Triple A Car Insurance – Coverage, Costs, And Evident Benefits

This article provides in-depth details regarding Triple A car insurance and explains its coverage limits with costs to give a better idea.

Automobiles, in general, have made transportation easy for us. Imagine walking for hundreds of miles to go from one place to another. Today, transportation has provided ease, convenience, and reliability when life has become too busy. Unlike buses, planes, and public trains, a car is mostly a person’s own possession. People rely upon their cars and fulfill their duties regularly in such cases. But vehicles can break down, and people can also face accidents and other unfortunate events. This is where the need for a car insurance policy kicks in. Many companies are providing car insurance with reasonable coverage limits and affordable rates. Among these companies is the name of triple a car insurance. Providing a variety of car insurance coverage plans, American Auto Association (AAA) has made a solid market presence in the insurance world with its beneficial features and aspects.

What is Triple A car insurance?

American Automobile Association (AAA) or Triple A insurance is a company that is majorly known for its roadside assistance. However, this company also provides car insurance in most areas of the United States. According to AAA reviews, providing all necessary services to its policyholders, AAA car insurance or Triple A car insurance members have good experiences. They can take advantage of some unique benefits. Initially known for its Auto Club memberships, this company has gained popularity in the market as an insurance provider as well.

To get this car insurance, all a person has to do is gain membership in this company. Shopping for car insurance programs is nothing less than a struggle. Many choices are available for people, and they can have a hard time finding a suitable insurance program. Comparing rates from multiple insurance providers is always a beneficial factor. Car insurance programs help the owners with financial expenses and costs regarding medical aid and assistance. This is one of the most appropriate actions for unforeseen hazards and car-related issues.

Generally, car insurance programs are mandatory in all states of the USA. With the exception of New Hampshire, car insurance is necessary for all states. But the drivers have to prove that if an accident or sudden damage occurs, they can afford the expenses for compensation. But car insurance is lawfully necessary, and people must get car insurance programs. This type of insurance helps people to elongate the durability of their vehicles.

Car insurance doesn’t only protect your car if you get into a sudden accident. It also covers an insured person from financial liability, medical expenses, and legal costs. All states require you to have auto insurance so that you can pay for the damages and medical expenses that you’re liable for after a car accident. Triple A car insurance provides its clients and customers various advantages and helps them cover all expensive bills for car repair and other mandatory things.

Advantages of Triple A car insurance programs

A car insurance program helps with various things, and this is why every state encourages its residents to invest in insurance programs for their well-being and financial support. Some of the benefits of Triple A car insurance programs are as follows:

  • Long-term investments

Car insurance programs are just like investment schemes in which you pay now and save for later. This insurance can provide protection to you and your family from considerable, burdening amounts and expenses. Car insurances comprise small investments for your and your family’s future. Accidents are unforeseen events that nobody can stay away from. Even if a person is a careful driver, he can get involved in accidents, if not because of himself then because of another driver. The coverage range of car insurance programs include the following services:

The right car insurance policies provide safety to you and your family members and provide for others involved in the accident where you are the at-fault driver. If, in any case, a person gets involved in an accident, ensuring the right car insurance and suitable coverage is the right step to take. Insurance is a protective measure that prevents financial loss. Affording cars is not easy. Many people get cars on lease or take loans from the bank. On top of these expenses, if a person has to cope with additional costs, it can all get a lot more burdensome. People usually do not have enough savings and even if they do, spending all they have on car repairs and dealing with financial problems is not worth it

With the help of car insurance policies, people can safely stay away from sudden and unexpected costs and be on the safer side. Managing medical assistance for others is also a considerable burden. Thus, car insurance plans are here for your rescue. Triple A car insurance policies offer safety to you and your family members.

  • Save your valuable time and efforts

A car insurance policy saves you from efforts after an unexpected accident. While dealing with medical injuries, a person cannot worry about financial loss and car damage. Accidents are sometimes very brutal and can result in broken arms and legs and death in the worst cases. But even if a person does not die, he has to pay for car damage and also for the medical bills of the others involved in the accidents. With the proper coverage limits, a person can take care of damage to other vehicles and property damage if involved in the accident. An appropriate insurance plan can help with vehicle towing, repairs, and replacement if needed.

