How Much Money Can You Put On A Prepaid Visa Card?

Read the article to find out how much money you can put on a prepaid visa card.

A prepaid visa credit card is an installment card stacked with assets before it’s utilized. It capacities like a credit or charge card while shopping; it does not draw from a ledger or a credit line. While fees are frequently the primary consideration when choosing a prepaid card (and they should be), you should also study as much as possible about them. The restriction on prepaid credit cards involves the amount you load onto the card and the maximum amount you may spend.

About 6 million Americans are thought not to have a bank account. The causes of this are numerous. For many, prior bounced checks prevent them from becoming eligible for a bank account. If you jump too many reviews, you can end up in the Chexsystems databases, which many banks use to assess prospective new banking clients. Others mistrust the financial system and are irritated by the available hours or the hoops that must be jumped through to receive assistance.

Whatever the case, those without bank accounts frequently cashed their weekly salaries at pricey cheque-cashing businesses. This problem, which costs customers $10 billion annually in fees levied by cheque-cashing businesses, payday lending companies, and others, was covered by Forbes. Consumers frequently spend 3% or more to get their paybacks cashed.

The privileged pre-loaded card has to have sufficient cutoff points to accommodate how you want to use it. You’ve come to the right spot if you want to learn more about the maximum amount you may load onto a prepaid Visa card. We have compiled all pertinent data to ensure you can access all the required information. What are you still holding out for? Let’s get started without further ado.

How much money can you put on a prepaid Visa card?

Prepaid visa cards likewise restrict the amount of money stacked on the card on a solitary day. The money load limit applies to the completion of any exchange where money is added to the card, including stacking money through a reload pack, similar to the Green Dot MoneyPak, or at the register, as Walmart Rapid Reload.

How much money can you put on a prepaid Visa card
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The day-by-day money load limit doesn’t significantly affect various policies for increasing money to the prepaid credit card, such as an instant store, bank moves, or portable check stores. Money load limits range from $500 daily to as much as $10,000. Likewise, with as far as possible, money load cutoff points will cause exchanges that surpass the cutoff to be dismissed.

How Does a Prepaid Debit Card Work?

You can get pre-loaded charge cards from a bank or Visa organization. You could even be able to purchase them from a store’s counter. Reloadable pre-loaded cards allow you to add money to the card whenever you revenue the assets.

Adding funds to your card

Adding funds to your prepaid visa card
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A few cards accompany assets on them—you purchase a card with a set worth, which is how much cash accompanies the card. Others are intended to be stacked with varying assets. On the off opportunity that you can sum reserves, you may have a few alternatives for doing as such, including:

  • Setting up a direct store to the card
  • Carrying money to a retail location that can add assets to your card
  • Storing a cheque using an application linked to your bill ( by taking a photo of the cheque with your phone)
  • Moving cash from your financial balance to your pre-loaded card

Shopping or withdrawing money with your card

Shopping or withdrawing money with your prepaid visa card
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Whenever you’ve added assets to your card, you can use that cash or pull it out in real money at ATMs. To purchase something face-to-face:

  1. Swipe or add the card at the retail location.
  2. If you’re shopping online, type in your card number.
  3. At an ATM, embed your pre-loaded card like another bank card and pull out money.

You could be loaded with a cost for each buy or ATM visit. However, it relies upon how the guarantor has organized the card.

Explanation of Limits on prepaid debit cards

Prepaid debit cards have restrictions, much as debit cards for checking accounts. For instance, there are daily and ATM withdrawal limitations. For example, there are daily and ATM withdrawal limitations. The main restrictions, how they affect you, and how the five best-prepaid cards compare are listed below. You should be mindful of the card’s rules, even if costs are sometimes the primary consideration when picking a prepaid card (and they should be).

Prepaid debit card limitations limit the amount you load onto the card and the amount you can spend. The best-prepaid card will have enough regulations to fit your intended card use. The most crucial prepaid debit card restrictions are shown here, along with comparing those limits for the most popular brands.

 Image Source: CNBC
Image Source: CNBC

Limits on prepaid debit cards

The maximum card balance, defining the highest amount of funds allowable on a prepaid debit card, stands as a pivotal consideration for most users. Surpassing this limit results in refusal of any additional funds, making it essential to choose a card with a suitable maximum balance. While hitting this cap might merely inconvenience transactions like cash loading, it can lead to significant delays for critical deposits such as paychecks, benefits, or tax returns.

