How Much Do Braces Cost Without Insurance?

Healthcare in the United States could be costly, and a single doctor visit can cost you unexpectedly. Health insurance offers reduced costs of medical treatment, and some insurance plans provide dental coverage.

Braces are devices that help to fix your bite or straighten your teeth. Mostly the youth go to orthodontists as they are specialized dentists for tooth and jaw alignment, and their jaws are still growing. The price varies significantly depending on overall oral health, difficult dental situation, types of braces, how long you need them, and your vicinity.

Most insurance companies do not cover the braces cost for adults, but some of the expenses for children. It isn’t easy to estimate the cost of braces per month as it would depend on the duration of treatment, duration of the payment plan, and type of braces.

It is most recommended to consider the cost, insurance benefits, and possible Medicaid or Medicare benefits while looking to get treatment with braces and before selecting a treatment plan.

It is a treatment that can transform one’s smile and confidence with dental health improvement. To figure out affordable braces, one must understand their options as braces are not cheap but still, there are some ways to afford this treatment even without dental insurance.

The average cost for braces without insurance

The price of braces can vary significantly depending on various factors but usually falls in the range of $3,000 to $10,000.

Cost factors depend on where you live as orthodontists in the rural area are less expensive, whether the teeth need to be moved, you need braces that are less noticeable than traditional braces.

There is no “standard cost” for braces.

In terms of braces, there is no fixed price as several factors will affect the cost.

  • The nature of the problem needs to be addressed
  • Duration of the treatment to correct the problem
  • Types of the braces
  • Oral health before and during treatment
  • Dental health coverage
  • Health insurance benefits and other savings plans
  • Affordable financing plans
  • Your location

Types of braces

Prices of the braces vary, and some are more expensive than others.

Standard metal braces

Generally, standard braces are the least expensive but the most noticeable as they use metal brackets and wire to realign the teeth over months or years. For such braces, it is expected to pay about $3,000 to $7,500.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces resemble standard metal braces, but the brackets are transparent or tooth-colored to make them less noticeable. Such braces are slightly more expensive than traditional braces, and the price ranges from $2,000 to $8,500.

Invisalign braces

Invisalign is a time of transparent and clear braces made from a plastic blend and fits over your teeth. It is usually a custom pair made by orthodontists by taking a mold of your bite. This type of braces will put pressure against certain parts of your teeth to move them into an ideal position over time.

Such braces can be easily removed for eating and brushing the teeth, but one can not remove metal or ceramic braces. In addition, these braces are slightly more expensive than traditional braces, and the price usually falls between $3,000 to $7,000.

Lingual braces

It has the same function as traditional braces, but they are attached to the backside instead of the front side of the teeth. However, lingual braces are almost invisible, but they could be the most expensive type of braces. The price of such braces could fall between $5,000 to $13,000.

Why are braces so expensive?

Like many medical and dental treatments, braces are costly because the procedure is prolonged due to tooth movement. To get the best results from orthodontic treatment, there is a need to apply light pressure on the tooth over a long span of time to complete a process. Usually, lengthy visits and extended professional care will drive the cost of treatment higher.

The average treatment for traditional metal braces is approximately two years. One has to visit your dentist or orthodontist every four to six weeks for adjustments, and each visit costs more your braces treatment when necessary. Pricing varies from patient to patient, and numerous factors are involved in the cost.

Braces are an investment but significantly improve oral dental health, sense of well-being, and confidence. It has substantial benefits that last a lifetime with significant consequences. It comes with more smiles and better oral health by straightening your smile and improving the functionality of the bite.

Smiling can improve various aspects of daily life; in addition, and can resolve many everyday life oral health problems, such as

  • Bone loss
  • Tooth decay and loss
  • of a Prematurely aged appearance
  • Gum related problems
  • Painful bite
  • Chewing problems
  • Jaw pain
  • Speech impediment
  • Afraid of smiling

How much do braces cost with insurance?

