Farmers Insurance Claims Phone Number

When talking about car and home insurance, Farmers is a name that is bound to appear. Keep on reading to find out how you can file a claim with this company and how you can contact them.

Farmers is an insurance organization that offers auto, homeowners, life, business, and even pet insurance policies. The company has been providing insurance coverage since 1928, and you can insure everything from your daily driver to your prized antique vehicle with Farmers. If you have Farmers insurance and your house gets damaged, or you somehow get into a car accident, you can minimize the costs by filing an insurance claim. But how can you contact them? Let us continue with the article, to find out Farmers Insurance claims phone number.

Farmers auto insurance


You can get an insurance quote online with Farmer. You can even get it customized by calling an agent for personalized assistance. With Farmers, you will get the following types of coverage:

  • Accident Forgiveness: This option can be added to your policy. For every three years you go without an at-fault accident, Farmers will forgive one accident where you were to blame. This will prevent your premiums from going up.
  • Collision: In case you are the one at fault in an accident, your vehicle fixes will be covered by collision coverage. It pays for repairs after accidents with other vehicles, objects, and animals.
  • Comprehensive: Repairs to your vehicle that are caused by incidents other than accidents, for instance, storms or theft, are covered by comprehensive coverage.
  • Customized Equipment: If you add after-market equipment to your car, for example, speakers or custom wheels, the customized equipment option will pay for the cost to repair or replace those features. It is available on any vehicle with comprehensive or collision coverage.
  • Full Windshield and Glass: If you have this coverage, you will not have to pay out of pocket to replace your windshield or glass. It comes with a $0 deductible on glass repair and replacement.
  • Glass Deductible Buyback: This also insures glass repair and replacement, however, it comes with a $100 deductible.
  • Guaranteed Value: This coverage type is pretty popular among car collectors and antique vehicle owners. If your car is completely damaged, it pays you a defined, agreed-upon value for the loss.
  • Liability: Almost all states need liability insurance, which covers you when you are at fault in an accident. It covers damage and the cost of injury to others.
  • Loss of Use: This coverage pays a flat sum for transportation, while your car is being repaired. Through this you can pay for public transportation, car rentals, taxis, or ride-share services.
  • Medical Payments: Regardless of who is to be blamed in an accident, medical payments pay for medical care for you and your passengers.
  • New Car Replacement: This coverage type will cover the costs needed to replace your vehicle with a new one of the same make and model if your car is completely damaged within the first two model years and 24,000 miles.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): OEM coverage pays for the utilization of factory-original parts in repairs. It is provided to cars that are up to 10 years old.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Regardless of who is to be blamed in an accident, PIP covers the cost of your rehabilitation and lost wages after you have been in one.
  • Personal Umbrella: Having personal umbrella coverage means that you can have additional liability insurance above the limits of your auto policy. It assists in protecting your assets in case a lawsuit arises.
  • Spare Parts: This coverage is quite a popular option for car collectors. It pays up to $750 to replace spare parts you keep on hand.
  • Towing and Roadside Assistance: If your car is disabled, this provides 24/7 service. You can get help with towing, tire changes, or locksmith services.
  • Uninsured/Under-insured Motorist: Uninsured motorist coverage makes good of your losses in case you get in an accident with a motorist who does not have insurance. Under-insured motorist protection covers you if your accident partner does not have enough insurance. Both of these help cover the costs of any damages to your vehicle and any bodily injuries you or your passengers have endured.


Farmers’ has various discounts that can lower your insurance costs. Such as:

  • Signal Discount – If you download and use the Signal app, you will get a 5% discount. Moreover, you will get up to a 15% discount every time your policy renews, depending on your safe driving.
  • Good Student Discount – Students who keep up a good GPA are qualified for a premium discount.
  • Multiple Policy Discount – You can get multiple policies from Farmers’. So, bundling your car insurance with homeowners or renter’s insurance will help you save money.
  • Homeowners Discount – If you own a home, you can save up money on your car insurance.
  • Occupational Discount – Specific professions, such as doctors, dentists, nurses, teachers, police, and firefighters, are eligible for occupational discounts.
  • Safe Driver Discount – In order to reduce your premiums, you should maintain a safe driving record and stay accident free.
  • Multiple Vehicle Discount – If you insure two or more vehicles, you can be eligible for an additional discount.

