Where To Find Low-Cost Health Insurance? All You Need To Know

If you are wondering where to find low-cost health insurance? Read this article to learn everything you need to know about health insurance and where to find affordable health insurance.

Surprisingly, Health insurance in the USA is quite expensive and complex. Many people in the United States are not covered by health insurance due to high deductibles with limited benefits plans. However, it is a basic need now, and people are desperately seeking where to find low-cost health insurance.

It is pretty overwhelming to figure out the right health insurance at a low cost. If you spend time searching for affordable health insurance, you will know hundreds of companies out there to choose from. Such massive choices make it challenging to make informed decisions about low-cost insurance. However, health insurance is not free and is rarely low-cost, but specific strategies and plans for reduced costs are available.

Especially in the United States, one can get health insurance through various resources. Usually, insurance is provided by the Government, employer, or university, but one can buy it from a private health insurance company. To find the best low-cost health insurance, always focus on the health coverage and compare it with the cheapest quotes.

Factors that affect health insurance cost

Health insurance costs vary under different scenarios as several vital factors influence.


Health insurance premiums can be three times higher for older adults than young ones depending on age.


Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a healthcare reform that made it easy to achieve the dream of cheap health insurance. So if you are planning to buy health insurance on the ACA health insurance marketplace and your income is below a certain level, you can qualify for extra savings known as cost-sharing reductions (CSRs).

Cost-sharing reductions (CSRs) come with lower deductibles, copayments or coinsurance, and reduced out-of-pocket maximum. Moreover, you will pay less out of pocket for medical services each time.


Location matters a lot regarding health insurance as costs vary by state. Prices depend on the competition among healthcare companies for their regulations and living cost.

Many people:

You have to pay more with more people on a health plan. However, it depends on a health plan, income level, and household size to qualify for a premium tax credit. Unlike cost-sharing reductions, one can use a premium tax credit to lower monthly premiums.

Tobacco user

Insurance companies usually charge up to 50% more to tobacco users. Quitting smoking is the right option before kicking into any health insurance.

Key terms to know before going for health insurance

One should be aware of a few terms while purchasing health insurance. Understanding such health insurance-related terms will help you make the right choice about health insurance plans and their cover.


Premium is the amount how much your health care plan costs every month.


That amount you pay before health insurance kicks in, or the payable amount towards health care before that chosen plan starts to pay.


You pay a flat fee for covered health care services or a set amount to pay when having an appointment with a doctor.


It’s the percentage you are supposed to pay after meeting your deductible. However, your health plan will pay some of the cost, but you also have to pay for it.

Private health insurance companies

It is pretty challenging for Americans to find affordable health insurance premiums as it varies widely depending on where you live, your earnings, and your household size. The best way to seek the answer to where to find low-cost health insurance is to shop around and dig deeper among several different providers.

Compare the health insurance plans based on offers by insurers, your monthly premiums, annual out-of-pocket costs, and other details. In 2020, if we refer to accident and health insurance, outlined by the Insurance Information Institute, its direct written premiums reached $1.25 trillion compared to $680 billion in 2011, up by almost 84%.

Where to get health insurance

In the United States, one can potentially get health insurance through different sources. If you are searching for low-cost or free health insurance, it means:


Insurance plan monthly premiums are partly or paid for by someone else in subsidization. Subsidy means that you do not have to pay the total cost of insurance yourself, and the best way to get health coverage that fits your budget.

Reduced benefits

A plan with reduced benefits will not cover much as it is not comprehensive health insurance by private health insurance companies. It could be appealing at first glance due to its cost, but it will not help you have a significant medical claim.

Best Cheapest private health insurance

Adopt the best strategies to shop around and compare the plans to save on health insurance. Check out the eligibility for ACA subsidies which makes health insurance plans affordable. If anyone earning between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty level depends on household size, contributions would be available to families with incomes in range.

Dig deeper to compare some of the top providers to find the best low-cost health insurance companies.

●     Blue Cross.

Blue Shield.

Blue Cross Blue Shield comes with a long company history and strong reputation with healthcare options for remote workers. The individuals who work remotely need to buy coverage on their own.

Global coverage is available as it works in all 50 states and covers health insurance for short-term and long-term travel.

It is widely accepted by doctors and specialists nationwide, and the Affordable Care Act marketplaces coverage. They will offer eligible customers to get subsidies to make health insurance premiums affordable.

●     Molina Healthcare, Inc.

It’s a Direct Written Premiums $21.4 billion, a Fortune 500 company exclusively focusing on government-sponsored healthcare programs. This company has contracts with state governments and health plans to provide quality healthcare services.

If anybody searches to find cheap Health Insurance, Florida and even selected many other states. It is working on dual demonstration projects to manage the care for those eligible for Medicaid and Medicare.

●     United Healthcare

It’s a proprietary network of more than 1.1 million physicians and healthcare workers with 3,000 hospitals.

Wellness programs support and reward teaching health goals, although some programs are only for employer-sponsored plans.

