How To Get Cash From A Prepaid Visa Debit Card?

Give this article a read and find out how you can get cash from a prepaid visa debit card?

Having a prepaid card is an advantageous method to pay for items and administrations whether in person or on the web. Rather than hauling money around, you simply load your cash on your prepaid check card, making it more secure and more practical.

You can likewise get your check and government benefits on your prepaid card. The United States government has even utilized prepaid cards to send Covid boost installments to residents with no accessible financial data in 2020. As a result of it, only within the U.S. during the company’s fiscal year 2020, there were 71.62 billion Visa payment transactions.

With a significant number of us utilizing prepaid cards, one regularly posed inquiry is how to get cash from a prepaid visa debit card to a reserve fund or financial records?

Changing over your Visa gift vouchers to cash can be an extraordinary method to ensure that you are really ready to utilize whatever balance you have on the card. What’s more, is that the alternatives on this rundown have the additional advantage of being totally secure and extremely easy to do.

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Can You Transfer Money From A Prepaid Card To A Bank Account?

Bank Account
Bank Account

The initial phase in the process is to check if your card even permits you to move assets to your ledger in any case. The good news is that you can actually move cash from a prepaid card to a financial balance in practically all cases. Yet, how you do it relies upon what sort of prepaid card you have.There are two types of prepaid cards:

  • Regular Prepaid Card
  • Prepaid Gift Card

Transfer Money From Gift Cards To Bank Accounts?

How can one transfer a Visa gift card to a bank account? There are a few ways though that involve a transfer of the Visa gift card to your bank account. From there, you’ll then be able to withdraw the money as cash.

1. Use your Visa gift card to buy other merchants’ gift cards

In the event that there is a specific store you shop at that does not acknowledge your Visa gift card for purchase, you can utilize this card to buy a gift voucher from the store where you need to purchase something. What’s more, is that on the off chance that you look online, you can in some cases discover these available to be purchased for up to 20% off, which means you are getting 20% of the Visa gift voucher balance for nothing. This could incorporate stores like Amazon, Walmart or even Starbucks if you were wanting to change over your Visa gift vouchers to cash just to get a caffeine hit. Then again, you could acquire gift vouchers to every one of these stores and dozens more by utilizing an application like Swagbucks. It is essentially similar to acquiring free espressos by procrastinating on your phone.

2. Add it to your PayPal wallet

PayPal lets you add prepaid cards, including Via gift cards, to your PayPal wallet. This means you are then ready to deal the balance like money, by utilizing it to buy things from any vendor that acknowledges PayPal (which is most major ones nowadays). By doing this, you additionally have the choice of transferring the cash to your own connected ledger or send the cash on your gift card to other PayPal clients. Simply watch out for the charges in the event that you do this, which can equate to up to 3% of what you are transferring.

It is significant to note that a far simpler approach to bring in cash to put towards your PayPal account is to pursue a free money back application like Ibotta. You can cash out your income, including the $20 reward you will get only for joining, on a PayPal gift voucher, which is essentially similar to getting cash.

To acquire cash from a Visa gift card to PayPal accounts, just do the following:

  • Sign in to your PayPal account.
  • Select the “Wallet” option present at the top of the page
  • There should be a choice on the left to “Link a card or bank”. You will have the option to locate this under any current cards or banks you have linked. Click on this and proceed through the prompts.
  • At the point where PayPal approaches you for the applicable data, add the details of your Visa gift card. Then click on “Link Card”.
  • Quite possibly you may get a blunder when attempting to do this. In the event that that transpires, you may need to initially enlist the card with the backer so a location is connected to the Visa gift voucher.
  • From that point forward, PayPal ought to have no issue tolerating it.

3. Add it to your Venmo account

Like PayPal, you can put your Visa gift card balance on your Venmo account. Also, this is really a superior alternative than PayPal in the event that you were intending to move the cash to your own record as cold, hard cash. This is on the grounds that Venmo does not charge any expense to move cash from your Venmo record to your ledger, except if you select the Instant Transfer alternative. Otherwise, the cash ought to show up in your record inside one to three business days. To do this, go into the Venmo application and discover the choice that lets you add gift vouchers. Quite possibly you will get an admonition message here for misrepresentation anticipation, so either attempt again or call Venmo client support at their helpline to check whether they can clear up the issue.

4. Pay your bills with your Visa gift card

Utilizing your gift card to take care of a tab is actually equivalent to changing over your Visa gift card to money – despite the fact that you will never really see the cash. Simply recollect that in light of the fact that the Visa gift voucher is dealt with the same as a credit card, you will additionally bring about any credit card expenses, so ensure you figure it out to affirm that it is justified, despite all the trouble.

5. Go to a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk to trade it in

One very simple approach to change over Visa gift cards to cash is to discover a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk. They are generally yellow and you can frequently find them in shopping centers and stores. You should simply enter your gift card’s data into the stand, which will incorporate things like the arrangement of numbers on the facade of the card. At that point you will be given a scope of offers for you to decide which one you need. Whenever you have made your choice, you will be given a voucher to take to the clerk to get your cash.

