Kemper Auto Insurance – Everything Essential You Need To Know

This article will provide thorough, definitive information about kemper auto insurance and every necessary aspect that it carries with it.

Auto insurance is a contract between yourself and any insurance company that protects and provides you aid against any financial loss, theft, or accidental damage. By paying premiums, the company can pay for your losses in the case of property damage, theft, or any other loss. These insurance policies are very beneficial as they help individuals get over their loss without burdening their pocket.

This insurance policy can help you in case of accidents someone else causes as well as for the accidents that you are responsible for too. Moreover, it also always helps to get your car fixed, no matter whose fault it ends up being. This policy protects and safeguards your assets and provides security to your auto lender. In addition to all of this, the state has mandated this insurance.

Auto insurance is exceptionally beneficial and manifolds a variety of different advantages. Firstly, it helps survivors of accidents that result in deaths. Secondly, an auto insurance policy covers lawsuits and legal actions, including fines. Some other pros of auto insurance include covering vehicle recovery and repair bills that have to face any damage resulting from an accident. Thus, all sorts of possible damage that any hazardous situation causes are covered under an auto insurance policy.

There are multiple types of auto insurance policies that are present globally. However, three main types are universal and are offered in all parts of the world. These include liability auto insurance, comprehensive auto insurance, and collision insurance. However, drivers can also purchase others that provide them additional coverage, including protection for personal injuries. Unlike these three central insurance policies, not every state offers these to its residents.

Today, several companies are providing auto insurance to drivers in multiple states. And among these companies is a renowned company providing auto insurance in all 50 states of the USA. This company is Kemper. Kemper auto insurance is the policy that covers a variety of claims and damage that drivers have to face in times of need.

What is kemper auto insurance?

Kemper is an American insurance provider for drivers, families, and businesses. In addition to providing auto insurance, they also sell home insurance, supplemental insurance, and life insurance policies. According to, Kemper serves approximately 6.3 million customers all over the USA. Today, Kemper has become a popular choice for people who want to purchase insurance policies for themselves. Kemper is a reliable insurance company that ranks in the top 15 biggest car insurance companies. So its reputation is solid proof of why it is a great option.

Every insurance company sets its own terms and conditions in policies, so they vary from one to the other. But since most states require an insurance policy to drive a car, buying it has become a necessity. But it does not mean that you have to hurry into things and make the wrong decisions. When choosing auto insurance, it is mandatory to overview all possible options to make a good decision.

Primary services that auto insurance policies provide

Following are some of the most common types of car insurance with damages and losses they cover for individuals and drivers regarding their automobile vehicles:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage

Bodily injury and property damage liability

This type of insurance policy pays for injuries, deaths, and property damage that any accident causes. As its name depicts, this type of insurance policy is great for bodily injuries, as it can pay for minor and major injuries. Even in case of accidents by fault, it covers the cost for situations that involve death or property damage as well. This policy’s most significant advantage is covering expenses that can be heavily costly. This type of condition is typically present in every auto insurance.

Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage

This insurance policy is an excellent way of covering costs that an individual has to pay in case of insufficient insurance or no insurance at all. This insurance is also exceptionally beneficial in an accident with an at-fault driver who carries no insurance. If the other driver’s liability limits are too low to cover the medical expenses, this policy saves you from emptying your pockets on expensive medical bills. This coverage is often required and essential in an auto insurance policy.

Collision coverage

As the title showcases, this policy helps in cases of collision due to traffic accidents. Regardless of fault, this policy covers expensive repair bills and keeps a driver safe from the struggle of finding money right away. In addition to repairing, it also helps a driver replace a vehicle if the need arises. After paying your deductibles, your collision coverage will enable you to replace or repair your car up to its actual cash value and either fix it or get a newer vehicle altogether.

Comprehension coverage

This coverage pays additional support to you in case of natural hazards or events that take place on their own without your involvement. These include weather events, animal attacks, theft, and malicious mischief and demolition. Since an individual cannot cause any of the upper described events, these fall under the coverage umbrella of the comprehension insurance policy.

Kemper auto insurance payment and factors affecting its rates

Like every company, Kemper also considers different factors when calculating insurance rates. A few of these factors include a person’s age, his gender, where he resides, or in simple words, his location, the driving history he holds, his marital status and his income, etc. Other additional factors that make a difference include qualifying for multi-vehicle or multi-policy discounts. Drivers who have DUI, SR-22, lousy credit score, or carry no prior insurance policy can also get insurance from this company.

What are DUI and SR-22?


DUI or driving under the influence refers to drivers who get caught driving after alcohol consumption. But Kemper auto insurance company provides insurance to such drivers as well. There are six types for this offense, all focusing on influence. These are as follows:

  • Alcohol (.08 or greater)
  • Alcohol – Any Amount & Unsafe to Drive
  • Intoxicating Compounds
  • Legally Prescribed Medications
  • Combination of Alcohol and Drugs
  • Cannabis & Controlled Substances


SR-22 is a certificate of financial responsibility. Many states have mandated this certificate for some drivers. This is a form that a driver files with the state, and it serves as evidence of minimum liability coverage according to state law.

