What Health Insurance Does Planned Parenthood Accept?

A complete guide to help you understand what health insurance does planned parenthood accept.

Whether you have planned parenthood insurance or not, you can always visit your local health center for the care you need, when you need it. Many health insurance plans include planned parenthood providence health insurance as an in-network provider, meaning your insurer will pay for all or most of the cost of your health-care including your need to acquire information.

Read on to benefit from a quick guide that will help you understand what health insurance does planned parenthood accept.

Can I go to Planned Parenthood without health insurance?

Most major health insurance carriers are welcomed to planned parenthood services. You will be asked to present your insurance card and pay your copayment at the time of visit.

Planned parenthood insurance works to make healthcare accessible and affordable. They accept a variety of insurance plans and payment methods. And they work with state and federal programs to help cut down costs for those who qualify. This insurance offers the care you need, no matter what.

Health insurance programs help eligible patients enroll in several types of free insurance programs, depending on the services needed. When you show up to your appointment with the necessary documentation (or take it with you during walk-ins) and they determine you to be eligible, you can often begin using the planned parenthood providence health insurance coverage the day you sign up.

If you are ineligible for these planned parenthood insurance programs, or don’t want to enroll, they offer services on an income-based sliding fee-scale. Take at least your two most recent pay-stubs with you in order to qualify, or call your insurance agency with questions.

Planned parenthood information

Planned parenthood providence health insurance accepts many commercial insurance plans. You have to take your insurance card(s) to your visit. If you have questions about planned parenthood insurance, or to make an appointment, call your nearest Planned Parenthood institute. .

The commercial insurance plans they accept are:

  • Aetna
  • AmeriHealth
  • Cigna
  • Emblem Health
  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield (note that federal plans with ID numbers beginning with the letter R do not offer coverage for abortion services)
  • Independence Blue Cross
  • Oscar
  • Oxford (except for Oxford Garden State and Oxford Encompass)
  • QualCare (only non-inner circle plans which do not have the employer listed on top of the insurance card)
  • United HealthCare
  • United HealthCare Student Resources

The Medicaid plans accepted by planned parenthood providence health insurance are;

  • Medicaid
  • Aetna Better Health
  • Amerigroup
  • Health First
  • Horizon NJ Health
  • United Health Care Community Plan
  • Wellcare

Medicare is also accepted if you have a secondary plan which is listed above.

However. if you are uninsured, you may qualify for a lower fee scale to avail planned parenthood insurance facilities.

Planned parenthood insurance accepts the following forms of payment:

Opting for Planned Parenthood insurance guarantees convenient payment methods and comprehensive coverage. We accept cash, major credit/debit cards, and money orders for hassle-free transactions.

Our health insurance plans offer monthly payment options, ensuring access to essential services like regular exams, lab tests, various birth control methods, and STD testing and treatment. While vasectomy and abortion services require full payment, you can effortlessly manage monthly installments via your chosen checking or savings account, or debit or credit card.

Enjoy peace of mind with coverage that spans a year, unless there’s a significant income increase. For seamless continuation, simply present updated documents at your next visit if it’s been over a year since enrollment.

In cases where Emergency Medicaid covered your abortion, rest assured with coverage typically lasting 45 days from signup. Exceptional circumstances may warrant extended coverage, approved by the Department of Planned Parenthood Providence Health Insurance.

Can I use Planned parenthood providence health insurance plan at the pharmacy or other offices?

This insurance plan lets you start using your coverage for visits and birth control at health centers as soon as your application is completed, but pharmacies and other practices will only accept your coverage after their decision support system (DSS) has received, reviewed and approved your application. Once they have, DSS will mail you an ID card that you can use at the pharmacy, and other centers that accept this insurance coverage.

Can I use my Emergency Medicaid at the pharmacy or other offices health insurance?

If you have signed up for Emergency Medicaid before, or started an application before but didn’t have all the documents then you should take all of the necessary documents with you any time you go in to enroll or complete a insurance application.

Do I need to take my insurance card to each visit?

Yes. Even if you have used your current insurance with an agency before, information on the card may have changed and needs to be compared with what they have on record. It is also important to take your ID with you.

Thus, now you know what health insurance does Planned Parenthood accept.

Sandra Johnson

Sandra Johnson

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