What is a Cab Loan?

A CAB payday loan is often a great solution when you face a difficult but short-term financial situation. To find out what is a CAB loan be sure to keep reading.

For short-term financial crises, people take loans from banks and are hence stuck in an extensive agreement which later causes problems. So, in order to resolve this CAB payday loans were introduced which provides a quick and easy fix for people facing a short-term financial crisis. The articles explore CAB payday loans in-depth, their processes, and their benefits.

What is a Credit Access Business (CAB) Installment Loan?

It is a business that acquires credit (often in the form of a loan) for a consumer from an independent third-party lender. A credit access business installment loan is often referred to as a CAB loan or CAB payday loan. It is an online loan that is devised to meet short-term financial requirements. In this situation, a short-term loan generally refers to 30 days to six months.

A CAB payday loan is unsecured. You are not required to give a vehicle title or other form of collateral, unlike a car title loan. Here, you guarantee to pay the loan back, and a lender lends to you based on your financial history. This is akin to a personal loan from a bank, but with a credit access business payday loan, the online loan process is less thorough and time-consuming, and you have access to smaller loan amounts and shorter periods.

What is a CAB Fee loan?

CAB fee loan is the fee charged to the consumer by the Credit Access Business for obtaining the third party loan. This fee is usually calculated as a percentage of the loan amount.

Applying for a Credit Access Business Payday Loan

To make it easy for you the process is broken down into six simple steps:

  1. Choosing a CAB payday loan
  2. Completing the online loan application
  3. Alternative credit check process
  4. Eligibility decision and the online loan estimate
  5. Loan representative and signing your contract
  6. Funding and repayment

Step 1: Choosing a Credit Access Business Loan

CAB payday loans are meant to meet short-term financial needs. Would-be borrowers should consider alternatives, such as borrowing from relatives, and the other loan options available in their states when choosing credit access business loan. It is suggested to compare rates and terms to decide if the products offered are the best option for you or not.

Step 2: Online Loan Application

You will need an active email account to apply for a CAB payday loan. Your email will be used for primary communication. You will be required to fill a brief form that will ask for your basic details, such as your:

  • Date of birth
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Employment status
  • Income values
  • Bank account information

It is important to note that you must have a checking account in order to apply for a credit access business payday loan. Once you have provided the required information, move onto the next step after clicking submit.

Step 3: Alternative Credit Check

With an alternate credit check, your credit score available is looked beyond by the three major credit agencies. Title loans will consider many aspects of your financial history and prefer stable financial behavior.

Step 4: Eligibility Decision and Loan Estimate

You will receive an instant decision because the automated system is able to verify your eligibility very quickly. If you met the eligibility standards, the system would provide

you estimates as well as the online loan options open to you based on your financial

conditions. If your application is rejected, you will receive a response within 30 days stating the reasons for declining you.

Step 5: Loan Representative and Signing Your Contract

A loan representative will reach out to you at your earliest to answer any questions that you may have and to confirm the details of the contract. You are required to carefully review our contract, which will be personalized to you with details like the loan amount, interest charges, fees, repayment schedule, and so forth. If you accept the agreement, you are asked to complete it by digitally signing it.

Step 6: Funding and Repayment

Some title loans generally are able to provide funding on the same business day. If it is too late in the day or the weekend, then you will receive funding on the next business day.

CAB Loan Fees

Payday loan has a standard loan term of 14 Days.

Amount of Loan

(Amount Receive)

Standard Loan Terms (In Days) CSO Fees (25% of the

Original Principal Balance)

Interest (Paid to Lender at 10%) Total of Payments

(Loan Amount, CSO Fees, and Lender Interest


(Based on a Standard -Day Term)

$300.00 14 $75.00 $1.11 $376.11 661.43%
$500.00 14 $125.00 $1.85 $626.85 661.43%
$800.00 14 $200.00 $2.96 $1,002.96 661.43%
$1,000.00 14 $250.00 $3.70 $1,253.70 661.43%

The Total Amount due is payable on the due date. On the off chance that your payment is in default for a time of 10 days or more, you will be charged a late fee in a sum equal to the greater of 5% of the payment sum due or $7.50. A $30 NSF charge will be applied for any returned payment.

Benefits of a Credit Access Business Payday Loan

There are various benefits connected with CAB payday loans:

  • Quick approval
  • Smooth application process
  • Funding on the same or next business day
  • Relatively small loan amounts
  • Short loan periods
  • No hard pull

A CAB payday loan is often an exceptional solution when you are suffering from a financial crisis. Unlike with a personal loan from a bank, the requirements are extremely low. You must be a U.S.citizen and at least 18 years of age. You must be employed for at least a month and have a reliable financial history but not necessarily a perfect credit score. There is also no direct risk to your credit score because a CAB payday loan does not involve a hard inquiry into your credit, which means there will be no effect if you reconsider or are declined for no matter what reason.

How CAB Payday Loans are Different from Other Loan Types?

Financial needs change from one person and set of conditions to the next. All loan types have their advantages and disadvantages. With a CAB payday loan, you can take benefit from an online application, instant approval, direct deposit to your banking account, and a loan amount and repayment schedule that suits you best. CAB payday loans are not secured, so you are not required to provide a vehicle title as with a car title loan. This kind of online loan is given to you based on your income and financial history. These loans are also for a short period of time so that you can deal with a specific financial challenge and not be locked into a long agreement.

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