What Are The Stock Market Hours? A Detailed Guide On Stock Markets

Curious about the timings of the stock market? Read on ahead to get some clarity.

We have all been in situations when we would plan to go somewhere without first finding out the timings of the place and returned saddened when informed that the place was shut down. This can be hugely disappointing as one would waste their time and their efforts in getting there.

Similar is the case for people in the business industry, where time is money, you would never want to waste your resources in doing something and returning empty-handed without accomplishing your task. For this, you need to be aware of the timings and routine of that particular place. We will talk about the stock market hours today. Furthermore, we will also get you answers to questions like is the stock market open on weekends, when does the stock market closes and what time does the stock market opens and closes, and even some details on how it operates. 

What Is the Stock Market?

A stock market is also known as an equity market or a share market. The whole market is a combination of sellers of stocks and buyers of stocks. These people represent the ownership claims on various businesses which are shown in the stock market. Various investors and individuals are all together in one place to buy and sell shares through a public venue. 

These exchanges are done in person and now in today’s day and age, these are done electronically as well in electronic. The prices of the shares are set according to the demand and supply in the market and sellers and buyers place orders for their required stock. 

In this place, there are shares of companies that are listed publicly, and these shares are then traded. Companies try to give their shares to the public in the initial public offering so that they can raise their capital. 

Timings Of The Stock Market

Is The Stock Market Open On Weekends?

No, any business that has to be carried out will have to wait until the weekends. The stock market is closed on the weekends. There is no activity in the markets. An individual can though place an order to be filed at the stock market which will open on Monday. Keep in mind that you must use limit orders. This is because you can face a loss this way. A stock that was closed on Friday with one price might open with another on Monday. 

Even though it is located on the weekends, one can always trade stocks in another way. You can use the Electronic Communication Networks (ECNS) and even trade during the post and pre-market hours. 

What Time Does The Stock Market Open And Close?

We have been getting a lot of questions like when does the stock market close and stock market hours today. What you have to note is that if you don’t wish to do the process electronically, you will have to do it during working hours. A lot of stock markets all over the world open at 9:30 AM and close around 4 PM. On the days when it’s bond markets, they close early at 2 PM and on early closure days, the markets will be shut down at 1 PM.

This, however, is the general time which is set in a lot of countries. You should also get in touch with the call center and authorities and try to get an accurate timing as these timings can depend. The stock market will also be closed on national holidays. Such as New Years’ Eve and Labor Day, etc. 

What Is The Purpose Of The Stock Market?

The stock market is an extremely valuable place for the economy of the country and the financial situation of individuals as well. The core purpose of the existence of a stock market is to pave way for the exchange and trade of securities that are between the sellers and buyers. Was a result these individuals are provided with a marketplace to conduct their business. In these trading sessions and exchanges, there is real-time trading information of the securities which are listed. Also, one would be facilitated with the discovery of the price as well. 

How Do You Lose Or Gain Money on Stocks?

Anyone who has invested in stocks knows that they will either face some sort of loss from the strokes they invested in or they would be on the receiving end of profit. When the value of the stocks increases, they are then worth more than what the individual paid to buy them in the first place. This is a situation that is going to benefit the investor or the buyer. In such a situation, the investor would be earning dividend payments and hence getting profit. The publicly-traded company gives dividends to its shareholders, so they are adding value and income for the shareholder. This would then influence and positively impact their company. 

Similarly, there can be a loss as well. When a company loses its value, the price of the socks will be decreased. Any setback that a company faces is reflected in the stock price which the investor paid in the first place. If there are cases of bankruptcy or any other major losses, shareholders might even face losses so big that the complete amount which they invested can be gone. 

What Does A Company Get Out Of It?

As mentioned above, there can be profits and losses both for the buyers or investors. Let’s take a look at how companies benefit from stocks. These companies’ organizations put their stocks out for sale so that they can acquire money. Then this money is used for various purposes by the company. They might use the newfound amount to fund new product lines or podocytes, expand their operations, get rid of debt, or even use it for the sake of investment in the growth of the business. 

When Should I Invest?

A lot of people tend to start investing in stocks at the age of 30s or 40s but now is a good time as any when thinking about investing. It is important though, that one should always research as much as they can on this subject. The reason for this is because there are various details in the industry which when overlooked can cost you some financial damage. 

Furthermore, it is noted that markets usually have stronger returns when the year is about to end. Last months and the month of the summer season are considered great for people who want to profit from the market. 

If one wants to see more detail on the subject, try to avoid selling stocks on Mondays. The reason for this is because a lot of stock prices go down on Mondays which results in it being a bad day to sell stocks. On the other hand, buyers can use Monday to buy stocks and invest in them as they will be getting them at a cheaper price and hence get some profit from the transaction.

Coming to the good days for selling, Friday is the best day to sell. It is the last trading day before the market closes down and is one of the best days for sellers. Vice versa, buyers should try to avoid buying stocks on Fridays as they will be facing some loss from buying it at an expensive rate.

Is the Stock Market Safe?

Stocks are considered to not be that bad because these are a great long term investment. But if a quick and short way to get money is what you are looking for then you might have to consider investing in stocks, there is also a moderately high level of risk when it comes to stock markets but the profits are also marginally high at times so it’s a good long term investment. Overall, anyone who researches enough and tries to invest smartly will not face a lot of loss in the long term. Reports show that the stock market has grown at an average rate of about 7% per year. 

Overall, they are a good way to find profit by using the growing earnings of a company and future inflation in your favor. Currently, it is stated that nowadays it is a good time to invest but investors should keep a duration of at least five to ten years when they are thinking of investing.

When Should I Invest?


With proper research and wise thinking, one can excel in a stock market. Try not to be too hasty with your decisions and make sure that you think each one through. Take a look at the guide above and make sure that you are aware of basic things like is the stock market open on weekends, the timings of the stock market as to what time does the stock market opens and closes, and other details regarding good times to invest, etc.

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