Investing Apps: Which One Is Best To Download?

There is increased popularity for investing apps among investors. It is considered to be a convenient and quicker way of analyzing market.

The digital era has brought many changes into the world. Every industry, from medical, education, research, tourism, art, etc. have adopted digital technology in their field of expertise to make things easier; the business and trading market is also one of them.

With the increasing investment demand in the market and the world turning smaller because of smartphones, apps have become the latest trend of digital technology. Now for every task, there is an app designed to assist the users with work.

Investing apps have become quite popular among investors. It has grabbed the attention of every interested investor for making things easier and quicker.

Before introducing the app, people had to check the news or browse through google to see the condition of the stock market, which hindered their concentration for work.

Through investing apps, the market has been brought to the tip of our fingers for investments. They require only a small amount of money and little of your time. Whether you are a new investor or a veteran, investing apps are a must because they are much easier to get familiar with.

If you are looking for the best investing app, then you have landed on the right page. There are investing apps for beginners, minors, and students that you should know.

Here is a complete list of the best investing apps that you can download for trading and investment.

What is an investment?

Investment is an aspect of building wealth by preserving something for a certain time. It can take years or decades to increase its worth for wealth. Investment requires careful but quick decision-making skills because sometimes it can involve a huge amount of money.

Usually, people invest in art, wine bottles, real estate, or certificates that can profit them double the amount they pay for. Anything that is worth something to the world is investment material.

What is an investment market?

An investment market is a place where people can buy, sell, and analyze corporate and other organizational funds. These corporations can be open to public investment or privately let people invest. Furthermore, a company’s capital is determined by its position in the investment market.

There are many types of investment markets such as stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrency. All of them play the same role in generating wealth for the investor.

The stock market consists of stocks of a company that an individual can buy that can be used as funds to introduce a new product or increase popularity based on their business niche and pay back the double through profit.

In the Crypto market, there are many crypto brands like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Cardano, Ripple, etc. that help in investment for a company or an item.

These markets are the biggest industries around the world. People spend millions of dollars to invest and earn profit.

Why is investing important?

Have you ever wondered how millionaires turn into billionaires overnight? Why are investors always in demand in the market? Why do companies work hard to attract investors for funds? This is because of investment and trading.

Investing is an essential aspect of living in a materialist world that operates on capital. Regular jobs might be stable but you always remain a corporate slave; never prioritizing your health or dreams.

Investment means freedom from 9-5 jobs and living a healthy lifestyle that you always dreamt about. Therefore, you should learn trading and investment by downloading investing apps.

What is an investing app?

Investing apps are apps that facilitate investment for assets or items to gain profit or build wealth with time. The asset should be of a certain value that can increase over time. The item is not to be used but to be kept in possession for future wealth.

Instead of manually entering information and checking stocks, you can just download the app and look at the market even when you’re at work. It is not necessary for an app to only assist you for stock or crypto market, but there are other financial investments that you need to keep track of that are available in the form of investing apps.

With the world slowly turning into an electronic space, investing apps are part of the futuristic digital era in business. These apps are designed with precision containing all tools and browsing equipment.

How do investing apps work?

Investing apps are basically designed by trading experts to help people in making it easier to invest without any complications.

Like a social media account, every person has their own account in the investment market as well. Instead of signing up with only your email, you have to provide your personal details like citizenship number, income, debit/credit card information, etc.

After setting up an account, the investment apps either ask you to deposit a fee or none at all. It is important to know that the fee you pay is worth spending money on the app. There are some best investment apps for students that cost less but give good profit.

To be short, there are many investing apps, each serving a different purpose for investment. Some are solely made for learning and some are connected to the investment market.

Investing apps for beginners

Investment apps can be quite tricky, so it is essential to start small, learn about the investment market and decisions, and then you can invest in the bigger market.

You should be aware of the basic stuff about investments to be familiar with the platform. Your choice for downloading the investing apps can define your success or failure in the market as an investor. These apps are designed to make things easier for you.

For a side note, as a beginner, it is essential that you do your research and reading guides yourself before entering the investment world.