Most dental insurance plans do not cover braces and orthodontics benefits for adults. However, some insurance providers offer add-on orthodontics with full or partial health coverage. If the health insurance covers the costs, they will cover braces if they are medically necessary.

Dental insurances partially cover the cost of braces for children under 18, but if the braces are direly necessary on medical terms. The insurance usually covers the cost of traditional metal braces. If the insurer provides cover of 50 percent of the cost of basic braces but does not cover other types of braces, the subscriber will end up paying like this:

Types of braces Before insurance After insurance
Metal $3,000 – $7,000 $1,500 – $3,750
Ceramic $2,000 – $8,500 $1,000 – $4,750
Invisalign $3,000 – $7,000 $1,500 – $3,500
Lingual $5,000 – $13,000 $3,500 – $9,250

Medicaid coverage

To know whether Medicaid covers the braces, dig deeper as coverage varies from state to state, and minimum standards are set at the federal level. Especially for the children, all states usually cover

  • Teeth restoration
  • Medically necessary orthodontics services
  • Dental treatment for infections

Some states provide braces coverage for adults to treat any medical condition. Check your state coverage carefully to get the utmost benefits from your insurance policy.

How much do braces cost for kids?

The parents need to determine whether their children need orthodontic care and mostly want the production process with lower braces costs. Many factors contribute to the cost of orthodontics, including chosen braces, child teeth health, child’s dental hygiene, and financing plan.

One can choose a course of treatment that reduces the price and a financial plan that will make the cost easier to bear. According to the American Dental Association, should give braces to children between 8 to 14. Usually, braces are less expensive for children as they do not need to wear braces as long as adults have to. Braces get more expensive the longer you wear them.

Preparing the child’s teeth for braces

Before getting braces, one must decide what is best for them, how long they will need braces, and the treatment cost. Some children need handful preparations for braces like creating enough room in a child’s mouth or teeth coming in straight. Such preparatory measures will add to the total treatment cost when a child is needed to straighten their teeth.

Tooth extraction

Create a There is a need for teeth extraction to space for the teeth to get them in a straight position. Although tooth extraction is a routine process, it will require additional visits.

Palatal expander

A palatal expander expands the jaw to create more room for room to come in straight. As the jaw is flexible in children, it’s pretty easier to attain the results at a young age. Still, this process will take three to six months.

Tooth decay treatment

If the child is going through any damaged teeth, tooth decay, or other dental health problems, they must fix them for effective results. Depending on the damage, it will also require one or a few dental visits, or you need medication.

Process for getting braces

Some children need to wear braces for a year, and others will need more time. The braces will help arrange your kid’s teeth; their bite will determine how long they should wear braces. Generally, children are supposed to wear braces for 18 to 24 months.

The cost of the braces will depend on the process of applying braces and how it will work, and the expectations. The applying process for each type of braces will vary slightly. In the first appointment with the doctor, they will determine the cost. Furthermore, in the next appointment, if no interventions are needed, they will implant braces.

As the braces are fitted, there is just a need to realign the child’s teeth for the next few months. You have to visit the doctor every four to six weeks to tighten the braces.

Dental hygiene

A child’s dental hygiene will impact how much braces will cost, as maintaining hygiene with braces is harder for kids. Nonetheless, children with good dental hygiene and who clean their teeth carefully will benefit more during braces tenure.

The less careful children regarding dental hygiene will require different treatment as there would be a need to prevent gum disease, infection, and tooth decay. Whereas wearing braces longer will incur more costs.

Here are some tips to help your kids keep their teeth healthier and more robust, and clean teeth before and even while wearing braces.

  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Floss carefully with dental floss or water flosser
  • Avoid sugary candies and carbohydrates drinks
  • See the dentists regularly
  • While wearing Invisalign, remove the trays and brush

Dental visits cost

The number of visits will depend on the child’s teeth and braces, and the cost will depend on the dentist and insurance. However, the cost of the stay is considerable if anyone is paying without dental insurance. To get an idea of braces cost, get an estimate of how many visits your child will require and the price of each visit.