Discounts can change from one state to another, so make sure that you get in touch with a Farmers’ agent to see which ones you are qualified for in your area.


Across most driver profiles, Farmers’ falls in the center as far as affordability is concerned. Car insurance quotes from Farmers were generally less expensive than quotes from Nationwide, however, it is more costly than quotes from GEICO and State Farm. In case you are picking between these four insurers, it is ideal to look for quotes to guarantee that you are getting the best rate, since they will give similar coverage choices.

Farmers could be a solid match for drivers with an at-fault accident on their record. If you compare various car insurance quotes for a 35-year-old driver, you will find that out of most insurance providers, Farmers raised rates the least after an at-fault accident. Yearly premiums from Farmers increased by 76% — way less than the 155% increment forced by GEICO or the 98% increment forced by State Farm, the two least expensive insurers overall.

On the off chance that your first concern is to get cheap rates, you will be in an ideal situation with GEICO or State Farm. These organizations reliably had lower rates than Farmers. For instance, State Farm quotes for a 21-year-old female driver were 40% less expensive than average, while GEICO quoted her rates to be around 17% less expensive than average. Rates from Farmers, on the other hand, were 20% more costly than average.

Regardless of whether you are hoping to take advantage of Farmers’ interesting discounts, like Signal or the Business/Professional Group discount, you are probably going to get the best rates by comparing quotes prior to committing yourself to one auto insurer.

Farmers home insurance


  • Your property: It will give you coverage against damage to your home if it is caused by a covered accident.
  • Your possessions: This will cover any damage, destruction and theft of possessions (subject to exclusions) anywhere in the world.
  • Liability: This coverage will pay in cases where you are legally responsible for someone else’s injury or for property damage caused by an accident.
  • Medical payments: This covers medical expenses related to injuries on the premises of your residence, regardless of who is at fault.
  • Additional living expenses: This is also known as “loss of use”. Moreover, this homeowners’ insurance coverage means that Farmers reimburses you for up to 2 years of living expenses if you cannot stay in your home due to a covered loss.


Farmers’ offers several mortgage holders’ insurance discounts, however its availability will rely upon your policy and the condition of your home, among other factors. While none of the discounts below are particularly special, their low obstructions to eligibility make them popular. For example, the new home discount offers a lenient 14-year period for policyholders to be qualified. The following list mentioned the various discounts and how you can get them:

  • Affinity discount: You should be part of a group that has partnered with Farmers Insurance, for example, an occupational group or professional association.
  • Bundle discounts: You can bundle another Farmers Insurance policy with a Farmers homeowners policy.
  • ePolicy: For this, you should enroll in ePolicy, Farmers’ paperless, electronic document delivery service.
  • UL Approved Roofing Materials: You will get this discount if your roof is made from asphalt or fiberglass materials that are considered to be impact-resistant by Underwriters Laboratories.
  • New home: You will be eligible for this discount if you are insuring a home that was built less than 14 years ago.
  • Protective devices: You will be eligible if your home has a fire alarm, security system and/or indoor fire sprinkler system.
  • Home safety: In order to qualify for this discount, you should own a home with windows, walls, a roof or a foundation fortified against natural disasters and that has automatic gas or water shutoffs.
  • Green certifications: You can qualify for this discount if your house is certified by Energy Star, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
  • Claim free: You are eligible for this discount if you stay claim-free for three years. In such cases, it will automatically be included on all policies.
  • Claim forgiveness: If you stay claim-free for five years and your premium does not go up after you make your first claim, this discount will automatically be included in all policies.
  • Declining deductible: If you get $50 toward your deductible for every year you maintain a policy with Farmers, this discount will automatically be included in all policies.
  • Connected home: If you have a smart home system that permits you to remotely monitor and control your home, you will be eligible for this discount.


Farmers’ offers higher-than-average home insurance rates across a few home insurance policy limits. For a home insurance policy with a $250,000 limit, Farmers offered a yearly rate that was higher than the average of other insurers mentioned in this article by $107. The difference between Farmers’ rate and the average rate reduced slightly to $105 for a policy limit of $350,000. Different insurers, like Allstate, State Farm and Travelers, all offered lower rates than Farmers. The insurance provider with the most reduced rates was Allstate.

How to file a claim with Farmers?