It deals globally and provides health coverage for expatriates, whereas the patient may submit claims in some cases.

●     Kaiser Permanente

It administers its health saving accounts (HSAs) which will save you for health costs on a tax-advantaged basis.

Centralized collaboration among medical professionals of all specialties can speed up diagnosis and coordinate treatment. Moreover, ACA-compliant plans are available for many people.

They provide a high deductible health plan (HDHP) with a Health saving account to cover eligible expenses directly with your HSA funds.

Remote monitoring technology via doctors tracks diabetes and hypertension in patients around the year.

●     Humana

It is a cultural foundation aligned to help members achieve their best health by providing personalized, simplified healthcare experiences.

There are Medicare advantage plans which include essential benefits like hospital stays coverage, emergency transportation, prevention care, specialist visits, medical supplies, and equipment for outpatient care and procedure. Moreover, telehealth visits, lab work, X-rays, screening, and imaging.

Better than average and top ratings in J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. Commercial Health Plan Study. They are offered in most states.

Is it worth choosing private health insurance companies?

It is essential to save on the cost of rising medical care. Getting private insurance is the place where to find low-cost health insurance. Focus on getting the cheapest private health insurance that requires meeting the ACA income guidelines.

Low-cost health insurance for adults

Health insurance providers come with many covers, and one can find the best affordable options for different needs. Check out companies with strong financial ratings that rank well for customer services. Especially insurance companies that offer ACA-compliant plans that provide low-cost health insurance for adults; as consumers can use subsidies to reduce monthly premium costs.

The Affordable Care Act

The affordable care act makes health insurance affordable and reduces costs for many Americans. It is the result of sweeping healthcare reform signed into law by Barack Obama in 2010.

This law provides consumers with households income between 100% to 400% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) to make them eligible for subsidies to reduce the cost of health insurance premiums.

Furthermore, expanded the Medicare program for individuals with low income was upward to includes all adults with an income below 138% of the federal poverty level.

Do a handful of research for low-cost health insurance for adults, learn who is eligible, how to apply, and avail of each option.

How Subsidies Work

If anyone is eligible for a premium tax credit, your insurer has to pay it each month on your behalf. The Government pays part of the monthly insurance premium, and you have to pay the rest. And you do not claim it all at once on the tax return by the end of the year.

Keep in mind that subsidies are only for Obamacare health insurance sold on the ACA’s health insurance exchanges, which are also known as the marketplace. One can not use them to help pay for health insurance through the job or outside the marketplace.


Medicaid is Government-based health insurance in social welfare programs for low-income people. This comprehensive insurance covers many services with no premiums or minimal cost-sharing.

Usually, Medicaid is free of cost health insurance for qualified people, whereas few states charge small premiums for people with a higher income scale. With such minimal premiums, one can care at the same hospital with the same medical facilities as those under private health insurance.

As being government organization, it is paid for by Federal and State taxes and administered at the state level. However, eligibility rules vary from state to state. Mostly, care provided to people is received from private businesses and healthcare providers. So most states contract with Private Health insurance companies to administer coverage.

Eligibility Requirements

In search of where to find low-cost health insurance, Medicaid comes with no premiums or very low if required. To be eligible under this health insurance program, one must meet low-income guidelines. These guidelines cover various factors like age, medical conditions, disability, etc.

Being the low-cost health insurance for adults and others, under the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of Medicaid, here is an eligibility overview.

  • For adults under the age of 65, if the household income is no more than 138% of the Federal Poverty Level.
  • Children and pregnant people if they have a household income above the federal poverty level.
  • People the age of 65 and older must obtain lower-income and few assets.
  • Although some states have strict eligibility criteria for adults under the age of 65, to qualify, one must meet low-income guidelines or be a part of a medically vulnerable group.

COVID-19 changes

Typically, there is an income cap of 400% of the poverty level to qualify for the premium tax credit. But the American Rescue Plan changed the rules after the outbreak of pandemics. There is no income limit on premium subsidy eligibility for 2021 and 2022.

The subsidies will ensure that no individual will pay more than 8.5 of their household income in premiums for the benchmark plan if they buy in the marketplace.

Short-term health insurance

Short-term health insurance is quite an appealing option for temporary coverage, and it even costs less than comprehensive plans. In some states, such programs are sold for up to 364 days. Some can renew the plans for up to a total of 36 months. One must look at short-term health insurance if they are seeking cheap health insurance Florida.”

Although some states place some restrictive limits on plan durations, some do not even allow short-term plans.

Eligibility terms

Short-term health insurance is a low-cost option but not suitable for everyone. Short-term health insurance plans do not have to follow ACA’s rules for subsidizing. It also does not cover a cap on benefits, and many medical cares could be expensive for insurers.

Lack of coverage of essential health benefits includes maternity care and mental health care. It does not cover outpatient prescription drug coverage as well. It’s low-cost health insurance for adults, healthy, young, and not seen at risk, so you must understand your claim and plan.

