How to Cancel Progressive Auto Insurance?

All the answers to your frequently asked questions about Progressive Auto Insurance.

“How to cancel Progressive Auto Insurance?” is a frequently asked question that people want to know quite often. But to know how to cancel it, the first thing is to find out what progressive auto insurance actually is.

What is Progressive Auto Insurance?

Progressive Mutual Insurance Company was established in 1937 and since then has revolutionized the insurance world. It was the first company to introduce drive-in claims service and paying insurance premiums in installments. Over the last few decades, Progressive has grown to be one of the largest insurers today.

How Progressive Auto Insurance Works?

When you buy Progressive’s auto insurance, you are basically buying coverage for your car in case of any damages incurred in the event of an accident or other incidents. Basically, you pay a little to avoid paying a lot in damages later.

When buying Progressive car insurance, your agent will ask you some basic questions about you and your car. You will then be given coverage options which will lead to an impact on your price. The more coverage you choose, the higher your price will be. If you want to claim something, you can ask your insurance to pay the damages if that is being covered by your insurance company.

At Progressive, it is easier to buy auto insurance since you can likely activate it the same day. In some states, you can even download proof of insurance on your phone. Besides getting your policy online, you can even easily find how to cancel progressive auto insurance online.

What is covered by Progressive in auto insurance?

1.   Damages/injuries caused by you:

  • Damage to other cars.
  • Damage to objects such as phone pole, mailbox, house, etc.
  • Other drivers’ and/or passengers’ injuries.
  • Lawsuits because of an accident.

This is the liability insurance coverage of your auto insurance.

2.   Damages to your car from acts of nature:

  • Theft, vandalism, riots, fire, explosions etc.
  • Windshield and glass damage.
  • Falling trees/branches or other.
  • Rocks or other objects.
  • Storms, floods, wind, earthquakes, lightning, hail.
  • Accidents with animals such as hitting a deer.

This is known as comprehensive coverage.

3.   Damages to your car from accident:

4.   Damage to your car from uninsured drivers:

In case of any accident or damage caused by an uninsured driver, you will still have coverage to cover the cost of the repairs.

5.   Your injuries:

Personal injury protection (PIP) or medical coverage: These are pretty much the same thing. PIP is usually not required in every state. However, medical coverage is available and is usually paid. These coverages will both pay for:

  • Medical bills regardless of who is at fault.
  • Medical bills if you are injured in someone else’s car.

6.   Your injuries from uninsured drivers:

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury pays for injuries and lost wages.

7.   Your out-of-pocket costs:

  • It is commonly assumed that once you have car insurance, you do not have to pay for anything. Unfortunately, that is not the case. All insurance companies ask a deductible to be paid for some coverages like auto insurance. It is simply the amount you will pay for repairs or claims. However, it does not have to cover all the repairs as your insurance company will do that.

For example, you choose a $200 deductible and your car repairs cost $4000, you will pay the $200 deductible amount and your insurance company will cover the rest of the $3800 for the repairs.

This is what the Progressive auto insurance coverage looks like. Now the next thing to determine is, should you go for Progressive’s auto insurance policy?

Is Progressive Auto Insurance Good?

There is no doubt that Progressive is one of the largest insurers in the USA. They offer market competitive prices. It also offers a range of discounts for students, safe drivers and other customers. That is why Progressive auto insurance coverage is usually pretty cheap for everyone after all the discounts and such.

Progressive also offers a Name Your Price tool which lets customers state their desired coverage rates. Progressive then offers a range of coverage options that fit their budget.

Pros of Progressive Auto Insurance:

  1. Lower rates.
  2. Fast claims process.
  3. Add ons like roadside assistance.

Cons of Progressive Auto Insurance:

  1. Discounts not available in all states.

So the bottom line is, if you can find the discounts in your state, there is no reason to not choose Progressive for your auto insurance coverage.

Progressive has been heavily reviewed and to figure out if it will suit your needs best, compared to other auto insurance coverages, you can check these and you are bound to find a review that might have similarities to your situation.

How to cancel Progressive auto insurance?

People often search “how to cancel Progressive auto insurance?” and more importantly, “how to cancel progressive auto insurance online?”

In order to cancel your Progressive auto insurance, all you need to do is call 1-866-416-2003 to speak to a representative. Unfortunately, you may not be able to cancel your Progressive auto insurance online. However, you can cancel over the phone at any time. You can also set a date for the future for the cancellation to be in effect or you can do it immediately.

Moreover, Progressive typically does not have a cancellation fee. However, it can vary state to state and depend on the kind of insurance you are purchasing. It would be advisable to speak to a representative so you can be prepared for any cancellation charges you might have to incur.

In case of any unpaid policy premium, you might even get a refund. Again, it can vary state to state and depend on the kind of insurance you are purchasing.

The bottom line is, in order to cancel your Progressive auto insurance, all you need to do is dial the above given number and you will be able to cancel your policy on call. You just would not be able to do it online. But the process is still fairly easy.

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