Kemper auto insurance products and coverage

In addition to providing insurance to drivers with DUI and SR-22, Kemper auto insurance also offers several other features and aspects to high-risk drivers across different states. These aspects include a variety of inclusions, and some are listed below:

  • Insurance for salvaged vehicles
  • Text alerts in case of need
  • Broad coverage

Insurance for salvaged vehicles

Kemper auto insurance policy provides insurance for salvaged vehicles as well. Kemper offers insurance for cars that get rebuilt after an accident or an incident. This category falls under the title of “salvaged cars.” This way, all the vehicles that have to face damage and deterioration also have insurance. People can avail of these policies to protect themselves from sudden, costly bills and expensive situations.

Text alerts

Text alerts are another worth-mentioning feature that Kemper auto insurance provides to its clients and customers. These alerts can inform a person in case his policy is at risk of cancellation due to nonpayment or any other issue that arises. These text alerts can keep a person updated and assist him in hours of need.

Broad form of coverage

A broad form of coverage provides insurance to drivers in place of vehicles. This type of insurance is a great lower-cost option and opportunity for drivers, employees, or anyone with a company vehicle. But only in case, he does not own a personal car. This coverage is an excellent option to cover medical expenses and costly bills.

All these features make Kemper auto insurance a great option for individuals. This is one of the reasons why the company has so many clients and customers all over the USA.

Kemper’s specialty and its standard auto insurance policy

Kemper Specialty is one of the nation’s leading insurance companies in several states. It offers auto Insurance policies with a claims service to its clients and customers that is undoubtedly among the best in the industry. Like all insurance companies, Kemper’s also provides a series of policy options for their clients and customers.

These factors can further facilitate a person buying their insurance policies. Any ideal policy includes payment of final costs, coverage of bills in case of death, paying debt or helping in replacing a car, and other incidents. Some of these standard policy options include the following features:

  • Car replacement
  • Gap insurance
  • Enhanced coverage

Car replacement

A car or vehicle can face damage in accidents or other natural hazards. Such situations call for measures to repair damage or replace the car altogether. According to the car replacement policy of Kemper auto insurance, if your car is seriously damaged, this insurance policy will cover all mandatory damages. This policy is applicable even if the car’s value is less than the repair cost. Such measures help drivers to ensure the availability of an auto vehicle. This policy provides the payment of an amount equal to the car’s value, minus the deductibles if, in any case, your car is a total loss.

Gap insurance

One other form of insurance is gap insurance. This allows a person to pay off an auto loan when and if his car is totaled or stolen, and then you have to pay more than the car’s depreciated value. This type of insurance helps pay the gap amount between depreciated value and what a person still owes on a vehicle. Usually for vehicles no more than three years old, Kemper’s auto insurance policy ensures paying and covering the difference between one’s car’s actual value and the amount you owe on your loan or lease.

Enhanced coverage

According to the enhanced coverage insurance policy of Kemper offers a coverage option that includes accident forgiveness, a coverage of deductibles in case your car is damaged while it is parked somewhere, a credit to pay off personal property damage if a person drives safely, etc. In addition to this, this package covers various other things such as replacing key or entry transmitter devices in the vehicle and coverage of an accident.

Rental car reimbursement

In situations when a person has to rely on rented cars, this coverage can help pay the cost of rental cars while his own is getting repaired for damage. This package lets you pay for transportation expenses, for instance, renting a car or even using public transportation, while your own vehicle also gets covered under the damage repair policy of the insurance. This way, a person can get his car repaired and stay relieved, knowing he does not have to pay for additional transportation fares or rents for the new vehicle.

Roadside assistance

As the title of the program indicates, this policy makes sure that whenever a person is stranded on the roadside, then by this program, he can get whatever assistance he may need. This can be medical assistance or anything that any person may need in such situations.

These features are premium aspects that Kemper auto insurance provides to its clients and purchasers. These are the things that make Kemper an all-rounder company to offer multiple benefits and advantages to its policy users and utilizers.