To file your claim online, you have to:

  • Visit the Farmers Insurance website
  • Select the Home Claims tab
  • Scroll down until you reach the end of the page
  • Click on the File a Claim button
  • Choose between the Login, Lookup by Policy Number, or Continue as a Guest options
  • Enter the required personal information
  • Answer questions about the accident
  • Add details about your insurance policy, package, and coverage
  • Submit the claim

How do I contact Farmers Insurance?

When it comes to Farmers’ you can easily get an insurance quote online. Nevertheless, in order to buy coverage, you will have to speak to a Farmers’ agent or representative. Usually, you can talk to an agent in person, over the phone, or through email. Customers have 24/7 access to the Farmers’ claims center, however, its general customer support is only available during certain hours. You can contact Farmers’ customer service by calling 888-327-6335 Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. CT. On Saturday and Sunday, the hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT.

Farmers policyholders may get in touch with the company for various reasons. Let us take a look at how to contact Farmers’ Insurance for coverage and customer service.

Farmers Insurance claims

As is the case with most insurers, your claim experience with Farmers will be based upon where you live. Despite the fact that Farmers is available in every state, it works through subsidiaries, such as 21st Century and Bristol West Insurance Group, in a few states. Most people ask what is the Farmers’ insurance claims phone number? If you need to file an insurance claim with Farmers, you can do that by calling 800-435-7764. Moreover, you can also file a claim through Farmers’ online portal.

To file a claim with Farmers, clients have various options:

  • Contact the Farmers Insurance claims department. The Farmers’ insurance claims phone number is the same for auto and home insurance: 1-800-435-7764.
  • Use the Farmers’ smartphone application. The Farmers’ mobile application permits you to begin the process of filing a claim.
  • File a claim online. To file a car, home or other insurance claim, log in to your Farmers Insurance account. If you are not a Farmers homeowners insurance customer, use the online “report a claim” website tool that does not need you to log in.
  • Directly talk to your agent. Your Farmers Insurance agent will know your policy best and can help you figure out your next steps.

Farmers Insurance customer service

If you are a member of the Farmers’ insurance customer community and have a customer service question, you can reach out to the care center at 1-888-327-6335. During the week, the office is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. CST, and during the weekend, it is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Moreover, auto, home and umbrella customers can log in to their Farmers account to send a message to the company.

Farmers Insurance claim STATUS

You can check the status of a claim or get help from a Farmers’ representative. Contact the representative via their customer service, as mentioned above.

Farmers Insurance claim time limit

The whole cycle of submitting a claim to Farmers and getting your check has various steps and circumstances in the center that affect the length of time it takes Farmers to settle a case. To start, you should acquire all of your proof – medical bills, mechanic’s estimate, compensation demand letter, eyewitness testimony, police report, photos of your injuries, photos of the harm to your vehicle, photos of the accident scene, and a lot more. This may take some time to collect; when it is all together, you can send it to Farmers, where a specialist will assess it.

How much time does it take Farmers to settle a case?

When the agent receives your package, the measure of time it takes Farmers to settle an accident claim will rely upon the amount of evaluation the specialist needs to do and how much negotiation there will be. It can take a couple of months or more than two years to determine the claim, particularly if the specialist is questioning all aspects of it.

How long does it take Farmers to settle a claim?

The significant thing to remember is the evaluation. The more injuries you have and the more sorts of compensation you are seeking after, the more consideration the insurance specialist should provide to each point. Further, he will then need to either make an offer or reject it, and you will actually want to negotiate for a more ideal arrangement. You may find that negotiating with a Farmers specialist will enormously increase the amount of time it takes for Farmers to settle a lawsuit, so it is smart to hire a skilled lawyer who can deal with the process for you. You might not have the time to commit to talking to insurance specialists, particularly in case you are injured, going through medical treatments, under the influence of medication, or then again if you need to get back to work.

How long does Farmers take to send a settlement check?

It takes Farmers 30 days to send a check, if they keep with the law. Notwithstanding, there are times when Farmers deliberately postpones sending anything and instead attempts to refuse payment altogether. During circumstances, it is beneficial to seek after a bad faith lawsuit against the organization. When the check has been sent, however, it may take a few weeks to get to you. On the off chance that you were represented by a lawyer, the check will go to his office, and he will then take his portion of the pay and give you another check that contains the rest, and your share.

