High-Risk Insurance: The Ultimate Guide

High-risk insurance is an important element when it comes to car insurance. Keep on reading to learn about it in more detail.

Let’s face it, a few cars and drivers today are basically bound to get into accidents more than others. What’s more, is that the way that they are high risk is reflected in their car insurance premiums. Your driving record will decide whether you need high-risk vehicle insurance. For instance, on the off chance that you have been indicted for driving under the influence (DUI) of medications or liquor or have numerous infringement like speeding tickets, you might be viewed as a high-risk driver, requiring extraordinary high-risk auto insurance. Recent history is the main factor. Accidents or tickets over the most recent one  year will count more than an occurrence from five years ago. So what is high-risk insurance? Find out the answer to all your queries.

What is high-risk insurance called?

High-risk insurance (also referred to in the business as non-standard auto insurance) is the inclusion you need to purchase when an insurance organization rules that you are more at risk of getting into an accident and documenting a claim than the normal driver. Easy, isn’t that so? There are loads of reasons an insurance organization would believe a driver to be high-risk. Some of those reasons, you can control, but not others. What’s more, is that there are likewise insurance organizations that will not insure high-risk drivers by any stretch of the imagination, which means having an insurance pro in your corner is really significant on the off chance that you fall into this category.

What Is a High-Risk Driver?

Some stuff is out of your control — for instance your age or the fact that you have not possessed a vehicle in some time since you have been living in a major city. You can be “Citizen of the Month” with a perfect record, and those things can in any case factor in. In any case, there are different things you can control. Here are some basic kinds of drivers, insurance organizations consider to be high-risk:

Teenage Drivers

At the point when you turn 16 and get your driver’s permit, you have automatically taken up higher risk than an accomplished grown-up driver. Yet, there are a few things young drivers can do to really bring down premiums — like getting good grades in school, not get any traffic tickets, and avoiding accidents. In the event that you keep a spotless driving record, your premiums will steadily go down until you are 25 years of age. In case you are the parent of a teenager driver, including them in your insurance is one approach to get a good deal on their insurance — except if they wreck the family minivan and cause your expenses to go up.

First-Time Drivers

Let us be honest: If you live in Manhattan, simply having a parking spot can cost as much as rent in other different urban areas, and you can take the subway to go anyplace. On the off chance that that is the situation, there simply is no valid reason to own a vehicle. Also, in the event that you have never possessed a vehicle, what is the point of getting a license? In any case, in the event that you move to the suburbs, it is an ideal opportunity to begin driving. In case you are a grown-up beyond 25 years old, and you just got your permit, insurance organizations will view you as high-risk. This normally happens in light of the fact that a driver has lived in a major city and never required a vehicle.

Drivers 65 and Older

We would rather not break it to you but if you can be “too young” to ever be viewed as low risk, you can likewise be “too old.” While your insurance charges progressively go down as you pass the age of 25, they start going up again once you hit 65. Tragically, drivers 65 and older represented 6,784 traffic fatalities in 2017. That is 18% of all the traffic fatalities that year. Insurance organizations take a look at these details to decide risk components, and it is difficult to contend with numbers that way.

Drivers With Lapsed Coverage

Let us suppose you moved to the big city and do not require a car any longer. Or then again you went to college, and your parents would not allow you to take the car. There could also be a possibility that you do not want to purchase car insurance. There could be heaps of actual reasons why you did not keep your car insurance (aside from the final one). In any case, since you need it once more, you may find your premiums to be higher than you recollect since you have not been covered in some time. Try not to worry. The more you drive without getting into any accidents and keep yourself out of traffic court, in the long run your premiums will descend!

