How To Cancel Car Insurance Progressive? Everything you need to know

Want to know how to cancel car insurance progressive? Read below for detailed information on how to proceed with policy cancellation and things to consider in this regard.

Progressive auto insurance is one big name in the world of auto insurance. Like most other companies, you can manage your insurance policy with Progressive online. That is a lot of hassle gone; there is no need to visit the offices, wait in the lounges, and walk through the boring alleys of paperwork. You can do all the necessary stuff online, enjoying the comfort of your home.

Cancellations of vehicle insurance policies with Progressive Insurance can be made by phone, in person, or by mail. You may also choose to cancel online in several states. You’ll need your name, policy number, date of birth, Social Security number, and the date you want the insurance to end. It will eliminate the possibility of Progressive charging you a cancellation fee.

You could be required to show evidence of the sale of the insured vehicle or the start of replacement coverage. Progressive insurance will repay payments for unused days if you terminate amid the insurance term, less any cancellation costs.

It’s standard for insurance companies to accommodate their users online. Almost all companies have active online portals and quite effective online services. You can find answers to most of your burning insurance questions online. But there is something that only Progressive does for you! Any leads?

It is the only Insurance company that lets you cancel the policy online. You can end your relationship with Progressive just as quickly as it started. Just a few necessary clicks, and there you go! It’s all over like it was never even there.

However, this excellent service is only present in some states. It is a limited service and may only be allowed in some places. So, the only thing standing between you and ending your Progressive insurance is a phone call or an email to one of the agents for information. The excellent customer service, you likely won’t have to go through any cumbersome procedures.

Are there progressive insurance cancellation fees?

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There are no progressive cancellation fees according to the provider’s website (although some customers have reported a fee), but you may not necessarily get a full refund either. Here’s how Progressive will charge you when you cancel your coverage:

  • Pro-rata: Calculation of remaining coverage based on remaining days. Progressive can refund 90% of unused coverage days, keeping 10%.
  • Short-term interest: The older your policy is, the less you will get back because it is assumed that you used up more of the premium at the start of your policy than at the end.

Although you could incur some costs if you cancel Progressive Insurance, you might not incur any costs in some circumstances. Although the service’s website claims no cancellation charge, you might not get a complete refund. The amount you must pay to terminate your progressive insurance coverage often depends on several criteria.

These elements include how frequently you make premium payments, how much time is left on the policy’s term, and the regulations in your state. Therefore, you must contact customer care and inquire about the costs involved before proceeding with the cancellation. Some said they were required to pay a fixed fee of between $50 and $65. 10% of the premium went to the rest of the population. However, specific individuals were exempt from paying any fees.

Since your experience will differ from someone else’s, you must check the policy or speak with a representative to determine your cancellation fees.

How do I avoid paying Progressive’s insurance cancellation fee?

Generally, Progressive would not charge you anything when you decide to cancel the policy. They do not have the 10% of the remaining premium rule. If you are in your first term and your first renewal date has yet to arrive, you will pay around $50 while canceling the policy. Once you have renewed, you do not have to pay for cancellation.

Progressive is unique in some ways and stands out among the crowd regarding its insurance cancellation policies. Unlike many competitors, policy cancellation is a piece of cake with Progressive.

How to cancel your Progressive auto insurance policy?

Image Source: 2K75
Image Source: 2K75

Have you ever wondered why there is so much commotion about car insurance cancellation? Why can’t one end an insurance policy when so much happens online? What is the deal about it? Well, an insurance policy is a legal contract, and it is written into action with all of the identity details of a person.

  • It is a legal obligation, and in case of non-compliance, there can be legal actions.
  • So you see, it’s a big deal, which is why many states do not allow you to cancel your insurance policy online.
  • You must be there in person and do the necessary paperwork.
  • Many states require you to inform the DMV when canceling or changing your auto insurance, so check your state’s guidelines or ask your agent if this is necessary.
  • However, you can smoothly go through the process in some states where online cancellation is allowed.