Job-based health insurance

Many employers in the United States subsidize health insurance for their employees and families. Employer-sponsored health insurance comes with numerous benefits and compensation packages.

It is a common benefit for full-time employees of large companies as there are various benefits to this plan. However, it is less common for part-time employees and large companies.

If you are going for employer-sponsored health insurance, your employer pays part of the monthly premiums, and you also bear the monthly premium. Usually, your employer pays most of the cost, and the rest premium is taken out of your paychecks automatically.

The payroll deduction is usually made before your income tax calculations. It is quite an exciting deal in that you do not have to pay income taxes on health insurance premiums.

With Employer-based health insurance, the employer does not help you pay cost-sharing expenses that include deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. However, employers have some saving plans like Flexible spending accounts, health saving accounts, and Health Reimbursement Arrangements.


If a job comes with health insurance benefits, your employer may offer several options of health plans you can choose. Always try to sign up for employer-based health insurance before the deadline during the annual open enrollment period. After signing up, it takes 30 to 90 days to begin health insurance coverage.

  • One important thing to keep in mind here is that if you quit or lose your job, you will also lose your job-based health plan. However, if you want to continue it, you can do it through COBRA or state continuation. But you have to pay both your share of the premium and the part of your employer as well.

How to choose Low-cost health insurance Companies

Focus on choosing the right type of plan to have a more significant impact on your total cost. There are hundreds of health insurance companies out there one can choose from if you are looking for the cheapest private health insurance. There are ample choices that sound great, but selecting the right one is challenging. Check out the following tips and policies that meet your needs and find the most affordable health insurance company.

Find the companies in your vicinity

Usually, health insurance companies sell plans while keeping in mind their service areas. When choosing any low-cost health insurance company, you must see all available options. Like any reasonable plans in Texas are not known as Cheap Health insurance in Florida.

Use the health insurance map of your state to see available plans in your service area. There are numerous plans and services are available almost in every state of the United States.

Figure out if plans are sold on or off the exchange

The exchange effect comes with an affordable health insurance company and subsidizing. Health Insurance companies that sell their plans on the exchange can apply subsidy discounts to their goals. At the same time, health insurance plans that are not traded on the exchange can not apply subsidy discounts.

Always try to find low-cost health insurance companies that participate in the exchange. Such companies will help you plan on applying for a subsidy and reduce your premiums or out-of-pocket expenses.

Compare the available options.

While shopping for health insurance, one needs to compare available prices. Check out user-friendly comparison tools to find affordable health insurance companies in your area, including the cheapest private health insurance. Such measures will help you deal with the different costs and out-of-pocket expenses.

Find a Licensed Health Insurance Agent

Any licensed health insurance agent can be beneficial in the searching, comparing, and buying process. One can seek help regarding coverage questions and will advise you regarding your health insurance plan.

Health Insurance cost-effective decisions

Various factors raise your premiums, so figure out the meal plan in the ACA marketplace that works best for you. Each metal represents your insurance company, and you share insurance costs. Moreover, these plans cover preventive services at no additional cost to you.


The insurance company pays: 60% of the total yearly costs of your care

You pay: 40%

It is a low-costing plan to protect you from emergencies and a good choice for those with good health who never visit a doctor very often. A monthly premium would be below, but you must pay a lot before meeting your deductible.


The insurance company pays: 70% of the yearly cost

You pay: 30%

If any individual qualifies for cost-sharing reduction, it would be the best plan to choose. This way, one can save money each year despite using a lot of care. But one has to pay a higher monthly premium, and you will pay a lower percentage of out-of-pocket costs.


The insurance company pays: 80% of the total yearly costs of your care

You Pay: 20%

Gold plans with a high monthly premium if you are interested in obtaining a lot of care throughout the year. It comes with the best value.


The insurance Company pays: 90% of the total yearly costs of your care

You pay: 10%

Platinum plans come with the highest monthly premium but the lowest deductible. You have to pay more per month for your insurance, but the insurance will start paying for your out-of-pocket costs.

Cheapest Health insurance by state

The cheapest health insurance for most people is a Bronze plan with basic coverage and affordable rates. But eventually, you would have a limited network of doctors with lower cost-sharing benefits.

Low-cost health insurance for adults or individuals will cost about $336 per month for the most affordable Bronze plan. This amount is the total price, and many people do not have to pay fully. For instance, if a person earns $35,000 yearly, they would pay an average of $47 per month for the Bronze plan.


There are overwhelming ways to subsidize health coverage in the United States of America. Everyone is in search of where to find low-cost health insurance. There are various plans; among them, some are free, like most Medicaid plans. Employer-sponsored and marketplace plans also come with low costs as an employer or government subsidies the total cost of coverage.

Private health insurance companies come with small premiums. Some non-ACA compliant plans are also there, including short-term health insurances with low bonuses but lower-quality benefits. Make your research to think about how much coverage you can afford and what kind of care you need.

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