Card providers set varying limits on available balances, ranging from $2,500 to $20,000. Notably, American Express Serve cards, including American Express Serve and Bluebird by American Express, offer an extraordinary $100,000 maximum balance. However, concerns arise regarding potential misuse of such high limits.

Budget limits

The spending limit on most cards is more significant than what is typically required for daily purchases. But now and again, a more significant single purchase like a TV or other electronic device or a new considerable appliance is made. Prepaid debit card spending limitations extend beyond simple transactions.

The total number of transactions that employ card funds is limited. The total number of transactions often includes purchases and cash withdrawals from ATMs and other locations. Spending restrictions of as little as $500 may prevent you from utilizing the card for those significant purchases. Limits on the approximately 70 prepaid cards we track can reach $15,000.

Limit on daily cash load

The quantity of money that may be placed into prepaid debit cards in a single day is likewise restricted. The cash load cap is applied to the sum of each transaction when the cash load cap is used to the sum of each transaction when money is loaded onto the card, whether at the register or through a reload pack like the Green Dot MoneyPak.

Other ways of loading funds onto the prepaid debit card, such as direct deposit, bank transfers, or mobile cheque deposits, are not subject to the daily cash load restriction. Limits on daily cash loads range from $500 to $10,000. Cash load restrictions function similarly to balance limitations in that transactions over the limit are refused.

Limits on prepaid card ATM withdrawals

Prepaid debit cards, like those tied to bank accounts, have a security-related cap on the amount you may take from an ATM. A daily ATM withdrawal cap sets a daily maximum. Most prepaid debit cards permit ATM and over-the-counter cash withdrawals cap sets a daily maximum. Most prepaid debit cards allow ATM and over-the-counter cash withdrawals at bank teller locations. Only cash taken from the ATM is subject to the ATM limitations. The lowest daily ATM withdrawal limit is $300, and the highest is $2,500.

How to get cash from a prepaid Visa debit card?

The fine print paper accompanying the card depicts the entirety of the principles and expenses, and elements of your new card. However, ordinarily, with a pre-loaded card, there are a couple of choices for money pull-out:

Image Source: Grit PH
  • Utilize an ATM: Some pre-loaded cards don’t charge expenses if you utilize explicit ATMs. Tell Walmart cashiers how much you have to spend so they may swipe it or add to it. Not too far away, they hand you the cash. Walmart doesn’t charge an expense for this; pre-loaded cards may charge you assessed for the exchange.
  • Write yourself a Card to check: Some pre-loaded cards offer another assistance; you can utilize checks legitimately from your card. Mostly, they will give a couple of cards in a similar envelope you got the card in. Call them; they give you guidelines and the numbers to compose on the check.

If you have a Visa present coupon and are contemplating whether you can get money from it, the short answer is likely not. Even though the two cards are comparable, pre-loaded cards can be used to earn money from an ATM or get “money back” from a dealer. Gift vouchers can’t.

What fees are charged by prepaid debit cards?

Prepaid debit cards make accessing reloadable prepaid cards and accounts simple, but many include several fees that might deplete your money. Here are a few instances of costs that your card issuer could impose. Before applying, review the card and disclose the form to secure you know the costs associated with the card.

What fees are charged by prepaid debit cards
Image Source: Giftogram Blog
  • Maintenance fee:

    The card issuer may impose a monthly maintenance fee to keep your account active. Prices vary by card type, but if you maintain the least amount in your account or get direct payments into your card account, you could be eligible for a reduced or waived monthly charge.

  • Fee for transactions:

    Using your prepaid debit card may incur fees for various transactions. It might involve paying a payment when you use an ATM to withdraw cash or make a transaction. It could also charge you when you contribute money to your account or use an ATM to check your balance.

  • Overdraft fee:

    Most prepaid cards won’t let you spend more than was placed into your account without incurring an overdraft fee. If you go over your account balance on cards that do allow you to do so, they could impose an overdraft fee. Additionally, you could be eligible for an overdraft protection program, which would lower the price if you went over your balance.