The key to finding the best investing app is to look for those that offer low cost and give maximum profit so that you can experiment with investment strategies without any financial worries. Here are some of the best investing apps for beginners:

Ally Invest

Beginners look for apps that don’t take too much commission and are easier to work with. They need properly organized and easy-to-navigate investing apps. Ally Invest provides the facility of trading stocks and EFTs without any worries through its mobile app.

You do not need to add any minimum amount to the account to get started. However, if you are doing mutual funds, then you pay a commission of $9.98. People who have a bank account Ally Bank can make more transactions; up to $250,000 per day.

For a personalized and detailed experience, consider choosing the Ally Invest app.


If you are the type to invest money on EFTs and stocks, then Robinhood is one of the best investing apps in the market. They have a unique brokerage model that requires zero commission, so you can focus on investment instead of worrying about the deductible amounts.

Buy your first-ever stock with Robinhood and benefit from the full profit. This app is very easy to navigate; it only takes a few hours to get familiar with the tools that are included in the app.

Robinhood also helps in investing in fractional shares and helps you customize your portfolio and trade for the real-time market. Through its infographics and quick notification features, the app makes it convenient for a busy individual to grab the opportunity on time.


The most helpful app that helps in spare change investing. Not everyone has the time to look at investments all day and keep track of their financial spending on investment. With a monthly fee of $5, Acorns can help beginners to learn at a slow pace.

They do automated transfers, important transactions, banking perks, and also provide an investment plan for the user.

Acorns are one of the ideal investing apps that is easy to navigate and familiarize with the investment industry. You can easily download an app from the App store and start investing today. It is also suitable for minors and students because of its various features and benefits. is social networking investing app for people who want to connect with others in the industry. It has Public Feed where you can browse through people’s profiles to see their portfolios and learn to build your own. You can create a group chat with other investors as well. requires no fee or minimum amount. The app also lets you invest in cryptocurrencies.

You can always invest as low as $5 for a company instead of buying a whole share. gives many facilities that beginners need to learn and grow their investment strategy and portfolio with the help of others.


Stash is one of the most popular and common investing apps for beginners. Many people who are not familiar with the stock market download this app to learn and grow their careers as investors.

This app gives knowledgeable content through games and other activities to help beginners learn about investment strategies and other basic stuff. We recommend this app for people who have no idea about the industry, it is a good start and worth every penny you spend.

To invest through Stash, you need to have a minimum amount of $5 in your account. They also require you to pay a monthly fee, ranging from $1 to $9. With its convenient and user-friendly features, you can track your progress and increase credibility with time.

If you are looking for an app that gives offers based on value investment, then Stash is the best option for you.


Everyone dreams of becoming an exceptional investor and quitting their regular 9-5 job, which does not pay money worth the effort.

Invstr brings a unique mix of investment and fantasy gaming genres. It is solely designed to educate beginners about investment and empower them to build their own strategies to survive in the market.

Invstr provides fake $1 million to each user and helps you take steps in investment through its content. If you are unsure about building trading portfolios, Invstr can be a good start for you. You can build an imaginative portfolio to get an idea of what you should be looking for in the real-life market.

It is a really interactive gameplay investing app that also offers fractional shares in stocks to beginners. Begin your journey as an investor with Invstr today!


If you are into trading and cryptocurrency, Wealthbase is the perfect app to learn about it. Unlike other investing apps, this is a simulation app for beginners. It is a fantasy-based trading app that you can play with your friends.

Trading is more fun and interactive if you have a social feature in it, and this is what Wealthbase offers. It gives you the opportunity to trade EFTs, stocks, and cryptos for free; like a game. You can check out your friend’s profiles and see what they’re up to on the app as well.

Navigating Wealthbase is easy. All you have to do is play a game, earn virtual cash of $100,000, invest in the market to build a virtual portfolio, and track your progress in the investment through the infographics provided by the app.

Wealthbase is available to all legal citizens of the United States for free and you can easily download it on your android or iOS device. You have to pay no fee or commission to earn money on this app.

Investing app tips for beginners

The investment market is a vast industry; it is very competitive and difficult to enter. Many people buy books or watch YouTube tutorials to know about investment strategies and building portfolios. It is important for beginners to do their research thoroughly and learn from the experts about the investment. Investing app is a smart way of entering the trading industry.