The costs of dental or orthodontic offices will be higher in bigger cities and busier areas. Therefore, applying braces from any rural area will cost less.

The complexity of teeth

If the arrangement of the child’s teeth is complex or he suffers from tooth decay or dental problems, dental visits will cost more due to complex interventions.


Before applying the braces, you need to take your child to see a specialist or oral surgeon, which can be more expensive.


If the child requires antibiotics as a medication to treat tooth infection or to make the braces process more accessible, it will also add costs to the overall expense.

Other financial considerations during braces cost for kids

Insurance and FSA

An insurance plan is one of the most essential and considerable factors when calculating braces costs. Dental insurance can cover up to $3,500 for the child’s orthodontic care. The deductible amount, copays, maximum coverage, and type of care will significantly impact the cost of braces.

A flexible saving account (FSA) can cover up to $2,250. Go through your insurance policy and FSA specifics and fully understand them before selecting your orthodontic specialist.

Here are some considerations to consider when figuring out the budget for braces and how much braces cost for kids.

  • Double-check the dental insurance as your dentist or orthodontist accepts it, or it will help reduce braces’ costs.
  • Confirm the insurance details as it is essential to budget for copays and deductibles and get assurance about maximum coverage limits and all aspects of the insurance policy.
  • Look for the payment plans that will make it easier to budget the braces by reducing the interest on the amount you pay an average cost of braces per month.
  • Ask your dentists about payment plans and compare interest rates with your insurance policy.
  • Research well about medical loans from many banks and credit unions to cover medical costs of dental care. Please take a close look at the interest and details of the loan to determine whether it is the right option for you.
  • Dig deeper into your budget costs and then plan to get care accordingly.

Find a discount program

Discount programs will allow consumers to pay for dental services at a fixed or reduced monthly rate. Seek out the best available options to avail of any discount program.

Payment plans

The right payment plan can make the cost of braces manage well. As paying more upfront will reduce the overall cost, paying the total amount is not feasible for many. Seek out the available payment plans from your orthodontics for a reasonable estimate of payments. It would be a wise decision to understand the cost of your finances and expenses while choosing braces for your kids.

How much do braces cost for adults?

The essential question orthodontics face is how much braces cost for adults? Braces are no more only for kids; it is quite popular among adults. There are various factors to consider when it comes to orthodontic treatment.

Adult braces cost slightly more than kid’s braces; as an adult, your jaw is fully formed, and teeth do not move quickly, so it will take longer to fix the bite and enhance the expenses.

Reasons to get braces as adults.

There are several reasons adults get braces, and they did not get them as a kid.

  • Not everyone can treat the problem when they are young because they have even worse issues like crooked or crowded teeth, Overbites, underbite, crossbite, or incorrect jaw position.
  • Now it has become significantly essential to get the braces to correct the problem as now will not pay attention, it will lead to tooth decay, gum disease, headaches, and issues like chewing and speaking.
  • Usually, parents could not afford orthodontics treatments when they were kids, but now they are older but financially independent to afford braces.
  • As getting age, adults become more self-conscious and want to make their smiles better and more beautiful.

The difference in adult and kid’s braces treatment

The most significant difference is that adult braces are that orthodontic treatment can take longer for adults. Children’s teeth are easily moveable during braces treatment and adults need a little longer to receive the desired results.

Adult braces cost

Orthodontic treatment for adults may cost from $2,500 to $7,000 without dental insurance, but it will depend on the type of braces you get. Here are some types of braces and their corresponding prices.

Types of braces Corresponding prices
Invisalign $2500 – $7000
Traditional metal $2500 – $6500
Ceramic $2800 – $7000
Gold $2800- $7000
Lingual $7000 – $11000

How can one pay for adult braces treatment?

Everyone wants to get their dream smile, and they can plan things according to their budget.

Dental Insurance

Suppose the dental insurance plan covers braces’ complete or partial cost, depending on the insurance policy terms. Usually, dental procedures will not pay for orthodontic treatment for people over 18 years old.

