Mortgage Insurance In Case Of Death

Mortgage insurance may be a good way to have your mortgage debt paid when you die. But there’s a catch. Read below to find out.

Let’s assume you just got married or you found a cool new location, and you decide to buy a house. Typically, your real estate broker will offer you a mortgage insurance plan. But you ask, how does a mortgage life insurance work?

The policy’s length will determine the number of years you have until you fully pay off your mortgage. In such a case, your house lender is the beneficiary. In case you die, the insurance company will pay off the remaining debt to your broker, NOT your spouse or your family.

People can have a joint mortgage life insurance plan; for instance with their spouse. If both the people die at the same time, the company will cover the mortgage life insurance cost and pay off your house lender. If one of the two people dies, the spouse will have to continue paying.

Mortgage Protection Insurance Quote

A mortgage protection life insurance is simply to pay off a mortgage debt of a policyholder in case they die.

People typically ask for mortgage coverage because in an untimely death, if their family can’t pay off mortgages it could lead to consequences, such as foreclosure in an extreme case. And to avoid putting that sort of financial debt on families, people often opt for mortgage life insurance.

But if you don’t have any dependents, this is a good way to have your mortgage paid. Life insurance costs more than mortgage protection (this is another reason why your bank may only give you a life insurance option without even discussing mortgage protection possibilities. So know your facts!)

Here is a list of all the best mortgage protection insurance companies in 2020 that allow mortgage protection policies.

Discover $35,000–$200,000 10 to 30 years 3.99%–11.99% Low rates
BMO Harris Bank $5,000 and up 5 to 20 years 4.49%–Unspecified Different loan options
KeyBank $25,000–$150,000 5 to 30 years 6.64%–Unspecified Homeowners with limited equity
Spring EQ $25,000–$500,000 Up to 30 years 5.205%–Unspecified Homeowners with average credit
Flagstar Bank $10,000–$500,000 5 to 20 years 5.88%–Unspecified Flexible loan terms
U.S. Bank $15,000–$750,000 Up to 30 years 4.05%–Unspecified Low fees at a national bank
Navy Federal Credit Union $10,000–$500,000 5 to 20 years 4.99%–Unspecified Service members
Frost $2,000 and up 7 to 20 years 4.49%–5.64% Low fees at a regional bank
Connexus Credit Union $5,000 and up 5 to 20 years 4.482%–Unspecified Branch network
Regions Bank $10,000–$250,000 7, 10, or 15 years 3.25%–11.625% Customer experience

Note: Sample rates have been extracted online, courtesy of BankRate.

Mortgage Protection Insurance Calculator

You must have searched the internet for mortgage life insurance quotes, but you must have had a really hard time. Finding an accurate quote is a really tough job, because insurers don’t quote them online on websites anymore.

What you can do is look for a quote online, answer simple questions about your age, health and you can easily get a rate. You can use this mortgage life insurance calculator online via Confused.

From this tool, you can find all sorts of mortgage protection life insurance quotes and find an estimate of which option to go for. Of course money is very important in such a situation and getting a quote will only make it easier for you to decide, before banks can take advantage of you.

Mortgage Life Insurance Companies

For far too long people have been searching for the best mortgage life insurance companies and whether to sign up for suitable plans. Make sure the company you choose guides you on exactly what a mortgage life insurance is and how it works, and if it suits you, then only you sign up for it.

  1. Globe Life Mortgage Protection Insurance
  2. Wells Fargo Mortgage Life Insurance
  3. VA Mortgage Life Insurance (Veterans mortgage life insurance)
  4. State Farm Mortgage Life Insurance
  5. Chase Mortgage Life Insurance

Mortgage Life Insurance No Medical Questions

If you have gotten a mortgage within a year, you can get up to $500,000 in a term mortgage life insurance policy without a medical exam. If you obtained your mortgage over a year ago, or don’t have a mortgage currently, you can still get a non-medical term life policy, typically up to $350,000 in coverage.

It is important to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages that may be in store for you, should you accept a policy. One of the major advantages of a mortgage life insurance is no medical exam, so it is generally easier for people with health conditions to apply. Convenience in application (any age), it has a lower cost than life insurance, and pays off your mortgage debt if you die!

Is Mortgage Death Insurance worth it?

All things considered, your home loan is your most expensive outflow every month. In the event that you quit getting a pay due to being unemployed, would you be able to stand to continue paying your mortgage? On the off chance that the appropriate response is no, you should consider getting a mortgage protection insurance.

It merits contemplating since, supposing that you can’t pay your home loan, you could hazard losing your term.

Having mortgage protection insurance implies you’d get a month to month pay for a set measure of time on the off chance that you were unable to work. For instance, your mortgage protection insurance strategy may allow both of you years of regularly scheduled installments. Different approaches offer six month installments, yet most strategies pay out for around a year.

Most back up plans let you pick a payout that covers your month to month contract reimbursements precisely. Some home loan protection suppliers additionally let you add cover for your bills. For instance, this may be an extra 25% on top of your home loan reimbursements.

There are likewise some mortgage protection insurance that pays out depending on the size of your compensation. For instance, you could get contract insurance cover for half of your compensation.

Why is Mortgage Insurance bad?

When you start weighing the pros and cons and then look at the other insurance options, you may feel that life insurance to pay off a mortgage isn’t the best idea for you.


Sure, the idea sounds great! Having the mortgage cost being completely paid off after you die. But have you realized that the premiums you are paying to the policy may very well be a burden on the current financial condition of your family? And for what?

The money isn’t even coming to your family.

In such a case, I would suggest that you go for a term life policy which has affordable premiums and the death payout can be used to pay off your mortgage. At least some part of it could be used by your family.

Imagine the death payout is a particular sum, and the mortgage is 70% of that sum. Which means that the fruit of your hard work- that remaining 30% can be used by your family after you die. It could be used as a financial pillar for your family until they’re back on their feet and earning for the household. Because life insurance benefits may be used to pay off a home mortgage or other debts at the time of death.

This option makes more sense, right?

Whatever you choose to do or whatever policy you select, make sure to consider all internal and external factors and even consider the future a little. Which policy will benefit your family? Which will pay off mortgage debts? Which will remove financial instability in my family? Answer all these questions wisely before you put your signature down on a piece of paper.


Mortgage insurance is a kind of policy where if a policyholder dies, the policy covers their mortgage debts. No matter how convenient that may sound, having mortgage insurance in case of death comes with a few complications.

Buy a term life insurance policy for the measure of your home loan. At that point, in the event that you die during the “term” when the policy is in force, your friends and family get the face value of the policy. They can utilize the returns to take care of the home loan. These are usually tax-free.

You need to make sure that you go through all the pros and cons of a mortgage insurance before even deciding what you want to do. And make sure you shop around for policies to get the best one, and on a lower rate of premiums. It is important to know if you really want this way to have your mortgage paid and whether this will be really worth it for you.

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