What Does Eyemed Insurance Cover?

Read on to find out what Eyemed insurance covers.

EyeMed is a significant U.S. vision benefits organization that serves 46 million individuals. EyeMed individuals can browse upwards of 87,500 eye care suppliers across the country to acquire their vision care and eyewear benefits, as indicated by the organization’s site. In the same way as other medical services expenses, the expense of eye tests, eyeglasses, and contact focal points can be critical.

Fortunately, vision protection plans like those given by EyeMed Vision Care can make eye care and vision revision considerably more reasonable. Here are key realities about EyeMed vision protection and how eye specialists who acknowledge EyeMed plans can help you buy the best quality eyewear at a huge rebate.

EyeMed Insurance Coverage

Eye care is often not included in standard medical insurance plans, but it is crucial to prioritize the health of your vision. Ensuring the well-being of your eyes and having the necessary eyeglasses or contact lenses to experience the world clearly are fundamental aspects of self-care.

EyeMed is a vision insurance company that provides coverage to individuals in the United States. As one of the nation’s largest insurance providers, EyeMed Vision Care offers an extensive network of providers and valuable benefits.

Overview of EyeMed Insurance

  • D. Power Score: 4 out of 5
  • M. Best Rating: A
  • Available Discounts: Partner groups (AARP, BLUEPERKS, etc.)
  • Premiums: Starting from as low as $5 per month

One of the notable benefits of EyeMed Vision Care is that you can acquire the plan independently without relying on your employer. You have the flexibility to sign as an individual at any time within 48 states. In the event that you switch from your employer’s plan, you can purchase your own coverage and continue seeing the same doctors and enjoying the same perks.

 Image Source: All About Vision
Image Source: All About Vision

EyeMed Vision Care’s website offers access to over 44,000 providers. By choosing an in-network provider, you can avail yourself of discounts on additional pairs of glasses and non-prescription sunglasses. Furthermore, your in-network benefits can be utilized when purchasing from online retail providers such as ContactsDirect, Glasses.com, LensCrafters, Target Optical, and Ray-Ban.

In addition to eye-wear coverage, EyeMed offers benefits for maintaining your hearing. These benefits include discounts of up to 60% on hearing aids and complimentary hearing aid batteries.

EyeMed Insurance Plans You Can Buy

Coming up next are a portion of the famous individual EyeMed plans you can buy:

  • EyeMed Healthy: Costing $5 every month, this arrangement furnishes you with a yearly eye test, after a copay, just as limits on eyeglass edges, focal points, and contacts.
  • EyeMed Bold: This arrangement costs $17.50 monthly and has a yearly compensation for eyeglass casings and contacts. Solution focal points are covered after a copay, similar to the complete eye test.
  • EyeMed Bright: As the most far-reaching vision advantage plan, it offers the most elevated measure of inclusion in eye care, including eye tests and solution eyewear for the entire family.

Each level incorporates a yearly eye test, eyeglass casings, standard focal points, discretionary focal point medicines, and contact focal points. Either glasses or contacts are covered every year, not both, which is common with most vision protection.

EyeMed LASIK providers

EyeMed vision advantages can spare you over 70% on the expense of yearly eye tests and remedy glasses. With EyeMed vision benefits, you don’t need to bargain for quality. You can pick brand-name edges and premium focal points that may not have been inside your financial plan or open without the limits. Notwithstanding the eye test every year and limits or recompenses on contacts or your first pair of glasses, EyeMed likewise offers:

 Image Source: www.tsmp.com.au
Image Source: www.tsmp.com.au
  • 40% off your second pair of glasses after advantages are utilized.
  • 20% off the equilibrium of any chosen outlines in the wake of utilizing your underlying advantages.
  • 20% off things not covered by your arrangement, for example, solution shades.

Limits on LASIK and PRK restorative medical procedures when performed by a supplier in the S. Laser Network.

LASIK (laser-aided situ keratomileusis) and PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) are viewed as elective eye medical procedures that can address refractive mistakes, for example, nearsightedness (partial blindness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism (deformed corneas). Since they are commonly not viewed as medically essential methodologies, numerous protection plans don’t offer inclusion.

