How To Cancel Car Insurance Progressive? Everything you need to know

Want to know how to cancel car insurance progressive? Read below for detailed information on how to proceed with policy cancellation and things to consider in this regard.

Progressive auto insurance is one big name in the world of auto insurance. Just like most other companies out there, you can manage your insurance policy with Progressive online. That is a lot of hassle gone; there is no need to visit the offices, wait in the lounges, and walk through the boring alleys of paperwork. You can do all of the necessary stuff online, enjoying the comfort of your home all the while.

It’s quite common for insurance companies to accommodate their users online these days. Almost all companies have active online portals and quite effective online services. You can find answers to most of your burning insurance questions online. BUT, there is something that only Progressive does for you! Any leads?

It is the only Insurance company that lets you cancel the policy online. You can end your relationship with Progressive just as easily as it started. Just a few necessary clicks, and there you go! It’s all over like it was never even there.

However, this excellent service is not present in all states. It is a limited service, and it may not be allowed in many places. So, the only thing standing between you and ending your Progressive insurance is a phone call or an email to one of the agents for information. The customer service is great, and you likely won’t even have to go through any cumbersome procedures.

Can I cancel my Progressive policy anytime?

Yes, with Progressive, it’s a big YES! You can end your insurance anytime you are dissatisfied or perhaps feel like getting a new plan. Whatever the reasons, you can cancel your insurance any time of the day, week, month, or year. However, to do so is not to stop paying premiums. Such a strategy is not even advisable.

When you make up your mind to end your policy, go ahead and do it online. There is a very smooth, completely hassle-free procedure to end your insurance with Progressive. It also gives you prorated refunds if the end of term hasn’t yet arrived and you are canceling before it.

However, you should know that there is a cancellation fee of around 10% of the remaining premium when you are ending before policy expiration. The cancellation fee and many other things vary according to the state laws and your chosen plan. Do not assume things in general terms with Progressive; call up an agent when you need information regarding refunds, cancellation fees, or other policy matters with Progressive.

How do I avoid paying Progressive’s cancellation fee?

Generally, Progressive would not charge you anything when you decide to cancel the policy. They do not have the 10% of the remaining premium rule. If you are in your first term and your first renewal date has not yet arrived, you will pay around $50 while canceling the policy. Once you have renewed, you do not have to pay for cancellation.

Progressive is absolutely amazing in some ways, and it undoubtedly stands out among the crowd when it comes to its insurance cancellation policies. Unlike many competitors, policy cancellation is a piece of cake with Progressive.

How to cancel your Progressive auto insurance policy?

Have you ever wondered why there is so much commotion about car insurance cancellation? Why can’t one end an insurance policy online when so much happens online? What is the deal about it? Well, an insurance policy is a legal contract, and it is written into action with all of the identity details of a person. It is a legal obligation, and in case of non-compliance, there can be legal actions.

So you see, it’s a big deal, which is why many states do not allow you to cancel your insurance policy online. You will be required to be there in person and do the necessary paperwork. Many states require you to inform the DMV when canceling or changing your auto insurance, so check your state’s guidelines or ask your agent if this is necessary.

However, you can smoothly go through the process in some states where online cancellation is allowed.

There are different ways of ending an insurance policy, and we are going to list and explain them below.


Online cancellation works simply. If you are in a state where online cancellation is allowed, you can simply log in and check how to proceed. The primary thing will be to click the cancellation option if there is one showing. From there onwards, you will be directed step after step towards the final goal. The procedure is reasonably self-explanatory, and you won’t need a guide or someone on call to help you.

However, all things are not the same for everyone; you may have to call up an agent for guidance even when canceling your plan online. If you are in a state where the online cancellation is available, but it’s not showing on the website, you might have to ask the company agent about it. They will guide you on reaching the online cancellation portal and making use of the service.

By phone

Cancellation can be completed in different ways; 0nline cancellation is not the only option. You can end the policy very easily via the helpline. Call 866-416-2003 to have a detailed chat with a licensed agent. This will be so easy because direct communication is better than online or messaging. You get the exact answers and clarify if there are any complications and misunderstandings.

You can even schedule a date and time for a meeting where you will have to go through the manual process of cancellation. The agent will need to know your policy number and other credentials like your name, SSN, and your date of birth. If you are a forgetful fellow who doesn’t remember numbers easily, you better have these documents by your side while you make the call.

It always saves time and hassle; you go through the process easily and smoothly.