  • Deposit and withdrawal costs:

    If you attempt to withdraw money from your account via or at a reload station, you may be subject to fees, such as an ATM withdrawal fee. A comparable restock fee can be charged when you deposit a cash or mobile cheque into your account.

  • New card fee:

    When the card issuer issues your first card or sends you a replacement card, it could be necessary to pay a charge. It is comparable to buying a Visa debit card or prepaid Visa card at a physical store and paying a fee for the card itself.

The card you add to your wallet will determine the fees you pay and how much the card issuer will charge you. Even though the potential costs listed above aren’t the only ones you could pay, they represent the most typical fees that prepaid cards levy.

No limit/ high limit prepaid debit cards

All banks and Mastercard organizations work under comparative guidelines to the pre-loaded card industry. To forestall bungling and tax evasion, the government sets cutoff points of how much cash you can place into or remove from particular records on a day-by-day or month-to-month premise. Also, pre-loaded cards are the same.

For regular spending, this, by and large, isn’t an issue. Considering everything, how often do you go out and spend a lot of money per day? Most likely, not all the time! In any case, now and then, you may need to go through a curiously considerable measure of cash, and having a low adjustment or spending limit on your pre-loaded card can be baffling.

 Image Source: Comparisonsmaster
Image Source: Comparisonsmaster

Regarding pre-loaded charge cards, the most significant trouble can be the limits on the balance you can convey. If you have your check naturally added to the pre-loaded card and are acceptable at setting aside cash, you could, without much of a stretch, hit a cutoff that makes issues for your money the board technique. So we’ve arranged a list of the best no-limit/high-limit prepaid credit cards you should seriously mull over if you need to avoid this specific issue.

Given below are some of the best no-limit/high-limit prepaid debit cards:

  • PayPal Prepaid Mastercard – $15,000
  • Brink’s Prepaid Mastercard – $15,000 Limit
  • Netspend Prepaid Visa – $15,000
  • Serve American Express Prepaid Debit Account
  • Bluebird American Express Prepaid Debit Account
  • The Mango Prepaid Mastercard
  • ACE Elite Visa Prepaid Debit Card
  • Walmart MoneyCard

PayPal Prepaid Mastercard

  • Transfer funds to your prepaid card account from your PayPal
  • Earn rewards and exclusive deals simply by using your card.
  • You can get paid more quickly with Direct Deposit than with a traditional cheque.
  • The Bancorp Bank, a Member of FDIC, is issuing the card. A card can be used anywhere that accepts Debit Mastercard.
PayPal Prepaid Mastercard
Image Source: Mastercard

Although it is generally known that PayPal is the most widely used method for electronically sending and receiving money online, the firm also provides one of the best-prepaid Mastercards on the market, which you can load with up to $15,000. With the PayPal Prepaid Mastercard, you may instantly transfer funds back and forth to your account while gaining cash-back rewards.

Direct depositing your wages into your Paypal account will enable you to get them more quickly. This card offers substantially larger daily spending limits than most cards in this category, up to $5,000. The daily ATM withdrawal cap is $940.

Brink’s Prepaid Mastercard

Image Source:
Image Source:
  • You receive the tranquility you deserve from brinks. Since 1859, protecting money and valuables.
  • You can get paid more quickly with Brink’s Direct Deposit than with a paper cheque.
  • It is not a credit card. Thus, there are no late fees or interest costs.
  • To manage your account while on the road and receive text email notifications, download Brink’s Money Prepaid Mobile App (message and data fees may apply).
  • Republic Bank & Trust Company, Member FDIC, is the card issuer. A card can be used anywhere that accepts Mastercard Debit

Brinks is an obvious choice for holding your money for usage with a prepaid debit card because it has been helping to secure money for more than a century. Up to $15,000 can be kept in your Brinks prepaid account.

Netspend Prepaid Visa

Image Source:
Image Source:
  • You can get paid more quickly with Direct Deposit than with a traditional cheque.
  • It is not a credit card. Thus, there are no later fees or interest costs.
  • To manage your Card Account while on the move and sign up for text or email notifications (messages and data fees may apply), use the Netspend Mobile App.
  • Card activation and ID verification are requirements for card use. Conditions and fees apply.
  • Card issued by FDIC-member Pathward N. A Card is used wherever that accepts Visa debit cards.

