How Much Does A Dental Bridge Cost With Insurance?

Find out the cost of a dental bridge with insurance in this article.

It is common knowledge that a visit to the dentist can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most of the time, it is not easy to afford such high prices. This is where health insurance comes in. Read this article to find out the cost of a dental bridge with insurance and find out what you can do to get a bridge. Remember to always put your dental health and oral hygiene first.

Regardless of whether you need a tooth extraction because of rot, you’ve harmed a tooth unrecoverable because of injury or mishap, or periodontal sickness has harmed it, you should close the opening it leaves. Leaving a gap in the mouth can make the rest of the teeth and bone move significantly. After some time, a missing tooth can even change the state of your face whenever left untreated. While an embed is commonly viewed as the most ideal alternative for supplanting a tooth, the cost can be steep. A dental extension might be a decent subsequent choice, and a few sorts might be favored over an embed for more younger mouths that are as of yet developing and moving.

Dental extensions are utilized to fill the hole that is made by at least one missing teeth. A dental scaffold is made of at least two crowns for those regular teeth that are on either side of a hole and these tying down teeth are designated “projection teeth”. The bogus teeth that are in the middle of these projection teeth are designated “pontics”. These pontics can be produced using various materials, for example, porcelain, gold, amalgams either independently or in a mix. Regular teeth or inserts offer help to the dental scaffolds.

Dental extensions are getting well known in the United States as individuals are looking to get dental reclamations for a superior, more brilliant grin. Each patient who is searching for a dental scaffold treatment needs to know the most significant point and that is the expense of the reclamation. Thus, here is a point by point diagram of the expense of dental scaffolds.

If you are thinking about the costs of a dental bridge with insurance, then you have come to the right place. We have gathered all relevant information for you to help you learn more about everything that you need to know. So, what are you waiting for? Let us jump right in!

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is an artificial tooth used to close the gap that is left behind after an individual loses a tooth or it is extracted from the jaw. A dental bridge just replaces the crown, which is the obvious part of the tooth over the gum line. A few scaffolds supplant only one tooth, while others supplant a few. Your dental specialist will utilize concrete or dental bonds to connect the extension to the teeth on either side of the hole, mooring it in place. Dental extensions/bridges can be made to look exceptionally common. Therefore, after one look, nobody will be able to figure out or point to the fact that you have a missing tooth that has been replaced with a bridge. In the event that you care for your dental extension appropriately, it can last for almost fifteen years or more, permitting you to talk and eat easily.

How many teeth can a bridge cover?

dental bridge
dental bridge

Dental bridges may cover numerous teeth. Dental specialists allude to a scaffold that replaces one tooth by crowning a tooth on either side as a three tooth or three-unit connect. This is a possibly befuddling term for patients in light of the fact that just a single tooth is supplanted, however when dental specialists are conversing with one another this is the wording they use.

It is normal for a scaffold to supplant 2, 3, 4 or considerably more teeth as long as there are sufficient teeth to associate with crowns. Likewise, implants can be deliberately positioned to be utilized to supplant teeth, either as unsupported teeth, or as help for a scaffold utilizing both natural teeth and inserts.

The need to supplant front teeth is really self-evident. Most patients would prefer not to be found in broad daylight with missing front teeth. Back teeth ought to be supplanted too. On the off chance that teeth are not supplanted, the encompassing teeth will float around and the patient’s chomp will continuously change. The patient may end up with jaw joint (TMJ temporomandibular joint) issues due to the moving teeth. Replacing teeth with a dental bridge is suggested, however it is understandable that numerous patients need to think about a treatment like this over a specific time for reasons such as affordability and high expenses.

A dental specialist may recommend extensions to supplant a patient’s missing teeth, however, no patient is pressured into having missing teeth supplanted by alarming them about all the awful things that might occur if they do not get a dental bridge. You must remember that any bad thing that is to happen to your tooth will gradually take place over a couple of years. A few families must have orthodontics accomplished for adolescents before extensive dental consideration should be possible for the guardians and which is quite common and understandable.

Factors affecting the cost of dental bridges

The cost of a dental bridge depends on different factors such as:

Materials used

There are some cutting-edge materials, for example, porcelain or zirconia that are more exorbitant than different kinds of materials. Since these serious materials are a lot strong and regular looking, the greater part of the patients pick them to upgrade their dental wellbeing and grins.

The manufacturing process

Ordinarily, dental bridges are manufactured in dental labs. However, a few dental specialists offer same-day assembling of scaffolds in their centers. The cost of dental extension is a smidgen more in this subsequent choice since rebuilding efforts in a solitary day arrangement requires modern and advanced digital innovation.

Complexity in placing and fixing dental bridges

The expenses are greater for all those dental extension techniques that are long, tedious, and highly developed. For example, the expense of an implant-supported bridge is higher than the expense of a conventional crown-supported bridge.

Extra treatments

Now and then, there is a need to perform different treatments while putting in an extension. These extra techniques are excluded from the dental extension cost.