Drivers With Poor Credit or No Credit

This might sound strange and probably even stupid, however we need to say it: If you end up without a FICO score, you may have higher premiums. In case you are without any debts, do not do something imbecilic like pursue a lot of credit cards just to get yourself a FICO score. It does not utter a word about your finance other than that you love debt. You end up paying a bazillion dollar in interest to a few hundred bucks on car insurance. Try not to trade one rendition of inept for the other. Furthermore, sadly, in the event that you have terrible credit, insurance organizations will count that as a detriment to you and think of you as a greater risk to insure than somebody with great credit.

Drivers With Moving Violations

Speeding was a factor in 26% of all traffic fatalities in 2017. That’s 9,717 individuals who passed away due to car crashes since somebody was going really quick. In this way, it is nothing unexpected that getting tickets for speeding can influence the amount you pay for insurance. Also, on the off chance that you get an excessive number of tickets, an insurance organization will stick you in the high-risk classification. In the event that you get an excessive number of tickets for speeding or other moving infringement (like running traffic signals) in a five-year time frame, your insurance organization will get the message that you are in a precarious situation. So they will raise your rates. For your own sake and your insurance expenses, slow down and be cautious out there!

Drivers With DUI or DWI Convictions

Driving under the influence is an awful and perilous activity. There could be no other way to say it. You could even kill somebody. You could commit suicide. It is just not good. Get a designated driver, call a taxi, or utilize a ride-sharing application to return home. Notwithstanding all that, getting a DUI is the quickest method to get marked as a high-risk driver. Also, insurance organizations can go back 5  to 10 years (much farther back in certain states) to check for DUI’s on your record. In case you are sentenced for drunk driving, you will need to get a SR-22 certificate from your insurance organization that says you meet the minimum financial obligation necessities to get the insurance inclusion legally necessary. Your insurance organization needs to document the SR-22 before you can restore your driver’s license, and a few states will expect you to convey a SR-22 for a long time. In California, you need to convey a SR-22 for 10 years after a first offense. In Alaska, it is five years after a first DUI conviction, and it increments with every offense after that. After the fourth conviction in Alaska, you need to carry the SR-22 forever.

Drivers With Other Serious Violations

Offenses like road rage episodes, hit-and-run accidents, and unreasonable speeding (typically characterized as going over 20 miles over as far as possible) will all get you downgraded to the high-risk classification quicker than a cat with its tail ablaze. Driving can be stressful, so give your best effort to relax during your drive. The manner in which you drive can make your charges go through the rooftop and cause you considerably more pressure when you plunk down to do your budget. So relax out there and return home safely.

What is the best insurance company for high-risk drivers?

Best For Minimum Coverage: The General

The General markets itself as an organization that will give car insurance approaches to everybody, including high-risk drivers. Indeed, The General is something that the business calls a non-standard auto insurance carrier, implying that it is an organization that has some expertise in covering high-risk drivers. The General offers inclusion in 25 states, you should confirm your state is one of them.


  • Claims process is simple through smartphone app
  • Various unique discounts
  • Coverage for even the highest-risk drivers


  • Low liability coverage
  • Not BBB accredited


Since The General just gives vehicle insurance, you can’t bundle different insurance strategies and save up on cash. Notwithstanding, The General gives some other incredible discounts, including:

  • Good Student: To qualify students should give documentation that they at present have in any event a “B” as an average grade
  • Double Deductible: It basically duplicates the deductible for comprehensive and collision coverage for the initial 45 days of an arrangement — in this way lowering your premium
  • Paid in Full: Is given to clients who pay a whole year’s premium rather than regularly scheduled payments
  • Previous Insurance: Is for the individuals who swap to The General directly from another provider

Digital Experience

The General permits clients the option to deal with everything from the quote process to recording claims either on the web, by means of the application, or via telephone. Indeed, clients can even make changes to policies in a flash through the online portal. Both The General’s site and smartphone application, additionally have built-in chat features that give you instant admittance to a live customer assistance delegate. Likewise, with the application’s Easy Claims feature, you can begin a claim and right away upload photographs all from your mobile phone. This can essentially simplify and accelerate the process — which results in less wait time, and tedious to and fro with a claim’s agent.

