Florida Medicaid Phone Number: When To Contact Medicaid For Health Insurance?

Every U.S. state provides Medicaid. You can contact the Florida Medicaid phone number from the Medicaid number lookup for health insurance in Florida.

We are always looking for opportunities to better our lifestyle by eating healthy, trying out new outfits, or buying new things. As we grow old, we become more and more focused on giving ourselves the best quality of life. But what’s the point of bettering lifestyles if health is not taken care of?

Health insurance is a smart way of living and maintaining health. Many might believe that it is a waste of money, but it’s the opposite. Health insurance allows an individual to live a happy life without any worries.

Health insurance companies exist everywhere around the world. Medicaid is a program that is only offered to U.S citizens. This program facilitates people in buying health insurance. Every state has its own Medicaid program. For example, if you live in Florida, then you can contact the Florida Medicaid phone number for health insurance.

Medicaid is complicated yet simple. One has to be aware of the basics to be able to apply for the right Medicaid.

Before you call on the Florida Medicaid phone number, you must be well-informed about Medicaid. It will save not only time but also the effort of deciding which one is best for you.

Here is everything you need to know about Medicaid before you contact the Florida Medicaid phone number:

Health insurance definition

Health insurance is a type of insurance that facilitates individuals or families with health benefits for a certain amount of payment on a monthly basis. It is a clever way to save up money and prevent financial loss.

Health insurance is basically a contract signed between an individual and an insurance company. The individual has to pay a certain amount on a monthly basis and follow the policies specified in the contract. It began as a health benefit for employees. Soon, it expanded to individuals and families. Now, almost every individual has health insurance.

Dozens of insurance companies offer various health benefits for the well-being of the insured person. There are two sectors in health insurance: public and private, that have separate policies. Private insurance companies are expensive but provide the best quality medical benefits in the city. Public insurance companies are managed by federal and state health administrations. Public insurance follows the guidelines by law.

In the U.S, there are insurance programs in which both private and public insurance companies are included, Medicaid being one of them. These health programs are designed to make healthcare accessible for all citizens.

Why health insurance?

You might ask yourself, why health insurance? There are tons of valid answers for that. As mentioned before, health insurance was only made for employees for the sake of their well-being and to cover for any medical injuries. Health insurance proved to be highly effective in saving up and managing income budgets for individuals. Later, the insurance companies offered health insurance to facilitate families and individuals.

Health insurance is essential because not everyone can afford medical expenses and healthcare facilities. You need to have a good amount of money to be able to afford the healthcare expenses. Health insurance gives this facility, which is why people choose to buy health insurance as soon as they get employed.

What does health insurance cover?

Health insurance aims to provide the best facilities of healthcare to its members. They cover most expenses that are hard to afford. These benefits are divided into plans designed by insurance companies to facilitate specific treatments or services.

Health insurance covers all the medical costs based on the plan put forward by experts and medical professionals. These include:

– Medical checkups

– Surgeries, minor or major

– Laboratory and other diagnostic tests

– Preventive and wellness services

– Dental checkups

– Pediatric services

– Accident or sudden injury bills

– Mental health checkup

– Rehabilitation facilities

– Prescription drugs

– Vision test

Other services are specific to certain conditions provided by the insurance companies.

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a public health insurance program provided by the U.S federal and state government to the citizens. This program is designed for lower-income individuals who cannot afford to buy health insurance.

Medicaid program was established in 1965 by the President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson, in the Social Security Act. This program was specifically made for people who cannot afford healthcare, namely low-income families. Now, it is a well-established program with millions of recipients. The government administers the program to follow specific policies passed by law.

This program is one of the largest funding programs in healthcare in the U.S. Every individual or federal state has Medicaid centers for its citizens. You can contact the Florida Medicaid phone number to buy insurance as a resident of Florida. Similarly, you can buy Medicaid if you live in Mississippi as well.

What does Medicaid cover?

The Medicaid program by the U.S. federal government gives medical benefits to the citizens based on the plan they choose. Although every Medicaid state has different specifications, some of them are common among all. It does not cover individuals personally; instead, it pays for certain medical expenses like custodial care, checkup bills, etc.

The Medicaid program is different from basic health insurance plans because it gives benefits. Medicaid benefits include inpatient and outpatient hospital services, laboratory and x-ray services, physician services, and home health services.

There are Voluntary Medicaid benefits as well, which include prescription drugs, physical therapy, case management, and occupational therapy; Medicaid also covers emergency transportation and treatment.

What is not covered?

Medicaid is a public health program. There are certain limitations of coverage set by the federal and state governments where the program will not pay for the cost. The services that Medicaid does not cover are:

– cosmetic surgery

– Chiropractic services

– Personal items

– Men’s infertility treatment

The individual has the choice to go for these services, but Medicaid will not cover the cost.