Because it is versatile and has lower costs than other cards, the NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card has long been one of our favorites. You may also keep a balance of up to $15,000 on your Netspend Prepaid Visa Card at any time. Every NetSpend cardholder offers free overdraft protection, which lets you spend up to $10 more than your account balance without being charged an overdraft fee.

This advantage is in addition to the card’s low fees. If you tend to overspend sometimes, it is a valuable benefit. The NetSpend Prepaid Visa has a $4,999 daily spending cap and a $940 daily ATM withdrawal cap. A day’s worth of $7,500 in cash can also be loaded.

Serve American Express Prepaid Debit Account

  • Take advantage of FREE withdrawals at more than 37,000 MoneyPass ATMs nationwide.
  • Early Direct Deposit allows you to get your money up to two days sooner.
  • There is no monthly cost when you direct deposit $500 or more within a declaration time.
  • Utilize Online Bill Pay to save time and prevent late penalties. Rules apply.
  • Send money to family or friends with a Serve Account, check your balance and recent transactions, pay bills on the move, receive SMS text notifications, and check your credit.
  • No credit check and no extra costs.

Exceeding just a prepaid debit card with a $15,000 deposit cap, the Serve American Express Prepaid Debit Account offers a variety of benefits. You may safely store your savings in this comprehensive account and access direct deposit alternatives to get paid more quickly.

Members of the American Express Serve card also get access to a sizable network of accessible ATMs spread around the country and a feature-rich mobile application that offers several tools for managing your card account. This card has a $15,000 monthly spending restriction and a daily ATM cash withdrawal cap of $750. Each day, you can add up to $2,500 in cash.

Bluebird American Express Prepaid Debit Account

Bluebird American Express Prepaid Debit Account
Image Source:
  • An international, reloadable prepaid debit account Card from American Express is accepted.
  • With free direct deposit, you may get your paycheck up to two days sooner.
  • Shop with more assurance thanks to Purchase Protection, which can help guard against unintentional damage and stealing for up to 120 days from purchase for qualified items purchased with the card.
  • Over 37,000 MoneyPass ATMs offer free ATM Adding money to your account and sending money to other Bluebird Account members are free at Family Dollar locations.
  • With Roadside Assistance, you may contact us in an emergency for planning and support services to get you moving again.
  • No monthly or international transaction fees are necessary.

Very few prepaid accounts don’t have monthly maintenance or transaction fees, but that is the case with the Bluebird American Express Prepaid Debit Account. With this cost-effective account, you get free access to Moneypass ATMs and may deposit up to $15,000 into your high-limit account.

The expense associated with this card might soon negate the absence of monthly maintenance fees.

For out-of-network ATM withdrawals, you’ll have to pay a high price, and same-day check clearing may cost you up to 5%. You may require to wait up to 10 business days for a typical clearing without fees before you may access your money. With this card, all cardholders are subject to a $15,000 monthly spending cap instead of daily spending limits.

The Mango Prepaid Mastercard

  • Mango is a secure and practical method to access your money whenever needed.
  • The Mango Card is a prepaid account; no additional costs or interest rates apply. For prices and information, go to your Cardholder Agreement.
  • Your Mango Card is accepted wherever Mastercard debit cards are accepted.
  • Anywhere you are, manage your account. Send money to loved ones and view your balance and transaction history safely.
  • Once your Mango Card is activated and loaded, you may start a savings account with as little as $25 and receive an APR of up to 00% with as many as six transfers allowed monthly.

The Mango Prepaid Mastercard has no unexpected or unforeseen fees, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t charge users for routine transactions. Although it’s not the most inexpensive card on this list, this practical and secure card is a fantastic choice for first-time prepaid debit card users. If you receive less than $800 in direct deposits monthly, you may anticipate paying a monthly maintenance charge with this card. Maintenance costs will nearly triple if your card is dormant for over 90 days.

In addition to the price the ATM operator charges, there is also an ATM fee. Additionally, be prepared to spend up to $1 each time you use an ATM to check your balance. However, Mango Keeps is a mobile app that enables you to check your balance without charge. The card’s daily spending cap is $2,500, while its daily ATM withdrawal cap is $500.