Discounts included in Kemper’s auto insurance policy

In all states in which Kemper operates, the rule set is different and varies from state to state. So there are no hard and fast rules to follow. So, the things on which Kemper’s offers discounts to its clients and customers. Some of these discounts are as follows:

  • Avoiding accidents and traffic violations.
  • In case you avail of insurance for more than one car can lead to a discount offer
  • Owning a home or having a renters insurance policy can somehow reduce the cost of the auto insurance
  • Having multiple insurance policies with Kemper can also help in getting a discount
  • Making a sizeable down payment on your policy premium or paying the entire premium upfront can also show your professional work ethics
  • Having safety equipment such as airbags, anti-theft devices or automatic seat belts in the vehicles
  • Accepting paperless contracts, signing documents online and choosing automatic payments can also help in getting discounts
  • Having good grades, if you or someone insured on your policy is a student
  • Leaving the car at home while away at school, this aspect can avoid any
  • Completing a course in defensive driving or accident prevention
  • Referring someone who buys a Kemper auto insurance policy
  • Being married or in a legally recognized civil union or domestic partnership can also make a person more credible than a single individual
  • Staying continuously covered with a previous insurer before switching to Kemper can show your responsible behavior and help you land a discount
  • Being 55 or older and completing an accident-prevention course can help senior citizens in getting discounts

Every person who can ensure any of the following situations may be seen eligible for different types of discounts and avail some dollars off on the policies they want to purchase. All these factors either impact the cost of the policy or make a person eligible for discounts. The eligibility for discounts varies depending on additional factors that include the age of a person, gender, the location at which he resides, and thinks that include having more than one policy at the same time, etc.

Kemper’s employees can also enjoy this leverage of having discounts with no already-existing claims or have proven their loyalty to their company. When shopping for the best suitable policy, it is also important to consider coverage availability and discounts that any company can offer. This can help you get the best policy and best rates for it as well. This is why Kemper auto insurance is an excellent option for its employees as well.

How to get a suitable auto insurance policy?

To land hands on the most suitable insurance policy, comparing companies and different pros and cons of insurance policies is a great way to explore all your available choices. The companies also require some basic information, including your age, gender, location, driving history, car type, etc. On the other hand, the other things that an individual needs to know about a policy are its features such as safety features, mileage range and the policy package any company offers, what aspect it will cover, etc. These things can help a person make suitable decisions and avail of the most fitting policy package.

Determining the type and category of coverage that is the most suitable for you can also help you make a good decision. Coverage limits are the essential factor that any person should notice before purchasing any policy. Noticing the number of customers every company has can also let you know of the reputation it carries. Customer reviews are other things that can help any person understand a company, its policies, and what different it offers from its competitors in the market. In any case, a high number of complaints may indicate the lousy work ethics of an insurance company.

This is undoubtedly the best way to test any company, its insurance policies, and its payment rates with inclusion to its upfront premiums. By following these steps, anyone can instantly understand everything he needs to know about the insurance types and companies available for him. A benefiting policy can lead to several expense coverage and damage payments. Worrying for expenses and emptying your pockets are not necessary when you have purchased such policies for yourself.

Why choose Kemper auto insurance?

Unlike all other companies, Kemper auto insurance provides and offers benefits to policyholders; these include accident forgiveness, reimbursement in case of trip interruption and expenses related to it, diminishing deductible, etc. Moreover, buying any insurance policy program or even filing a claim with Kemper insurance obtains an entirely easy plan. Obtaining quotes through their websites and getting in contact with their customer service providers is also an effortless task.

The things that you may need to provide to their customer representatives include your driving history, information about the vehicle you have, a copy of your current insurance policy if you hold any, and some other essential things. So the process is itself easy and understandable. They do not require you to fill out additional, lengthy, and confusing forms or provide any more information to make you face some issues.

Kemper auto insurance phone numbers

Every state has its own Kemper office or any other agent who can provide the services; however, there is also its website where people can get quotes and even talk to customers’ representative agents.

Some of the helplines and phone numbers that can get you in touch with their agents according to your query or issue include the following options:

Report a Claim.

Report Online. 1-800-3KEMPER. Twenty-four hours, 7 Days a Week. Get a Quote. 1-800-463-4648

Customer Service

1-800-782-1020. 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM LOCAL Time, M-F. Commercial Auto. 1-800-722-3391

Driver Club

1-855-697-4611. Twenty-four hours, 7 Days a Week. Postal Address. Kemper Corporation.

Kemper auto insurance locations

There are many states in which Kemper deals directly and some where it operates through agents. Its headquarter is in Chicago, Illinois; however, it also has offices in the following states:

  • Dallas, Texas
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Cerritos, California
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Louis, Missouri
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Alpharetta, Georgia
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

All these offices operate in their respective areas and provide services to clients and customers all over the state. This is the reason why Kemper’s has managed to be a worth-mentioning company in the field of auto insurance and some other types of insurance policies.


Auto insurance policies do not just provide protection to your cars in case of sudden accidents. Still, they can also provide assistance to an individual for financial liability, medical expenses, and even costs related to the vehicle. Moreover, these policies also protect your assets and also set better compensation availability for people who get injuries from accidents. Kemper auto insurance is exceptional because of all its beneficial features and aspects.

To protect yourself and your vehicle and avoid costly medical and financial bills, it is very advantageous for individuals to avail themselves of auto insurance policies. With all of its plus points, Kemper’s is present for you.

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