You can contact the Florida Medicaid phone number to know other services that are not covered by Florida Medicaid.

Medicaid health insurance plans

The Medicaid health insurance program is made for the convenience of the citizens. It mostly facilitates lower-income families, pregnant women, disabled people, children, and old-aged people.

Medicaid health insurance plans are specific to the states. Each state has its own Medicaid, so the insurance plans are also differently offered by the states. You can call the Florida Medicaid phone number to know plans in Florida Medicaid.

To find the Medicaid of your state, search through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Put in your details, and the website will direct you to your state’s Medicaid program website to apply.

Types of Medicaid Services

As Medicaid provides facilities to a diverse population, every individual or group of individuals has separate needs. Medicaid services are not limited to basic medical costs but also to long-term services like chronic disease or cancer.

Types of Medicaid services are detailed as follows:

Home & Community Based Services

Medicaid members are given the facility to enjoy the home & community-based services. This is given to old or disabled people who need extra care at home. Instead of visiting the hospitals physically, Medicaid provides services at home.

If you have a family member who is mentally ill or needs assistance because of old age, then Medicaid will provide services at home; once you have registered them to the program.

Medicaid has experienced and licensed caretakers who work under the program to help individuals who are in need of home & community-based services.

Behavioral Health Services

Medicaid, the primary provider of mental health services in the U.S., extends essential support to individuals diagnosed with behavioral mental health disorders, particularly those grappling with substance use disorders. This assistance is pivotal in combating both social stigma and the financial strain associated with untreated conditions, fostering a more accessible path to treatment.

Under the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, American citizens facing mental health challenges linked to substance abuse or behavioral disorders are actively encouraged to pursue treatment through Medicaid. The program encompasses a comprehensive array of benefits, including service utilization, care management tools, copays, coinsurance, and annual limits, ensuring holistic support for individuals in need.

Medicaid’s coverage of Behavioral Health Services mirrors its approach to surgical and medical conditions, emphasizing inclusivity and equity in healthcare provision. By aligning with Medicaid, individuals can access a broad spectrum of services vital for their well-being, fostering a community where mental health support is both available and affordable.

Autism Services

Autism services by Medicaid are provided to children and individuals who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The statistics by the insurance program show that autistic individuals need extra care because they suffer from social, behavioral, and communication challenges.

If a person has Autism, Medicaid provides the required services to take care of the person.

Aged, blind, and disabled (ABD)

Medicaid provides the best services to the aged, blind, and disabled people. They have the top network of hospitals that are known for their services. This type of Medicaid service is only provided for people who are Medicaid members.

People who fall under ABD need special medical services that can be costly for an average-income worker. Medicaid’s aim is to provide low-income individuals with maximum benefits.

Aged people who are over 65 years old are eligible for this program. They provide nursing facility services and other medical services that are required. Many states differ in terms of providing specific services. You can call on Florida Medicaid phone number to know the ABD program by Florida Medicaid.

If you have someone who falls under the eligibility of ABD, it is important to enroll them in Medicaid for the benefits. This will save the cost of medical bills and take away worries about health.

Children’s health insurance program (CHIP)

Children’s health insurance program (CHIP) is a type of Medicaid service that is focused on providing medical services to children younger than 17 years old.

The Children’s health insurance program (CHIP) covers all the benefits that a child might need. They need to fall under certain eligibility that ranges from state to state. This program is designed for children whose parents cannot afford medical treatment due to low income.

The federal and state government consider children’s health very essential as they are the future generation of the country. To better the standard of living and ensure that children grow up in a healthy environment, Medicaid provides medical services through CHIP.

What is Florida Medicaid?

Florida Medicaid is a branch of the Medicaid program provided by the federal and state government to the residents of Florida. It provides healthcare services to members of Medicaid who live in Florida.

Florida Medicaid is specific to individuals and families belonging to the low-income category. It aims to improve the standard of living for poor people who are unable to afford healthcare expenses on their own.

Agency for Health Care Administration

Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) is a health department in Florida that manages Medicaid. The Medicaid program is known as the Statewide Medicaid Managed Care (SMMC) program in Florida. They are responsible for handling Medicaid affairs.

The Medicaid members are given health benefits. They have three types of programs:

  • Long-Term Care (LTC) program: facilitates services for a nursing care facility or other home-based services.
  • Managed Medical Assistance (MMA) program: provides medical services like preventive and wellness care, prescribed drugs, mental health care, etc.
  • Dental Program: dental treatment for children and adults.

Every program is specific to the medical services so that you can choose among the programs based on the medical needs.

Florida Medicaid Eligibility

Florida Medicaid is specific to Florida citizens who need financial help with medical bills. The eligibility criteria to enroll in Medicaid have been specified by the state government based on the policies.