6. Sell your Visa gift card through an app

Another choice is to sell your Visa gift voucher on different applications that will get it from you to exchange it. While this can be a brisk method to change over your Visa gift vouchers to money, the expenses are truly steep so this ought to presumably be your last choice if the others are not workable for unknown reasons. For instance, Raise has an application that does this for the two iOS and Android, in spite of the fact that they will take 15% commission for doing this. A similar one is Prepaid2Cash, another site that has an application for iOS and Android to exchange your Visa gift card for money. This one works slightly differently, because:

  • First you reveal to them the brand of the gift voucher (for this situation: Visa)
  • At that point they send you a proposal through the application for the card
  • You have no commitment to acknowledge this offer but once you do, they will store it into your record in up to five business days
  • This implies that the expenses they charge are consolidated into the offer, so it is not completely direct. They state, nonetheless, that the offer will be up to 92% of the card balance, which means the charges are in any event 8%.

7. Convert your Visa gift card to cash by selling it to a website

There are a lot of sites that will pay money for your Visa gift voucher. Notwithstanding the ones referenced over that have applications for this, there are also others like Gift Card Granny, CardCash and that’s just the beginning. On the off chance that your gift voucher is advanced, at that point the cycle can be quick. In any case, regardless of whether you have an actual card, a portion of these destinations will pay for your postage to send them the card, so you would not wind up losing any cash on that front. Like with the applications, the destinations will take an expense dependent on a level of the equilibrium of the card, so ensure you realize exactly how much this is prior to consenting to the deal. Likewise, it tends to be a smart thought to do a few looks for the site you are thinking about utilizing, just to get the most exceptional surveys on whether others have had a decent involvement in them.

8. Use it to buy a money order

Stores like Walmart along with certain markets will let you purchase cash orders utilizing your Visa gift voucher. All things considered, the accessibility of this can differ, so check if this is a choice in your general vicinity. In any case, whenever you have done this, the cash request would then be able to be stored into your ledger to be utilized as directly up money. One thing you should remember, nonetheless, is that a few banks have had a propensity for closing down records if an excessive number of cash orders are kept. Accordingly in the event that you do decide to do this, maybe consolidate it with a portion of different choices on this rundown.

9. Give them out as gifts

One approach to change over Visa gift cards to cash is to utilize them like money. We referenced things like utilizing them to cover tabs, however you can likewise give them as a present. This can be an incredible option in contrast to giving somebody, state, cash in a card or a store-explicit blessing voucher.

10. Turn your Visa gift cards to cash by buying and reselling items

This may take a few extra steps to do, however, it could be the main other alternative on this rundown that lets you bring in cash from changing over your Visa gift cards to money (notwithstanding purchasing dealers’ gift vouchers). As referenced, most stores treat Visa gift cards like charge cards. This implies that you can by and large utilize them to purchase things at practically any store, so watch out for things that are either intensely diminished or popular. In the two cases, there is a decent possibility you might have the option to exchange the thing at a greater cost than what you paid. Thus, in the end, this will let you get money from your gift card.

How To Get Cash From A Prepaid Visa Debit Card?

Prepaid Visa Card
Prepaid Visa Card

The process is simple. You just need to insert, tap or swipe your prepaid debit card at the reader and ask for cash back- some terminals will do it automatically but if not then you’ll have told them that’s what you want!

This is a card that can be utilized anyplace where credit/check cards are acknowledged. In the event that you have utilized your prepaid card at better places with no difficulty, at that point you have a regular prepaid card. How can you get cash off your card? We have discovered that the most ideal approach to do this is by utilizing remittance organizations like MoneyGram.

Here are some reasons why we love this method:

  • Safe: MoneyGram has been in business since 1940, and is the world’s second biggest money transfer company.
  • Fast: You will get your money in minutes if you go for the Debit Card Deposit option.
  • Cheap: Charges are as low as $1.99.
  • Reliable: Numerous people have successfully used this method, and it seems to work for virtually any prepaid card.

The following steps show how you can transfer cash from your prepaid visa debit card to your bank account using MoneyGram:

1. Sign Up For An Account At MoneyGram.Com

Click on the ‘Sign Up’ option on the MoneyGram website in order to create an account. You will be using your email address to create the account. Moreover, you might have to give some photo identification to confirm that you are a legitimate person.

2. Navigate To The ‘Send Money’ Page And Fill Out Payment Info

As soon as you are signed up, click on the “Send Money” option in the menu. A page will appear on your screen. On this page:

  • Enter the sum of money that you want to send
  • Select Debit/Credit Card
  • Choose the ‘Account Deposit’ option (or the ‘Debit Card Deposit’ option if you do not see the ‘Account Deposit’ option. For this to happen, a debit card linked to the bank account you’re sending money to is required.)

