Why Is Dental Insurance So Bad?

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It was not long ago that you made dental visits for your braces or your child’s. If not braces then certainly you have had tooth aches, cavities or a need to get a root canal done. Well, if not you then someone around you must’ve developed dental problems and this is probably the main reason you’re here, looking out for the main reason why is dental insurance so bad.

Be it scaling, wisdom tooth extraction, braces or cavity removal why is dental work so expensive? With every visit to the dentist this is something that we surely wonder. Remember the demand and supply phenomenon in Economics? The greater the demand of a product or service, the higher it is charged for. What makes clothing brands raise their prices around festive events? They know how people will buy from them no matter what because it is a need of the time and similarly, dental procedures are quite well embraced by people because of the need they develop to get rid of dental problems throughout the course of life.

Whether these high charges are justified or not is a separate debate but why is dental work so expensive and consequently why is dental insurance so bad is something we shall dive in.

Why is dental not covered by health insurance?

Well, it is covered but to an extent that is almost negligible. Here, something is almost equal to nothing as dental work is quite expensive and catering only to 20% of the charges is something that has an unnoticeable impact on your savings. Would you want to pay for dental coverage as part of the health insurance plan just to make dental visits twice a year (maximum) as nobody develops dental problems every other day and insurance only pays off when you get into trouble. So, how often do you expect your teeth to get into a bad condition?

Let’s suppose that you develop a cavity and want to get it filled or undergo a root canal, would you be having it every other day? It is something that solves your cavity problems for at least 2 years and even longer if you’re careful about your dental hygiene. Yes, these procedures are expensive but would you want to pay for something that might even go useless and at maximum cuts only 20% of your expenses? You must surely be questioning your interest in dental insurance now.

Perhaps, this is the truth about dental insurance.

We spend on something we value and health is something that none of us can do without but it is also what we have little control over. For instance, if God forbid you develop cancer or diabetes in your body you wouldn’t be fully responsible for it as these illnesses are also dependent on your genetics. Yes, you can be careful and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle; there are many examples of people following healthy lifestyles getting trapped into major illnesses and this is where health insurance comes into play but are you not responsible for having cavities or being careless about dental hygiene? You can keep yourself away from dentist visits and save quite a lot of money unless you want to look better and shape up your smile by getting cosmetic procedures done like teeth whitening which health insurance has no room for.

Let’s focus on why is dental work so expensive? Businesses charge you for what you value and what’s going on the inside of your body shows on the outside and talking about your dental hygiene, if not taken care of it can distort your smile and that is what will rush you to the dentist and if not that then the toothache would. Well, this demand is the main reason for high charges. Even if the majority can not afford it and would rather let their teeth decay in cavities, the elite or upper middle class can afford the expensive dental procedures and keep the dentists engaged in making money by targeting the niche market.

Truth about dental insurance

Dental check-ups are actually not expensive. Dental procedures have made people believe that routine dental checkups are as expensive and not a thing to go for when actually the truth is that dental checkups are quite affordable and if taken seriously can save people from lengthy and expensive dental procedures. You do not need insurance for these check-ups. On the other hand, what you need the insurance for will not really help you with cutting down the charges as health insurance only covers 20% of the dental charges portraying the truth about dental insurance.
Dental insurance actually just pretends to cover your dental charges when in reality it does not offer more than a discount of only 17-20%.
There are high chances that dental insurance will change the attitude of your dentist towards you. The dentist might care more about making money and convince you to undergo procedures you do not need convincing you to make the best out of the discount offered by dental insurance while the truth is that you will be the one emptying your pocket.

Your dentist will find ways to make you visit him as much as possible by prescribing procedures you don’t need and in return you might just lose the natural enamel of a couple of your teeth and settle for the man made one which will definitely bound you to more dentist visits in future.

People often exploit dental insurance and sign up for procedures they do not need. Perhaps, why is dental insurance so bad can also be gauged from the bad things it makes people do.

Best dental insurance too expensive

Despite all of the things discussed above explaining why is dental insurance so bad there are ways you can look out for the best dental insurance and make good use of something labelled so bad.

Check if the dental insurance policy you’re going for or already availing has just one or more of the following features:

  1. You pay nothing extra per month for your dental plan.
  2. You can go to any dentist you want.
  3. You have no maximum dollar limit.
  4. Major services are paid for at 80%.

Breaking the bad news to you, If none of these apply then your insurance probably costs you more than you receive from it. The best would be to opt-out of your dental plan and let yourself get paid a little more per month instead. The alternative is that if you simply want to be on a plan, many dentists offer their own form of in-house insurance, where you prepay for your preventive care annually, and in return you get a certain percentage discount for any other services you’ll need.


At the end of the day all that we wish for is somebody else to pay for our teeth maintenance but that is quite not possible. Even when the dental insurance is paying for a percentage of your charges it is you who have to pay for most of it so if you have taken the decision of signing up a dental insurance policy you should know if it’s benefitting you or dragging you in a loss instead.

Perhaps, you already knew why is dental work so expensive but you must’ve never encountered the truth about dental insurance.

Moreover, this article has discussed all the important facts you need to keep in view while evaluating the dental insurance you already have or the one you’re thinking of opting for and ultimately have a detailed response to your query of why is dental insurance so bad.

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