Strategies to Cope With Anxiety and Study Stress

Learning is a long and complicated process for many students. Unfortunately, many learners face serious difficulties when preparing for exams and tests. Moreover, completing a common academic assignment might often turn out to be a true challenge: you need to search for countless arguments, collect the best examples, compose professionally-looking writing, and demonstrate your analytical skills. 


As a result, the mental condition of many students might significantly worsen. Some learners face insomnia, and depression, along with extreme levels of study stress and anxiety. So, what are the most effective ways to cope with all these dangerous conditions? It’s time to get the answer. 

Top Strategy To Cope With Study Stress 

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Follow A Healthy Diet 

The human body is a complicated system, where everything is connected in the most fantastic way. What does it mean? It means a lack of vital nutrients and vitamins might cause serious issues with your nervous system and mood. In other words, an unhealthy diet causes a negative impact not only on your physical condition but also on your mental well-being. 


For example, a lack of vitamin D often decreases your ability to remember many facts effectively. If you fail to consume enough magnesium and vitamin B6, you might begin suffering from anxiety. You can also constantly feel extreme fatigue. Anyway, if you don’t have a well-balanced diet, your body might be exhausted in no time. 


Therefore, if you want to become happier and not worry so much about your studies, it’s time to pay attention to your diet. Make sure to eat more vegetables and fruit, as well as consult your physician on whether you need to consume some dietary supplements. 

Sleep Well 

Learning, preparing for exams, having a job, and visiting student parties might leave you very little time for a night of healthy sleep. Some students report sleeping no longer than 6 hours during their working days. However, this common practice causes a negative impact on your body.


Depression, extreme stress, and anxiety are often caused by lack of sleep. The reason is that the human brain and nervous system should have enough rest and sleep all the time. If you constantly have sleep disorders, you will likely face other conditions with your mental health. 

Communicate More 

Communication is an excellent way to reduce your study stress. The fact is that other students have the same issues with learning as you do. If you share your worries and emotions with others, you can soon start feeling better. 


What is more, spending time with your friends and classmates will unwind your mind. If you have an opportunity to distract yourself from learning from time to time, you will help your nervous system cope with study stress much easier. As a result, you will start feeling happier and consider your learning problems as temporary issues you will soon solve. 

Work On Your Confidence 

Confident people usually have lower stress levels than those with chronic anxiety. However, becoming more confident is usually easier said than done. The good news is that although it might take much time, achieving this goal is still possible. But how can you become a stronger version of yourself? 


The most effective way might be to consult your psychologists. If you don’t have any, you can start reading books, watching videos, or listening to podcasts to find some practical advice on how to become more confident. Don’t expect immediate results – changing your attitude to learning and your life is not a process of a week or two. If you succeed, you will benefit from being stronger, more persistent, and fearless. Consequently, you will not experience high stress levels caused by learning issues. 

Get More Self-Time 

Any modern student should have a hobby or find other ways to relax and distract from studies. This might be sports, friends, or any kind of activity that makes you feel happier. Not to mention, scrolling the newsfeed of social media or watching Tik Tok videos is not considered a hobby. It is better to find something unique that brings you joy. For example, creating videos, photography, cars, scrapbooking, etc. 


All in all, reducing your stress levels caused by too intense studies is not easy. However, if you have enough sleep, follow a healthy diet, and have some free time for hobbies or communicating with friends, you will likely become calmer and have a better mood in a matter of just a few weeks. 

Sandra Johnson

Sandra Johnson

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