With EyeMed vision protection benefits notwithstanding, LASIK is offered at a markdown if you experience a specialist inside the U.S. Laser Network. When utilizing an included in-network supplier and EyeMed vision benefits, you can get the accompanying:

  • Free LASIK test
  • 15 percent off standard LASIK costs
  • 5 percent off promotion LASIK costs
  • Lifetime redresses

EyeMed vision protection advantages can be bought for as meager as $5 per month, and they can spare you many dollars consistently — or considerably more if you are thinking about a restorative medical procedure like LASIK.

Regardless of whether you needn’t bother with solution glasses or contacts yet, getting a thorough eye test each year is essential. This can help you stay aware of potential vision changes and help you perceive conceivable clinical issues, including hypertension, diabetes, and glaucoma. EyeMed vision protection can set aside your cash on this eye test and assist you with looking after your well-being.

Insurance plans offered by EyeMed

EyeMed Vision Insurance offers three tiers of coverage to accommodate various needs and budgets.

  • EyeMed Healthy
  • EyeMed Bold
  • EyeMed Bright

Each tier includes an annual eye examination, eyeglass frames, standard lenses, optional lens treatments, and contact lenses. It’s important to note that glasses or contacts are covered each year, not both, which is common in most vision insurance plans.

 Image Source: JHU Hub
Image Source: JHU Hub

After drawing a comparison of the cost of EyeMed vision insurance in different states, and have found no variations. However, it’s worth mentioning that the prices and benefits provided in the following chart may differ slightly depending on the specific regulations in your state.

Benefits EyeMed Healthy EyeMed Bold EyeMed Bright
Annual eye exam $0 copay $10 copay $10 copay
Frames 35% discount on retail  $130 allowance $200 allowance
Lens Treatments $55 to $135 $20 to $80 No copay for most
Contact Lenses 15% off discount on retail $130 allowance
Monthly rates


Adult + 1 dependent
Adult + 2 or more






Best For Basic Coverage Comprehensive Coverage

Coverage optional lens treatments include UV coating, scratch coating, anti-reflective coating, and tinting. Additional lens treatment may be available on request.

What does EyeMed insurance cover?

Much the same as any protection strategy, there are sure things that vision protection won’t cover. This likewise shifts by the organization. Ensure you get information about impediments and rejections when buying a strategy. A portion of the normal prohibitions are:

 Image Source: Entrepreneur
Image Source: Entrepreneur
  • Extra tests past the one every year.
  • Substitution of harmed or lost glasses except if suitable guarantee protection is bought.
  • Missed arrangement charges, application expenses, or other random charges.
  • Non-remedy glasses, similar to amplification understanding glasses.
  • Any therapy to the eye that is clinical. These wounds, medical procedures, and therapies should be covered under the safeguarded medical coverage strategy.
  • Exploratory or insightful methodology.
  • Treatment where the specialist is an individual from the guaranteed family.

Does Costco accept EyeMed insurance?

If you utilize a Costco, Wal-Mart or other non-network supplier, you should cover the whole tab when administrations are given and present a finished case structure to EyeMed Vision Care. For administrations at all Costco and Wal-Mart optical areas, you’ll get repayments comparable to in-network benefits.

EyeMed insurance phone number

If you want to contact EyeMed, you can use one of the complementary numbers recorded beneath to get in touch with an EyeMed administration agent.

Member Inquiries: 1-866-9-EYEMED

EyeMed Sales Inquiries: 1-888-4-EYEMED

Provider Authorization Line:  1-800-521-3605

Where can I use my EyeMed insurance?

Use your EyeMed advantages to shop at your top choice in-network, online eyewear stores, such as LensCrafters, Target Optical, Glasses.com, ContactsDirect, and Ray-Ban. In addition, no administrative work is needed either, and you don’t have to worry about it. You’ll require a substantial solution, however. Ensure you’re forward-thinking.

With EyeMed vision plans, you will set aside the most cash by experiencing an in-network supplier. You can frequently still utilize suppliers that are not in the organization; you will, by and large, have greater expenses related to this. You can utilize the online supplier finder to discover in-network EyeMed contracted suppliers. The EyeMed network incorporates the two optometrists and ophthalmologists related to retail organizations and free suppliers. Models incorporate optometrists related to the accompanying:

  • Sears Optical
  • Pearl Vision
  • Target Optical
  • JCPenney Optical
  • LensCrafters

You can also use your EyeMed benefits online and purchase prescription eyewear through the following:

  • LensCrafters
  • Ray-Ban
  • ContactsDirect
  • Target Optical

Furthermore, if you utilize an EyeMed in-network supplier, there is no administrative work, and the consideration is consistent. With out-of-network suppliers, you will normally have to settle in advance for your administrations at the hour of mind and afterward present a case to EyeMed for repayment. You can utilize an adaptable spending account (FSA) to pay a portion of eyewear and vision care expenses after your advantage levels are reached. EyeMed vision advantage limits regularly work much similar to a gift voucher. You can pick anything you like, utilize your markdown or compensation, and pay the distinction.