Other Insurance Offerings

Given its emphasis on low cost, minimum inclusion alternatives for high-risk drivers, The General does not offer any uncommon inclusion choices for clients as some other insurance organizations do. In any case, it offers Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance arrangements through accomplice organizations. Additionally, it is critical to take note of that while The General meets the state least prerequisites for each of the 25 states it serves, the organization does not offer high dollar sum policies.

Customer Satisfaction

As indicated by The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), The General has a client complaint ratio of 1.03 — somewhat more than the 1.00 industry median. Essentially this implies that the NAIC sees that The General gets a standard number of complaints dependent on its general size.

Best For Drivers Needing An SR-22: Dairyland

In numerous states, drivers with DUIs, significant infringement, or a background marked by uninsured driving, need a particular evidence of insurance document called a SR-22. Nonetheless, not all insurance agencies will protect high-risk drivers, and not all insurance agencies offer SR-22 documentation. On the off chance that your driving history necessitates that you file a SR-22 with the Department of Motor Vehicles, you can fit the bill for a Dairyland vehicle protection plan rapidly through its site and get the necessary SR-22 documentation you need to get back on the road.


  • Highly competitive rates for high-risk drivers
  • Freedom to choose your own body shop
  • Claims service available 24/7 online or via phone


  • Late payments can result in loss of coverage
  • No local agents
  • Client complaints with the claims process


Surprisingly, Dairyland actually offers various different discounts to its clients. These discounts include:

  • Transfer Discount
  • Advanced Quote
  • Anti-Theft
  • Multi-Car
  • Quarterly/Yearly Payment Plan
  • Defensive Driving

Digital Experience

Like most other insurance organizations, Dairyland currently offers numerous services through its site or smartphone application. Potential clients can get quotes on the web, and current clients can utilize the online portal to get to account data, make installments, or pull up ID cards online. The application permits clients to get to account data and cover bills directly from their phones. Shockingly, Dairyland necessitates that clients document all cases via phone — you can’t do it through the online portal or through the smartphone application. Also, clients can’t make changes to their coverage without directly calling Dairyland.

Other Insurance Offerings

Dairyland has extremely restricted insurance offerings in contrast with bigger, more all-around carriers like GEICO. While Dairyland carries the entirety of the car insurance inclusion you might actually need — and motorbike insurance as well — that is pretty much all it offers. No homeowners or life insurance.

Customer Satisfaction

Consumer satisfaction in the states where Dairyland is accessible appears to be steady with other non-standard insurance suppliers. Indeed, Dairyland Insurance keeps an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Most objections about Dairyland Insurance on individual survey sites either include billing issues or moderate cases preparing. Nonetheless, numerous clients said they were dazzled with how simple and quick Dairyland made getting a policy and a SR-22, which is significant for high-risk drivers who need inclusion rapidly.

Best Rates After a DUI: State Farm

It is nothing unexpected that most insurance organizations significantly raise rates after a driver gets a DUI. This is likely on the grounds that National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports show that alcoholic driving-related accidents kill almost 30 individuals each day. Some insurance organizations almost double the rates post-DUI, yet State Farm is more tolerant. Truth be told, on normal State Farm has the cheapest rates for drivers with DUIs.


  • Lowest rates for DUI drivers
  • Provides homeowners & other policies
  • Offers Drive Safe & Save discount plan


  • Pressure to work through a local agent
  • Not BBB accredited


With regards to limits, State Farm offers heaps of choices for safe drivers, safe vehicles, and client loyalty. These discounts can net you anywhere in the range of 5% and 25% in savings. One of State Farm’s greatest discount alternatives is the Drive Safe and Save plan, which utilizes a smartphone application to follow your driving propensities. While you get a discount only for joining, the more you drive securely (stay away from unexpected stops, do not go over a specific speed, and so on), the more savings you pile up (the application gives you input on how you are doing). At last you can set aside upto 30% on your monthly premiums.