The only thing a person has to do is deal with claims so that the insurance-providing company can come forward and provide coverage for items according to policy limits. Triple A car insurance is the right solution to all your car-related issues, including accidents and other sudden events. If your car breaks down, or if there is some damage beyond repair. A car insurance policy also aids its insured in replacing a vehicle in case of irreparable damage.

  • A backup plan to your health insurance

Every insurance policy has a set limit up to which it provides coverage to its insured. So is the case with health insurance. But, people who have car insurance can pay for medical bills that their health insurance cannot and does not cover. This insurance covers dental treatments and other medical treatments after an accident.

  • Peace of mind

Last but not least, car insurance policies help people to get peace of mind. They do not have to worry about financial costs if they find themselves in an accident, regardless of fault. Car insurance policies also keep a person safe if he gets in contact with an uninsured and underinsured at-fault driver. Financial costs are a big bummer that can disrupt a person’s financial stability. Today, people understand the importance of having a car insurance policy and have benefited from its undeniable features.

Triple A car insurance provides all these benefits to its policyholders and offers a variety of choices to potential clients. Every person can find a suitable option for himself and provide for things he wants to include in his coverage limits.

What does Triple A insurance cover?

Throughout the United States, AAA or Triple A insurance sells and provides car insurance policies through different agents or different regional companies. For instance, people in North California, Arizona, and Pennsylvania can buy car insurance programs through California State Auto Insurance (CSAA). Similarly, Auto Club Enterprise Group provides car insurance to South California and Northern New England residents.

All insurance programs’ benefits and coverage limits vary from state to state. However, the common coverage features that Triple A car insurance provides to its policyholders are as follows:

  • Bodily injury
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Medical payments and bills
  • Uninsured and underinsured drivers

Bodily injury

This feature of car insurance programs helps a person pay for someone else’s emergency services and medical treatments if he causes an accident. Hospital trips are already expensive, and when a person needs medical help after an accident, the cost is sometimes too much that an average person cannot pay for it. This is where a car insurance program helps its holders and assists them with financial aid. Moreover, this feature also pays for follow-up doctor visits, medicines, gadgets such as crutches and wheelchairs, etc. In simple words, bodily injury and property damage liability covers costs for medical assistance and property damage if you are the faulty driver.


A collision involves two or more vehicles violently striking each other. This event is also called an accident. After the crash, drivers are responsible for paying a particular amount to alleviate car damage. This amount is basically the deductible price, and it varies according to the nature of the collision. Car insurance policies also help their policyholders repair and replace their vehicle with respect to its actual cash value and worth. Simply put, if a person is involved in an accident, his insurance company will pay out for the damage to the vehicle regardless of whether or not the accident was the person’s fault.

Comprehensive coverage

Another feature that most insurance companies provide to their clients is comprehensive coverage. This insurance factor covers vehicle repair or replacement costs if it gets damaged in an accident or gets stolen. This coverage is also called the “other than collision” coverage and facilitates its owners. The damaging events that result in eligibility for comprehensive coverage are fire, vandalism, falling objects, theft, etc. For all the possible non-collision damages that can occur to your vehicle, comprehensive coverage helps drivers deal with them. For instance, while you are on your way somewhere and a tree falls, resulting in car damage, or an animal attacks you and damages your car, these events are categorized as non-collision and have a separate claim coverage.

Medical payments

Car insurance programs help the insured and cover most medical bills according to the policy limits. Insurance companies do not pay for medical bills directly but cover medical expenses that can burden a person in accidents. Car insurance providers do not pay for hospital charges or doctors in general, but eligibility for this service requires bodily injury because of an accident. Car insurance companies pay only you, as the claimant, when and for others if you cause physical harm to them. Triple A car insurance also provides this service and helps its policyholders cover primary medical treatments and bills.

Underinsured or uninsured drivers

Not everyone holds car insurance regardless of it being a lawful necessity. People usually neglect car insurance and find themselves in challenging situations. If you come across an at-fault driver with no insurance plan or whose coverage limits do not provide enough coverage, this section of the car insurance plan helps its policyholders. This feature provides for car repair costs and covers all essential medical bills.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist/driver coverage helps you pay for damages caused by a driver who doesn’t have any car insurance or his policy limits are insufficient. The bodily injury section of uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage may also cover injuries to your passengers or anyone driving your insured auto with your permission at the time of the accident. This way, you can also provide for your family members if they get involved in an accident using your car. Triple A car insurance plans help people who invest in them with these benefits.