3. Complete Your Bank Details

After you click ‘Next’, you will be taken to another page. Enter your Receiver’s details there. This will be data like your name, address and account or debit card information. As soon as you do this, click on the ‘Next’ option. As per the MoneyGram site, many account deposits are finished in no time, subject to banking hours and the accessibility of the system.

How Much Money Can You Put On A Prepaid Visa Card?

Prepaid Visa Card
Prepaid Visa Card

When it comes to prepaid debit cards, one of the biggest headaches can be limits on the balance you can carry. If you’re having your paycheck automatically added to the prepaid card and are good at saving up money, you could easily hit a limit that creates problems for your money management strategy. So we’ve pulled together a list of the best no limit or high limit prepaid debit cards you might consider if you want to avoid this particular issue.

1. PayPal Prepaid Mastercard – $15,000

Daily spending limit: Up to $5,000 per day

Amount you can withdraw: Up to $940 per day at an ATM.

2. Brink’s Prepaid Mastercard – $15,000

Daily spending limit: $5,000 per day

Amount you can withdraw: Does not offer free ATM withdrawals, but you can withdraw up to $940 a day after paying the ATM fee.

Amount you can load: Up to $7,500 per day in cash.

3. Netspend Prepaid Visa – $15,000

Daily spending limit: $4,999 per day

Amount you can withdraw: $940 per day at an ATM

Amount you can load: Up to $7,500 in cash in a day.

4. NexsCard Prepaid Visa – $20,000

Daily spending limit: Up to $5,000 per day

Amount you can withdraw: $940 per day at an ATM

Amount you can load: $10,000 in cash in a day

5. CashPass Visa – $20,000

Daily spending limit: Up to $5,000 per day

Amount you can withdraw: $920 per day at an ATM

Amount you can load: $10,000 in cash in a day

How To Withdraw Money From A Prepaid Card?

Visit an accredited ATM and use your prepaid card at an ATM that is run by the bank that issued the card. You can likewise visit any ATM that shows one of the network brands shown on the rear of your card. Enter your PIN, and complete your transaction.

Insert your card in the ATM machine and enter your PIN. The machine will at that point reveal to you how much the withdrawal expense is. Now, you can choose to proceed or drop your transaction. Select “checking” when asked what account you wish to use. In the event that you are withdrawing $20, but you have to pay a $3.50 expense, your withdrawal sum is $23.50.

Can You Transfer Money From A Gift Card To A Debit Card?

Debit Card
Debit Card

It is not typically possible to legitimately transfer money from a gift card to a debit card. Nonetheless, you can do a few things that can let you do that given that you add a couple of additional steps in the middle. For instance, in the event that you add your Visa gift card to your PayPal wallet and, at that point transfer that cash to your own account, you will have access to that money through your debit card.

How do I cash out a prepaid debit card?

Prepaid debit cards can be a great alternative to traditional checking accounts, especially if you don’t have access to a traditional bank. However, one of the drawbacks of prepaid debit cards is that they may not offer all of the same features as a checking account, such as the ability to write checks or use an ATM.

Can you exchange a Visa gift card at Walmart?

Yes, you can exchange a Visa gift card at Walmart. However, you will need to have the card activated in order to do so. You can do this by calling the customer service number on the back of the card. Once the card is activated, you will be able to use it just like any other credit or debit card.

Can Visa gift cards be converted to the Cash App?

Yes, you can convert a Visa gift card to the Cash App. However, you will need to have the card activated in order to do so. You can do this by calling the customer service number on the back of the card. Once the card is activated, you will be able to use it just like any other credit or debit card.

Can you use a Visa gift card at an ATM?

Yes, you can use a Visa gift card at an ATM. However, you will need to have the card activated in order to do so. You can do this by calling the customer service number on the back of the card. Once the card is activated, you will be able to use it just like any other credit or debit card.

How to get cash from a Vanilla gift card?

There are a few different ways that you can get cash from a Vanilla gift card. One way is to go to a Vanilla Visa website and enter your card information. This will allow you to request a cash advance. Another way is to find an ATM that accepts vanilla Visa cards and withdraw cash from your account. Finally, you can also use your Vanilla Visa card to make purchases online or over the phone and then request a cash back option.

Can Visa prepaid be used at ATM?

Yes, you can use your Visa prepaid card at an ATM to withdraw cash or check your balance. You will need to create a PIN for your card before you can use it at an ATM. To do this, you will need to call the customer service number on the back of your card and follow the instructions.

How do I withdraw money from my Visa debit card?

If you have a Visa debit card, you can withdraw money from your account by going to an ATM or by using the “Cash Back” feature at a retail store. To withdraw money from an ATM, simply insert your card and enter your PIN. The ATM will dispense the cash you request, plus any applicable fees.

Final thoughts on converting Visa gift cards to cash

Although this process can get a little tedious, at least you are not completely out of options when it comes to getting cash from a prepaid visa debit card or a prepaid visa gift card. The article highlights the various tips, tricks and routes you can take to acquire your cash.

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