How to Pass the Property and Casualty Insurance Exam?

A step by step guide to help you pass the Property and Casualty Insurance Exam.

A step by step guide to help you pass the Property and Casualty Insurance Exam

It’s a natural phenomenon that we humans prefer planning out events rather than showing up unprepared. Things are simple and doable once you know exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it. Figuring out how it needs to be done, automatically follows.

Before taking any examination, you need to draft a preparation plan. Be it an entry-level or an advanced level examination unless and until you follow a proper guide, it’s tough to clear an assessment.

Can you write a book review without reading the book? Not. Similarly, how can you attempt an exam and hope to ace it without preparing for it and knowing exactly where you need to prepare for it from.

Once you know the syllabus and the exact content that you need to cover to clear an exam, it’s relevant to start with some study and, this is what the article is all about; a guide to help you understand how to pass the Property and Casualty Insurance Exam with flying colors.

Property and casualty insurance exam pass rate

A smart study is not just about collecting the right preparation material and strengthening core concepts but also about knowing the marking scheme so that you have a clear idea about the amount of energy and time you need to put in your preparation.

Briefly touching upon the know-how of property and casualty insurance exam, there are four basic exams given in most states – Life, Health, Property, and Casualty. The examinations are combined (Property & Casualty) in some states.

Insurance exam pass rates fluctuate considerably by state. Some states publish their pass rates while others do not, making it impossible to offer an accurate national pass rate for any exam. Nevertheless, the passing score for all examinations is 70%.

In most states, you need a score of 70-75 to pass each exam. That immediately gives an idea of how hard is the Property and Casualty insurance exam. It requires hard work and effort to prepare but, by following the study tips prescribed in this article, you should be well on your way to clearing your exam in the first attempt. That shall also help you learn what to expect on exam day.

Moreover, the passing score for all exams is 70%, and utilizing exam study tools can help you gauge whether or not you are ready to pass on the first try. The average exam-taker shall have to spend about 35 to 40 hours of studying to pass the life and health insurance exam.

Property and casualty insurance exam prep

Here’s a step by step guide and a bunch of tips to help you successfully clear your property and casualty insurance exam.

Know your syllabus/topics

You should know the topics you will be tested on and start with collecting the study material first like relevant notes, articles, books, tutorials, etc. That will help you plan out your preparation routine better and keep you organized throughout the course.

Carefully allocate your study time!

Thoroughly go through the State Exam Outline so that you understand what material will be covered under each of the topics and what weightage does each topic hold in the exam. The State Exam Outline tells you how many questions are in each section of the test. It advised focusing most of your study time on portions that have more exam questions as that will help you aim for a good score.

Start the property and casualty insurance exam prep a few weeks earlier so that you do not have to cram the week of or night before the exam. Spending 2 to 3 days studying after your licensing course is a great way to keep the information fresh in your mind and retain it.

Draft a schedule

Make a study calendar or schedule that notifies you about your daily goals every day. Do not go to bed before achieving the target you’ve set for the day. Make sure that you draft a doable schedule as failing to hit your daily goals might demotivate you in the first few days.

Hence, make a practical schedule keeping in view your current routine and the possible amount of time you can spend studying. Furthermore, make relevant changes in your everyday routine and maintain a healthy sleep cycle so that you’re able to study with a fresh mind every day and not fall short of energy halfway.

Build the right studying environment

Unless your study room is free of distractions, you won’t be able to grasp what you’re going through or be able to retain what you’ve just learned. The only way to get into the flow is to keep yourself away from all sorts of distractions. Turn your cell phone off so that you do not feel the need to check it every two minutes. Make sure that you’re away from television, family discussions, etc. so that nothing else catches your attention.

However, make sure that your mind doesn’t get tired of studying by taking 5-minute breaks but make sure that you do not use these breaks checking your phone or scrolling through your Instagram, for instance; as this won’t give your mind a break, instead, you’ll lose track of time and find it difficult to continue studying.

Set a timer of 30 minutes and give yourself the task of completing a specific topic within that time frame. That will help you focus better and train your mind on achieving targets.

Build the right studying technique

Your hard work won’t pay off unless you accompany it with some smart work. Focus more on preparing for the sections with higher weightage.

Base the property and casualty insurance exam prep on learning concepts rather than getting your mind puzzled in unnecessary details.

Search for online property and casualty quizzes and practice exams to test your knowledge. Suppose you have completely gone through the course but, you do not know how to attempt the exam, wouldn’t all of your hard work go useless then? Hence, look up for practice exams and attempt one practice exam every day so that you know exactly where you stand or are lagging.

An exam preparation course is quite a safe option too. Be it an online course or an academy near you that offers property and casualty licensing mentors will help you prepare for the exam. However, do your research and look for yourself if the preparation course is even worth it or not as it might cost you more than it benefits you in the end.

Do not leave anything for the last day!

As part of your schedule planning, do not leave any topic for the last day. All that you should be doing on that day is the revision to ensure that you retain all that you’ve studied for the exam day.

Burning the midnight oil is not an option. To attempt an exam with a fresh mind it is important to have a good 8 hours of sleep. You wouldn’t want to underperform on the day that you’ve spent weeks preparing for, would you? Hence, do not, in any case, rely on last day property and casualty insurance exam prep as it will only give a boost to your adrenaline level and make you panic.


No matter how much study material you collect or how many preparation courses you take, it won’t be of much relevance if you do not know how to make the best use of it. Having a library full of books won’t increase my knowledge unless I start reading those books. Consequently,  I won’t be able to grasp what I read unless I read it with full attention. Following that, I won’t be able to retain all the knowledge unless I develop a habit of revising the readings. Similarly, unless you give in your maximum effort and study with absolute concentration, you would not be able to perform well in the examination.

Therefore, stick by your schedule and book a day before the examination for revision. Do not panic or pull an all-nighter before the exam. When you know that you’ve studied well, all you need to do is have some good rest and a wholesome breakfast before attempting the examination.

Everything is possible if you’re ready to give in your best. Work for it and, you will see the impossible turning into possible, stay focused and keep yourself motivated throughout the journey, and to do that read success stories, gather tips to pass the property and casualty insurance exam. Last but not least, equip yourself with the art of applying all the knowledge that you gain every way possible.

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