ACE Elite Visa Prepaid Debit Card

  • Manage and oversee your finance using a single practical reloadable prepaid card.
  • Direct deposit can hasten payment by up to two days.
  • Up to $100 in fee-free cash withdrawals at ACE with recurring Direct Deposits.
  • You can obtain offers redeemed for cash-back rewards at particular merchants when you use your card for routine transactions.
  • Pick from three card designs.
  • You can open a Tiered optional SavingsAccount as a cardholder. Currently, balances under $1,000 can earn up to a 5% annual percentage interest. No minimum balance is necessary.

Considering you live close to an ACE Credit Express branch, the ACE EliteTM Visa Prepaid Debit Card is a practical and cheap option to retain a prepaid debit card. From there, you may charge money to your account and withdraw funds without paying a fee. In other places, either kind of transaction will cost you money. This card’s daily cash withdrawal limit is $940 from ATMs and $5,000 daily at a bank counter. It features a high spending cap.

Walmart MoneyCard

Image Source: Seminarsonly
Image Source: Seminarsonly
  • Receive a qualifying new direct deposit of $500 or more before June 30,23, and get a $25 bonus when you deposit your federal or state tax return to your Walmart MoneyCard
  • Your monthly charge is waived if you made a direct deposit of $500 or better during the previous month.
  • Earn up to $75 in cash rewards annually by shopping at com, filling up at a Walmart gas station, or visiting a Walmart store.
  • Earn 2% interest on up to $1000 in savings account balance. Additionally, receive opportunities to win monthly cash rewards.
  • Three coverage tiers, totaling up to $200, are available for purchases made with approved direct deposits and opt-in, giving you peace of mind.

The Green Dot Bank-issued Walmart MoneyCard is the best option for anybody who shops at Walmart. On qualifying purchases, you can receive up to 3% cash-back returns. With this card, you may deposit up to $3,000 each day with a $10,000 maximum amount. However, the account rules for the card state that “we may, in our sole discretion, allow your Account balance to exceed this limit.”

Online money transfer from a debit card

A charge card augments your ledger, empowering you to move cash electronically from your record when buying. You can utilize your check card for different budgetary exchanges, including worldwide cash moves. With online cash move administrations, check cards can move cash straightforwardly or as an installment strategy. While utilizing your charge card abroad can be advantageous in specific circumstances, there may be better options. Contingent upon the exchange, you may need to pay a more significant expense in move and trade charges than if you were utilizing another installment strategy.

As a less costly and more available option in contrast to customary exchange strategies utilizing your bank, there are numerous computerized cash move benefits that you can use to transmit and get cash with your check card. Sending money with these suppliers can be both less difficult and undeniably savvier, guaranteeing the individual you send money to receives a large portion of the cash!

Most cash move suppliers can use practical and easy-to-understand applications that permit you to start cash moves quickly. The installment alternatives differ, yet numerous suppliers offer exchanges using charge cards, Mastercard, wire move, and money pickups – contrasting suppliers are consistently a smart thought to ensure your favored technique is acknowledged, nonetheless. Some of the best means for online money transfers from debit cards are through the help of the following providers.


worldremit - Prepaid Visa Card
Image Source: Techzim

WorldRemit is accessible online as a website and a mobile application, with an easy-to-understand administration that makes sending cash utilizing your check card a simple cycle. Enrollment takes minutes, and sending money globally is a short cycle. Your careful conversion scale and move expenses are apparent from the beginning and are seriously valued contrasted with banks and numerous suppliers. While you can send up to $10,000 daily, WorldRemit offers a particular money-get administration for some nations. This proves helpful if you don’t have your beneficiary’s bank subtleties or they need money earnestly.

XE Money Transfer

XE Money Transfer offers services to 170 nations around the globe, supporting more than 60 monetary standards. They have a magnificent, easy-to-understand application and a simple to-explore site for effectively moving your cash abroad. XE is a well-known cash move administration because of its charge fee structure. You can send money by check card or bank with no exchange charges. XE includes a slight markup to the bank swapping scale when sending your cash to another country, even though this edge fundamentally differs from when sending money to another country with your bank.


transferwise - Prepaid Visa Card
Image Source: Travel-Dealz

TransferWise offers secure exchange to 144 nations around the globe at a lot less expensive cost than your bank. The administration is accessible both on the web and as a versatile application, and you can enlist utilizing their Facebook and Google accounts. TransferWise is colossally mainstream because of its serious trade rates and quick exchanges. They place a massive spotlight on direct expenses and moderate worldwide sales. You can send up to $2,000 daily using your charge card – incredible for more modest exchanges but maybe not ideal for more extensive business exchanges.