There are different ways of ending an insurance policy; we will list and explain them below. Whether you’re attempting to transfer plans or obtain a better deal on your current coverage, these steps will walk you through canceling your progressive auto insurance policy.

Consider why you are canceling

Are you seeking a better bargain with another insurer or want to cancel your Progressive coverage because you don’t like the service you’ve received? It probably makes sense to transfer companies if your experience with Progressive hasn’t been great. However, it could be worthwhile to first discuss your concerns with Progressive to see if it might make a difference.

Before calling Progressive to cancel, it’s frequently a good idea to compare rival plans and rates to get a better bargain on your vehicle insurance cost. You might be able to use this information to bargain with Progressive for a cheaper rate, avoiding the need to transfer vehicle insurance providers altogether. It could be advantageous for both parties if Progressive suggests an alternate policy that you find more agreeable.

Review the conditions of your insurance

 Image Source: The Balance
Image Source: The Balance

Examining your existing Progressive insurance will let you locate crucial information properly when canceling. You want to specifically learn how long your coverage will last if there are any cancellation costs, and what sort of coverage you have. When your existing auto insurance policy is about to expire, it’s usually preferable to cancel it and get a new one. It is because you’re more likely to avoid paying an early cancellation charge if there is one, and you could find out how high your future insurance payments will be. Having this knowledge can make comparison shopping easier.

Additionally, being aware of your precise coverage might be helpful when comparing rates from other auto insurance providers. If you don’t think you need the coverage quantities, you shouldn’t necessarily lower them. Therefore, having this information on hand might assist you in receiving precise quotes for insurance plans that correspond to the level of coverage you now have.

Compile critical data

Gathering and arranging this information before the call-in is essential since you will need it when canceling your Progressive coverage. Personal data like your name, address, phone number, and Progressive policy number may be included. You must also know the date you want your insurance to expire. If you still want to keep and operate the same automobile, this is crucial since you don’t want your auto insurance coverage to lapse. A lapse in coverage would indicate that you are driving without auto insurance, which is against the law in most states and may result in a suspension or a fine.

It can also increase your insurance premium since insurance companies might view you as a higher risk. Leaving a day or two where both plans (your current policy and the one you’re moving to) overlap makes sense if you switch auto insurance coverage. By doing this, you can avoid having a coverage lapse on your driving record.

Examine more auto insurance quotes

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Image Source: ONHAXPK

Before calling Progressive, having cheaper insurance quotes from other providers is a good idea if you want to bargain for a better rate. It will encourage the Progressive representative you speak with to match what you discovered or provide a better offer. Before you cancel your Progressive coverage, you should have another policy with your new insurer if you’re confident you’re doing so.

Whichever route you choose, the first thing to do is to look into the finest auto insurance providers. One of three methods is checking the websites of each insurance company, speaking with insurance brokers, or utilizing an online tool for a vehicle insurance comparison.

Although these methods can be effective, utilizing a car insurance comparison website is frequently the most beneficial and effective method. You usually have to fill out some information before simultaneously comparing the majority, if not all, of the insurance policies offered in your region. It frequently includes choices from the most well-known insurance providers.

Contact Progressive to revoke

To terminate your insurance coverage or to discuss a lower cost for your current policy, contact Progressive at 1-866-416-2003. Regardless of your opinion, always be forceful yet respectful. You use the knowledge you obtained when looking into rival quotations because it’s probably part of the agent’s job duties to attempt to persuade you to stay.

But if you’re determined to cancel, kindly let the representative know. You should have already chosen a new insurance company at this time, so all that is left to do is choose an expiration date for the current policy and have it formally canceled. Information regarding the cancellation will probably be sent to you by email and regular mail.

Fastest Cancellation of Progressive Insurance

The following are the fastest cancellation methods through different sources.

 Image Source: Yellow Pages
Image Source: Yellow Pages

How To Cancel Progressive Insurance Online

Online cancellation works simply. If you are in a state where online cancellation is allowed, you can simply log in and check how to proceed. The primary thing will be to click the cancellation option if one is showing. From there onwards, you will be directed step after step toward the final goal. The procedure is self-explanatory, and you won’t need a guide or someone on call to help you.