Instructions for Creating an EyeMed Account

 Image Source: EyeMed
Image Source: EyeMed

To become an EyeMed member, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official EyeMed website at eyemed.com and locate the “Member Login” link.
  2. If you already have an existing account, simply log in using your username and password. For new users, click the “Create a new account” link.
  3. You must complete a form to create your account as a new member. Provide your name, date of birth, and either a member ID or the last four digits of your social security number. After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email to verify your account.
  4. You can set up your account Once the registration information is complete. Your password should contain at least eight characters, one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, and a special character or a number. Confirm the password and register. Your account will then be instantly accessible.
  5. After entering your profile information, you can manage it anytime by clicking the “Manage Profile” link at the top-right corner of the page. From this page, you can:
    1. Select your preferred method of communication.
    2. Opt-in to receive emails regarding your benefits and vision wellness updates.
    3. Change your password.
    4. Update your email address.
    5. Remember to click “Update” to save any changes to your profile.

After completing your sign-up process, you can log in to your account anytime to:

  • View detailed information about your benefits.
  • Check your eligibility status.
  • Track the progress of submitted claims.
  • Print your ID cards.
  • Find eye care providers in your area.
  • Schedule appointments.
  • Access your wellness and health information.

Feel free to utilize and explore these features once you successfully create your EyeMed account.

How much money can I save with EyeMed?

EyeMed Vision Care gives huge limits on the expense of a yearly eye test and the expense of eyeglasses and contacts focal points. Contrasted with what you may pay for an extensive eye test and pair of glasses without vision protection, EyeMed individuals can spare as much as 73 percent, as indicated by the organization. (The real sum you spare will rely upon which EyeMed plan you have and the kind of eyeglass focal points, edges and exceptional highlights you pick.) notwithstanding critical limits on yearly tests and eyeglasses, EyeMed individuals are qualified for different reserve funds when utilizing an in-network EyeMed supplier, including:

 Image Source: Clever Girl Finance
Image Source: Clever Girl Finance
  • 40% off extra combines of glasses after the underlying advantage has been utilized
  • 20% off anything not covered by the arrangement, including non-solution shades
  • 20% off any edge balance after the underlying advantage has been utilized

Investment funds are likewise accessible when buying contact focal points, with benefits fluctuating depending upon the kind of EyeMed vision care plan you pick. Likewise, EyeMed limits are accessible for LASIK and PRK vision rectification medical procedures when the methods are performed by refractive specialists in the U.S. Laser Network (possessed and worked by LCA-Vision).

How to purchase EyeMed vision insurance?

Pursuing EyeMed vision protection is as simple as utilizing the statement device on the site or calling client assistance, which is accessible seven days every week. Online statements in a split second, make an individual record for you where you can survey the statement, demand a statement on another arrangement or apply for inclusion. Statements incorporate full arrangement subtleties and out-of-organization benefits so you can settle on an educated choice before applying. EyeMed’s online application measure requires essential data and takes only a few minutes to finish. When endorsed, you’ll get a part ID card and welcome unit. Your online record becomes a gateway to see and deal with your advantages.

Utilizing EyeMed vision insurance

EyeMed makes utilizing vision protection simple. You can book arrangements whenever it might suit you, and suppliers can look into your inclusion without your part ID. At the point when it’s an ideal opportunity to get glasses, you can pick any covered edge. Look for eyewear at a retail store or online from Glasses.com, ContactsDirect, LensCrafters, and destinations. Apply for your in-network benefits at checkout, and you’ll additionally get free delivery and profits for any request.

Locating an EyeMed Vision Provider

Finding an EyeMed Vision provider is simple. Click on this link and follow the instructions below to locate the right eye doctor.

