insurance plans to include every feature a person wants and pay according to that only. Landlords can ask tenants for specific coverage, including a particular liability coverage baseline.

The more coverage a person wants, the more his premium rates. Increasing your liability coverage also increases a specific percentage in your annual premiums. According to a report of ValuePenguin.com, the yearly premium according to personal property and liability insurance are:

Personal property limit


Personal liability limit


Annual renters insurance premium


$15,000 $100,000 $124
$15,000 $300,000 $132
$25,000 $100,000 $153
$25,000 $300,000 $161
$50,000 $100,000 $224
$50,000 $300,000 $236


Depending on the above statistics, insurance coverage and premium rates depend on each other. The above table shows the change in annual premiums with respect to policy coverage and provides the average prices of insurance programs in New York that different companies offer. ePremium insurance plans help their clients in choosing effective coverage claims.

The deductible amount

Another key factor to affect the rates of monthly and annual premiums include the deductible amount. Deductibles are roughly the amount a person has to pay before compensation for any claim that his policy covers. In times of need, the amount that a person has to pay before the policy states working is the deductible amount. On average, a typical renters insurance program or policy has an amount between $500 to $1000 as the deductible amount. According to the coverage type, i.e., partial or complete, a person must pay the first amount himself. This amount is one type of threshold for insurance companies’ policy payments.

The higher premiums a person pays, the lower deductible rates he has to pay. Premium prices and deductible amounts have an inverse relation, and the other decreases on one’s increase. A deductible amount in a renters insurance policy is the amount your insurer will subtract from your claim bills before you start receiving coverage for your damage or loss.

Your possession and valuable belongings

The main aim of any renters insurance policy is to cover the financial loss that a person may face in difficult situations. It provides financial security and stability after losing all your belongings and valuable possessions. Your belongings, including your furniture, jewelry items, electronic devices, etc., are your valuable possessions.

Usually, all renters’ insurance policies help with all belongings, excluding high-worth items. In case of theft or sudden damage to a building or apartment, the policy covers things present in the coverage list of items. When a person purchases insurance programs, he can add everything he wants to include in his claim coverage.

ePremium insurance, with its extensive insurance policies, has managed to win the hearts of clients all over the USA. It also provides the inclusion of several endorsements, but the cost for premium rates also increases with changes in policy plans.

The most suitable way is to consider essential factors that, in any way, can impact the pay rates and then choose the most appropriate insurance package.


Average Cost of ePremium Renters Insurance

The average cost of ePremium renters insurance ranges from about $15 to $30 per month. However, the actual cost will vary depending on the coverage you choose and the location of your rental property. You may also be eligible for discounts if you have multiple policy discounts or are a member of certain organizations.

What is ePremium, exactly?

ePremium is a revolutionary new way to get insurance that is more affordable, more convenient, and more customizable than traditional insurance. With ePremium, you can choose the coverage you need and the price you’re willing to pay, all without having to go through a middleman. Plus, ePremium offers a variety of unique features that make it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a better way to get insurance.

How do I make my ePremium insurance payment?

You can make your ePremium insurance payment online, by phone, or through the mail. To make your payment online, simply log in to your account and click on the “Make a Payment” button. To pay by phone, call our customer service number at 1-800-555-1234 and to pay by mail, send your payment to:

ePremium Insurance

P.O. Box 12345

New York, NY 10001

what is msi renters insurance?

MSI Renters Insurance is a renter’s insurance policy that covers your personal belongings in the event of damage or theft. It also provides liability coverage in the event that someone is injured while on your property. MSI Renters Insurance is an affordable way to protect yourself and your belongings, and it’s easy to sign up for a policy. Contact MSI today to learn more about our renters insurance options.

How do I cancel my ePremium insurance policy?

If you need to cancel your ePremium insurance policy, you can do so by calling our customer service number at 1-800-555-1234. Our representatives will be happy to assist you in cancelling your policy and refunding any unused premium.


In today’s bustling insurance market, numerous companies vie for attention with unique offerings. Yet, amidst this landscape, ePremium Insurance shines with distinct features that set it apart. ePremium streamlines the insurance process, allowing clients to effortlessly access its programs online, saving valuable time.

Gone are the days of tedious manual applications and stressful interactions. At ePremium, exemplary customer service stands as its hallmark, guaranteeing acceptance for all applicants. With transparent coverage limits and premium rates provided upfront, clients can make informed decisions before purchasing a policy.

Exclusive to rental properties, ePremium caters specifically to renters and tenants, offering tailored policies brimming with advantages. Whether it’s swift online access or comprehensive coverage, ePremium Insurance stands ready to serve, ensuring peace of mind for those seeking reliable rental insurance solutions.

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