There are dozens of investing apps on the App store that sometimes it becomes hard to pick out the best one for you. The apps mentioned above are the best ones that are an educational and helpful guide to take the initial steps in the market.

You should know some of the investing app tips as a beginner so that you don’t fall victim of scams or financial loss.

The best app among the investing apps for beginners is the one that offers a low minimum amount to start trading and charges a low fee. There are some apps that are free of charge but aren’t much help. So, it is important that they offer services for a moderate fee.

The investment market can be tempting; some people end up making wrong decisions and lose a lot of money. It is essential to keep your mind calm and collected when investing money.

Before investing, think about whether it is worth it, will it give you profit, or if it can highlight your investment portfolio well. Investors need to build a reputation in the industry, and only the cool-minded ones can survive it.

You can try downloading the Invstr app to know all the basics about investment without wasting any money. The app is best for beginners to learn without the help of financial advisors or brokers, save time, and increase credibility to invest in a real-time market. Other apps are also very helpful for trading and investment.

Investing apps for minors

Learning investment at a young age is a great way of becoming a successful investor early. There are many examples of young investors who learned about the investment market as teenagers and became millionaires in their 20s and 30s. If they can do it, so can you!

There are many investing apps designed to either educate or facilitate investors to trade in stock, bonds, or cryptocurrency markets. As the world is slowly depending on the investment market, it is important to learn about it at a young age.

Since minors cannot open their own bank account or trading account, you can always open a Custodial Account with an adult for the investment apps.

If you are looking for investing apps for minors, the following are some of them that you can download on your device:


Stockpile is one of the easiest investing apps that is designed to facilitate young investors. It offers the best services without any fee or minimum investment amount in the account. If you are a parent who wants to teach children about trading stocks and cryptocurrencies, this app is the best choice for you.

Instead of giving profit through just stocks, the apps give gift cards of stocks to the users. These fractional investing techniques are perfect to intrigue young investors and learn about the market more.

As psychology says, reward reinforcement can contribute to learning, Stockpile works the same way. To gain that reward, the minors use their brains and learn from their mistakes to grow up as rich investors.


Greenlight is an investment app solely designed for minors. The Greenlight + invest is a program that enables minors to create bank accounts and do trading through Greenlight app.

With 1 month free trial and a monthly fee of $7.98, this app is worth investing time and money for minors. The app educates minors about trading stocks and investment strategies. If you are a parent, you can link your account with your kids’ account as a custodial account as well.

Through Greenlight, kids can invest in their favorite toy or entertainment companies as fractional shares. They can also learn how to sell those stocks and earn a profit.

To be short, Greenlight is a perfect educational and investment app for minors.


A parent who is a regular trader on UNest can sign up their kids to UNest to learn about trading stocks and cryptocurrencies. This app is ideal for kids because parents can make a custodial account for them and earn profits.

Downloading investing apps to build wealth for your minor kids is an ideal way of parenting. You save yourself and your kid from the financial worries of affording college, university, and living expenses.

To give your kids a better life, teach them investment from a young age so that they can grow up to do whatever they want without any financial struggles.

Best investment apps for students

Life as a student is never easy. You have academic problems, financial problems, social problems, and whatnot. Investing apps are a great solution to take away your financial worries. Many apps are designed to help students invest and earn profits to afford their academic studies. Study in your dream college today by investing your time and effort in investing apps.

Many people think that only business or economics students have the expertise to do trading. Well, they are wrong. It takes only a few guides reading and detailed research on trading stocks and cryptocurrencies to become a professional investor, and anyone can do it.

The best investment apps for students that are proven to be highly effective are Webull,, Acorns, M1 Finance, Stash, Vanguard, and many others. You can also try out the investing apps for beginners because they are very basic and help you earn a lot of profit in trading.

Final Words

Now that you have gone through all the lists of investing apps, you can easily pick and choose which one suits your requirements. As a student, it is better to download an app that has a low monthly fee and gives profit. As a beginner, you should look for apps that are motivating enough to encourage you in investing.

Trading for stocks, bonds, or cryptocurrencies is neither too easy nor too difficult. As long as you are passionate about making money and learning investment, nothing can stop you from conquering the market.

Whether you are a minor, a student, or a young adult, it is never too late to start living your dream life. So, download one of the investing apps and start trading today!

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