If you want to be all proper  and be sure of everything, you can go to the office personally and do the honors of canceling the policy in person. Book your appointment in advance on the phone if you intend to do that because otherwise, you might have to waste quite a bit of your precious time. You can also cancel your insurance policy in person for added peace of mind. Visit your local Progressive branch and speak with an agent about canceling.

While there are many options for canceling your policy, still the best and the most trustworthy is the one where you do it in person. At least, some people feel that way!


Some states ask for a signed document when you want to cancel your car insurance policy, but regardless, the mail option is the simplest method. It is hassle-free; you can just use Progressive’s request for cancellation form, fill it and send it to the company.

Alternatively, you can write your own letter stipulating the same information. This is not an instant process, though. You should have a week’s delay in your mind while you are using this cancellation method.

The Progressive Corporation

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Mayfield Village, Ohio


What info do i need to cancel?

Cancellation of your insurance policy is a legal business, and it will require some solid information. It is not just about wishing to discontinue; you have to be proper about it. Having important documents and necessary information at hand really smoothes out the process.

You will be asked for some important information, and it helps if you have all of those things ready at hand.

The most important things that you need to have with you while canceling the insurance policy are:

  • Your personal information like your name, contact number, and residential address
  • You need to have your Progressive policy number,
  • The date and time you would like to end your policy
  • Signature (sometimes we even forget our own signatures
  • Want a new policy? You will need the new insurer’s name, new policy number, and the date it’s starting
  • If you plan not to get any other insurance, you should have a roof that you will not drive anymore.

Which is the best way to cancel my policy?

We have discussed plenty of ways of progressive insurance cancellation by now. A user must think about which one works best; which one of them is actually the most feasible, easiest, and quickest! If you have these questions in your mind, let us tell you that calling your agent for policy cancellation is the best way to do these things.

However, usually, the agents try to convince you to stay, which can be a little frustrating as you have made up your mind, and it is just a hassle. You might just get a sales pitch from the agent. If you do not want to face such a situation, go for the mail process. Send the company your written request for policy cancellation. You can also go for the online cancellation if you have that option in your state.

Some of us may feel more comfortable canceling the policy after having a face-to-face meeting with an agent; you can ask the questions brewing in your head there and then. If you like to cancel in person, just go to the office and get it done.

Do I need to have a new policy before canceling with Progressive?

As a user, you may want to have another policy in place before you end the one with Progressive. You won’t like the idea of being on the road without any protection. However, Progressive has nothing to do with that. They are not at all particular about it. You can end your Progressive insurance without having opted for another one.

If anyone, your state may require you to get a new policy and even present the documents proving that you have one in place for the vehicle. Alternatively, you will have to prove to the authorities that you have transferred the car to someone, showing your vehicle’s plates’ transfer rights or your vehicle’s bill of sale at the cancellation.

Since driving without a license is illegal, it is your own responsibility to have one. Different states will have different requirements regarding car insurance, and the duty falls upon you to understand your state’s laws regarding the matter. In most states in the United States, you cannot drive a car without insurance. In some states, you may even be asked to keep the papers with you on the vehicle while driving as insurance proof.

Keep in mind that you must be very clear about the process. You cannot just let go of the insurance and be on the roads without one. Progressive may even inform the State authorities about your decision to end the policy without having another one in place. Insurance is a legal matter, as mentioned earlier in the article, one has to stay within the legal limits.

What should I consider before canceling my policy?

  • Does your state need proof of your new insurance? It is illegal to be driving without car insurance, so you must show there is no lapse in auto insurance coverage while you buy a new car and end the existing insurance plan.
  • When should you be switching your service providers? What is the best time to do this? Shopping around once a year is always a great way to go about these things. Other options include life-changing events like getting married, having a baby, or changing houses may be great for changing yet another important thing- auto insurance.
  • Always think about the time that will bring the cancellation into effect. One great thing about ending your insurance on the phone or online is that it’s effective immediately. For mail and in person, you may have to wait a few days for various reasons. This is one very important consideration while considering policy cancellation.

Things to consider before canceling

When you intend to cancel your Progressive car insurance, you might want to consider a few things before taking the final action. These considerations are nothing out of the world; they are common things and also the ones that we generally tend to forget because they do not seem worth remembering.

However, if we proceed without paying attention to these common considerations, our decisions can become complicated when they suddenly surface.