However, everything is different for everyone; you may have to call an agent for guidance even when canceling your plan online. If you are in a state where online cancellation is available but it’s not showing on the website, you might have to ask the company agent about it. They will guide you on reaching the online cancellation portal and using the service.

How To Cancel Progressive Insurance By phone

Cancellation can be completed differently; 0nline cancellation is not the only option. You can end the policy very quickly via the helpline. Call 866-416-2003 to have a detailed chat with a licensed agent. It will be easy because direct communication is better than online or messaging. You get the exact answers and clarify if there are any complications and misunderstandings.

You can even schedule a date and time for a meeting where you will have to go through the manual process of cancellation. The agent must know your policy number and credentials, like your name, SSN, and date of birth. If you are a forgetful fellow who doesn’t remember numbers easily, you better have these documents by your side while you make the call.

It saves time and hassle; you go through the process quickly and smoothly.

How To Cancel Progressive Insurance In-person

If you want to prosper and be sure of everything, you can go to the office personally and do the honors of canceling the policy in person. Book your appointment on the phone if you intend to do that because otherwise, you might have to waste quite a bit of your precious time. You can also cancel your insurance policy in person for added peace of mind. Visit your local Progressive branch and speak with an agent about canceling.

While there are many options for canceling your policy, the best and the most trustworthy is the one where you do it in person. At least, some people feel that way.

How To Cancel Progressive Insurance By Mail

 Image Source: Employment Security Commission
Image Source: Employment Security Commission

Some states ask for a signed document when you want to cancel your car insurance policy, but regardless, the mail option is the simplest method. It is hassle-free; you can just use Progressive’s request for cancellation form, fill it and send it to the company.

Alternatively, you can write your letter stipulating the same information. It takes time, though. You should have a week’s delay in your mind while you are using this cancellation method.

  • The Progressive Corporation
  • 6300 Wilson Mills Road
  • Mayfield Village, Ohio
  • 44143

Do I need to have a new policy before canceling with Progressive Insurance?

As a user, let’s have another policy before you end the one with Progressive. You won’t like being on the road without any protection. However, Progressive has nothing to do with that. They are not at all particular about it. You can end your Progressive insurance without having opted for another one.

If anyone, your state may require you to get a new policy and even present the documents proving that you have one in place for the vehicle. Alternatively, you must prove to the authorities that you have transferred the car to someone, showing your vehicle’s plates’ transfer rights or your vehicle’s bill of sale at the cancellation.

Since driving without a license is illegal, it is your responsibility to have one. Different states will have different requirements regarding car insurance, and the duty falls upon you to understand your state’s laws regarding the matter. In most states in the United States, you cannot drive a car without insurance. In some states, you may even be asked to keep the papers with you on the vehicle while driving as insurance proof.

Keep in mind that you must be very clear about the process. You must leave the insurance and be on the roads with one. Progressive may even inform the State authorities about your decision to end the policy without having another one in place. Insurance is a legal matter; as mentioned earlier in the article, one has to stay within the legal limits.

What should I consider before canceling my progressive policy insurance?

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Even if you find a lower premium, switching auto insurance providers is only sometimes the best option. Ask yourself if providers are only sometimes the best option. Before starting your new policy and canceling Progressive, ask yourself the following question:

  • Does your state need proof of your new insurance? It is illegal to be driving without car insurance, so you must show there is no lapse in auto insurance coverage when you buy a new car and end the existing insurance plan.
  • When should you be switching your service providers? What is the best time to do this? Shopping around once a year is always a great way to go about these things. Other options include life-changing events like getting married, having a baby, or changing houses may be great for changing yet another critical thing- auto insurance.
  • Always think about the time that will bring the cancellation into effect. One great thing about ending your insurance on the phone or online is that it’s effective immediately. For mail and in-person, you may have to wait a few days for various reasons. It is one essential consideration when considering policy cancellation.
  • Am I subject to a crossing out expense by moderation? You may be assuming you drop mid-term. You can ask by reading your policy or calling an agent. If you wait until the day your Progressive policy ends with switching, you can avoid paying the fee.
  • Is Progressive going to refund me? Progressive should reimburse you for the extra days you paid for but didn’t use if you cancel before your policy ends. Find out how much refund you will receive and when you anticipate receiving it from the agent handling your cancellation.
  • What other policies will be affected by switching auto insurance providers? The move may result in higher rates on any other policies you have with Progressive, including homeowners or boat insurance.
  • Are my new insurance policies adequate? Check that the new provider didn’t lower your coverage or raise deductibles to beat your Progressive premiums.
  • Does the modification require my auto lender’s approval? Before making any changes to your coverage, consult with your auto lender.

Reasons to Cancel Your Progressive Insurance Policy

The most common reason people cancel their Progressive auto insurance policy is to find a cheaper one with another company.

  • Your current plan is no longer affordable
  • You found a better rate with a different provider
  • You are relocating to an area the provider does not service
  • You are having issues with the provider

Whatever the reason, if you’re considering canceling your Progressive auto insurance policy, weigh all your options first.

What are the Progressive Insurance Cancellation Fees?

Most auto insurance companies will charge a cancellation fee if you cancel your policy before the end of the term. These fees can range from $25-$50. Sometimes, you can avoid a cancellation fee by switching to another company that offers a better rate. However, it’s always best to check with Progressive first to see if they’ll waive the fee.

How to Decide When to Cancel Your Progressive Insurance Policy?

Consider a few things before canceling your Progressive auto insurance policy. First, if you have a loan or lease on your vehicle, your lender will likely require you to maintain full coverage auto insurance.


 Image Source: Total Tuning Venezia
Image Source: Total Tuning Venezia

Can progressive Insurance be canceled at any time?

Indeed, you can drop your Dynamic Insurance contract whenever. Check your strategy terms to see whether you could cause any scratch-off expenses or, on the other hand, if you’re expected to get a discount for charges you’ve previously paid for. Remember that most states require a certain minimum level of car insurance, so it’s best to set up another policy so you don’t lose coverage.

How quickly does Progressive process refunds?

After the cancellation process, Progressive may take a few weeks to issue a refund. The money could be sent as a check that has to be mailed, which could take a long time. Moderate could likewise discount your cash in alternate ways, for example, by attributing the Mastercard you used to make your exceptional installments. In these situations, you may receive your refund in as little as two days.

Is there a fee to cancel Progressive?

If you cancel your policy before its expiration date, Progressive may offer you a refund and typically does not charge policyholders cancellation fees. However, this is not always the case. Check your strategy subtleties to see whether you may depend on a dropping expense due to your state, for dropping too soon, or one more condition framed in your arrangement.

Does moderate protection raise rates to follow a half year?

After six months, Progressive may occasionally raise its rates. Assuming you are another client with moderation, you will see that the charge of your vehicle insurance will ascend after the initial half-year contract period, particularly assuming you document criminal traffic offenses or a case to be added to the record. Most of the time, an increase in insurance risk for the policyholder usually causes auto insurance rates to rise. The fact that insurance costs across the market continue to rise over time is another reason.

How does Progressive handle refunds?

Except for cancellation fees that may apply depending on the circumstance, the service’s refund policy states gamers will receive a refund if they cancel insurance coverage before the policy term ends. Additionally, on the off chance that somebody didn’t set up programmed regularly scheduled installments, then, at that point, they will accept their discount in 2-3 work days after the retraction. After 12 business days, customers who paid for their policy online, by check, or over the phone will receive a refund.


Signing up for a policy is for one and one reason only- to protect oneself and the vehicle on the road. It saves one from legal punishment. Canceling your progressive policy may have many reasons, though. There are several ways of canceling the Progressive policy, and some are more convenient than others. The article explains the various ways to cancel Progressive auto insurance and the information required for such an action.

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