How long does it take for Farmers Insurance to settle a claim if you are not injured?

In the event that you are not seeking an injury settlement with Farmers Insurance, but are rather simply looking to get compensated for harmed property and lost wages, your claim could be rushed along. This is on the grounds that numerous insurance specialists would like to invest their energy on claims that have larger values and could cost them more cash. For the most part, claims without physical injuries are worth very much less, and it is not as beneficial for the insurance specialist to negotiate a lesser deal or to dismiss the claim, particularly when the essential proof lies in a mechanic’s estimated cost and pay stubs from work exhibiting your lost income.

How long does it take Farmers Insurance to settle a claim?

Wondering how long Farmers Insurance takes to settle a claim? It’s a common concern when you’re eager to move forward from an accident and get the compensation you deserve. The timeline for settling a personal injury claim with Farmers Insurance can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of your case and the type of accident you experienced.

Typically, the process begins with your medical treatment, which may span a few months. Once your treatment is underway, a skilled attorney can swiftly gather the necessary documents and prepare a demand package within days to weeks, depending on the case’s intricacies. After submitting the demand package, you can expect a response from Farmers within thirty to ninety days. Sometimes, Farmers responds even sooner, so staying vigilant with your attorney is crucial.

Negotiations for a settlement can then take a few months, as both parties work to reach an agreement. Once a settlement is reached, Farmers will typically issue a check within two to six weeks. However, it’s essential to be prepared for the entire settlement process to take up to two years.

For more detailed information on the expected timeline for your personal injury claim with Farmers Insurance, don’t hesitate to reach out to a reputable law firm as soon as possible. They can provide personalized guidance and support throughout the process.

How does Farmers Insurance calculate pain and suffering?

There is no set formula by which Farmers will consistently calculate pain and suffering. Farmers Insurance utilizes the Colossus software to value cases which include pain and suffering awards in numerous cases. It regularly feels like little to nothing since they ordinarily review the doctor’s visit expenses down to less than their actual expense. Getting them to pay all the more regularly requires you to come up with documentation that will make Colossus value your pain and suffering higher. Having an accident lawyer who sees how Colossus functions can be advantageous to you in recording your pain and suffering.

Farmers: Overall review

Farmers’ best characteristic is its customer service, which converts into a quick claim procedure and possibly limited rates for clients. It has a solid inclusion network with more than 48,000 restrictive and free specialists and around 21,000 workers accessible across all 50 states, except for the District of Columbia. Client audits of Farmers by and large paint the organization’s employees in a positive light. So, policyholders are probably going to have a decent encounter while collaborating with the organization’s workers.

As far as cost is concerned, Farmers’ offers rates far higher than what significant contenders offer. For example, we found that Farmers’ rates for a 35-year-old driver with a perfect record were 67% more costly than what GEICO advertised. Essentially, home insurance rates from Farmers were 30% more costly than Allstate’s rates.

Notwithstanding, Farmers’ offers plenty of vehicle protection limits, which can assist with cutting yearly expenses down. Most prominently, clients who have auto and home insurance arrangements with Farmers will actually want to open a huge pack rebate, which makes the strategies impressively more reasonable. The certain measure of savings funds the pack discount offers relies upon your condition of home and strategy types. However, you ought to hope to save around 20%.

Auto insurance takeaway:

In case you are somebody who needs extraordinary customer service and coverage from a devoted local specialist, we suggest looking at quotes from Farmers and State Farm, as the two insurers offer these advantages. Farmers and State Farm specialists will work with you to discover discounts, figure out your coverage needs, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Home insurance takeaway:

Farmers offers its customers plenty of coverages for home insurance policies and joins its coverage alternatives with extraordinary customer service. Unless you are searching for the least expensive home protection rates, Farmers will be difficult to beat. The organization’s national reputation and amicable specialists make it one of the top suggested home insurance agencies.


What sets Farmers Insurance apart from other insurance providers is its glowing customer reviews and the ability to customize your insurance plan. However, opting for its superior customer service comes with a price: Auto and homeowners insurance rates run about 14% higher than the industry average. If you’re on the hunt for an insurance company that offers basic coverage at lower rates, you may want to explore other options better suited to your needs. Nevertheless, if you’re willing to invest a little extra for personalized coverage and a seamless claims process, Farmers remains an excellent choice.

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