  • Search for an EyeMed doctor:
    • Use the drop-down list to check if your preferred eye doctor is listed.
    • If you’re unsure about your network, click on the “I don’t know” field, and EyeMed will assist you in finding a provider.
    • Enter your 5-digit zip code or click the “Use my location” link to allow EyeMed to search based on your current location.
  • Utilize the filters:
    • Use the provided filters to refine your search. You can narrow down your options based on brands, hours, specific locations, specific technology, and more.
  • Search for a specific eye doctor or retailer:
    • If you have a particular eye doctor or retailer in mind, click “Search by doctor” to determine if they are part of the EyeMed network.

Following these steps, you can easily locate an EyeMed Vision Provider that suits your needs.

EyeMed vision insurance mobile app

The EyeMed Members portable application causes you to deal with your vision care while in a hurry. This free application is accessible for iOS and Android gadgets. You can utilize it to:

 Image Source: Black Shirts
Image Source: Black Shirts
  • View a duplicate of your part ID
  • Look into suppliers
  • View your advantages
  • Set vision test and contact focal point top-off updates
  • Contact client care or suppliers with two taps
  • Access restrictive reserve funds and then some


What distinguishes EyeMed from other vision insurance companies?

EyeMed stands out by offering affordable and easily accessible vision insurance. Their coverage provides discounted access to high-quality eyewear. Additionally, EyeMed supports OneSight, an organization dedicated to providing vision care to underserved populations worldwide. EyeMed, headquartered in Ohio, also encourages employee volunteers to conduct annual vision screenings for students in Cincinnati area schools.

Is there a waiting period for my EyeMed individual plan?

No waiting periods apply to your EyeMed Individual Plan. You can utilize your benefits from the first day of your effective date.

Will I receive an ID card for my plan?

Upon enrollment, you will receive an ID card, although it is not required for receiving services. If you need a replacement card, you can contact 844.225.3107.

What does my Individual Plan cover?

The coverage provided by your Individual Plan depends on your chosen plan. It may include an eye exam, discounts on glasses (lenses and frames), lens options, or an eye exam, glasses (lenses and frames or contact lenses).

What are the provisions for terminating coverage?

Your EyeMed Individual and Family Plan coverage remains in effect until the last day you have paid the premium, subject to the grace period. Coverage will end if the insurance company decides not to renew the policy on any premium due date or if you submit a written request to cancel the coverage.

The coverage for any dependents will terminate on the same date your coverage ends, during the policy year in which the dependent is no longer eligible, or on the last day for which the premium was paid (subject to the grace period). In cases of proven fraud against the insurance company, coverage will cease on the date determined by a court of law.

Where can I utilize the benefits of my Individual or Family Plan?

You can search for an eye doctor who accepts your individual or Family Plan by using our online search tool. You can filter the results based on your preferences, such as hours, location, preferred brands, and even languages spoken.

Can I receive coverage for both glasses and contact?

The coverage provided by the individual or Family Plan may only include either glasses or contacts. However, once you have used the covered benefit, you can receive a 40% discount on another complete pair of eyeglasses and a 15% discount on conventional contact lenses. It’s important to note that these discounts are not insured benefits, and some in-network providers may have exclusions on certain discounts. We recommend consulting your provider to determine the out-of-pocket amount for your purchase.

How much can I save on eye care with EyeMed vision insurance?

By utilizing EyeMed vision insurance benefits, you can save up to 71% on eye exams, frames, and lenses. However, the actual savings may vary depending on various factors.


EyeMed got a four-circle per rating from J.D. Force, dependent on, by and large, consumer loyalty. Vision protection through EyeMed is acknowledged at more than 44,000 free and retail suppliers. Most guarantors offer a 20% rebate on a second pair of glasses inside the strategy year; EyeMed offers a 40% markdown. Focused on the network, EyeMed is likewise a pleased ally of OneSight, a not-for-profit association that gives vision care in underserved networks worldwide. EyeMed’s vision markdown plan starts at $5 every month, and the family plan is broader, with stipends and copays. It begins at around $30.

EyeMed vision protection can help you and your family get reasonable vision care. The organization is known for its simple to-utilize vision benefits with admittance to premium brands for less. You will get vision protection inclusion rapidly with an EyeMed strategy and admittance to a broad organization of eye specialists to guarantee sound vision for quite a long time to come.

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