Health Insurance Blood Test What Are They Looking For?

A complete guide to help you understand health insurance blood test what are they looking for.

Submitting an application for health insurance is just the first step into life insurance. The insurer then requires your medical exam in order to make sure that you do not have any serious health problems or diseases. In order to ensure that you are medically fit the insurer makes you undergo a health insurance blood test.This article will help you clear all your queries related to health insurance blood test what are they looking for.

The medical exam is done to check if you are at risk for any diseases, and also to determine your drug use. The exam may involve a physical, blood test, urine test and EKG, as well as detailed questions about your medical history.
Medical exams are standard for most term and permanent life insurance policies, and provided for free by the insurer, as it gives them the opportunity to confirm your health details.

What’s involved in a life insurance medical exam?

Your agent or the testing company approaches you once the application gets reviewed to schedule an exam. The tests are quite simple and can take place anywhere; at your home, your work or a local exam center. Just note that you’ll be asked to fast for the 8 to 12 hours preceding a medical exam, so it is recommended to schedule yours in the morning.
A standard life insurance physical consists of a driver’s license check (to confirm your identity), a health insurance blood test, urine sample, measurement of your height, weight, pulse and blood pressure, EKG (usually only required for seniors or if you want a large death benefit) and series of health questions (including the list of physicians you’ve seen recently and confirming the information in your application).

Life insurance medical exam blood test is just a small portion of the whole process which usually takes less than 30 minutes. The only exception is if you’re asked for an EKG, in which case the exam might take an additional 15 to 20 minutes. Some insurers may also ask for a saliva sample or X-rays, but these are relatively rare.

How to pass life insurance medical exam?

Preparation of how to pass life insurance medical exam starts during the application process. You should be prepared to honestly answer all questions about your health, lifestyle and medical history over the past 5 years as insurers will try to confirm all the answers you provide, so any inconsistencies later on may result in a denied coverage.
A few days before the health insurance blood test,you should eat healthy foods and drink a healthy amount of water. Specifically, you should eat more food that raises your good cholesterol (such as avocado, nuts and salmon) and reduce your intake of fried or sugary food which can raise your blood glucose or blood pressure. Drinking more water helps to clear chemicals out of your system, open your veins and, on the day of your exam, prepares you to give a urine sample.
Make sure that you answer all your questions honestly and with a fresh mind. Make sure that you do not slouch as it could negatively impact your weight to height ratio. Make sure that you fast yourself before the health insurance blood test for the required hours and drink plenty of water for a clear urine sample.

Stop the intake of caffeine via coffee, tea, energy drinks, etc. at least 2 days before the exam. Soft drinks can boost up your blood sugar level so keep yourself away from them to successfully implement your knowledge on how to pass life insurance medical exam
Health insurance blood test is hence done so that your overall health can be properly tested and you can be charged the right amount for your life insurance policy.It tests your blood pressure. High cholesterol levels, high glucose levels as well for traces of drugs like nicotine, tobacco or any other drug.

Tips to pass life insurance drug test

In order to pass life insurance drug test it is important to understand what the test is based on, the factors that can either help you clear the test or serve as a hindrance to your life insurance.
If you are a drug addict but want to pass the life insurance exam then you need to work hard for the drug test that is a part of the health insurance blood test. Breaking the sad news to you, giving up on drugs just a couple of days before the life insurance exam is not going to help. If you are planning to take the health insurance blood test a week or two from now then this is the right time to go easy on your drug intake. You wouldn’t want your life insurance blood test alcohol show up in the reports, would you?
As a matter of fact, alcohol stays in your bloodstream for about 12 hours and can show up in your urine test for up to 3-5 days.
Moreover to pass a health insurance blood test you need to first understand all that you’re being tested on. Just like knowing the topics can help you clear an exam, understanding what will qualify you for life insurance will motivate you to work for it.
Blood pressure under 130/80, cholesterol of 220 with an HDL ratio of 4.5 or less, a “normal” BMI of 18.5 to 24.9.with no detection of nicotine, tobacco or drug use along with no detection of diabetes, cancer or any other major illnesses is basically what they are looking for in a qualifying health insurance blood test to charge a candidate with the right amount for life insurance policy.


Now you exactly know what you lack for the life insurance medical exam blood test and what your strengths are.
Moreover, to qualify for health insurance you need to level up your health and start working on it right now! Exercise, take morning walks or jogs, eat healthy, fix your sleep cycle, say goodbye to drugs and sugary foods and feed yourself with a generous amount of water everyday because doing all of this will help you pass a life insurance exam.
Now you will not get confused wondering what is health insurance blood test what are they looking for.

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