Triple A car insurance discounts and costs

Today, cars have become more developed and have led to better roads. All in all, with the help of cars, commuting has become more accessible, and people have a sense of personal freedom that does not bound them like public vehicles. But, like everything has a durability period, so do cars. People can fall prey to unfortunate events such as accidents and car breakdowns. In such cases, a person should be ever-ready to deal with damages and bear costly bills. Due to accidents, not every person can deal with expensive repairing costs and medical bills.

Triple A insurance programs offer different coverage plans with different prices. Certain factors affect the prices of various insurance programs. These factors can change the fees and premium rates for insurance policies. Car insurance programs generally have different coverage based on premium prices and deductibles. The factors that affect the rates of car insurance programs are:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Driving history
  • Driving record

The gender of a person can play a crucial role in determining the price rates for monthly premiums. Similarly, age matters a great deal. Young people are perceived as more responsible than older adults, so they have to pay a lot fewer premium rates. The vehicle type and model also affect premium rates, as older cars can break down more, so the drivers can ask for more claims. The driver’s driving record and history also give an idea to the insurance company about possible future claims. According to, an average driver pays around $1,732 annually for comprehensive coverage in Triple A car insurance plans.

Triple A insurance discount offers

Triple A car insurance offers many discount deals as well. This trait makes it a lot different than other insurance providers in the market. On average, Triple A allows its clients to save around $749. Following are some of the additional discount offers that Triple A offers to its clients:

  • Member discount
  • Safety inspection discount
  • AAA onboard discount
  • Safe driver discount
  • Multiple car discount
  • Multiple policy discount
  • Pay-in-full
  • Paperless billings
  • Consistency
  • Additional safety features
  • Homeowners
  • New car discount
  • Distant student discount
  • Teen driver training


  • Member discount

A person can attain this discount if he already has an association with AAA and is a member of one of its groups. Thus, it can be said that older clients of Triple A can easily avail of this discount.

  • Safety inspection discount

Triple A car insurance also offers discounts to clients that allow a safety inspection of their car. This feature helps the company ensure that your vehicle is in good shape. Customers can avail of discounts after a thorough safety inspection of their vehicles.

  • AAA drive/AAA on-board discount

A person that carries Triple A’s mobile app that tracks driving habits and history is eligible for some discount in his premium prices. Based on safe driving criteria, Triple A car insurance offers additional discounts.

  • Safe driver discount

If your driving history includes no accidents and proves that you are a good driver, you can avail yourself up to 20 percent on your car insurance policies. Triple A helps its clients and encourages good drivers by giving them additional discounts.

  • Multiple car discount

If a client wants car insurance for more than one vehicle, he can avail of up to 27 percent discounts. But in this case, the insurance companies set a particular limitation on coverage.

  • Multiple policy discount

Triple A offers additional discounts to its clients if they combine policies. For instance, a bundle insurance package including auto and home insurance can save up to 15 percent discounts.

  • Pay-in-full discounts

A person can become eligible for discounts if he pays the entire year’s premium, all at once. This is generally called pay-in-full, and Triple A car insurance policies appreciate its clients with additional discounts. This feature can prove beneficial for people who have enough savings and want discounts.

  • Paperless billings

Going paperless is something that Triple A values. Paperless billings are also a great way of caring for the environment, and clients who acknowledge this fact deserve extra pampering in the form of discounts.

  • Consistent clients

After completing their insurance period, clients who repurchase insurance policies are also rewarded with discounts. Triple A insurance provides its consistent clients with the opportunity to save a particular amount after completing their insurance duration and renewing their policies. These clients can save up to 5 percent on a yearly basis.

  • Safety features

Clients with safety features in their vehicles showcase a more responsible behavior, and companies that provide insurance value such preventive measures. For instance, customers that have motorized seatbelts, airbags, and other necessary safety features in their vehicles can offer additional discounts to the car owners.