The years of experience your dentist has

Dental specialists, who are experienced and mainstream for their abilities and regular looking outcomes, normally charge more than the different less-experienced dental specialists. In like manner, if a dental specialist works with an unmistakable embed pro or ceramist, the person in question may charge a greater expense. Nonetheless, numerous patients are quick to pay a little higher expense to guarantee the most positive outcomes.

Geographic location

Like different things, dental consideration likewise costs more in different territories of the nation. For instance, the expense of remedial treatment is high for those patients who are living in major metropolitan centers.

How much does an oral bridge cost?

Dental scaffolds are a moderate tooth substitution alternative. The expense of dental extensions differs, and with protection the expenses lessen altogether, yet most patients pay somewhere in the range of $300 and $1,000 for a scaffold to supplant a solitary tooth. You’ll pay more for an all-porcelain connect than for a metal or porcelain-combined extension. On the off chance that you need a cantilever connect or your dental specialist needs to accomplish broad work on your outstanding teeth so as to help the scaffold, your expenses might be higher. Quest for a “dental specialist close to me,” to discover more explicit quotes. Some protection arrangements spread the expense of dental scaffolds, while others think of them as corrective in nature and expect patients to pay using cash on hand.

Types of dental bridges and what each type costs?

There are four types of dental bridges. These types are given below:

Traditional dental bridge

A conventional dental bridge comprises a fake tooth or teeth being set in place by dental crowns that have been established onto every one of the abutment teeth (teeth on either side of the missing tooth). A traditional dental bridge is the most well known sort of dental scaffold and can be utilized when you have normal teeth on the two sides of the space made by your missing tooth. The cost of a traditional bridge ranges from about $2,000-$5,000. This cost applies when only one pontic and a crown is needed on each adjacent tooth. Note that these costs are not definite and can vary

Cantilever dental bridge

A cantilever dental bridge has similar characteristics to a traditional bridge. However, one difference between the two is that the false tooth (pontic) in a cantilever dental bridge is fixed in place by a dental crown that is anchored to only one abutment tooth. Thus, in order to get a cantilever bridge, you only need one natural tooth next to the gap created by your missing tooth. In addition to this, as far as the cost is concerned, a cantilever dental bridge has almost the same price as traditional bridges. However, the prices will still be comparatively lower because of the one less crown needed.

Maryland dental bridge

Like a customary scaffold, Maryland dental extensions utilize two characteristic projection teeth, one on each side of the hole. In any case, while a conventional scaffold utilizes dental crowns on the projection teeth, a Maryland connect utilizes a structure of either metal or porcelain that is fortified onto the backs of the projection teeth. Like a conventional extension, a Maryland scaffold must be utilized when you have a characteristic tooth on each side of the hole brought about by the missing tooth or teeth. This sort of scaffold is more affordable, commonly costing $1,500-$2,500 for a pontic and the metal or ceramic structure that upholds it.

Implant-supported dental bridge

As the name suggests, embed upheld spans utilize dental inserts rather than crowns or structures. Commonly, one embed is precisely positioned for each missing tooth, and these inserts hold the extension in position. In the event that one embed for each missing tooth is beyond the realm of imagination, the extension may have a pontic suspended between two embedded upheld crowns. Thought about the most grounded and most stable framework, an embed upheld connect normally requires two medical procedures:

  • one to install the inserts in the jawbone
  • a subsequent medical procedure to put the scaffold

It can take various months for the method to be totally wrapped up.

Below is a table for the tooth replacement options describes:


Dental bridge

Dental implant and crown



Fixed to adjacent teeth; non-removable

Implanted in the jaw bone, fixed in place



5-15 years, possibly longer

20+ years

5-10 years, possibly longer


Like natural teeth if fitted well

Like natural teeth

May become loose over time and cause discomfort


Like natural teeth

Like natural teeth

May look artificial; metal clips may be visible



Like natural teeth

Like natural teeth

Certain foods must be avoieded; remove to clean





Other pros/cons

Requires removal of enamel on neighboring teeth

Involves surgery; small risk of infection

Can slip out of place; easy

Is your dental bridge treatment covered by insurance?

The simple answer to this question is, yes. If you have dental insurance, you may even be eligible for almost 50% of coverage for your dental bridge treatment, up to a yearly limit of $1000 to $2000. Unfortunately, some insurance agencies have such segments that express that the patient must be on the arrangement for a minimal measure of time like 2 years before it will cover the treatment.

A missing tooth can essentially damage oral wellbeing and harm the dental capacity of a person. That is the reason dental protection either completely or mostly takes care of the expense of a dental extension. Some insurance agencies, on occasion, just spread the expense of the fundamental dental scaffold technique and the patients need to pay any additional expenses without anyone else. For example, protection may cover just such a reclamation that is porcelain or crown-upheld and on the off chance that zirconia scaffold or embedded upheld rebuilding is required, at that point the patient needs to pay these extra expenses using cash on hand. At the greater part of the dental centers, the regulatory staff totally helps the patients in recording their qualifications and furthermore guarantees that the patients get the total inclusion to which they are qualified.

How long does a dental bridge last?