Here are a few important considerations:

Early cancellation fee

Cancellation fees are not part of the plan when you end your policy full term. However, the company must minus the cancellation fee from the remaining (unused) premiums when you finish the plan midway. You should plan things keeping this factor in mind. Alternatively, you can just wait for the renewal date and end it then. There will be no charges at all for full-term cancellation.

What will you be charged for cancellation mid-term? This is an important question but a confusing one too. There is hardly a straight answer to this. The reason is that state laws will determine the mid-term cancellation cost for you. Other determinants are the policy’s length and the premiums you had paid until cancellation. The calculation of these factors will determine what you’ll be charged.

Progressive’s cancellation costs come with mixed reviews; some people paid $50-$65, while others ended up paying 10% of their remaining premium. This is why we said the answer to the cancellation fee is ambiguous, and there is no final answer to it. The company will decide according to all factors that go into the final calculation and consideration.

Some people have been so lucky that they paid nothing while ending their Progressive auto insurance midterm. So you never know what’s in there for you. You should be ready for a fee, though, to avoid nasty surprises. You can also call their customer support to get a better idea of things.

Policy lapsing

Did you ever notice that you can have a discount if there are no lapses in your insurance policies? Most people miss it, but it’s a real thing. At least, with Progressive, this is the truth. If you were unaware of this fact, you know now. You should never leave your car without insurance, and this doesn’t just give you end-to-end coverage but also gives you a handsome discount.

If you are canceling, have your new one right away so you don’t miss out on some of the most amazing discounts you can get with your auto insurance. You can save the money that comes with discounts. Also, since you are required to show a new policy at the time of cancellation, it only makes sense that you should get one before ending the existing plan.

Perhaps the most important reason behind these restrictions and obligations is that you are not left to drive a vehicle that’s not even covered by insurance. If you land in an accident in this situation, no one will have coverage, and things can go ugly for both parties to the accident. If you are using the vehicle uninsured, you may even have to face legal penalties.

Your DMV can go to such limits as suspending your license or even fine you. Driving without insurance may even land you in jail for some time; that’s a law in some states. So, it’s as simple as this; get a new policy or renew your Progressive policy before you cancel the existing one.

Alternative to Canceling

Cancellation may not be negotiable for you owing to some solid reasons. However, if you would rather not cancel if things were different, then there are some alternatives that you can enjoy and not cancel your policy with Progressive.

Here are some of the alternatives:


If you are canceling because you are not going to drive your vehicle for some time, there is no need for negotiations. However, if there are other reasons, suspension may be an option instead of complete termination. You can go for “Stored Vehicle” or “Seasonal Vehicle” insurance. It will cost much less than the standard package, and you will be able to avoid the DMV red tape as well. It will save you from the policy lapse issues too. You will keep the law happy, and it will be light on your pocket too.

If you live in such a state and want to avoid the red tape of involving the DMV, an alternative would be to purchase “Stored Vehicle” or “Seasonal Vehicle” insurance coverage from your existing carrier. This will always cost a lot less than standard vehicle insurance and avoid any issues that could arise from a lapse in coverage.

Ask for a price match

One fantastic option is to ask Progressive to match a lower quote, maybe from another service provider. The person who attends your call will not be able to make any changes to the status of the policy, but you can be given some innovative options like bundling up auto and home insurance.

Such bundles are always very helpful in reducing insurance costs. The price you get from Progressive should not be the final price. You can check around for better deals. If indeed progressive’s deal is the best, start on it as soon as possible.

Should I cancel or adjust my policy?

If you have had a bad time with one provider, there is absolutely nothing wrong with completely ending the relationship. On the other hand, if you are looking for discounts, you should avoid canceling your existing policy before comparing quotes from a few different providers. If you successfully find the right deal for you somewhere in the market, you can end your policy. Alternatively, you can ask your Progressive agent for a low match.

Ending or canceling your policy is entirely your own choice. No one will force you about it, but you should know that staying with the same provider does give you benefits at times. As for a progressive, you can avail a range of amazing benefits for staying along with many adjustment options. There are quite a few offers to bring the cost down too. So give Progressive a chance before canceling your policy.


Signing up for a policy is for one and one reason only- to protect oneself and the vehicle out on the road. It goes without saying that it saves one from legal punishment. Canceling your progressive policy may have many reasons, though. There are several ways of canceling the Progressive policy, and some are more convenient than others. The article explains the various ways to cancel Progressive auto insurance and the information required for such an action.

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