Flexible spending account (FSA)

If any individual has a flexible spending account (FSA) or health care savings (HSA) account, they can use it to pay for braces expenditures.

Choose a low-cost option.

For affordable braces, one should not opt for the lingual brackets. Check out for reasonable costs with cheaper materials that will reduce the expenditures.

Find a dental school clinic

Before visiting any orthodontic practice, better to find a dental school nearby; students in dental school are needed to practice supervised treatment as part of orthodontic education. Such programs come with reduced fees, or one needs to pay the cost of equipment and materials.

Take quotations from different orthodontics.

Orthodontic treatments will vary depending on your location and reputation, so visit different orthodontics to find affordable prices with exceptional treatment.

Financial plans

One must work on a payment schedule, so one must not pay for the entire treatment in full and even offer affordable and average cost of braces per month.

Explore dental assistance programs

Many states offer dental assistance programs for low-income families to provide them with the dental treatment they need but can not afford. Generally, not-for-profit organizations can assist with the cost, or the clinics run by medical and dental volunteers to cover the cost under extraordinary circumstances.

How much do braces cost for teens?

Braces are not just appliances; they involve checkups and monthly adjustments and the severity of bites in kids. One key factor in determining the cost of braces and the type of braces that suits most.

Traditional metal braces will cost you almost $5,000 without insurance and $3,000 with insurance for teens. Generally, insurance companies cover an average of $1,000 to $2,000 for orthodontic treatment.

Different types of braces for teens

There are some standard braces that dentists may use to correct the bite, and it will answer “how much are braces for a 13-year-old”?

Traditional metal braces

These braces are the most common type of braces, as the majority opt for that. The least expensive type consists of a metal bracket that one needs to hold in place by a wire. Although the contemporary metal brackets are smaller and less noticeable, this brace comes with very obvious appearances. The average cost for traditional metal braces varies from $3,000 to $7,000.

Ceramic or tooth-colored braces

Ceramic braces are less noticeable due to their tooth-colored appearances, although they have the same size and shape as traditional metal braces. Ceramic braces tend to work faster in terms of alignment, and the average cost for this is $4,000 – $8,000.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces consist of metal brackets and wires like traditional braces, but these are cemented at the back of the teeth. Such braces are invisible, and oral hygiene could be complicated; these require more monthly adjustments. The average cost for the lingual braces is $8,000 to $10,000.

Invisalign braces

These Invisalign braces are clear aligners and are recommended for mild cases of teeth misalignment. It is an invisible option and is usually custom-made to perfectly fit over kids’ teeth. It is the most comfortable option but needs to be replaced after a few weeks.

What is the cheapest amount for braces?

The cheapest amount for braces is typically around $3,000. However, the cost of braces can vary depending on the severity of your case and the type of braces you choose. In some cases, insurance may cover a portion of the cost of braces.

How do you get braces when you can’t afford them?

There are a few ways to get braces when you can’t afford them. One way is to look into dental financing options. There are many companies that offer dental financing, and they can help you make the payments for your braces over time. Another way to get braces when you can’t afford them is to see if your insurance will cover them or not.


Traditional metal braces are typically the least costly option, and the lingual braces cost the most. The orthodontics treatment cost comes with braces and maintenance and adjustment appointments expenses.

Usually, the insurance coverage plans cover part or all parts of the costs for children’s braces. Still, if there are other procedures involved like cleaning or cavity filling, it will increase treatment costs.

While knowing how much braces cost without insurance, prices vary based on various factors, including age, location, type of braces, duration of treatment, the expertise of the chosen orthodontist, and how far teeth need to be moved. But usually, you can expect to pay between $3,000 to $10,000, but prices can fall outside the range.

One can save money on associated expenses with braces by buying orthodontic insurance that covers braces, or one can get coverage from a dental school. In addition, start the braces treatment early to avoid more significant problems later, use flexible spending accounts, and work on payment plans.

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