Digital Experience

Like most other insurance organizations out there, you would now be able to deal with your car insurance account through the State Farm web portal, or through the organization’s smartphone application. Through these online choices, clients can get to account data whenever, request for roadside assistance, or even document a case in case of a car crash. Above all, the application presently permits you to speak with your State Farm agent at any time and any place.

Other Insurance Offerings

State Farm can become one-stop shopping for the entirety of your insurance needs. Notwithstanding conventional car insurance, State Farm offers inclusion for different kinds of vehicles, for example, motorbikes, rough terrain vehicles, and boats. State Farm likewise offers a wide cluster of different kinds of insurance, including renters and homeowners policies, life insurance, supplemental medical approaches, and even disability insurance alternatives.

Customer Satisfaction

State Farm stands apart from numerous other high-risk insurance carriers because of their organization of local service specialists who “like a good neighbor” are effective and easy to get in touch with. Also, J.D. Force gave State Farm a ranking of 6th out of 24 insurance organizations in its 2020 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study.

Best Rates After a Traffic Violation: GEICO

In spite of the fact that it ordinarily takes a few traffic infringement or accidents to mark you as “high-risk,” numerous drivers experience rate increments after they are found at-fault for only one car crash, or a few traffic tickets — increases which can make it difficult for these drivers to keep up their car insurance. Notwithstanding, GEICO offers serious rates in any event, for drivers with speeding tickets or accidents on their record.


  • Exceptional discount offerings
  • The best mobile app experience
  • High customer service ratings


  • Limited network of agents
  • No GAP coverage
  • Homeowners and other policies are underwritten by partner companies


One of GEICO’s qualities is the wide assortment of discount alternatives it offers. Truth be told, it not just offers discounts dependent on your vehicle’s safety features, yet in addition offers discounts dependent on your driving propensities and loyalty to the organization. Furthermore, GEICO partners with countless enterprises and associations to give extraordinary discounts to individuals from those associations.

Digital Experience

GEICO is on the front line with regards to the computerized experience it offers to clients. When you select a GEICO insurance strategy, you can oversee it and make changes all day, everyday either through the online client portal or smartphone application. Likewise, you can record claims or check forthcoming cases, view and print insurance ID cards, demand roadside assistance, or even view vehicle data on account of GEICO’s partnership with CARFAX. Also, unlike some other insurance providers on thislist , GEICO is viable with your Amazon Echo, Google Home, and smartphone voice commands — so you can deal with your policy or connect with an agent without making the slightest effort.

Other Insurance Offerings

GEICO offers the absolute most comprehensive vehicle insurance in the country, yet it likewise offers a wide exhibit of other insurance items to clients too. Truth be told, GEICO gives policies to different vehicles like motorbikes, off-road vehicles, RVs, and boats. GEICO additionally offers homeowners and renters insurance, and then some. Despite the fact that a portion of these are offered through partners, you can in any case package these policies and get GEICO’s amazing multi-policy discount.

Customer Satisfaction

GEICO reliably gets remarkable evaluations from both, clients and industry specialists. The organization not just keeps an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, yet J.D. Force reliably positions GEICO high for customer loyalty also. Client awards incorporate GEICO’s low rates no matter how you look at it, readiness to insure high-risk drivers, and remarkable digital insight.

Best Rates for Drivers with Poor Credit: Direct Auto

In all honesty, a low FICO rating can likewise affect your insurance expenses and, sometimes, your capacity to try and get vehicle insurance. Notwithstanding, Direct Auto vows to work close by you by giving moderate vehicle insurance while you work on improving your FICO rating.