Anyone who falls under the eligibility criteria can register for Medicaid and enjoy the benefits to the fullest. Those who do not fulfill the criteria can choose to get health insurance from other insurance programs or buy from private insurance companies.

The eligibility criteria for Florida Medicaid is:


Income is the essential part of a person; it determines whether you can apply for Medicaid or not. You can call on Florida Medicaid phone number to know the income limit set by the state for Medicaid applicants.

The people who are eligible for Medicaid should fall under the category of low-income earners. According to the federal government, the low-income earners should at least be 133% of the FPL for children, and for adults, it should be less than or equal to 133% of the FPL. Anyone who falls under this limit can be enrolled for Medicaid without any issues.


If you or any of your family members are clinically diagnosed as disabled, then Medicaid is eligible for them. Medicaid prioritizes the well-being of disabled people.

To know more about disabled benefits by Medicaid, you can contact the Florida Medicaid phone number.


Age matters a lot because Medicaid only provides services to people who fall under a  certain age group. If you or your family member falls under that age, they can individually apply for Florida Medicaid.

A person who is 65 years old or older than that is eligible to enroll in Medicaid.

Family size

The family size is very important to be eligible for the Medicaid program. Usually, Florida Medicaid provides facilities to families of 8 people.

For an individual, the annual income should fall under $17,131 to be eligible for Medicaid. If you are a family of 5 people, then the annual household income should fall under $41,284.

To know the specific amount of annual household income eligibility for your family, you can check on the website or call on Florida Medicaid phone number.

Florida Medicaid providers

Florida Medicaid providers are those physicians and medical professionals who are registered under Medicaid. They provide services to the patients who are enrolled in Medicaid. These providers are highly qualified and well-known in the industry.

These providers are trained by Medicaid to follow the policies set by the state and the federal government of the United States.

You can find Florida Medicaid providers through their website or call on the Florida Medicaid phone number to talk to the Choice Counselor at 1-877-711-3662, who can direct you to an official provider near you.

Medicaid number lookup

Medicaid has a wide range of agencies and departments around the U.S. Every state has its own policies with federal laws to facilitate its citizens.

Medicaid service providers collect data from the residents of a certain state to specify the requirements. Therefore, it is important that you contact the right Medicaid office to enroll.

You can call on Florida Medicaid phone number to get Medicaid if you are a resident of Florida.

Here are some states Medicaid phone number lookup that you can contact for general inquiries:

– Florida: 1-877-711-3662

– New York: 1-800-541-2831

– California: (800) 541-5555

– Alabama: 1-334-242-5000

– New Jersey: 1-800-356-1561

– Texas: 800-925-9126

– Georgia: 877-423-4746

– Indiana: 800-457-4584

For specific inquiries, you can visit each certain state’s website.

Florida Medicaid phone number to change plan

You can call the Florida Medicaid phone number to change the plan. Medicaid provides its members the facility to contact for changing plans if it doesn’t suit their medical requirements, although this is specific case-by-case situations. If you want to know whether you can change the plans or not, you can call the Florida Medicaid phone number.

However, you should be aware of the timings. For Florida Medicaid, the office timings are Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m, and on Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Florida Medicaid phone number is 1-877-711-3662, TDD 1-866-467-4970.

How to apply for Medicaid?

Medicaid is a federal and state joint program that provides health insurance to U.S citizens. If you are eligible, you can apply for Medicaid through various means provided by Medicaid.

Here’s how you can apply for Medicaid:

Visit agency

Medicaid agencies are spread throughout the states in the country. You can visit any of these agencies to apply for Medicaid. It is advised to visit the agency that is nearest to your house or office so that you can easily walk in whenever you want to.

Agencies consist of experts who advise you and introduce you to various plans and programs offered by Medicaid. You can pick the plans that you think suit your medical requirements.

Apply online

Applying online is convenient because you save yourself the time and physical effort of visiting the agency. Online applications are accepted in almost all states. If you are applying from Florida, you can also fill out the form for Contact Us to know the details about Medicaid.

Enrolling yourself online for Medicaid is very easy. You just need to open the state’s official Medicaid website and click on apply. Fill out all the details and upload soft copies of required documents if asked, then submit it.

Medicaid will review your application and contact you accordingly.

Phone call

Medicaid provides high-quality customer service to Medicaid members and outsiders. Each state has its own work hours, so make sure you check the website before calling.

If you live in Florida, you can contact the Florida Medicaid phone number to get the details about applying. By calling, you will clear your concerns and have an idea of which plan you want to choose for yourself.

Final words

Every individual, whether young or old, needs health insurance. Don’t compromise your health to save money. Make health insurance a part of your budget because your physical and mental well-being matters.

Now that you’ve read the article, you understand all the details about Medicaid. If you meet the eligibility criteria, enroll in the program. For Florida citizens, reach out to the Florida Medicaid phone number for specific details.

So, what’s holding you back? Get your Medicaid today!

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