What Car Insurance Do You Need and How Can You Find a Great Deal?

Insuring your car is essential, both to adhere to driving regulations and to ensure that one of your most valuable assets is protected against common disasters.

There are a whole heap of different insurance packages and deals out there, so it’s a challenge to choose the right type of cover, and also get a good price in the process.

With all that in mind, here are some hints on picking a suitable car insurance product, and how to keep costs low without making compromises.

Cover levels explored

There are a few varieties of car insurance to weigh up, with comprehensive cover being the most all-encompassing of the bunch. This will let you make a claim in various circumstances, such as if your car is damaged by a collision that wasn’t your fault.

Comprehensive car insurance tends to be the most expensive, and you can get more basic packages that meet minimum requirements for your state or region, usually by letting you claim against costs incurred by third parties if you are in an accident with other vehicles involved.

If your vehicle is newer and more valuable, having comprehensive cover is sensible. However, if you have an older car with a lower sticker price, a more basic package might make sense, because in the event of an accident it will probably not be worth repairing.

Finding the best car insurance deals

Without question the easiest and most cost-effective option for finding cover for your vehicle is via a car insurance comparison site like CheapInsurance.com.

You’ll be able to weigh up packages from top providers that serve customers both locally and nationally. You can also set parameters for your search, to ensure that you are able to filter quotes from the right firms, without needing to wade through endless offers that aren’t the right fit for your needs or budget.

Even if you’ve already got insurance with a provider you trust, it is still a good move to compare quotes from competitors. You might find that you can secure significant savings, while still getting the same level of cover as you have at the moment.

Driving down costs further

The price you pay for car insurance depends on several variables, on which insurers will base their calculations for your premium.

Because of this, it’s not enough to just compare quotes and assume that the prices you see are the best they can possibly be. You can actually access lower prices if you are proactive.

Upping the extent of your deductible is an excellent example of this. The more you are willing to pay when a claim is made, the less an insurer will charge you for the package in the first place.

Obviously you need to be happy with the risk that this involves. But if you are convinced of your safe driving habits, then it probably won’t be too much of a worry.

Driving less is another route to cheap car insurance, regardless of the age or value of your vehicle. It’s one of the reasons that classic car insurance can be so affordable, since owners aren’t expected to be out and about in their vehicles very often.

If you only do a few thousand miles a year, make sure you include this fact when retrieving quotes, so savings can be made.

Final thoughts

The question of what car insurance you need is partly down to your budget, but as you can see it’s possible to make this stretch a lot further than you might have assumed!

Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett

Tony Benett makes his living in the insurance industry by teaching and consulting. He is also recognized by the legal profession as an expert on insurance coverages. His insurance experience includes having worked at the company level, owned an independent general agency and having worked for an insurance association. He has received various certificates over the past few years and helps his clients and readers by giving them a realistic outlook on what they can expect to achieve within their set targets. At Insurance Noon, he is known for his in-depth analysis and attention to details with accuracy. He has been published as one of the most referred agents by his peers in the insurance community. Tony loves the outdoors and most sport events. His passion other than providing excellent advice is playing golf.