  • Offers flexible payment options for drivers on a tight budget
  • Can provide SR-22 to drivers who need it
  • Offers high-risk auto insurance even to drivers with bad credit


  • Only available in 12 states


Direct Auto might not have similar standing as organizations like GEICO or State Farm, however that does not make their discount choices any less captivating. Indeed, Direct Auto proposes around twelve discounts that drivers can fit the bill for and as a result, save 25% or more! The two most remarkable discounts through Direct Auto are their Military Discount (which offers 25% off to all active service individuals) and their Multi-Car Discount of 25% for covering at least two vehicles with Direct Auto. The organization likewise offers discounts to seniors, safe drivers, the individuals who switch to Direct Auto from other organizations, homeowners, low-mileage drivers, and more.

Digital Experience

Albeit Direct Auto does not offer a smartphone application, it offers a genuinely comprehensive site. On the site, clients can study inclusion options, discounts, claims techniques, and installment choices. Moreover, Direct Auto clients can sign in to their account through the customer portal and take care of their bills, print ID cards, or reference policy data.

Other Insurance Offerings

Direct Auto chiefly centers around giving reasonable vehicle insurance to high-risk drivers. In any case, the organization offers motorcycle insurance, Mexico Auto Insurance, and commercial auto policies, along with personal car insurance. Besides, Direct Auto offers term life insurance and accident clinical cost strategies — and clients who choose to add these extra policies can save money on their car insurance.

Customer Satisfaction

Direct Auto is an auxiliary of the National General Insurance Company, which keeps an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. In any case, National General Insurance holds a high complaint index with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and an enormous number of complaints through the BBB.

Who has the cheapest insurance for high-risk drivers?

Albeit a couple of significant insurance organizations, like Geico and Progressive, do acknowledge some high-risk drivers, others like Safe Auto and The General have considerable experience in dealing with them. Contingent upon the risk factor being referred to, any of these organizations could offer the cheapest vehicle insurance rates. Specific organizations and brokers like Good2Go and Freeway Insurance likewise give nonstandard insurance. Brokers charge an extra expense that they are normally needed to reveal. In the event that you utilize one, inquire as to whether there are any extra charges excluded from your car insurance quote.

How much more is high-risk auto insurance?

High-risk drivers are probably going to pay more than $565 each year. This is the average national expense for minimum coverage car insurance as indicated by NerdWallet’s rate examination. Yet, car insurance rates at each risk level differ broadly relying upon your age, driving history, area, and other different variables, similar to the sort of inclusion you purchase. For example, “full coverage” car insurance can cost more than double of what you would pay for minimum coverage. Full coverage alludes to a mix of various car insurance inclusions, including higher risk limits, comprehensive, and collision insurance.

How to avoid high car insurance rates?

A few factors that insurers see as risky, like age, are beyond your ability to do anything about. Others, such as owning a luxury car, may not be things you need to change. All in all, here are a few different ways to escape the high-risk insurance classification (and lower your rates) as quickly as time permits:

  • Find ways to improve your credit. Drivers with poor credit and a perfect driving record can pay nearly as much for car insurance as a driver with a DUI, as per NerdWallet’s 2021 rate examination.
  • Drive securely. You can even take a driver safety course and acquire discounts from certain organizations after completion.
  • Shop for better insurance rates three years and five years after a traffic offense conviction.
  • Try not to allow your car insurance to slip by. Drivers with a gap in inclusion are marked high-risk, regardless of whether they possess a vehicle or not. Non-owner car insurance can assist you in avoiding being marked as a high-risk driver.


Albeit high-risk drivers frequently struggle to find a good car insurance policy, there are organizations out there who will offer you inclusion at competitive rates regardless of whether your driving history is unreasonably extraordinary or not. These organizations fall essentially into two kinds: non-standard auto insurance carriers, who work in inclusion for high-risk drivers, and more general providers who do not segregate among drivers in broadening their competitive rates and discounts. For high-risk drivers, it is not just imperative to track down the best rates and meet their state’s necessary accident protection inclusion, but on the other hand it is critical to ensure they get all they require from an insurance organization, similar to a SR-22 or other documentation expected to authenticate they are insurable.

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