Another incredible online cash transfer administration, Remitly, has some expertise in more modest exchanges or settlements to nations in Asia, Africa, and South America. The whole cycle is straightforward, and if you need to move a more modest sum, their charges can be very financially savvy. The Remitly application and site are difficult to utilize, and you can send cash utilizing two choices. “Express” moves are quicker yet accompany a higher exchange charge. However, the “Economy” moves less expensive but more slowly – empowering clients to tailor the administration they need to get, which isn’t an alternative usually offered by banks.


What is a prepaid Visa card?

The 24-hour, 7-day Visa Prepaid card is a quick, simple, and safe method to make online or in-person payments. You may withdraw cash, pay bills, or make online or in-person payments. You may withdraw money, pay bills, or purchase the reloadable all-purpose Visa Prepaid card from participating merchants and service providers in person and online. The reloadable Visa Prepaid card may be topped up in several ways, including which may be topped up in several ways, having cash at a participating retail outlet or direct transfer. It may be used anywhere that accepts Visa Debit cards. Additionally, since your spending cannot exceed the balance on your card, you don’t have to worry about overdraft penalties.

What distinguishes a debit card from a credit card and a prepaid card from each other?

  • Prepaid cards vs. debit cards: A checking account is not connected to a prepaid card. Instead, a balance of money is already put into it. Then that sum is reduced for each purchase you make. In most circumstances, you are only able to spend the amount that has been placed onto your prepaid card. Sometimes, when a prepaid card may be linked with a checking account, overspending or overdrafts may happen. As well as being covered by Visa’s Zero Liability policy for prepaid cards. Compared to debit cards, some prepaid cards may offer fewer consumer safeguards, such as those that take effect if the card is lost, stolen, or other unauthorized payments are made.
  • Credit cards vs. prepaid cards: A credit card allows you to borrow money and accrue a debt load. Spending money on prepaid cards involves using funds already placed on the card. In contrast to credit cards, prepaid cards don’t charge interest and don’t need a credit check to be obtained.

How can I obtain a Visa Prepaid card?

Obtaining a Visa Prepaid card is simple. To locate a Visa Prepaid card is simple. To find a Visa Prepaid online for one of our suppliers, go to our card finder page. Alternatively, you may pick up a Visa prepaid card in person from one of the tens of thousands of shops or bank offices that sell them. Find a location close to you by using the Visa Prepaid card in person from one of the tens of thousands of shops or bank offices that sell them. Use the Visa Prepaid card locating tool to find a location nearby.

What if my card needs to be recovered?

We have you covered ¾; you won’t be held accountable for unauthorized transactions made with your Visa Prepaid card according to Visa Zero Liability Policy. You are secure if your card is lost, stolen, or fraudulently used. Specific commercial card and anonymous prepaid card transactions and those that Visa does not handle are exempt from Visa’s Zero Liability policy. Cardholders are responsible for safeguarding their cards and should report any unauthorized use to the financial institution that issued them right once.

How can I top off my Visa Prepaid card with cash?

Your Visa Prepaid card may be loaded with money in various practical ways. The ideal choice is to have your Visa Prepaid card instantly credited with all or a portion of your wage, government checks, or even your tax refund. Additionally, you can add money using tabs by utilizing the mobile check deposit option on your card issuer’s mobile app or loading cash at ATMs, bank offices, and retail locations. Which of these services are available depends on your card issuer, so ask them.

How can I keep things balanced?

To check and manage your balance while on the road, you may access it online at your card issuer’s website or register for notification on their mobile app.

What is the cost of a card?

By issuer, fees differ; contact your card’s issuer for cost information.


By engaging with this post, you’ve gained a clear understanding of the maximum cash limit you can load onto a prepaid Visa card. Now, as you evaluate your options, take the time to carefully consider which card aligns best with your specific needs and preferences. Make an informed choice that suits you best.

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