  • Homeowners

Clients who own their own properties can also demand discounts. According to policy settings, homeowners can get up to 37 percent discounts.

  • New vehicle discount

Clients can save up to 30 percent when they purchase a car no more than three years old.

  • Distant student discount

Triple A allows its students discount packages and makes it easy to afford a car insurance program. In general, Triple A car insurance provides discounts up to 14 percent for students who academically have an excellent performance. This discount is applicable for students that live over 100 miles away from their homes at school without having a car. Such students can get a discount of 47 percent immediately.

  • Teen driver training

Drivers in their teens can also save a handsome amount on their insurance policies. AAA offers its teen clients to save up to 5 percent after completing the AAA-approved driver training test through Triple A car insurance.

Triple A additional coverage plans

The most common coverage plans that Triple A offers to its clients across all states of the United States include the following coverage:

  • Essential
  • Advantage
  • Ultimate


This policy program ensures your coverage plan will not increase for small claims. For instance, an at-fault driver can ask for claims and coverage up to $250, and an innocent person who has no part in any accident gets to have a claim of around $750.


This insurance benefits all Triple A clients that have been affiliated with it for more than five years and have never made a single claim. In such cases, when a client makes a claim after completing a five-year period, they can get an entire coverage claim without any partial payment.


This insurance plan offers its policyholders to save up to $50 and get leniency over one claim on their credit history. Ultimate Triple A insurance policy is nothing less than an opportunity for people who want to try out an insurance plan but keep their credit history as clean as possible.

Additional services that Triple A offers

In addition to its all-rounder policy plans, clients also have the option to add the following Triple A auto insurance services:

  • Enhanced total loss replacement

Like all insurance companies, American Auto Association (AAA) allows some additions and inclusions that people can also customize into their policy plans. People show evident inclination over one very popular service, the enhanced total loss replacement.  The insured can increase the span of his collision coverage using this feature. It further allows him to pay for a new model car as a replacement for his older vehicle if it gets destroyed because of the collision. This coverage is according to the vehicle’s actual cash value. Triple A car insurance is thus the solution for many issues, especially for people who face extreme accidents.

  • Loan or lease gap

This aspect that the majority of the clients like to add to their policy programs covers the difference between your totaled car and the amount you have in the form of a lease or loan. In simple words, a loan or lease gap is the additional amount that any insured needs to pay off, the amount that a policy does not cover because it exceeds the policy limits. If your vehicle is totaled due to a loss covered by collision coverage, this feature pays off the additional value between the unpaid balance on your lease and the actual cash value of your car.

  • Enhanced exterior repair

As the service self-depicts, this feature allows the insured to replace exterior parts of the vehicle that no longer are in a working state and not just this. Your car will get the spare parts from the original manufacturer and not second-hand or aftermarket parts. However, this service does not include mechanical parts but pays for all the rest.

Triple A membership benefits

Unlike all other insurance providers in the market, Triple A provides some additional benefits to its members and policyholders. These benefits help Triple A expand its business and manage a good name in the market. Members of the AAA group can save some amount

Cruises and avail of discounts on the following categories:

  • Dining
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment
  • General retail
  • Health and wellness
  • Hotels
  • Locksmith services
  • Pet products
  • Rental car services
  • Sporting events
  • Travel insurance
  • Cruises


Today, car insurance is not just a lawful responsibility, but it is also a need of time. The increasing traffic is one of the many reasons for considering a car insurance plan. Even if a person tries to stay on the safest side and avoids busy roads and heavy traffic, there is no guarantee that he can escape accidents. And let’s suppose a person succeeds in staying away from accidents, can he avoid car breakdowns and other technical issues? The answer is loud and clear, a big no.

Every person who owns a vehicle knows how hard it is to maintain them and keep them in a running condition. Their maintenance, let alone wears down the budget of an average man. So the requirement for additional help is inevitable that no person can deny. This is where Triple A, with its undeniably helpful services, appears. This agency has managed to gain a strong market presence and continues to impress and influence customers with its Triple A car insurance plans and policies. Investing in car insurance plans can keep a person ready for unforeseen and unfortunate situations. And this is the fundamental reason every person should get a car insurance plan.

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