Dental scaffolds can last five to 15 years and significantly more. With great dental hygiene cleanliness and regular visits to the dentist, it is quite common for the life expectancy of a dental bridge to be more than 10 years.

Dental bridge problems

Given below are the three problems that dental bridges may be causing:

Formation of decay

It’s harder to keep up great oral cleanliness with a dental scaffold, however it’s unimaginably essential to keep the encompassing teeth and gums liberated from microscopic organisms. Instead of flossing ordinarily, patients who have spans need unique instruments to get food particles free from the extension. In the event that the teeth that help the scaffold become rotted, the extension is probably going to come up short.

In this circumstance, the dentist will probably need to supplant the extension and dispose of the rot. Frequently, the better option in contrast to supplanting the extension is to utilize dental inserts, which supplant missing teeth forever.

Unnatural looking bridge

Dental bridges care intended to supplant missing teeth, not exclusively to empower the patient to eat yet additionally to improve the patient’s appearance. On the off chance that a dental extension looks unnatural in light of the fact that it doesn’t coordinate the shade of the remainder of the teeth, or the crowns don’t agree with the gum line, the patient is probably going to feel disillusioned and unconfident. Scaffolds are a speculation, so you have the right to cherish the manner in which it looks.

Now and again, gum forming can improve the presence of the scaffold. In the event that the issue is that the scaffold is more white than the remainder of the teeth, teeth brightening treatments can help even out the smile in general.

The bridge does not fit well

Dental extensions need to fit consummately to empower the patient to bite effortlessly and to stay away from torment later. An extension may turn out to be sick fitting because of rot or an awful fit when the scaffold was made. We might have the option to make your extension fit better by taking a shot at the teeth that help the scaffold, or we may suggest supplanting the scaffold. The extension may drop out totally if rot is available. In the event that this occurs, we might have the option to reattach it, yet in the event that it can’t be reattached, we can make another, better-fitting scaffold.

Dental bridge removal cost

The price of removing a dental bridge is around $250-500 depending how included it is. There are two or three different ways to eliminate that bogus aspect of the extension. You can either simply remove the pontic segment of the extension or you can eliminate the whole scaffold. On the off chance that you decide to eliminate the whole extension, at that point you should get anyway numerous new crowns to ensure the teeth that the scaffold used to moor on. Talk with your nearby dental specialist and they will give you more details. The most straightforward way is simply to remove the pontics and leave the projection bit of the extension on to get a good deal on the new crowns.


How long do dental bridges last?

Dental bridges can last for many years, but they will eventually need to be replaced. The lifespan of a dental bridge depends on how well it is cared for and how much wear and tear it experiences. With proper care, most dental bridges will last between five and seven years.

Is it hard to eat or speak with a dental bridge?

Most people find that it is not difficult to eat or speak with a dental bridge. It may take a little time to get used to the feel of the bridge in your mouth, but you should eventually be able to eat and speak normally. If you have any problems eating or speaking with your dental bridge, talk to your dentist. He or she can make adjustments to the bridge to help you feel more comfortable.

Can I take care of my dental bridge at home?

Yes, you can take care of your dental bridge at home. Be sure to brush and floss your teeth twice a day and visit your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings.

How long does it take to get used to a dental bridge?

It may take a few days or weeks to get used to your dental bridge. You may find that your tongue feels uncomfortable when it rubs against the bridge. You may also have some mild pain and soreness in your mouth for the first few days. These symptoms should go away as you get used to the sensation of having a dental bridge

How long do I have to wait after a tooth extraction to get a bridge?

You will need to wait until your gums have healed before getting a dental bridge. This usually takes about four to six weeks. In some cases, your dentist may place a temporary bridge while you are waiting for your gums to heal.

Should a dental bridge cause pain while chewing?

If you are experiencing pain while chewing, it is important to talk to your dentist. He or she can determine if the pain is due to the dental bridge or another underlying condition.

What are the risks of getting a dental bridge?

There are some risks associated with getting a dental bridge, but these are typically minor. These risks include pain, soreness, and irritation. In rare cases, a dental bridge can cause an infection. If you experience any severe pain or discomfort after getting a dental bridge, be sure to talk to your dentist.

Can I whiten my dental bridge if it no longer matches my teeth?

Yes, you can whiten your dental bridge if it no longer matches your teeth. You can talk to your dentist about the best way to whiten your bridge. He or she may recommend a professional teeth whitening treatment or at-home teeth whitening kit.


If you’re missing a tooth or a number of teeth, you have different replacement options to discuss with your dentist. There are many benefits to using dental bridges, and there are many factors — including costs — that you should consider before making a decision. So, the best way to determine the cost of dental bridge is to consult an experienced and qualified dentist.

We understand that the cost of a dental bridge is really high. In fact the prices of almost all of the dental treatments are pretty costly. Due to this reason, it is not something that everyone can afford. But just like your physical health, your dental health is also very important. If you are in need of a dental bridge, we advise you to go to your nearest local dentist for a consultation and see how he/she can help you. However, if you do not have enough money, don’t worry because your dental insurance will have you covered.

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